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Comment 23 Nov 2014
Crap! I just realized I used the letter that we don't speak of, forgive this one.
Comment 22 Nov 2014
I can't really give an exact time or date when, but I do remember from an early age going to a couple of games at the 'Shoe with my dad and grandpa and loving every minute of it. My entire family are Buckeye fans but none of them are actually alumni. Dad and grandpa went to Tiffin University, my bro went to BGSU but all of us wear our Buckeye gear proudly. I remember watching the games every Saturday and hating ttun but honestly didn't truly know I was "in love" until I realized my heart could be broken by a single play. That play was a punt return by a guy from my hometown wearing the #2 jersey for our hated rivals. That was the moment I would say everything changed and I knew I wanted cheer for the good guys for the rest of my life. Oh, and by the way, it's 2:08 am and _ichigan still sucks!!
Comment 21 Nov 2014
I read an article a few weeks ago about Jennifer Lawrence literally crying when they told her she had to actually sing the song for the movie. Apparently she is very self conscious about singing in front of people and did not want to sing again like she had to in the first movie.
Comment 21 Nov 2014
No, the biggest problem with dup threads is the fact that they are created in the first place. You just proved that point with your entire comment. If this and the 3 other Noah Spence threads would not have been created, then you would've read the original thread and had all your questions answered without having to see if each thread had something different to say. The real problem is some whiners decided to take issue with the fact that I pointed out there was already a Noah Spence rumor thread, one that actually had the exact same information as this one.
Comment 21 Nov 2014

This is the only reason I even made the comment to begin with. I usually choose my comments carefully, but this was just irritating to me considering I read the entire original forum and when I was finished saw a NEW forum thinking it was something with breaking info only to find out it was something that was discussed thoroughly in the original thread. I mean it says right there in the forum guidelines not to create duplicate threads, but somehow I'm annoying for pointing it out.    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Comment 21 Nov 2014

This entire thread just made me LOL!!  Thank you to everyone involved. Upvotes all around!

Comment 21 Nov 2014

You do realize there's already a forum about the Noah Spence rumors, right?

*Edit: My bad, there are actually 4 other forums about the Noah Spence rumors. Thank you for dv'ing me so I could see the error of my comment.

Comment 09 Nov 2014
I thought the same thing. I didn't see clear evidence it actually hit the ground as opposed to hovering next to the ground while Thomas was in possession.
Comment 09 Nov 2014
He was an angry little fellow, wasn't he
Comment 08 Nov 2014

Ok offense, lets take about 7 minutes off the clock and put it in the endzone.