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Originally from southern Ohio but now live in Amish Country/Holmes County. Married to my college sweetheart for 30 years. Father of a son and a daughter. Grandfather to one beautiful little girl. Health care professional with a couple degrees (not from OSU). Have loved the Buckeyes all my life - football in particular. Attend a game or two a year at the Shoe. Try to not be an irrational nut about it, but usually I fail.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Uh, it's been too long ago in terms of myself playing sports. When Ohio State won the National Championship with Krenzel, Clarett, I declared, "Now I can die." But the truth is I would like to see another one... or two... or ten.
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Comment 27 Aug 2015

Here's the deal: if you say what you think, and believe it is the truth, and people hate you for it, the haters have a problem with someone having an opinion that offends them and/or a problem with hearing truth that's unpleasant to them. It's more a poor reflection on the haters than you.  Some people only want to hear what they want to hear, regardless of how well thought out it is.

If you are like that, then go find an island full of conquerable people, install yourself as the supreme leader, and torture/kill anyone who says anything you don't like or agree with.  Otherwise, stay in America and love Herbie for being a good analyst who won't whore himself out to Buckeye Nation or anyone else.  End of rant.

Comment 26 Aug 2015

Regardless of who starts, on Monday, September 7 I see Urban Meyer channeling his inner General Maximus in Gladiator, and saying, "On my signal, unleash hell on Virginia Tech."

Comment 25 Aug 2015

It's a two-edged sword.  If Ohio State comes out on Labor Day and abuses VT's vaunted D, and puts up a big score - that #1 ranking comes with an element for other opponents of "Oh, shit. We have to stop these guys?"   If they come out and look vulnerable, or show vulnerability in other early games, everyone on the schedule will be lining up to give it their best shot to be the team to knock off the big, bad Buckeyes.  IMO, Ohio State almost always gets everyone's best shot anyway, so not a lot has changed.  The biggest negative is just the mental challenge for players to deal with the "unanimous #1" challenges.

But I prefer they be the #1 team in January rather than August. Being #1 in August appears to make it difficult to hold it through January.

Comment 24 Aug 2015

The one comfort to me is that if Tommy doesn't come through, there are some young pups in line that Ash and Fickell can give a shot.  Before last year, I would have been in favor of by-passing Schutt and going young right now.  But under Urban's staff, Curtis Grant went from doing essentially nothing for 3 years to being a solid player in his last.  I hope Tommy does the same.

Comment 21 Aug 2015

Talk about how times have changed. True story. In the early 70's (I'm guessing) my family went up Rt 23 to visit family who lived in Groveport.  I was already a Buckeye fanatic around age 8. I was asking my cousins about what it was like to live around Cbus and whether they ever saw any Buckeye players.  They asked me if I wanted to talk to Woody on the phone.  They showed me in the phone book where Woody had his phone number listed.  They dialed the number and handed me the phone.  Mrs. Hayes answered.  I told her I was a huge fan and wondered if I could talk to Woody. She said he wasn't there, but said she would pass my name and home number in Lawrence Co on to Woody.  He never called me :(  

But seriously, can you imagine Urban Meyer, or maybe worse, Luke Fickell, having their number publicly listed and what trouble would flow from that?  Good Lord.  A different world indeed.

Comment 18 Aug 2015

If you are nostalgic about the Tressel Era, then you have to enjoy watching Sparty play.  I'm not, but it is a proven way to win a lot of games.  However, it is also a way to allow teams that have no business being on the same field with you hang close and occasionally upset you.  Sparty is due to drop a game to someone they shouldn't lose to.  I think they are past the days of "Sparty being Sparty", but at some point MD's basic philosophy will bite him in the butt like it did to Tressel vs. Purdue, Illinois, and the like.  I don't see MSU beating Ohio State at home (although I felt the same in 98), and I have a feeling they will have one of those inexplicable losses simply because they are due for it.  Maybe Conner Cook can carry them through those games, but I would be surprised if Sparty comes to Ohio State undefeated in conference or overall.

Comment 11 Aug 2015

Ohio State's schedule looks to be pretty manageable, but I've been through several decades of pre-seasons, and you always have that game (or two) that defies logic - and that pretty much applies to every team in the country.  Last year, I doubt few of us expected VT to roll into Ohio Stadium at night and come out with a win, and yet...  I surely didn't see Penn State being a close game.  I couldn't imagine that the Bucks would be behind to Indiana at home in the 3rd qtr. 

Because of that, I really hate talk of repeats, undefeated seasons, championships,  and marking up wins before the season.  Given Urban's teams performances in big games against good/great opponents, I'm just as worried about Rutgers and Maryland as I am VT and Sparty.

Comment 23 Jul 2015

DJ snuck into my house, incapacitated me, put some kind of port into my brain, and stole my thoughts on this:

It's irrational to rank Michigan State below Virginia Tech, but Sparty in the Shoe doesn't intimidate me. I'm much more looking forward to Ohio State causing a silent postgame evacuation of Lane Stadium on September 7th and leaving Michigan students wallowing in puddles of their own puke on November 28th. 

Comment 23 Jul 2015

The leading receiver for Ohio State that night was a 12 year old girl in the 5th row, wearing an ear of corn on her head.  :)

Comment 23 Jul 2015

+1.  We thought Braxton was irreplaceable last year, and found out different (twice), but mortal teams usually can't do that.  Let's not test our immortality too much.  Bosa might be in the irreplaceable category.  Maybe Washington too.  Those 2's (and the new 1's) on the DL have either been under-whelming or are very young and unproven.  I also think Zeke is a unique RB, and I can see where a couple of OL injuries could affect the effectiveness of that unit.  Assuming the "next man up" will perform at just as high of a level with no drop off is not a good assumption to make based on what's historically normal for CFB teams.

Another way to not repeat is simply to lose a game, especially late, and there are 4 Power 5 teams that are undefeated. 

I think Ohio State will likely find itself in the CFBP, but what their health will be when they get there is unknowable, and winning two more games is tough - but doable.  Regardless, it's going to be a heckuva lot of fun watching them try.

Comment 21 Jul 2015

I lost my friend (my daughter-in-law's father) in 2011.  He had leukemia plus a red blood cell disease. His red and white marrow was messed up.  Left untreated the leukemia would have killed him in 2 years and the red cell disease within 10.  He was only 48 and opted for a bone marrow transplant.  It went well.  He got out of the hospital and went back to work.  He looked good.  His white cell count rose steadily for 6 months, but he was operating with an immune system function of about 35%.  He got a cold in late September, went septic, got massive doses of antibiotics, immune system went to 0, developed an untreatable fungal infection, and died 5 weeks later.  In those 5 weeks the doctors tried multiple experimental treatments against the fungal infection.  They destroyed his liver.  If some miracle occurred and his immune system began coming back, he would have needed a liver transplant!  Ever seen what human bodies look like when they don't have a functioning liver?  In short, it was a nightmare.

There are people walking around healthy because of bone marrow transplants, and I'm thankful it worked out for those people.  I also realize that maybe the docs learned a little something about treating fungal infections that might help someone down the road, and I appreciate that.  But we have to do better.  

I hope Zach can get this kicked without a transplant. 

Comment 17 Jul 2015

Kirk Barton speaks truth.  The spread concepts put those 330 lbs D lineman and 260 lbs LBs at a huge disadvantage.  Ohio State exploited that.

I actually didn't take any offence at Saban's comments.  He is a known over-thinker.  There are probably several dozen factors that led to Bama's defeat, but I think the over-arching one was: hubris.  K Smart said it.  His senior DB's said, "We didn't respect the QB."  I think it goes way beyond that.  Those guys had grown up with the idea that anyone who plays from Tennessee on down south is a superior athlete and football player to anyone who plays in the north - even if they came from the south.  Every day for a decade, ESPN, Paul Finebaum, Clay Travis, were saying as much.  "The B1G teams (all of them) are smaller, weaker, and slower.  The SEC is the best version of football in the history of versions of football.  We don't have to respect opponents like that."  That kind of thinking sets you up for defeat.

Alabama and the SEC have been humbled - and that makes them more dangerous.  Not sure they have been humbled enough yet.  It might take another round of butt-kickings, and then they will become very dangerous because they do have tons of players in that conference.  I would like it to be Ohio State who administers the humiliation, but when that happens it will be the Buckeye program that will need to be on hubris-alert.

Comment 16 Jul 2015

I love Braxton Miller and Cardale Jones.  I don't know what a "bloodrider" is but it sounds like I am it for JT. 

I have been saying since this conversation about the 3 QBs started that no one has been more efficient in running the Urban Meyer offense in the history of the Urban Meyer offense than JT.  It's all right there in the B1G and Ohio State record books.  The arguments for the other 2 guys have plenty of substance too, but also some emotional elements.  The computers don't factor in emotional factors.

So, I am in favor of the computer results - mainly because they agree with me.  If they ever disagree with me and my emotions, I reserve my right to damn all computers.  :)

Comment 16 Jul 2015

If it was "Caitlyn Tebow" I would give up all faith in human beings.  :)

I'm old enough to remember Dr. Renee Richards playing on the women's tennis tour in the 1970's.  Given the cultural views of that time, it seems to me that it took him, er, her, more courage to do that then then it took Bruce, er, Caitlyn, to do it now.  I don't remember anyone giving Dr. Richards awards for courage then.  That little Still girl or Lauren Hill - that's courage.

Comment 16 Jul 2015

Disclaimer: the following is not political.  Do not assume I feel one way or another about any issue.

I watch sports to get away from the real problems of the world.  I want to hear about the 3 QB "problem" at Ohio State.  I do not want to contemplate the complexities of minority sexual expressions or the like.  I feel like ABC/ESPN has a political agenda, and that it bleeds into the sports division at times.  If I want politics, I have FNC and MSNBC for that.

Comment 14 Jul 2015

Similar to those Ohio blue chippers who were never Ohio State fans and go somewhere else, there are some highly rated Alabama kids who don't like Bama or Auburn. Right now, they are going to other SEC schools or FSU and the like.  If Ohio State wins another natty or two, Gus may have to eat some crow.

But taking a shot at scUMmy Jim is ok.  The enemy of your enemy is your friend.

Comment 13 Jul 2015

I read Tim May's article in the Dispatch yesterday. Urban did say that he felt a large obligation to BM and his family.  He also said he felt an obligation to JT and Cardale, but his biggest obligation was to the team and to do what is best for "this great university." 

Comment 11 Jul 2015

Austin Mack can really go up and get the ball.  He is going to be fun to watch.  Haussman catches anything thrown near him.  McCall looks very, very speedy.  I have to agree with Urban: "The future is very bright at Ohio State."  Might be a major understatement.