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Originally from southern Ohio but now live in Amish Country/Holmes County. Married to my college sweetheart for 32 years. Father of a son and a daughter. Grandfather to one beautiful little girl. Health care professional with a couple degrees (not from OSU). Have loved the Buckeyes all my life - football in particular. Attend a game or two a year at the Shoe. Try to not be an irrational nut about it, but usually I fail.


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Comment 19 minutes ago

While Urban Meyer is at the top of my list of things I am thankful for, I confess that I blame him for last year's failure make the CFBP, and I'm almost to the point where I have forgiven him. 

To me, sitting the QB responsible for 45 TDs the year before, who arguably ran the Urban Meyer offense better than it has ever been run, was a real head-scratcher to me - even tho CJ was incredible in 3 games as well.  But the offense had to be changed to accommodate the other guy, the offense never got in rhythm until JT was given the job, and Ohio State - with it's "embarrassment of riches" floundered around and was unimpressive for a majority of the season. 

I never understood it then, and I don't understand it now - even tho those who do understand it have laid it out in detail.  Hopefully, there are lessons learned that will pay off down the line.  I doubt this will be the last time Urban has to choose between two very good QBs.

Comment 19 Jul 2016

Five years into Urban Meyer's tenure, I think it's time we address this – Quick Cals need to go.

Amen.  Back in the day, we did them in HS pre-game (without trying to involve the crowd).  I always thought it was dumb and had nothing to do with preparing us to win the game. It felt awkward.  It was apparently designed to look cool. ??  Because of that, I haven't been a fan of Ohio State doing it.  I get it that it's an attempt to bring the team and student section together, but there's got to be a better way to do that.

Singing Carmen Ohio with the student section seems to check that box.

Comment 16 Jul 2016

I can't believe I'm doing this, but I'm going to defend Hugh Freeze to an extent.  Normally I would hope that every SEC coach and program gets what Ole Miss is getting and more, but Ohio State's situation with the Tat thing is fresh in my mind.

Freeze and Tressel have some things in common: men of faith (Hugh wears it more on his sleeve), great recruiters, and have a nice man persona.  Things happen in a program: head coaches make errors of judgment, assistant coaches violate NCAA rules (usually secondary ones), players do all kinds of dumb shit, and you have parent/step-parent, booster, and agent issues.  Some of that the head coach has control over, much of it he doesn't - and yet he is ultimately responsible for what happens in the areas where he has limited or no control.  It's a tough deal when that happens.  For me, I hold the coach responsible for how he reacts to finding out about issues, more so than for things that he had no control over.  We are in an age where everyone seems to want to put a program's problems into the worst light, ascribe the worst of motives to them, and hang anything and everything around the head coach's neck - and all of these people have internet connections and places to post this venom.  The negativity can be overwhelming, and very unfair. 

In Ole Miss' case the primary evidence of cheating, corruption, etc. is that Freeze has recruited at a level that Ole Miss is not supposed to recruit at.  The problem is that this isn't evidence.  It's a result that people ascribe cheating and corruption to as a cause of it - and no one seems willing to wait for an objective analysis and report of what the evidence really is. You get some secondary violations, a few primary violations, investigations get going, and while you are trying to get that resolved, your star LT shows up at the draft in pictures showing him inhaling pot with a gas mask on and claiming he was paid $300 by a coach - which creates another thing that has to be investigated.  In the meantime, the media and social media are piling on the negativity.  If the facts and evidence end up being way more benign than the uninformed criticism, well, everyone just moves on, but the narrative of corruption lives on because people like it when "they" are the victim of it.

Buckeyes should know better.  We had some guys trade their stuff for tattoos - an awful example of depravity. Lol. Our coach lied about his knowledge of it. That was his big sin, and he paid dearly for it. The media and the haters descended on Columbus creating a huge amount of smoke.  For a while, I thought the Tat 5 may have been involved with the Lindbergh baby kidnapping.  It was hard to see how big the fire actually was. Once you have national media and the NCAA on campus giving you an anal inspection, they will usually find some crap - and they did with the job issue involving a few players.  But that was it.  Way more smoke than there was fire.  Not a corrupt program gone amok.  More a few players getting some extra benefits, a coach not being forthright about his knowledge of it, and a few players getting paid too much for the work actually done.  Not exactly the Watergate Scandal.

So, I would suggest that we look at Ole Miss in that light.  If the actual evidence shows that Freeze is corrupt and cheating than I will call him a corrupt cheater.  Until then, I'll wait and see.  

Comment 16 Jul 2016

Scenarios A and B can be avoided by actually being that good, but for the 99.99999% of us that immerse ourselves in mediocrity like a octogenarian nun slowly lowering herself into a warm bath full of epsom salts, it's generally not a good idea to go around telling people how great you are (and by implication, how much everyone else sucks in comparison to you).

That's some good stuff right there.  Very well written.  Humorous and true - which is a tricky combination.

I will say this on the topic: there are lots of excellent posters on 11W and many great Ohio State fans, but there is only one THE OSUfan. :)

Comment 14 Jul 2016

Logic tells me that there is something about this sport that is fun and entertaining, but I have been too dumb, evidently, to get it.  So, I have been asking people for around 20 years to explain it.  I'm sure that one of these days someone is going to reveal the mystery to me, I'm going to hit my forehead, and say, "Oh, NOW I get it!"  As of right now, I don't get it.

When my daughter was in 5th grade I paid her $50 bucks to not play soccer anymore so that I didn't have to sit through those excruciating games.  What she doesn't know is I was willing to go up to at least $200.

Comment 12 Jul 2016

I don't like to predict seasons.  Too many unknowns and variables.  Last year's team was possibly the most talented in the history of Ohio State football - and some wind and rain, and some coaching brain farts, along with a gutsy Sparty kept them from getting where they should have gone.  The chemistry wasn't right with that team and the JT/Cardale question was a problem.  I think team chemistry and the proverbial "chip on the shoulder" thing is what allows teams to be great.  There's no way to manufacture it or know whether they will have it - so predictions are a fool's errand IMO.  That said, here are my predictions:

  •  worst case scenario: 10-2; 9-3 with injuries
  •  Every B1G school has DI quality players, and can beat you under certain circumstances.  No chokes.
  •  @ Sparty and *ichigan
  •  Trap games are inferior teams that can beat you given the right circumstances.  I tend to look at decent teams you are playing on the road, especially before or after a "big game".  Only Maryland on Nov 5 fits the on the road criteria, but I don't think they can beat OSU in any reasonable scenario.  OSU will be ready for @ Wisky, @ PSU, and @ MSU.  So, this year, I have to go with 2 home games: Indiana (Wilson's team score and if you turn the ball over...) or Northwestern.  Wisky follows the Indiana game and PSU precedes the NW game.
  •  @ MSU (assuming OSU has taken care of their B1G business to that point)
  •  *ichigan. Always.
Comment 12 Jul 2016

Every year when spring practice ends, I always say, "Oh no.  How many guys are going to be dumbasses this summer?"  So far, so good, but there is still time for late summer arrests, bar fights, girlfriend tussles, failed drug tests, academic problems, etc.

Since CFB teams aren't made up of all boy scouts and altar boys, Urban has done a really good job of keeping the "oh no's" to a minimum.  It seems he is making expectations clear, and putting fear into players at the thought of not meeting those expectations - things that his critics seem to not take notice of.

But to the main point of the thread, everyone is undefeated and there's no sense in being pessimistic.  Every question mark and hole will be answered successfully and filled.  Everyone is going to the CFBP. 

The one aggravating thing is to watch media days and hear every coach say the same thing: "we're excited... we are looking forward to get going... we feel good about the new guys we will be playing... John Doe is a great athlete, an impact player... we have a great staff of coaches, the best... blah, yada, blah, yada, blah."  That said, I will take that CFB talk over no CFB talk.  I'm a junkie and that addiction has to be fed.  Best thing about July is that August follows it, and the best thing about August is that fall camp opens, and the best part about that is the next thing is game 1.

Comment 05 Jul 2016

Lets look at the games Urban Meyer has lost at Ohio State:

MSU in BCG (2013).  Sparty had one the best defensive units they have ever had there that year.

Clemson in Orange Bowl (13-14) Braxton Miller was QBing without his dominant arm and the OSU defense couldn't defend any form of screen pass.

VT at home (2014)  Young QB and OL not prepared for the Bear defense.

MSU at home (2015): The Lord God sent a hurricane and the OSU offensive brain thrust forgot #15 was on the team.

How does OSU lose?  They run up against a historic defense, injuries, they have defensive deficiencies, their coaching staff has brain farts, or the God of the universe conspires against them with bad weather.  That would have me tend to believe that it is really hard to beat Urban Meyer unless weird things happen, there are critical injuries, or his coaching staff loses their minds - and when God decides to hurt you, well.

Comment 09 May 2016

Sparty's defense is understood by anyone who knows just a little about the X's and O's of football. 

I think it's this simple: if Ohio State gets Sparty on a field with calm winds and a dry ball, they can do what Ohio State's offense does. After the lessons learned from the 2013 B1G CG, and what we saw last year, if Sparty gets Ohio St in a situation where the playcallers and/or the QB are not willing/able to throw the ball to exploit what the defense is giving, OR if bad weather limits or grounds Ohio State's passing game, advantage Sparty.

Last fall, the OSU coaching staff chose to try to beat Sparty playing like Sparty (minus the part of giving the ball to the stud RB).  Not recommended.  But assuming the O braintrust is competent (and I do), then the weather report in E Lansing may be the most important thing about this year's matchup.

Comment 02 May 2016

Robert is a guy who tells you what he thinks and why.  Even if he is wrong, he had a rational basis for what he is saying.  Clay Travis is the biggest POS in the universe, and it pisses me off that I let him get to me when I know that's just his shtick.  He has made a good living off of tweaking the noses of the nation's biggest and most ardent fan bases.  However, he plays it pretty straight in the studio, but I will watch to see if Robert will take him to task and hold him accountable for some of the crap he writes - about Ohio State in particular. 

Comment 30 Apr 2016

I agree that winning it the previous year was one of the biggest impediments.

Add in also the losses of Devin Smith and Tom Herman.  Devin stretched the field, and, evidently, there was no one on the 2015 roster who could do what he did.  And Herman was evidently a miracle QB whisperer.

Then Urban decides to sit the guy responsible for 45 TDs the year before for the guy with the big arm and a resume of 3 great games. Without Herman, Cardale never was able to replicate his performances at the end of the previous year. Along with that decision, the offense had to change because the big fella couldn't do certain concepts like speed option, and wasn't as effective at read option.  No one will ever convince me that it didn't matter to the team who started at QB.  It divided them, and I think the team was similar to Buckeye Nation in thinking that JT was a better leader and a better QB. 

And finally, they didn't repeat because the Lord God caused a hurricane to hit Cbus in November - which effectively grounded Ohio State's air game, and the offensive braintrust decided it would be a good idea to not give the ball to Ezekiel Elliot in said conditions.

So, in all we have the problems that come with recent success, attrition, coaching brain farts, and acts of God combining to hand Alabama another championship.  Ugh.

On the other hand, 12-1 with a Fiesta Bowl win over Notre Dame isn't bad - unless your expectation was 14-0 and back to back. Could have been.  Maybe should have been.  In the end, wasn't.

Comment 26 Apr 2016

I expect Ohio State to be somewhere between 5-10.  If they aren't it's because the AP wants to be able to write about an epic top 5 matchup in week 3 and then drop the loser outside the top 10.

This poll and any other poll is meaningless UNTIL you enter Nov with 0-1 losses.  Then it starts to matter.

Comment 26 Apr 2016

Oh yeah, When Tressel had the weapons, he would occasionally, intermittently, and I suspect, reluctantly, open it up.  I remember one scUM game (06?) where Herbie remarked that they were on the 5 yard line going in in a 5 wide formation.  Tressel was adaptive to what he had, but I don't think it's hard to tell the difference between Urban and Jim and it is simply this: Urban's goal is TD's and Jim's goal was to end every possession with a kick.

Comment 26 Apr 2016

The biggest mistake fans make is expecting a polished, mature team to come out of the gate - forgetting that they have only been preparing for the first game for about a month. 

Ohio State could have been a team like that last year with all of the starters they had returning, but they had all kinds of issues - mainly the fact that the guy who accounted for 45 TD's the year before was somehow beaten out by somebody - a massive mistake that didn't get corrected until the latter part of the season.  But I digress.

Normally, I expect closer games and lots of question marks early in the year, and I end up a lot less disappointed. 

The Oklahoma game will be telling.  If Ohio State comes out of there with a victory, they will be well-positioned to make the playoff if they take care of business in the B1G.  If they lose, especially close, they will still be OK - if they take care of business in the B1G, especially @PSU, @ MSU, @ Wisky, and vs. scUM.  

Comment 26 Apr 2016

Sometimes the Lord God conspires against your passing game with hurricane force winds, and sometimes your coaching staff gets bit by "the good idea fairy" and decides to not give the ball to their stud running back.  While UFM has some control over the latter, the former can still come into play.

Comment 26 Apr 2016

I look at Sparty and I see Jim Tressel's teams - albeit with less talent.  Dantonio is good at developing guys, and the success he has had with developing players has allowed him to recruit better than we have historically seen at MSU.  ScUM being down during his tenure has helped him some as well in recruiting, but that appears to be ending.

Here's my main contribution to the discussion: Tressel played Tressel Ball (run the ball, play stingy D, be happy to punt, have orgasms when you kick a FG) with really good players and won a lot of games with it.  Dantonio has won a lot of games with that approach with lesser talent. But that style of play lends itself to playing a lot of close games with inferior opponents, and at least one inexplicable loss per year to an inferior opponent.  Remarkably, Dantonio has largely avoided that kind of stunning loss.  Sparty lost at Nebraska last year, and probably shouldn't have, and they had several close calls with teams that shouldn't have been on the same field with them.  But I think Sparty is overdue for one of those losses where you say, "I can't believe that happened."  If Tressel, with all of his talent and greatness was not immune to it, I don't think Dantonio is.

So, when Sparty drops one to Rutgers or Maryland or Illinois this fall, I want you to think, "Wow.  THEOSUfan called it."  If they truck over those teams, I want you to think, "I have no memory of THEOSUfan making any comments about Sparty."  The important thing is that I can claim credit when I am right, and deny any involvement otherwise.

Comment 19 Apr 2016

I get salty when someone reads my mind and then posts exactly what I was thinking - esp when it's witty.  Get your own thoughts.  :)

I scored a 10 but at 52 years old, maybe I need to retake the test.