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Comment 07 Jun 2014
I have a great life! Not a whole lot to complain about, really. I just don't worship at the altar of Meyer. Guy has yet to do anything here. A very well-paid letdown thus far. You know?
Comment 06 Jun 2014

Oh, more words coming out of Urban Meyer's mouth?

I am shocked.  Shocked.

I'll care what he has to say once he has lifted a trophy in the air.  Until's just talking.  Blah, blah.


Comment 30 May 2014

BGSU...check out Bill Rabinowitz's "Buckeye Rebirth" - a great read for any fan, lots of good behind the scenes stuff.

There was no hiring process when Urban came aboard.  None.  It was basically, "Well, you're Urban Meyer and we need a coach, so..."  Does that make sense to you?  To anyone?  This is arguably the greatest college football program of all time and we just handed the job to a guy who quit his last job in such ridiculous fashion?

For a long time, it looked like things were working.  Then it got real...and they whiffed. teams we should have dominated considering who we are and who they were.  I realize my comments come across as bitter - and maybe I am - but I'm just not a believer in what's going on up there right now.  I need to see something to buy in to this "administration" again.   Buckeye fan for life...supporter of individuals as warranted...basically, Urban's gotta prove he's more than just a big mouth at this point (IMHO).



Comment 30 May 2014

Of course it's obvious!  I make no bones about it, I think Urban Meyer's best (Tebow) days are behind him and I think he'll leave Ohio State in a bad place before it's all said and done.

That said, I'm no "troll" - I'm an Ohioan and an alumni...just not one willing to drink the Kool-Aid...

Comment 29 May 2014

Underrated: Michael Jenkins.  So many clutch 3rd down catches to keep drives alive in '02...including NC game...and possibly the most clutch catch I've ever seen - 4th & 1 for 40-yd TD to win @ Purdue!!  (This takes nothing away from Krenzel's gutsy throw...)

Overrated: Urban Frank Meyer.


Comment 29 May 2014

You're right.  I forgot about those inspired performances in the B1G CG and Orange Bowl last year.  What was I thinking?

Reggie Jackson was Mr. October because he did it best when it mattered most.  There was another Yankee (I can't remember who) whom George Steinbrenner called "Mr. April" because he was at his best when it mattered least.

As we enter year 3 of the Urban Meyer era at Ohio State, the record suggests that Meyer is more Mr. April than Mr. October.  And consider this: Urban won those Nat'l Championships at Florida with possibly the greatest college football leader/player of all time on the roster.  Then Tebow left, it all fell apart and Urban quit (then un-quit and quit again).

I would love to be proved wrong about Urban, I really would.  But when I look at how it ended at Florida after Tebow graduated and I look at how last year ended when things got real...I think: More sizzle than steak...  All hat, no cattle...  More talk than walk...  Etc...

Comment 28 May 2014

Culture.  Hmm.

Tressel's was a winning, championship culture.  Undisputed Kings of the Big Ten.  Good things happening in January.  A title.  Consistently in the hunt.

Meyer's (to date): Lots of talk and bravado.  Nothing to show for any of it.  "4 to 6 seconds...Make the great state of Ohio proud..."  Blah, blah.

I'd take Tressel back - with show/cause penalty - in a second.  Meyer will be out of here before he does anything significant.


Comment 19 May 2014

I laughed when I read this.  You remember the Big Ten CG, right?  Urban's not in anyone's head.  That ship has sailed.

Comment 13 May 2014
Yes, Urban "tells it like it is." That's true. He's also winless in games that really matter here. Telling it like it overrated.
Comment 08 May 2014
No troll here, just skeptical. For all the swagger and tough talk we really haven't seen much that tells me Meyer's the same guy he was at Florida. I sincerely believe Mich St's for real, for the long haul and we lose Miller next year. This is the best shot we're likely to have for at least a few years and this is a team that was a goal line INT from losing 3 straight to end last year. "Last year is last year." True, but in the games that have mattered most here, Urban's 1-2...barely.
Comment 08 May 2014


Michigan St equal to Ohio St?

Dantonio's wrong.

Michigan St is better than Ohio St right now, and will be for the foreseeable future.  They proved it on the field last year and they'll do it again this year.  We've lost too much of the team that got owned by them last year.  Plus, and I know this might not sit well with some, Urban's lost it.  Not the same guy as at Florida.  Dantonio's hungry...Urban's fat & happy.