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Comment 23 Oct 2013

It sure is nice to hear about the guys that do it the right way every once in a while.  Well done James, Coach Collins, and Northwestern.

Comment 15 Oct 2013

Pat Forde        ✔  @YahooForde  

Dash error: I misunderstood when Louisville tried to schedule Ohio State. Wasn't for 2013. Will correct the column. Apology for the error.


Looks like Kyle was on top of this one. 

Comment 02 Feb 2013

I respect the fact that we'll disagree on this, and I understand that having a facebook or twitter may open a person up to this.  All I'll say is this.  In my opinion it's an invasion of privacy.  If someone is watching my wife undress through the window is it her fault she chose a house with windows?  And even if she should have closed the blinds, does it make it right for someone to do that?  These guys are in college, not in communist Russia.  And maybe I'm thinking it was more than what it was.  If it was a facebook message saying hey, and these guys came back with some vulger stuff, that's one thing.  If it's more than that and a blatent attempt to get them to "take the bait" so to speak, then that's another.  I don't know.  All I know is I wouldn't want my boss cyphering through my personal email or involving themselves in what I do in my personal life, regardless of whether or not he was going to teach me a life lesson out of it.  Because ultimately he might view me differently, treat me differently, fire me, etc.  And I'm 32 years old, and I did a LOT of stuff at 18 that I wouldn't do now (but probably wish I could), so while it may seem like a cop out there is plenty of truth to it.  College kids have different priorities.

Just my opinion.  Maybe it will teach these guys a lesson, and it will be for the better.  I would think if they didn't get the message from the whole Teo thing they may never get it.  Like I said without knowing the circumstances maybe it's overreacting, I just wouldn't want someone to do that to me if I were a player there.  Seems like there has to be a less invasive way to get the message across.

Comment 02 Feb 2013

I get that, not sure 18 year old me would.  It's the way of the world now.  I bet them boys get it in plenty from chicks contacting them the same way.  Just seems over the top to me that they'd do that.  If it were an NFL team, I'd get it.  College, not so much.

Comment 02 Feb 2013

The American Medical Association should give Greg Brandon and Brady Hoke an award.  They solved the riddle that has plagued modern psychologists for years.  If a really good looking girl shows an interest in an eighteen year old male, what will the male do?

I'm with Urbz though, I'd be seriously pissed if I was a player, and I'd be pissed as a parent of a player.  This seems a bit over the top in terms of lessons being taught, and I'd never ever want my coach or athletic director or anyone reading what I was writing to a girl I thought I had a chance to fornicate with.  Cause I might say some crazy stuff.  Seems overly shaming to me.

I'd upvote you if I could on the Arrested Development chimes.  Strong work gents.

Comment 02 Feb 2013

Super Bowl week.  The best time to come clean about anything if you played high level football.  Props to Major Applewhite and Texas's PR staff, between the Super Bowl and Dan Marino I'm surprised this story was even noticed.  Good find.

And hope you're right ATX, but I'd be stunned if Dontre Wilson is affected at all, the NCAA is very busy investigating themselves right now.