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Originally from southern Ohio but now live in Amish Country/Holmes County. Married to my college sweetheart for 32 years. Father of a son and a daughter. Grandfather to one beautiful little girl. Health care professional with a couple degrees (not from OSU). Have loved the Buckeyes all my life - football in particular. Attend a game or two a year at the Shoe. Try to not be an irrational nut about it, but usually I fail.


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Comment 18 Oct 2016

LOL.  Good stuff OGIJ.

I was getting texts from 2 buddies who were nattering nabobs of negativity.  The "down on JT" stuff was perplexing to me.  The guy is the all-time leader in TD's responsible for and will end up setting a standard on that stat that will be probably never be matched.  And then the "fire Fickell" stuff began - although that was a little tongue in cheek.

Fans want domination and perfection.  It's as simple as that.  OSU football has given us a lot of that, and we expect it every time.  Our expectation is that we will beat everyone 59-0.  The problem is that expectation defies the inability of perfect performance, insists that all the breaks and momentum roll to us, and it ignores that the other guys sometimes don't want to be dominated and they use their good athletes to compete hard.  I don't want Ohio State to be at their peak right now because it would be hard to sustain it into January.  It doesn't bother me if they struggle here and there.  They need to be peaking in about a month, and then hang onto it as the games become bigger.

The real shame isn't just that a game where things aren't going ideally brings out unfortunate over-reactions from fans, but also that something they supposedly love is causing so much distress, and they are missing out on enjoying a great game.

Comment 13 Oct 2016

I was struck during Ohio State's game with Rutgers how many Scarlet Knights were injured and helped off the field.  ScUM fans, in some twisted use of the transitive property, assume 78-0 vs. 58-0 is mathematical proof that scUM is 20 points better.  But my three factors are: 1) Ohio State beat up and attenuated Rutgers the week before - and destroyed what little confidence they had.  2) Urban cares a lot more about Chris Ash than the Booger Eater does, and worked harder at keeping the score down. 3) I forgot my third thing.  :)

Comment 03 Oct 2016

Right now Alabama is being given the "defending champ" benefit of the doubt.  I'm actually watching the games.  Ohio State has the best team - offense, defense, special teams.  Bama's defense is special, but their QB is going to lose them a game or two - because he is a frosh.  Clemson is a team that is similar to Ohio State last year - playing tight and not to lose (although I thought they looked pretty good vs. L'ville sans the turnovers).  I admit I was skeptical about L'ville and Jackson, but I think they are one of the best teams - and Jackson is ridiculous. I still doubt that he will make it to the end of the regular season because, at some point, some talented defenders are going to stand him up, and some other talented defenders are going to break him in two.  Until then, he is a ton of fun to watch.   I think Ohio State and Bama would limit him.  Washington looks like a really good team.  I like how confident and aggressive they are.  However, I think they will bet beat at least once, maybe twice simply because I think it takes a while for a team to learn how to win week to week in a power 5 conference.  ScUM is interesting because they are solid in all 3 phases, but not at the level of where Ohio State is.  They are good enough to beat Ohio State, but they would need some luck and perhaps the Bucks to not be at their best.

My four best teams as of Oct 1:

1 Ohio State

2 Alabama

3 Clemson

4 Washington

On the edge: L'ville, Michigan, TAMU

Can work their way back in: Stanford

Fools gold: Tennessee

Comment 27 Sep 2016

I appreciate the place where you are coming from on this, but I think high 5's occurred in the WHAC when Clark announced his decommitment.  Not because no one appreciates this kid's love of Ohio State, but because it opens up a slot for a real difference maker.  This young man was not going to play at Ohio State IMO.  I watched him play last year, I compared him to what I have personally seen in Joey Burrow in HS, and there is no comparison.  He wasn't going to beat out Burrow, Haskins, or anyone else that Urban has recruited or will recruit.  The arm strength is not there, and he doesn't have difference-making speed.  He is a really, really good HS QB.  Given the limitations on scholarships, and the fact that there are a couple of programs to the north who are recruiting at a high level, Ohio State can't afford to let a 3 star QB prevent them from bringing in a 4 or 5 star guy at any position. 

I have nothing against Danny.  I appreciate the heck out of the kid's affection for Ohio State, but it wasn't going to happen for him in Cbus.

Comment 22 Sep 2016

Yep, JT blew that one. But I think Urban is reaching for something to challenge JT with.  I'm guessing JT makes the right read around 85% of the time - which is pretty good as often as they run read plays.  For comparison (without doing a statistical analysis), I would guess Braxton Miller made the correct read about half of the time, but he would turn a good number of his bad reads into great plays using his freakish athleticism.  In short, JT is ridiculous in his decision-making.  He has been described as "surgical". I ain't arguing. 

Comment 20 Sep 2016

The worst experience I ever had with fans occurred in Ohio Stadium with a couple of boys that were Ohio State students and fans.  I was sitting there with my 14 year old daughter (who looked 18) to my right, and to her right were these morons.  They were drunk, but I had barely noticed because I put my headphones on, tuned in to The Fan, and was listening to the broadcast.  I was totally concentrating on the game.  At some point in the 1st qtr my baby girl elbows me and says, "Daddy, this guy next to me keeps spitting snuff by my foot and splashing it on my ankle."  Sure enough, she had stains on her anklet socks and her shoes.  Then she says, "And they are saying (sexually) suggestive stuff to me."  Oh my God.  Papa Bear went into a rage.  I was so pissed. I threw down my headphones, started screaming at those idiots, and everyone about 3 bleachers around started clearing out because, evidently, I looked and sounded like I was going to murder those boys.  They thought so too, it seems, because they beat cheeks out of there, and we didn't see them the rest of the day.  Good thing they did or I would probably still be serving time.  :)

Comment 20 Sep 2016

I always chuckle at these threads.  It's a study in sociology.  I can guarantee you that Oklahoma forums have similar threads that have the following general observations: "Ohio State fans were... awesome...mixed guy was horrible."

Sports breaks us up into "us" and "them" - and "them" are the enemy, so they must be bad throughout, otherwise we will not be able to view them as "them", and that confuses us.  At the same time, when the event is over, we feel good that "them" weren't as bad as we expected, or perhaps we feel good that they were as bad as we expected.  But you walk through a crowd of "them" and sit around a few hundred of "them", and depending on where you walked and sat, you are willing to draw conclusions about a much larger group of people.

My experience has been that people are people no matter where you go.  Every group that's not criminal or evil in its intentions has a sizable majority of good folks, a number of people you would prefer to keep some distance from, and another number that are deplorable.  Sometimes alcohol or other factors turn good folks into bad ones.  I've been to tons of sporting events at all levels, and I've met some of the best and worst people from opposing fan bases - and I've found the exact same thing setting in the middle of a throng in Ohio Stadium. 

So, we can end these threads if we just accept that truth that people are people - no matter where you go. Don't tell anyone, but this even applies to those people in Ann Arbor. 

Comment 20 Sep 2016

There is some hype with this kid, but that's what happens when you have great ability - and anyone who can't see his ability just doesn't want to.  I watch all scUM games.  Heck, I watch almost every game that's on TV, but I like to know my enemy.  Jabrill is an enemy worthy of respect.

That said, he's not the greatest defensive player of all time like some delusional scUM fans think, and he didn't make that great of an impact in The Game last year.  In fact, JT did a little wiggle and went for a TD on him, making him look silly.  He's not Charles Woodson, and implying he is Woodson is an insult to Woodson.  But he is a very, very versatile and good player.  He is reaping the benefits of being used in special pressure and run blitz packages that free him up and he is cashing that in for sacks and TFLs.  Good for him, but can you use him like that against Ohio State?  You are going to run him at the QB or RB and let one of our monster's run free or be covered by a lesser athlete?  I wouldn't, but that's why they are paying Don Brown the big bucks.

Comment 13 Sep 2016

I love how opposing fans and Urban haters keep adjusting their schedule for his breakdown.  When he was hired: "He won't last 3 years". A couple years in: "The 20 players arrested will put him over the edge."  When Harbaugh was hired: "He will have another anxiety attack when Jim the Booger Eater beats him."  And, yet, here we are.

Comment 12 Sep 2016

It is a legit point to say that Ohio State has not played a team with the talent and coaching to be able to exploit the Buckeye's youth - although I think Tulsa did to a small degree in the first half of last week's game - a game Ohio State won 48-3.

You beat the Buckeyes by employing Tressel-ball (Dantonio 2x), taking advantage of the youth/inexperience of a unit (VT), or by finding and exploiting a major weakness like pass coverage (Clemson).  Oklahoma doesn't play Tressel-ball.  It will be interesting to see what inexperience and weakness they think OSU has and whether they can exploit it.  If they can't find something to exploit, it will be a long night in Norman as the Bucks lower the boomer on the Sooners.  But if they can exploit something on both sides of the ball, it will be a classic.

My gut instinct is to say that Ohio State can do to Oklahoma what Houston did, except the Bucks have better, faster players to do it with.  I think Tulsa provided a partial blueprint on limiting OSU.  Throw something at the OL they don't expect, and keep the OSU offense out of rhythm for as long as possible.  Stunt on defense, be aggressive with run and pass blitz, and hope you don't get burned.  But over 60 min. you have to find a way defensively to limit Weber run, Barrett run and pass, Samuel and Wilson run and catch, and TE/WR catch.   Offensively you have to establish the run against the front 7 or the pass against the back 7. Too much for mortal defenses and offenses to handle, but we will see. 

Comment 02 Sep 2016

I don't disagree with your take on that except in the sense that talent is a necessary ingredient in attaining the ultimate success, but not the determining ingredient.  A team that reaches its potential has to avoid injuries at key positions, have a closeness/togetherness/unity, remain properly motivated over a season, and have a whole bunch of things go right that coaches and players can't necessarily control or create.

But I upvoted you because the talent was there last year and the expectations were reasonable.  However, as we saw, they looked more like a #20 team while winning those first 6-7 games, then started pulling it together, only to lose it against Sparty, and then they refocused to look like the team we thought they would be against scUM and ND.  But it was a process for them to get there, despite the talent level, and the intangibles weren't good until late in the year. 

Comment 02 Sep 2016

I've watched Ohio State look meh in a lot of season openers.  They looked pretty sharp at VT last year, but that was a veteran team against a fairly high profile opponent.  The motivation and mindset is different at home vs. a MAC opponent you are supposed to beat by 4 TD's.

So, I'm expecting issues with OL, interior DL, some back 7 missteps, some dropped balls, wrong routes, etc. If we get a sharp game out of the Bucks, we won't know what their issues are and whether that game helped fix them.  We won't find out against Tulsa either.  We will know where they are in Norman.

This team will have to grow like the 14 team did.  It's going to be fun to watch them do it.  But I think it's more realistic to expect us to have some real concerns once the BG game is over. 

Comment 29 Aug 2016

You can say what you want about Finebaum - and probably half of it will be true - but he is the only guy talking CFB May-Aug.  I'm a CFB junkie so I dvr his show 3 times a week during that period.  I will tape it on Mondays if the SEC has an epic fail during the season.  So, if Wisky downs LSU, I will want to see the meltdown.

It's interesting that his show simultaneously celebrates southern culture AND makes fun of it.  One of the best things about his show is hearing these people, like Tammy, totally lose it or the absolutely stupid things some of them say.  On the other hand, you have callers and guests who give great analysis and info or those who are just amazingly funny and entertaining.  It's a mixed bag of the ridiculous and worthwhile - which seems to be a pretty good formula.  I'm in.

BTN needs to learn and give me something from May-Aug besides the 40th airing of the previous year's Bucks-scUM game.  I understand that they don't want to be outrageous and ridiculous, but have a couple of analysts talk about CFB a few times a week.  As it is, Finebaum is all we junkies have, and it isn't half-bad.

Comment 26 Aug 2016

The big variable is how good of a season these guys' teams will have.  If you are the MOP on a playoff-contending team, you will be in New York.  I love JTB, but I am also extremely biased toward him.  If I think about the players that have made me say, "Wow!", I'm putting Watson and McCaffrey on that list.  It's too easy for Fournette and Cook to end up with 80 yards in a couple of big games and take them out of the running.  As darkhorses I would suggest the Pitt and PSU RB's.

Comment 18 Aug 2016

2014.  He was the guy that got them there up to thru 11 3/4 games.  He was on the team.  He won a national championship.

So this doesn't turn into a JT vs. Cardale thing tho, we JT fans love Cardale for what he did to finish that thing off, and no one can ever take that away from him.

Comment 04 Aug 2016

This time of year I have learned to temper expectations.  There are so many variables that go into a CFB season that you can't be right about what things will look like in December - and if you are, you are just lucky.

Based on that thinking, the only thing I will predict is that we will not be feeling all that confident after less than awe-inspiring wins over BG and Tulsa - which is why the Bucks will win at Oklahoma.  Can't wait to see if I'm right - I mean, lucky - on that one.