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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Aside from the 2002 National Championship drama I would say the 2005 season from losing to Texas and Penn State in dramatic fashion to having the privilege of witnessing "the catch" (Troy Smith to Anthony Gonzalez) in person @ Michigan stadium and then getting the pleasure of watching the Buckeyes finish strong with a 'W' against Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl. THAT was Tressel's BEST team.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: as a person; Eddie George, as a player; Troy Smith was awesome to watch (but that NC game still make
  • NFL TEAM: Miami Dolphins
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Red's & Boston Red Sox

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Comment 06 Jan 2014
The rose glasses are out in full force I see. I at two losses but it won't be an easy season next year and it won't be a big ten championship season either. Losing Hyde is big and losing Shazier and Roby are bigger. The defense will get better as the season goes, I suspect we lose to Navy or Va Tech and MSU.
Comment 02 Sep 2013

I pray that Ohio State gets to play against A&M this season just so Shazier can say hi.

Comment 28 Aug 2013
If Braxton could develop the accuracy and pocket presence he could be one of the most dangerous Quarterbacks of all time. In my opinion he has already shown the ability to be clutch and make plays when they matter which is a skill that cannot be taught.
Comment 28 Aug 2013
I say we take both the uniforms and the field paint back to the way it was in 2005.
Comment 26 Aug 2013
I'm at a loss of words. Thank you Ramzy for writing everything you have ever written.
Comment 22 Aug 2013
Idk about you but I don't even want Hyde on this team. Sure legally he is OK but I know what I saw and whether he was hit first or not I'm quite sure he swung and hit her. Football comes AFTER character in my opinion.
Comment 31 Jul 2013
This stuff happens at every big time program, and with the advances in communication in the past decade it has become more and more noticeable. ESPN's coverage of college football has also magnified everything. I think it is because we are fans of Ohio State and (in my case) live in Columbus that we notice everything. Also I've read that back in the days cops used to take the players directly to the parents or even coaches comes and let them.punish them.
Comment 31 Jul 2013
He CLEARLY took a swipe. Anything after that is irrelevant. He swiped at a female. Charges or no, he clearly needed disciplined and 3 games is more than fair. That behavior is not acceptable at THE Ohio State University.