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Comment 2 hours ago

This is one michigan fan who loves that his seat is hotter than hell, at least I faith in pizza boy...

Comment 4 hours ago

Understatement of the century, at least the competent michigan fans...not the dumb ass lloyd carr loyalists.

Comment 19 Apr 2014

Gus Malzhan is actually a pretty good dude most stories are correct...reminds me a of Mark Richt without the tenure. Could all be a front I suppose. 

Comment 17 Apr 2014

UM AD would had to have called them twice before for this to be possible, and according to many sources he did not...sooooooo....yeah...

Comment 13 Apr 2014

Marcelys and Thompson never received offers from UM...

These are all the Scholarship players offered by both schools since Urban Meyer has been at Ohio State...

Hoke over Urban

Kyle Kalis, Joe Bolden, Ondre Pipkins, Chris Wormley, James Ross, Tom Strobel, Derrick Green, David Dawson, Dymonte Thomas, Patrick Kugler, Logan Tulley-Tillman, Mike McCray, Chris Fox, Kyle Bosch, Henry Poggi, Ben Gedeon, Deveon Smith, Wyatt Shallman, Maurice Hurst Jr., Jabrill Peppers, Drake Harris, Lawrence Marshall, Michael Ferns, Mason Cole, Ian Bunting, Chase Winovich, Shaun Crawford(2015), Garrett Taylor(2015)

28 H2H Wins

Urban over Hoke

Noah Spence, Adolphus Washington, Se'Von Pittmann, Tommy Schutt, Brionte Dunn, Cameron Williams, De'Van Bogard, Armani Reeves, Eli Apple, Gaereon Conley, Joey Bosa, Cam Burrows, Michael Hill, Billy Price, Marshon Lattimore, Damon Webb, JaMarco Jones, Dante Booker, Demetrious Knox, Eric Smith, Kyle Berger, San Hubbard, (No 2015 for OSU vs. UM yet)

22 H2H Wins

I would say Hoke is holding his own on the recruiting trail against a rival head coach with multiple national championships, multiple conference championships, multiple BCS wins, and multiple NFL draft picks. 

Am I saying that Urban is not one of the best recruiters in college football, no way...that would be idiocy. However, people who say "Hoke can't recruit with Urban," that is just not true. 

Comment 13 Apr 2014
That is a crazy story. It absolutely happens everywhere, just more so in the south and other SEC influenced schools...hopefully...
Comment 13 Apr 2014
I didnt say that urban hasnt won some of the battles...up til now hoke has just won more of them. I will try to relocate the story and post it. It is patrolled though, im not sure if that is allowed in this forum or not.
Comment 13 Apr 2014
The greatest form of flattery is imitation...thank you :) and I would say a coach without any significant accomplishments that has pulled top ten classes every year is more than keeping up. In fact there is a list of head to head recruiting battles on scout that shows hoke out duels urban more often when going after the same recruits. Some thay come to mind include...Shaun crawford, peppers, Kalis, dymonte thomas, derrick green, almost all our OL class in '13 etc. Thanks for playing though,, try again next time. I will no longer respond to any of your posts, there is a difference in being a fan and being an absolute scarlet glasses wearing lunatic. Your own site members down vote you more than they up vote you, that says something.
Comment 12 Apr 2014

Have fun eternally competing in a sub par conference then, with a terrible SOS. 

I want OSU and MSU to pull the best talent they can get year in and year out. This conference needs it, along with better coaching. These are the only things that will bring us back to being a national player as a conference again.

Comment 12 Apr 2014

Actually I am in the camp of Hoke needing to go, but it is not for his recruiting "problems." If he turns it around after this year I will eat my words, but he was a stopgap hire when he got here and he is still that to this day. I like Brady, and I think he is a genuinely good person, but he is not the right man for the University. I hope they find a new coach at seasons end when they finish what I project to be a 7-6 season.

Comment 12 Apr 2014

Nick Saban will get whoever Nick Saban wants 90% of the time. I was one of the few UM fans who said after he postponed his announcement that he was going to Bama. Not too surprising. 

I would just like to point out that too this date a coach who barely has a .500 record, with no BCS conference championships, or national championships is keeping up with your coach that has double the NC and how many SEC titles and BCS bowl victories? 

That is not a fluke, Hoke can recruit with the best of them. Saying anything otherwise is ignorance. 

Comment 12 Apr 2014

Maybe that is the case, nothing to be ashamed of. It is just a practice. don't understand why someone would want to pay 5$ to go watch a bunch of bench warmers for the most part practice. 

If it was a scrimmage against another school, you can bet TBH would be filled up just like a normal game day. No doubt in my mind.

Comment 12 Apr 2014

I dont think you can say whether or not I would lose the bet unless you took a census of the population at the OSU spring game reffering to distance drove. I don't know what a meatchicken is, but I live in Westerville, Ohio and have lived in AA and I can say without a doubt that the obsession here is palpable on a day in day out is all anyone thinks about, probably due mostly to lack of other professional franchises in the city. Not saying that is a bad thing, it is just different than it is in AA and Michigan as a whole. You could place braxton miller on a toilet in the middle of the shoe and draw a crowd of 25,000 to watch him drop a deuce. Not saying a bad thing, it would just never work that way in Michigan.

The important statistic when it comes to fan turn out is during the ACTUAL season, and both of our schools are tops in the nation at fan attendance per season. I don't get why this, "Our school drew more fans to a practice than yours did" debate is so hot. Genuinely not trying to ruffle feathers, just trying to understand where the continuation of this lambasted argument comes from. 

Comment 12 Apr 2014

I'm not so sure about that. He competed in the best conference in the nation with a lot less talent...PSU will be above .500 as long as he is there I think. He is a great coach.

Comment 12 Apr 2014

I am a UM fan and I honestly don't know what all the hype is about spring football, I would never waste my time going to a professional or collegiate spring practice, let alone spend money to go. I mean the write up says it all, this OSU team will be nothing like it was today when the Buckeyes travel to visit Maryland. I think the biggest difference between the two schools in correlation with spring football practice attendance is the UM fan base comes from all corners of the state as AA is a much smaller community, OSU could easily fill the shoe with OSU fans residing in Columbus. Not to many people are going to drive 1-2+ hours to watch glorified practice, especially on the first nice day after one of the harshest winters in Michigan history.