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Comment 25 Dec 2014

Uh, Nuernberger is a true freshman, right? I remember Nugent struggling as a freshman, but as a sophomore he attained legendary status.

Often freshmen don't "get it" right away.

Comment 05 Dec 2014

Wait, shouldn't there have been a couple deeper defenders on that Hail Mary? And that Scared Straight clip, wow.

Comment 02 Dec 2014

If they're going to wait that long to fire him, won't they have to let him coach the bowl...ohhhh

Comment 01 Dec 2014

Every time I see Briles I think of Harry Dean Stanton. That Brilesism is worthy of Stanton.

Comment 14 Sep 2014

Looks like Maryland and Rutgers are better than the B1G Bottom 5.

The state of Illinois' program is most perplexing. UCLA figured things out, and the Illini actually seem to have gotten worse.

Comment 10 Sep 2014

It was OOC on the road. But the last few games, beating the Buckeyes at night is easy.

Comment 29 Jun 2014

Looking at that schedule, there's no reason the Hawkeyes shouldn't be bowl eligible. Heck, they should probably win 9 or 10 games.