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Comment 23 May 2015
I'd like to see Vitor get a finish but doesn't seem likely. If DC is smart he will keep his fingers as far away from Rumble's eyes as possible, all it takes is one eye poke and he'll have no chance at a win.
Comment 10 May 2015
I always hated it when I would see ND and ttun hockey and lax teams with the traditional football helmet design but see us with plain scarlet or silver helmets. I think ALL of the sports that wear helmets should have the same look as the football helmets.
Comment 27 Apr 2015
I wouldn't say I like it, but it's definitely better than E. Washington's red field.
Comment 19 Apr 2015
That Graham Couch guy is a complete douche. I can almost guarantee a HUGE number of those in attendance were families who normally wouldn't be able to afford a game at the Shoe. I know that was the case for me, my kids were so excited to be going to an Ohio State "game" with daddy and I was glad to make it happen for them.
Comment 18 Apr 2015
Awesome story, as I was walking through the parking lot outside the Shoe after leaving the spring game, I see an older gentleman looking for his car. He has one of those sideline/press pass lanyards on and I think to myself, "That guy kind of looks like Earle Bruce." Then I hear him talking to who I assume was his son and grandson(?) and now I'm thinking, "This guy SOUNDS like Earle Bruce." Now I'm kind of heading towards this guy as my wife and kids are wondering what I'm doing. So I just go ahead and approach him and say "Excuse me, but are you coach Bruce?" He said that he was and shook my hand and then asked me where I was from. I told him I was from Fremont, Ohio in which he said was great and reminded me he coached at Sandusky which was our biggest rival. I told him it was nice to meet him and went on my way, but just thought it was awesome how he was willing to stop and talk to some random fan who just approached him in the parking lot.
Comment 17 Apr 2015
About 2 hours to bring my daughter and son to their first experience at the Shoe. They are 7 and 5 so hopefully they don't get too restless and want to leave early.
Comment 30 Mar 2015
I totally thought Glenn was going to get killed off when that whole thing started in the woods. I was already imagining Maggie having a mental break down after finding out.
Comment 30 Mar 2015
He didn't even think twice about it, he just turned and pulled the trigger.
Comment 28 Mar 2015
Check out @JoeWarrenMMA's Tweet: He finally congratulated his opponent a couple hours ago only AFTER his opponent complimented him, a bunch of people called him out on it and he asked for a rematch. What a sore loser.