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Comment 2 hours ago

Utah actually has some scary good athletes on O...I actually think we lose this game by a TD or more if our secondary is not healthy yet and Funchess is still out...

Comment 16 Sep 2014

Are you serious...we are the 10 ranked rush offense in the nation right you remember how bad this line was last year?

Let me help you, we wouldnt have put up 40 yds on ND, app state, or miami...COMBINED. The OL is better. 

The mechanics are not Gardners problem, I played QB in HS...I had shit for mechanics r/t playing baseball. I still didnt turn the ball over 4 times a game. Playing QB is 75% mental at any level. You have to be able to quickly forget about mistakes, and tell yourself you are better than that and move on without fear. Devin cannot do this, he is a mental midget. This is his true problem, he has all the other tools to be a successful QB. 

Comment 16 Sep 2014

Yeah...everyone was saying this about Bama a decade ago too...hmmm...

Michigan will always be relevant, it is evidenced in the fact we still have the ability to pull the highest rated recruit in B1G history after 2 terrible years. 

Comment 16 Sep 2014

He doesn't call plays but he is directly involved with game planning and coaching I believe. Either way he has had a positive impact on their offensive philosophy one would have to think...

Comment 16 Sep 2014

Our D looked pretty damn good...if we were watching the same game. The only reason it wasn't a 50 point shutout is the turnovers...same old story of the hoke tenure. 

Comment 16 Sep 2014

Exactly right, this hire from the beginning was nothing but a stop gap to silence the pro-Lloyd alumni boosters that have all the money...which many people in my family are a part of so let me tell you I have heard first had how threatening they were with donations if another..."new school" coach like RR was hired. Hoke was and always will be a band aid on a bigger issue. 

Comment 16 Sep 2014

Devin's problems are all mental, kid is still broken from being hit every other play last year. He will never have the mental game to play D1 QB, hence why I have been saying we should have been starting Shane and growing with him at QB...but evidentally no one starts sophomore QB's...stupid

Comment 16 Sep 2014

Say what you want, fact speaks for itself. I am not arguing a factual point. Look at the depth charts, look at the numbers of upperclassmen at important positions. If you can honestly come back here an tell me that that was a ready made to win team like it would be if someone took over the program now, I do not know what to tell you man. 

I am not defending hoke, I have been calling for his head since the second season...but this is irregardless of who is the head coach.

Comment 15 Sep 2014

Actually, the program is in a much more stable place than it was a few years ago. Several great recruiting classes, we have talent on this team...just no one to develop it. 

After RR last class graduated we had like 4 scholarship OL on the team, unacceptable. Jim, John, Miles, whoever comes in after hoke is fired at the end of this year will have a great deal of highly ranked recruits to develop and win with. That is something that just was not possible when RR and Hoke inherited the program...though their lack of developing their own classes makes this a moot point anyhow. 

This team is perfectly set up for a coach that runs a pro style offense or even a passing spread offense to come in and be successful right away with the talent hoke has brought in. 

Comment 07 Sep 2014

We for sure had a terrible game, but give ND credit they are a good football team. I honestly believe they have a great chance of getting into the CFB playoff. Golson is twice the QB he was in his first season, and their LB's are legit. Jaylon Smith is an absolute freak. 

Add into the mix we were down two starting DB's and a starting LB in an away was a bad combination, especially in a road game to end a rivalry.

I stated last week on a UM forum that I thought there was the potential w would lose this game by 2 or 3 touchdowns...everyone laughed at me and said, "Hoke will never let that happen..." blah blah blah. Rational UM fans are few and far between even more so now days. 

Comment 05 Sep 2014

Ok, and over the span of time since the college game was invented UM has been better than OSU, I dont know about you but having the most wins in the history of a sport is a bit bigger than just a segment of time in said sport. When UM fans bring that up we get hammered for being "history homers," but every year all I hear is what our record is against team a or team b in the last 10-20 years. That is blatant hypocrisy...

Comment 04 Sep 2014

What was your record against UM the decade before that? If you are going to look at historical figures, you cannot just pick and choose time periods. The rivalry is obviously cyclical. 

Comment 01 Sep 2014
ND's best DB post suspensions is now injured...their oline is unremarkable, and our defense is actually playing defense this year...supposedly. Our oline cant run block worth a damn...unless you are app state, but they should be average to above average pass blocking. Good luck trying to cover funchess without any first team DB talent at all. Golson is a good qb, but I honestly dont think he will be able to make things go like he would normally be able to had they not lost some of their best offensive players in the scandal. If daniels and company were in this game I think we probably lose. The only real thing that worries me is the game is away... UM 31 neuter lame 20
Comment 15 Aug 2014

Who the hell wants to see us play app state again? They could give those tix away and only have 100,000 in the stadium. It is really not that surprising...

Comment 12 Aug 2014

You obviously do not know much about A2 police...and how much the loathe every student athlete...look at the history. They have never covered up, if anything they have pursued to the fullest extent of their power...

Comment 02 Aug 2014
Please have your eyes checked.
Comment 02 Aug 2014
Yeah totally...that is why we hold the record for most attendance every year and record attendance for the history of the sport. #Logic
Comment 02 Aug 2014
Nah crew has nothing to do with it. Its the fact that they want to hold a game in the ohio/michigan/indiana area and why wouldn't they hold it at the largest stadium in the united states? They won't hold two games in two different cities that are three hours apart, wouldn't make any sense.