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Comment 15 Nov 2014

First, 11W needs to learn the differences between slander and libel, and when to use either term or neither term.

Secondly, yes, people said mean things. Fame is a knife that cuts both ways, isn't it?

Catch the ball, kid. This is getting old.

Comment 28 Oct 2014

Yup. Can't argue with that. ND is a master at pretending to discipline. For any other student, "expelled" means you don't get to come back. At ND it means you get to preserve a year of NCAA eligibility and work on your skills.

Comment 29 Aug 2014

They do not know their branch/specialty yet. They will choose later in the year, so unlike NROTC there is no "Marine Option." They have a pre-req program, but none will be Marines until the senior class chooses their paths later this year.