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Originally from southern Ohio but now live in Amish Country/Holmes County. Married to my college sweetheart for 30 years. Father of a son and a daughter. Grandfather to one beautiful little girl. Health care professional with a couple degrees (not from OSU). Have loved the Buckeyes all my life - football in particular. Attend a game or two a year at the Shoe. Try to not be an irrational nut about it, but usually I fail.


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Comment 21 Nov 2014

This discussion sounds like the 100 times my son and I have discussed it.  I guess I'm old, but old age has a couple of advantages.  One of them is perspective.  While I have seen some recreational drug users appear to be fine and never seem to suffer any serious consequences with it, I've also seen some use it as the first step toward a ton of misery.

Like I say to my son, recreational drug use is a pre-step to occasional drug abuse which is a pre-step to addiction.  No one starts out by saying that they want a joint to lead them into a life of addiction to all kinds of drugs. But after you see plenty of people go down that exact road, and see the suffering they bring on their head, it's hard to say, "This isn't hurting anyone."

The NCAA and state/fed laws want to discourage someone starting on that road.  Whether the rules and laws are the best way to approach the problem is debatable, but there is a good intent behind them.

Comment 21 Nov 2014

From just a fan and football perspective, I am salivating at having Spence on one end and Bosa on the other.

But we have a young man here with a drug problem.  Would getting him back on the field be the best thing for him?  Maybe, but I doubt it.

Urban's history at Ohio State indicates that eligibility does not mean playing time or full reinstatement.

Comment 20 Nov 2014

The question becomes who do you want to take touches away from in order to get 15 more touches?  Less QB runs.  Less touches for H backs, TE's and WR's?

The drawback of having the "bellcow" is defenses are listening for that bell and focusing on that cow.

It is a beautiful thing when defenses know what is coming, but you run it down their throat anyway (such as we saw with Mel Gordon last week), but if the stud RB gets limited or hurt, the offense that relies on him is in a world of hurt.

Zeke just needs to be productive with the touches he gets - and he is doing that.  One of the reasons he is doing that is because the defense is worrying about 5 other guys getting the ball.

Comment 14 Nov 2014

I went to the OHSAA website and found that it was 1982 that Moeller defeated Massillon 35-14 in Ohio Stadium.

Which makes me feel better that I didn't imagine that I was there.  It would mean pre-mature dementia, which is bad.  :)

Comment 14 Nov 2014

The admin and community at Mass Wash is living in a parallel reality.  I live 20 min away from there, and I so I hear it all the time.  They are the high school equivalent of Texas - an arrogant and entitled group living off the past.  At least Texas was living off a relatively recent past.  Massillon Washington's last claim to fame was that they lost to Moeller in the state finals at Ohio Stadium in, I think, 1981!  I was there.  Spiellman was the best player on the field, but Moeller looked like a college team.  They need a Charlie Strong type of coach to go in there and clean house and get everyone's heads on straight.  Problem is they would fire THE Charlie Strong for doing it.

Those Tigers need to humble themselves and get their priorities in order.  Then they might be able to find a great coach who can stay there long enough to add to the lore, not just live off of it.

That said, thank you for sending us #9.

Comment 14 Nov 2014

The OSU offense is really humming.  But I'm 50 years old, damn it, and what that means is that I know that offense is like that girlfriend you had in the 10th grade - she seems like she's loyal, but on a certain day you find out she is fickle.  Offenses have bad days, or struggle with weather, or inexplicably turn the ball over, or the other team just comes up with a great scheme and/or executes in a way that allows them to limit you.

Very few people are taking a critical view of our defense.  Are they better than last year, and is the scheme better?  Undeniably.  But the best quality a defense has is to limit points.  OSU is not quite there.  They have looked good at times, showing they are capable, but when you allow 28-37 points in certain games, you have work to do.

The old saying is that when you go on the road, you need to pack your toughness, your running game, and your defense.  If Ohio State's offense is doing it's thing Saturday, it won't matter too much what the defense does - Ohio State will win the game.  But if the offense isn't humming, that defense will have to get into stingy mode, and while I know they can do it,  I have no evidence to suggest that I know they will do it.

I don't want to be Baylor where we just hope to outscore people and hope to force a couple of punts. I think Minnesota is a decent team.  If we can put together a solid defensive performance against them on the road in difficult weather coupled with a good offensive performance, that would be the next step in this team becoming elite.  For that reason, I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow.

Comment 13 Nov 2014


Just move to Ashville by purchasing the Biltmore Estate.  It would probably only cost something close to a billion.  You would be living like a Vanderbilt tho.

I like Ashville.  It's an eclectic, artsy kind of town.  Interesting.

I stayed there a few years ago and the resort had a placard in the room listing the avg hi and low temps for the year.  Ashville does not average a hi temp in winter below freezing.  And it's a little cooler in summer than you expect that far south.

Comment 11 Nov 2014

It's interesting how often you see officiating crews just throw offensive holding out of the book, and will not call it, except for the most egregious cases.  They seem to especially do that in big games,   I actually appreciate it if it is applied both ways.  However, what MSU was doing was tackling Bosa and company.  We watched on DVR maybe 20 min behind, and we kept going back and counting the bear hugs and tackles on some plays.  There were sometimes 3 OL doing egregious holding on one play!  It was ridiculous.  They did call a few, but it makes you wonder what the criteria they were using to say, "OK, I gotta call that. That's too much to ignore."

Don't know if anyone caught this, but there was a curious spot on a 3rd down play late in the game.  The runner was down 2 yards shy of the first down line.  The ref came in and placed the ball 1-2 yards beyond the line!  It didn't really matter because the game was decided, but you understand a ref making a 6" mistake spotting the ball, but when it's a 3-4 yard mistake, that's pretty queer.

Comment 11 Nov 2014

Happy Veterans Day to my son - who was 12 years old on 9/11, and vowed to me that day that he would do his part to avenge the attacks - and who when he was of age, enlisted in the Army, delayed college and served 6 years, deployed twice (once to Iraq and once to Afghanistan) earning two combat patches from fighting almost every day for those 18 months.

The most amazing thing about my son is that he isn't anything special.  Lots of 12 year olds made the same pledge that day and followed through.  Sometimes I think this country is going to hell in the express lane, but when I see boys stepping up to defend this country, somehow I think we are going to be OK.

Comment 06 Nov 2014

Forget about being an OC.  Wasn't it Jim Bollman who perenially took 4 and 5 star linemen and produced average OL units that consistently under-performed?

But it's hard for me to forget his time as our OC.  I became so angry when Dave took a 3 yard loss on 3rd and 1 for the 1000th time that I talked about hiring an assassin - and sadly, while I was just joking, the emotion was serious.  For sure, Tressel was the ultimate control in that 2RIPP offense (two runs, incomplete pass, punt), but it didn't feel right to want to kill Jim Tressel.  :)

I'm sure Coach B is a good guy, and if Dantonio loves him, then good for Sparty.  I'll just say I'm glad he is there and not here.  It's better for my health.

Comment 04 Nov 2014

Remember 2011?  That fiasco was brought on in part by the psychological trauma of losing Tress and some really fine players.  But it was also a personell issue.  Urban deemed the wide receiver situation a "clown show" - and its hard to argue with that.  The defense had very serious depth issues at LB.  When a FB goes over and instantly becomes your best LB, you have issues.  There were some really good players like John Simon, that Urban had to work with, but he didn't have the likes of Bosa and Washington.

In addition, the whole culture had to be remade.  Ohio State went from a defensive team that offensively was overjoyed to punt and kick FG, to a score every minute type of mentality.  That's hard to do.

Urban is stockpiling talent and speed.  Right now we are seeing young talent and speed littered on the 2 deep.  At some point, that talent and speed will get the experience they need to beat anyone.  They weren't there yet last year.  If you are honest, if we had gotten into that game with Florida State we would still be in mourning.  You can see that they are close to being there this year.  They may get there this Sat night.  Regardless, it's coming.

We can dwell on the failures along the way, or we can see those failures as part of the journey of getting to where we want to be.

Comment 04 Nov 2014

This week feels to me like all those big games with scUM used to feel - where great things were right there for the taking, but you knew that scUM had the goods to wound us deeply.

We have CFBP fairies dancing in our heads, but our old friend, Coach Dantonio, and his evil defensive mastermind, Narduzzi, have been cooking up an evil spell for 2 weeks designed to cause our fairies to vanish.  But our hope is in the wizard, Urban, and his warriors, that they will be able to defeat the powers of darkness and let the fairies live.

Too dramatic?

OK, then just kick the shit out of Sparty.

DJ, no mention of the Marion Local football team going for its upteenth championship?

Comment 01 Nov 2014

"Regrets - I've had a few - but then again..."

That Va Tech game is a turd stain on this season, and Tide with Clorox can't wash it out.

On the other hand, a win over Sparty can almost get those tighty whities clean.  But handle Illinois first.  Impressively, please.

Comment 31 Oct 2014

I just got off the phone with Stevie Wonder.  He said he saw this coming.

Comment 30 Oct 2014

The Civil War came at a time when arms technology exceeded tactics.  Particularly in the first half of the war, military leaders liked to fight with their men in block and row positions, but longer range and more accurate artillary and small arms, and perhaps more importantly, the ammunitions used - produced ghastly injuries on a large scale.

Perhaps the most important advancement was the development of the rounds used in muskets - which had previously been round, but were made to look like little pointed bombs.  They spun around the x axis, increasing range and accuracy.  They were large caliber pieces of lead, and when they hit the body and tumbled, they tore large tracts through flesh.  If they hit a bone, they shattered it, and the only treatment medicine had at the time to deal with a fragmented large bone like the femur or humerus was amputation.

Comment 30 Oct 2014

I believe it was the 1984 game in Ohio Stadium.  I was under the influence of codiene after having my wisdom teeth pulled.  If I remember right (my memory may be affected by a drug-induced haze), the Ilini got out to an early lead, and then some genius decided to give the ball the Keith Byers, and he ran all over them - including the famous run where he kicked his shoe off and kept going.  I wanted to jump out of my chair and scream, but I was too high and my mouth was full of gauze.

Comment 28 Oct 2014

Respect women, no drugs, no stealing, no guns.  These are the 4 commandments of Urban Meyer and the "Core Values" regarding "Decisions" that are on signs in the Woody.  There's no way to miss it, and it wouldn't seem too hard to comply with those, and yet, here we are where we have been before, and we will most certainly be here again.

I was the guy that always got caught breaking the rules as a kid - and I'm thankful.  I've noticed that the guys that are good at being bad eventually have one big slip up where they aren't good at it, and I talk to those guys in prison.  What is a head scratcher is those guys who aren't good at it,  keep getting caught, keep suffering consequences, and yet keep coming back for more.

Until the pain of doing something exceeds the pain of changing it, people do not change.  Perhaps we can help these guys better if we hurt them so badly the first time they do something, that it stops it there.  But we seem to be committed to warning, wrist slap, harder wrist slap, time out, spanking, probation, prison, death penalty.  Some guys aren't sorry until they are at the end of that chain.

Comment 27 Oct 2014

They had Ohio State scouted on short yardage.  They knew that the Buckeyes would run one of 3 running plays and they did a good job of stopping those.  It's the time of year where you have to start breaking tendencies.  I guarantee you Narduzzi knows what Herman likes to do on 3rd and 4th and short too.

Comment 27 Oct 2014

I don't particularly care for Lou Holtz, but he says one thing that's true: "you have a different team every week."  Just because they have done something well all year doesn't mean they will be able to do it this next game, and just because they haven't done something well doesn't mean they won't be able to do it well this week.  I also think there may have been some taking the Pedsters lightly.  I think that Ped D is legit.  That crowd may have been underestimated.  We were about a score away from taking the crowd out of it, but we didn't get it done, and the pick 6 got them roaring again, and then it was a street fight after that.

It's also true that it's a game of match ups.  It appears to me that there were 1 or 2 OSU O linemen who were getting beat on a particular play, and that was plenty enough to disrupt the offense. But each week the match ups are different, the team psyche is different, and it's very unpredictable.  I'm a big believer in confidence in team sports.  When you show a level of consistency, you feel good that you can beat anyone, and that helps you beat the next team.  Ohio State took a step back in the confidence column this past week, but maybe they will get some back against Illinios - which is why Illinois is the most important game on the schedule right now.

Comment 27 Oct 2014

I think the initial game plan was to hurt PSU where they were supposed to be the stoutest (rush defense) and then open it up later.  Well, they did that.  They were successful.  We ran the ball really well against them - particularly in the first half.

I think that pick 6 changed everything.  They were going to open it up, but with that play, Herman decided to go back to what had gotten him the 17 point lead.  Problem was that even tho we ran well on them, the Pedster D was not going to quit, and they gained confidence each time Ohio State punted.

I will also say this: the Bucks had a 17-10 win in hand on PSU's last drive in regulation.  They had moved the ball, but the Buckeye D had them backed up, and it would have been 4th and long, but our SENIOR MLB committed a dumbass personal foul.  If McMillan does that, then you say, "Well, freshmen make mistakes like that", but Grant should know better.  You can't have older guys doing stupid stuff. It dang near lost OSU that game.

I understand what Herman was trying to do, and he did adjust in the 2nd half: he went more conservative after the pick 6.  We can argue about whether that was the right way to go, but he was protecting his young QB and trying to protect a 10 point lead.

My only critism is running our QB dang near 20 times in that game.  If he keeps that up, Cardale Jones better be ready to play.