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Originally from southern Ohio but now live in Amish Country/Holmes County. Married to my college sweetheart for 30 years. Father of a son and a daughter. Grandfather to one beautiful little girl. Health care professional with a couple degrees (not from OSU). Have loved the Buckeyes all my life - football in particular. Attend a game or two a year at the Shoe. Try to not be an irrational nut about it, but usually I fail.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Uh, it's been too long ago in terms of myself playing sports. When Ohio State won the National Championship with Krenzel, Clarett, I declared, "Now I can die." But the truth is I would like to see another one... or two... or ten.
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Comment 21 hours ago

Do I have to answer twice?

That opinion is based on the fact that NFL teams change coaches like you and I change underwear.  One bad season for the 49ers combined with a 6-6 scUM team could very well mean that Harbaugh would be available.  If I were the Corn and Bruised, I would throw whatever money I had to at Harbaugh in order to get him to AA.   Last I checked, money still talks loudly.

Les Miles in AA?  I'm all for it, but he's got a good thing going on in Baton Rouge.  I don't see him leaving there.  But that would sure make news conferences more interesting.  :)

Comment 21 hours ago

In the BCS era, we have had 1-3 teams with undefeated records at the end of the season (regular + conference championship).  The vast majority of the time we have 1 undefeated major conference team, but 3 is the most that could be expected.  History itself tells us that winning all your games requires some combination of talent, skill, and luck.

An undefeated team has to win the games it is projected to win, win a game or two where they are underdogs or a minimal favorite, and survive a game or two when they play below their potential.

Auburn, minus a fluke catch against Georgia and the kick-6 against Alabama was a 3 loss team heading into the post-season.  Two plays separated them from the NC game and the Capital One Bowl.

We know that @ MSU is going to likely be brutal.  The question is what will be the games where the Bucks will struggle?  No one knows.  I'm looking at road games at Penn St and Minnesota as possibilities, and we saw that scUM took us to the brink last year.

Comment 22 hours ago

I'm from the camp that if a dog will bite, he will bite as a pup. The fact that we are here in Grant's senior year hoping that he will bite pretty much says it all.

I'm also from the camp that leaders cannot be conjured, appointed, or declared.  Leaders are leaders because they lead, and others follow, without anyone ever having to say that they are a leader.

That said, Curtis is a Buckeye, and no one would be happier to see him play like a star at MLB and to lead a stout defense.  That said, if that was going to happen, I think we would have already seen it.

Comment 23 hours ago

I believe that Jim Harbaugh will eventually be the head football coach at that despicable school - and at that point, they will be formidable again.  In the meantime, we should root hard for the 49ers, and hope that Hoke gets enough wins to make Brandon hang on to him.

Comment 18 Jul 2014

JB Shugarts is a genius.  He made sure that he was immortal by having his name converted into other language forms.  How many times have we said, "I hope we don't Shugart here in the redzone"  or "He got a case of the Shugarts" or "That drive was killed because we Shugarted too much."

Doubt that he is immortal?  Name the starting right tackles for the Earl Bruce and John Cooper years off the top of your head.

Comment 18 Jul 2014

I have CBSSN with my Direct TV package.  You guys can watch the game with me in Amish Country, but warning: it gets pretty wild.  Stuff gets thrown around and don't bring your children or women due to the language that sometimes slips out.  Guns have accidentily been discharged.  Stuff has been broken. Hopefully, that will be enough to ensure that I will have the room to myself.  :)

I would love to listen to the radio broadcast and mute the TV (especially on Beth Mowins games), but the radio is about 7 seconds ahead of the TV.  Any ideas on how to get the radio and TV in sync?

Comment 17 Jul 2014

I can handle the SEC.  I can turn the objective CFB part of my mind on and consider that 7 national championships in 8 years says something about the quality of the SEC champion during those years.

What I can't handle is SEC fans, especially if they are from Kentucky, Miss State, etc. who act like they are cut from some superior cloth based simply on the fact that they are in that conference.  I believe the difference between Alabama (or name your SEC high tier team) and Ohio State is a hair.

I also can't handle the media sloberring all over themselves to promote the superiority of the SEC - although I see some cracks in that here and there lately.  Still, I think the other conferences need to lay big hurt on these guys to kill the "SEC's poop doesn't stink myth".

CFB is cyclical, and I think the SEC is on the downhill slide of their success.  Success breeds contentment, arrogance, and entitlement, and I sense the SEC is there.  Perhaps the biggest issue at the SEC summer meeting has been whether the SEC can get 2 teams into the 4 team playoff.  They seriously believe the Sec champ, plus the 2nd best team in that conference should trump a champion from the PAC, B1G, Big 12, or ACC.

So, here's to hoping Ohio State gets an opportunity to play the best these SOB's have to offer and we beat them 41-14 - to pull a score out of the air.

Comment 15 Jul 2014

1) No.

2) I watched this world cup via DVR.  The only way I could stand it was to fast FF until a score and then rewind a couple of minutes and watch the lead up.  Everything in between scores was passing until the ball was taken away, repeat on that end, repeat on the other end, ad nauseum.

3) Hell no.

Here's what soccer needs to do to grab me (which they won't do):

1) Make the goal taller and wider.   2) Take a defender out of the scoring area.  3) Eliminate the offsides rule.  4) Give me 14-9 scores or the like.

Otherwise, I don't have the time to watch a bunch of guys doing what appears to be nothing.

Comment 12 Jul 2014

Before last year's Wisconsin game my son and I took in the Skull Session.  I remember 2 things: it was hotter than hell in SJA and LeBron spoke.  I was wondering what kind of reaction he would get.  I'd say 40% of the crowd applauded him, 40% sat on their hands, and a very vocal 20% booed all the way through his little talk.

My son said afterward, "That will either make him want to stay away from Cleveland, or make him want to fix those hard feelings."  Looks like it was the latter.

One thing The Decision didn't change was his support for The Ohio State University.  I expect we will see him around even more now.

Comment 10 Jul 2014

Urban and I turned 50 this year.  I can't lie.  It stinks - except being a grandpa is a pretty good deal.  You remember how it felt to be young, but you know you aren't that any longer.  Through your 40's you feel your body changing, but you join with Toby Keith and sing with gusto "but I'm as good once, as I ever was."  I'm not near as good, even once, as I once was.  But I'm wiser, so I hide how far I've slipped.

I hate the AARP because of all the crap they send me (I don't need Viagra yet), and for reasons that are forbidden to be discussed on here.

I work some long days, but I have to cut it shorter than I used to and I have to go to bed earlier, or I don't do too well.  You turn 50 and you start thinking, "Man, if I live a normal lifespan, I've got another 25 years before I'm out of here.  I'd better get focused on what's most important."  I bet Urban is thinking exactly that way (hint: he won't think Ohio State football is most important).  And that has an impact on how you prioritize your work vs. home.  How will that affect his coaching performance?  It might help, but he needs to be a good delegator. Lots of guys have been huge successes in coaching in their 50's and 60's, but they didn't do it by acting like they were 30.

Comment 10 Jul 2014

He's responsible in the same sense that I'm responsible for my adult kids because they have my last name, and what they do reflects well or poorly on our family.  But that has to do with perception of others, not any practical reality.  I can't be there to approve every choice my kids make (nor do I want to), so those choices have to be the responsibility of the kids.  All I can do is react.

If a player runs afoul of the law, but the charges get reduced, the coach keeps him on the team, and the player runs afoul again, but still manages to stay on the team, and then he commits more crime, the player is responsible for his crimes, but the coach can certainly be criticized for his reaction and lack of discipline.  So, I'm not saying coaches have NO responsibility, but it's impossible for Urban Meyer to know what is going on at the Grown and Sexy Lounge in Lorain on a July night.

You hope that the other players see the swift and firm discipline that Meyer deals out in these situations, and that motivates them to avoid the Grown and Sexy places that are around.  Humans learn by experience: either their own or by watching others make mistakes.  I recommend the latter. Much less painful.  :)

Comment 10 Jul 2014

The great - and terrible - thing about football is that a successful play requires all 11 guys executing.  On that particular play, we could get more detailed and say everyone from the backside guard to the right sideline along with Miller and Hyde.  Jeff didn't get his job done.  It wasn't for a lack of effort or desire.  He's human.  Plus, those guys in green are on scholarship too.  But I don't get caught up in what the call was.  That play would have gotten 2 yards if it was executed properly.  It wasn't.  Congrats to Michigan State.

I agree with Stcburn.  Ohio State needed a defense that could limit an offense coached in part by JIM BOLLMAN to 23 points.  They didn't have that defense.  If they have that defense this fall, I don't think they will be in the position of having to make a 4th and 2 late in the game in order to win.

Comment 10 Jul 2014

Dantonio has coached at Ohio State ( who recruits at a 4* level with some 3's and 5's sprinkled in AND at Michigan State (who recruits at a 3* level with some 2's and 4's sprinkled in).  He recently said that the difference between a 3 and 5 star is about this much (holding his thumb and forefinger about a half inch apart).

The high 4 and 5 star guys have the ideal measurables for their position, have performed great in HS, and have hit the important camps.  The 3 star guys may be an inch or two shorter than ideal, be 10 or 20 pounds off, were still the best player in their area, but maybe couldn't afford to go to too many camps.

No matter what their star rating, when they show up, you can work with their weight via weight room and training table, but they all have to be coached up.  The 5 star guy might have a sense of contentment or entitlement while the 3 star might have a chip on his shoulder and be more coachable.  So a motivated, coachable 3 star is often a better situation than a fat and sassy 5.

If you are trying to cook up a national championship, it's a big advantage to have the best looking groceries, but if you are a lousy cook...   Thus, you have to have the athletes and the coaching to get it done.

Comment 10 Jul 2014

Poison N - my thoughts exactly.

I have been so impressed since UFM came how little trouble the team has had- with a few notable exceptions.  What ESPN did with their graphic implied that "Meyer has brought the same kind of trouble he had at Florida to Ohio State."  It just flies in the face of what we know is true.  They said "the numbers don't lie", but the old quote on page 1 of my post-grad statistics textbook says, "There are lies, damned lies, and statistics."  Numbers lie all the time when they are set in a false context.

Where does this idea that college football coaches are responsible for the behavior of their players come from?  Similar to parents of an adult, once the kid is of legal age, the kid is responsible.  A coach or parent can only be responsible for how they prepared the kid for trouble,  for what standards of behavior they expect, and for how they react if those aren't met. 

IMO, Urban has been a little harsh with the legnth of some suspensions, so the whole idea of him running a lawless program is ridiculous.  Some guys have chosen to be dumbasses over the last few years and have gotten arrested and not met the expectations of the program.  Urban has, in each case, responded quickly and sternly.  That is where his responsibility begins and ends because that is where his control begins and ends.

Comment 08 Jul 2014

I was always told: "Be good... or be good at it."  I get caught when I misbehave, so I just try to be good.  But there are those who are "good at it".  Knock yourself out.  At the end of the day, we are talking about college football, not Middle East peace.

That said, rules set the limits for acceptable behavior.  I'd recommend going right up to that line, taking advantage of every legitimate opportunity the rules allow.  The truth is that many programs stop well short of the line because of fear or laziness.  Example?  Urban Meyer recruits players who are committed to other schools until they tell him to stop recruiting them.  He should keep doing that, and those that won't do it (Bert and the like) can be a bunch of sniveling whiners when their commit goes to Ohio State.

Comment 08 Jul 2014

Unfortunately, I'm 50 years old.  There's some negative that comes with that.  I helped my son put in 640 feet of drainage pipe last week and I won't feel right for at least a week.  On the other hand, I have lived through some stuff, and seen some stuff.

Younger people seem to poo-poo what I am about to say - until they become older people.  There is a forumula for heap big trouble and I applaud the author for recognizing it.  The forumula is this:

Mind-altering substances + bar/club and/or 12:01-5 AM = arrest, OD, death, rape, robbery, car accident, etc.

Avoiding heap big trouble?  Drink within reason, and if you can't pull that off, do it with people you know well behind closed doors.  Stay away from bars and clubs, and if you can't, have a plan to beat cheeks when trouble starts.  Have your ass in your house by midnight.  If those guidelines seem too onerous, then have a really good lawyer on retainer.

Comment 07 Jul 2014

SCUM will get their ship righted, just like Ohio State has done at various moments in their history.  If they don't, I'll do the schedenfruede thing.  If they do, I'll be joyous with any victory over them.

I think Hoke is in a pickle as long as Gardener is there.  He's good enough to win all of their games when he's good, but he can be bad enough to lose to _______ (insert bad team here).  When they put #98 on him, that brought with it the pressure to perform like the real #98, and this guy can't do it - at least not so far.  But maybe the real 98 couldn't have done anything behind that OL.

Comment 07 Jul 2014

Ding, ding, ding, ding.  We have a winner for the prestigious "Dumbass Who Gets Suspended Because He Can't Handle a Few Weeks Without Coach Supervision" award.

Let's hope he is like Marcus Baugh (and others) - that he takes what he has coming to him, learns from his mistakes, and works his way back into the good graces of the head coach.  Or he can hang out on the streets of Toledo and waste a ton of talent.

Comment 05 Jul 2014

The Ohio Stadium experience is an awesome thing on a game day. Even though I have seen it dozens of times, when that band comes out of that tunnel I get goosebumps - and I don't even like bands outside of TBDBITL.  And before and after that, it's just a great thing to see.  I tell people all the time, you have to go and do it at least once, and if you do, you will want to go back.

Over the years I have usually gone down there with C deck tickets in hand, but I go find a scalper and start negotiating.  I have traded 2 C deck tickets straight up and thrown in another 50 bucks and sat in A (or AA if its not a high profile opponent). The closer to game time it gets, the better the deal you can get.  However, last year my son and I went to the Wisconsin game.  We were in 16C and I loved watching the game from up there.  We paid $310 for 2 seats from a season ticket holder.  The lower seats were running $300-400 per.  I can afford to pay whatever the price is, but there are limits I won't go beyond just because it violates my principles regarding spending money.

All that said, I prefer to watch most of the big games sitting in my easy chair, eating my Mexican bean dip, drinking my free well water or some pop or suds I got at the drive-thru, with the room at the temperature I choose,  and seeing the game in high def

The question is, would I drive the 2 hours and get butt sore from sitting on a bleacher while someone had their knees in my back for 3 hours if the team was disappointing?  Probably not.  I didn't go to one game at Ohio Stadium in 2011.  If they want to keep filling that stadium, that team needs to be contenders for championships.  The home/TV experience is too satisfying and comfortable.


Comment 03 Jul 2014

Rutgers and Maryland.  Is there another way to say, "meh" or "ugh"?

But OK.  I like to think of myself as a realist. Those 2 schools are now in the B1G.  In that light, I say, "Welcome. I hope we beat your brains in - and thanks for the expanded TV and recruiting exposure."

Comment 01 Jul 2014

It used to be that a team would have to play 2 straight at a certain opponent due to the rotating schedule the B1G had.  If I remember correctly, they looked at a 10 year period and made it so that each team would have the same amount of home vs. away games against all opponents.

I'm not sure how it worked with Nebraska coming in and going to Legends and Leaders, but now we have another 2 teams and the divisions have been re-ordered again.  Either you guys going there twice is due to an attempt to even out home vs. away or the B1G office had to screw someone and you got nominated.  There is precedence for that going back to 1971.  :)