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Comment 19 Oct 2014
They carry themselves with character and dignity in the classroom, on and off the field...except while at the grocery store and on tables in the student union...oh yeah, and while entertaining young ladies...and while playing with bb guns, but other than that they are high character.
Comment 18 Oct 2014
Been in the Fremont area my whole life, wife lived in Tiffin and Clyde!
Comment 29 Sep 2014
I told my wife while watching the game that I thought Hoke may have been keeping Morris in for so long because if he put in Gardner and they started scoring, then people would question why they went with Morris in the first place. It just felt to me like he was trying to keep from controversy but got so much more in doing so.
Comment 27 Sep 2014
Believing for a blowout...expecting a nail-biter
Comment 25 Sep 2014
So what you're saying is that if Brady Hoke had his way, they would've got the TO instead of a TD. Maybe _ichigan should start doing the exact opposite of what Hoke wants.
Comment 21 Sep 2014
He is a complete narcissist who has NO common sense whatsoever. What he deserves is to be kicked off the team, although I doubt there is any chance of that happening.
Comment 20 Sep 2014
Sorry, I guess I didn't KNOW that. I shouldn't have been KNOCKING on them. I will just have to stop my KNEE-jerk comments and expand my KNOWLEDGE, but until then I will have to just return to my KNITTING ;)
Comment 20 Sep 2014
I hope Urban and his coaching staff were watching the VT/GT game with complete disgust and embarrassment for the team that showed up 2 weeks ago vs this VT team. Hopefully it keeps a burning fire under their backsides to NEVER let anything like that happen again.
Comment 20 Sep 2014
Why are Beth and Joey pronouncing the first K in Knapke for BG's QB? They both sound like idiots.
Comment 16 Sep 2014
For me, the real question is whether or not Braxton wants to enter the NFL as a QB who has had serious injuries to his throwing arm and at times struggled to effectively move the ball through the air. If I was in a position to speak with him and give him advice I would suggest he seriously consider a position change for next year so that when he does enter the draft it will be with a year under his belt of this new position to go along with 3 years of dynamic playmaking at QB. I realize it is not easy to change positions, but if he is as good of an athlete as he has shown to be, it should be possible. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Braxton and am so glad he has been our QB, but I just don't see him being successful in the NFL at it. If JT shows he can lead this team and do it convincingly, why not play with both him and Braxton on the field together with Braxton in the RB/Slot position. Maybe none of that makes any sense, maybe I just don't have a clue, but at this point I could see this being the best possible outcome for everyone involved. JT doesn't have to take a step back as a QB while Braxton finishes his career, Braxton improves his chances of being successful in the NFL and we get to watch it all unfold as fans of the greatest university in the country.
Comment 04 Sep 2014
What's up with the serial downvoter? So you don't think we'll score 40, it's not a reason to downvote everyone who thinks we will. Pathetic! Upvotes for everyone predicting good guys scoring more than 40.
Comment 31 Aug 2014
I'd say Elliott gets my vote for now, especially seeing him destroy that defender. But they are all showing serious potential.
Comment 22 Aug 2014
Haha...thanks for reminding me. I actually forgot that it was the Ozone that did that. Last year I was looking for it on 11w and thought they must have stopped doing it here. I agree it's pretty funny.