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Comment 09 Jul 2014

The five things that popped into my head....I don't know if the statute of limitations have ran out...So I will just say AIRBORNE and GO BUCKS.

Comment 28 May 2014

Down vote me all that you want but I think that Gibson is a Prima Donna.


Comment 19 May 2014

I coached for 11 years and you can't save them just have to try to save them all my brother.



Comment 29 Jan 2014

Pro football...drop back pass, drop back pass, drop back pass....PUNT TEAM!!  Drop back pass, drop back pass, HOLLY SHIT THEY RAN THE BALL....PUNT TEAM!!  Drop back on and so on.....

Comment 22 Jan 2014

Ali didn't talk trash...he just told you that he was gonna beat your ass...then did it.