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Comment 19 Jul 2014
Haha! I get the VD thing...I mean NOT that I got "it"...I just don't get the new
Comment 16 Jul 2014
This is good stuff right here. Great read Ramzy!
Comment 12 Jul 2014
I say the Mantis. I've never really heard anyone say that they REALLY like it that much and its already sort of the same colors that the Cavs have.
Comment 12 Jul 2014
I understand what you mean, but the way I look at it is if you are worried about getting in trouble at work then you shouldn't be clicking on a topic that clearly has sexual undertones. Just my opinion. By the way, I didn't dv either comment, this one or the sausage fest comment.
Comment 07 Jul 2014
...not to mention they didn't play Stanford football.
Comment 30 Jun 2014
So let me get this straight.... you can have a forum saying all kinds of creepy things about a recruit (Nick Bosa) and it gets UV's galore, but if you tweet a recruit who is the same age and who has willingly put himself in that position, it's considered creepy and not in good taste??? .....makes sense
Comment 22 Jun 2014
Why is Saban the only one smiling in that picture from his tweet? I hope it's not some hidden message....
Comment 22 Jun 2014
How do you NOT know when there is a player behind you?!? Why worry about the guy with the ball when he's 20 yds away? Two stupid mistakes result in 2 goals for Portugal!
Comment 15 Dec 2013
I like what I am seeing with Amir but am not getting my hopes up. He still has a hard time handling the ball with anyone around him and like others have noted seems to have a difficult time with guys who are physical. He has improved though so we'll just have to see what happens during conference play.
Comment 30 Nov 2013

I can't remember, did the officials review the entire play or just go on what they saw in the heat of the moment? In a situation like this they should go to the replay to find out EVERYONE who threw a punch, not just the few they happened to notice in the moment. I immediately saw #34 for _ichigan swing first and also #44 throw a few. They both should've been gone.

*Michael Thomas probably should've been ejected also.