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Comment 21 Jun 2017

It's been a while since we have had a sharpshooter on the roster, so this sucks but at the same time, didn't he commit as a freshman in high school? So he has had a relationship with the old staff for a long time and I figured this would happen. If he fits Holtmann's system then I hope we can get him back

Comment 15 Jun 2017

Give me Austin Grandstaff, Jaquan Lyle and Mickey Mitchell

When they lose they can just leave and join different teams I guess

NON JOKING SQUAD - Give me Turner, Diebler and Sam Thompson. Then I've got the 3's, I've got the highlight dunks, and I've got the villian who can do just about anything. 

Comment 08 Jun 2017

Anyone who thinks this isn't a good hire, I don't know what to tell you.

This is a very very solid hire. If you look at his current Butler clas, Kyle Young is there. He beat Thad for a 4 star Ohio kid. 

If you thought we were gonna land some super star no matter what timing on the Thad firing, well I guess this is a free country you can believe what you'd like.

Comment 08 Jun 2017

First - Yes, if they hire Greg that's terrible.

Second - Yes the negative recruiting was becoming tough if not impossible to overcome, we couldn't seem to give scholarships away

Third - Agreed completely. Don't dick around, either get rid of Thad in March or not until next season.

Fourth - I'll own everything I said. Maybe dumpster fire was harsh, but starting with the Dayton loss things started heading downhill really fast minus D'Angelo Russell. When you have an entire top 5 recruiting class transfer and miss the tournament twice and miss the NIT and only have 1 NCAA tourney win in a span of 4 years, only 9 scholarship players because it seems nobody minus the no brainers will commit here...I will hold firm on my opinion that it was time for change, but the timing was royally fucked and Thad deserves better than to be replaced by someone mediocre at best.

Comment 08 Jun 2017

If Gene would have started this search in April we wouldn't be sitting here worried about hiring Doug McDermott's dad.

Whether or not it was time to move on from Thad is another debate, but if you're just focusing on this job search the results would have been so much better if it started when it should have. I don't know if we get Archie, but we would have gotten someone that would have made all of us excited for the future.

Still praying to God that Greg's people saw social media last night and he's not going to accept. If you're going to hire a 52 year old guy who has no tournament success, why not hire a young up and comer with no tournament success? 

Comment 08 Jun 2017

We should be in good shape, Greg McDermott has a history of....uhhhh

(checks Wikipedia, checks ESPN)


The real solution all along was not to fire Thad, but rebuild him into a half man half robot basketball coach. How could we have all been so blind.