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Comment 13 Jan 2017

Steve Jobs would be proud, hell of a sales pitch!

Comment 11 Jan 2017

As someone who has seen Harris and Lindsey on the same field the ONLY thing that Lindsey had on him was quickness. Both are excellent in terms of hands, both are good route runners, both of them seem very aggressive. I watched both of these guys run the same routes against the same guys at FNL and I can promise you the hype is real with Harris. If you think Harris is a developmental project than so is Lindsey because their talent levels are damn near identical.

Comment 05 Jan 2017

I think Lattimore would be irresponsible not leaving right now. You have a lot of money on the table and you're looking at possibly being the first CB taken. With his injury history too, why risk it? Get paid to develop your skills and get a huge signing bonus, you can graduate any time.

Comment 21 Dec 2016

From everything I've heard form people that knew him Alex Boone was a Grade A D-Bag. Heard stories about him coming in still drunk from the night before to practice and blaming the loss in both NC games on his fellow lineman for being fat and stupid. Also heard stories about Boone ridiculing guys for being a walk-on and just being a tool in general. With Pryor and Hartline I'm guessing there is a lot of bad blood stemming from something that Hartline is just never going to get over. I think its pretty childish to throw that amount of shade at a guy who has worked incredibly hard to get to where he is. 

Comment 20 Dec 2016

Any injury that makes you sit out 9-12 months will always be serious. Also lets take into account that NB had to be brought along slowly this year because of his knee. I want Grimes to be good as much as anyone but the knee issue has to be a concern at some level.

Comment 20 Dec 2016

I saw both Harris and Grimes play at FNL and both were sensational. Harris was far more of an aggressive WR going after the ball and Lindsey was far more of a finesse guy but his routes were unreal and his burst in and out of cuts was phenomenal. Is it possible also that the staff wants to hedge their bets a bit on Grimes as well? I want to see Grimes succeed because he has great potential but an ACL injury is always tough to recover from.

Comment 17 Nov 2016

Just saying what I've heard, I heard that Moretti is close to a flip and that makes sense, Witfong is RARELY wrong about these things he's above 90% for his CB's over like the last 5 years. A guy I know who gives me scoop here and there says that Thayer Munford from Massillon is a name to watch. Take it FWIW.

Comment 12 Oct 2016

Used to work with Tito, he is quite... how do I say this gently? Robust. Nice guy and always had good talks with him but he doesn't know nearly as much about Fantasy Football as he thinks he does.