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Comment 31 Jan 2016
There really is no way to pick just one, but I'll choose Mike Doss- you could tell that guy loved playing for and representing Ohio State and came back his senior year to bring us a NC! Others on the list: Braxton, John Simon and about 20 others.
Comment 27 Jan 2016
I would like someone to explain how they can believe that men who were amatuer pilots and had absolutely no training in flying commercial airliners were able to fly one so perfectly (on the first try no less) into the side of the Pentagon, that it neither hit the ground BEFORE hitting the Pentagon, but it also didn't hit the roof causing the jet to break apart before exploding in a huge fireball, thus leaving clear and obvious debris. Does anyone really believe that a 44 ft tall jet with a 125 ft wing span could completely dissapear into a 16ft wide hole??
Comment 16 Jan 2016
There's this stuff called Excedrin, works great for migraines. And if he truly is dealing with them, he shouldn't even be sitting on the bench. I mean usually bright lights and loud noises make them worse so if anything he should be in the locker room trying to deal with his migraine.
Comment 15 Jan 2016
Seriously though, it's gotten pretty bad at times here lately. There are definitely people who need to see this.
Comment 14 Jan 2016
I was totally confused as to how these jiggly gifs were being posted and then realized it was an old thread.
Comment 02 Jan 2016
The Legacy We are losing some great players and great young men who battled through ups, downs, trials and triumphs. It will now be time for the next group to step up and carry on the legacy that was built by these fine young men.
Comment 15 Dec 2015
Me too, I knew what yeti coolers were, couldn't figure out what a colster was.
Comment 03 Dec 2015
I say we just bring back jiggly gifs...a well placed Kate Upton gif always seemed to lighten the mood...
Comment 03 Dec 2015
Not gonna lie, I've been on this site for a good while now but still feel like a newby quite frequently. It's really not anyone's fault but my own, but many times I find that I arrive late to a topic only to have to wade through several different conversations just to figure out what's going on. By the time I respond or give my opinion it seems everyone has moved on to the next topic where once again I have to wade through more conversations carried on from the same 7-10 people as the day before. Again, this is on me, but I often just don't even bother commenting because I feel that it will just get lost among all the banter from the "Leaderboard".
Comment 21 Nov 2015
What's your problem dude?? I made a comment in a FOOTBALL thread. If you don't like it go somewhere else, since after all, there IS more to life than football.
Comment 21 Nov 2015
Yes, yes I do blame them. If they don't want to support the team for an entire game then maybe they should sell their tickets cheap to people who would LOVE to be at a game of this magnitude, no matter the weather.