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Comment 15 Dec 2013
I like what I am seeing with Amir but am not getting my hopes up. He still has a hard time handling the ball with anyone around him and like others have noted seems to have a difficult time with guys who are physical. He has improved though so we'll just have to see what happens during conference play.
Comment 30 Nov 2013

I can't remember, did the officials review the entire play or just go on what they saw in the heat of the moment? In a situation like this they should go to the replay to find out EVERYONE who threw a punch, not just the few they happened to notice in the moment. I immediately saw #34 for _ichigan swing first and also #44 throw a few. They both should've been gone.

*Michael Thomas probably should've been ejected also.

Comment 07 Oct 2013

If Clarrett could have found a way to turn his life around while still at OSU, there's no doubt in my mind he would have won a Heisman (or two)

Comment 14 Sep 2013
He's basically missed 2 games already and his backup may have just put doubts in peoples mind whether he is even the MVP on his own team. I would love to see him win it but at this point too many others would have to fall flat for him to get it.
Comment 03 Sep 2013

Why do you "have to believe" anything in this case as of right now? All we know is that Sullinger "turned himself in" and his girlfriend was ok. I would think after all the recent incidents with Roby and Hyde we would just wait for the FACTS to come out instead of jumping to conclusions as to what this incident involved.

Comment 30 Aug 2013

I knew Braxton had some tats, but I didn't know he had one across his entire chest. Could anyone figure out what it says? Awesome video!

Comment 20 Aug 2013

Didn't Iowa do something like this a few years ago for a night game? I think it's a cool idea, hopefully this year turns out better.

Comment 17 Aug 2013

I voted Devin Smith but I hope it is Chris Fields...mostly because last year I bought a #80 jersey and have always wanted to see him succeed. I have to agree with a lot of you though, it could be any one of the many playmakers we have on offense.

Comment 17 Aug 2013

I watched that highlight video a couple of months ago, but for some reason it felt much better watching it knowing he is going to play for tOSU. Super excited!