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Originally from southern Ohio but now live in Amish Country/Holmes County. Married to my college sweetheart for 31 years. Father of a son and a daughter. Grandfather to one beautiful little girl. Health care professional with a couple degrees (not from OSU). Have loved the Buckeyes all my life - football in particular. Attend a game or two a year at the Shoe. Try to not be an irrational nut about it, but usually I fail.


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Comment 06 Feb 2016

Maybe I'm too old and jaded, but Spence has a history of bad decisions with substances (and other things), that history contains multiple examples of the same kind of bad decisions.  Now we add the fame, women, status, and, most importantly, the millions of dollars that come with and NFL contract, and we are optimistic this is going to go well? 

I'd love to see him do well.  The on-field talent is unquestionable, but the off-field stuff has the potential to eat him up just like it did Johnny Football.  So, put me in the hopeful category, but not among the optimistic. 

Comment 30 Jan 2016

Spence and Washington would seem to me to be 2 very different situations.  Spence got into trouble, suffered consequences, got into trouble again, suffered consequences, went to a new venue and got into trouble and suffered consequences.  I'm seeing a pattern here.  The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.  If you think this guy won't get into trouble/cause trouble again, well, you have more faith in human nature than I do.

Washington spent 4 years at Ohio State without making the police blotter, until the very end.  I guess it's possible that he was good at not being caught, but given the nature of his transgression, it's easy for me to believe that he had a moment where he was thinking with his wiener and not his brain - which happens to a lot of men.  So, the chances this was an aberration, not a habit, are greater given his history. 

From what I've learned in life in 50 years (plus) is no matter what the problem is, the answer is always transparency, accountability, and responsibility.  I'm not sure I'm seeing a full embracing of those 3 things by either of these two, but I recognize that draft position and millions of dollars are at stake which changes the dynamic. 

That's how I look at it.  FWIW.

Comment 26 Jan 2016

I find myself angry - with myself - that I actually care what some 17 year old kid is deciding about where to play/study.  It's really ridiculous, but that's the system we have.  If you don't care it almost equates to not caring about who your beloved Buckeyes have to play for them, so you want to care, but it bothers you that you care as much as you do.

I fielded recruiting calls for my daughter who was an above average hoops player on a very good high school team.  She had some Ivy and mid-major interest and offers.  It just about drove me nuts.  I can't imagine what it is like for a parent/kid who is a high profile football recruit.  Something is seriously wrong when we have grown men, like Harbaugh, climbing trees and doing sleep-overs, to try to get a kid to sign, and then as soon as they sign, there has to be a de-recruitment process.  If you have to de-recruit, there is something seriously wrong with your recruitment process.

So, I'm for reform, but I'm not sure there are any rules that can negate the degenerate effects of making a 17 year old boy feel like the belle of the ball.  FWIW.

Comment 26 Jan 2016

It's a meat market.

I was at a high-profile girls high school basketball AAU event 7-8 years ago surrounded by college scouts, and one of them said about a girl who played on my daughter's team (in the tone a man would talk about a stripper), "Man, I love her body."  Now, there wasn't one sexual connotation he intended, but it was clear that the admiration did not involve the intellect, spirit, or soul of the young person.  And I found it disgusting.

Comment 19 Jan 2016

"Win the surest way" = run the ball.  If you can run the ball and move the chains until you score, you don't have to engage in the riskier method of the forward pass.  Running the ball rests your defense and wears out theirs - as you all know.

However, in most drives there comes a down and distance where the QB has to make a throw to keep it going.  The 2015 offense was deemed the "problem" side of the ball this past season, and it was because it wasn't until late in the year when the QB was completing those 3rd and passing-yardage throws with some efficiency.  And so, no matter how impressive a running game a team has, QB play is always essential to moving the chains and scoring consistently.

Admitting that I love the 10-15 play, 5-7 minutes-off-the-clock, all on the ground drives (because I'm old), I'm not averse to some 1-3 play, over-the-top bombs or catch and runs for scores.  If you can do both with some consistency, they probably will call you national champions.

Comment 15 Jan 2016

Well, I know nothing about this guy, but I have to say, he looks the part.  He looks like the kind of guy who can get a bunch of over-sized guys to be road graders.

But I do have reservations about moving Ed Warriner away from coaching OL - because we KNOW that he is outstanding at it.

This is a deal where you either trust Urban or you don't.  I trust.

Comment 12 Jan 2016

I was rooting for Clemson last night... and I have no particular affinity for Clemson.  Alabama's program is really, really good to win 4 of these NC's in 7 years.  It's ridiculous.  You have to tip your cap, but no one likes the guys who win too much - outside of their fans. Except in the SEC where, say, Kentucky and Vanderbilt fans feel justified in sticking out their chests with pride that they are in the same conference as Bama.

It's not like Bama is so far above the rest of CFB that they can't be beaten - as The Ohio State Univ proved last year.  Literally a play or two last night, and Clemson is the national champion, and we are all talking about whether Bama will ever win another championship under Satan.  There's a lot of over-reaction going on.

I don't mind saying that the SEC is a fine conference.  I think the B1G is coming, and I can see in a few years where the B1G East is the best division in football.  But who cares?  Big whoop.  If Sparty or scUM or Ped State wins the next NC for the B1G, it's not like that's going to make me happy.  Alabama is elite (and is amassing wins and championships at an all time rate).  No one else in that conference really awes me.  LSU, the Miss schools, Auburn, and TA&M are good CFB programs, but nothing approaching dominant.  Arkansas alternates between a train wreck and very good - from season to season and even within seasons.  The SEC East?  Lol.  I'll take the B1G West against those guys.  Georgia is a perennial under-achiever.  S Carolina has never won at the highest levels.  Kentucky and Vandy are bottom dwellers.  Everyone admires what Pinkel did at Mizzou, but what did they really do?  I have never seen them on the big stage.  Tenn and Fla are coming, but there is only one team that Ohio State would not be a TD or more favorite against in that league - and we know who that is.  So, this SEC pride thing (based almost solely on what Alabama has accomplished) is a real head-scratcher.

Come up to the Midwest in November and play a game against a quality B1G opponent in their stadium in snow and cold then we will see what kind of football teams you have.  Otherwise, they are nothing but a bunch of fair-weather programs (pun intended) who play a conference schedule over-inflated by the media, and a bunch of non-conference games that the Little Sisters would be ashamed of.  Bama has plenty of reason to stick it's chest out and crow.  The rest of them should be quiet because they are embarrassing themselves.

Comment 07 Jan 2016

To win it all you have to have all of the intangibles line up.  In 2014 it all came together for their 13th game, and they rode that to the national championship.  In 2015 there was chaos from the time they walked off the field in Dallas, through the summer and fall with the QB battle, and 7-8 games into the season with the QB issue.  Then JT does his drinking and driving, but they are still in position to salvage all of their goals, but they have to beat Sparty.  They fail to do that, all the pressure came off, and they just played their last 2 games at the level we thought they could play.

It was a really good season, but it wasn't what it could have been if everything had been aligned.  It just shows you how hard it is to make the playoff and win it.  You have to have a little magic.

I've gotten to the point where if OSU is in the hunt for a playoff spot in November, I have to be happy with that.  They will either prove their playoff worthiness on the field or they will play themselves out of it.  But I will try to not complain as long as they are contending.

Comment 17 Dec 2015

I have a plane ticket to fly out to Phoenix.  I have game tickets in section 113.  I don't give a shit about ND's stats.  I want to see a Buckeye victory, and I don't want to have to listen to the gloatings of Fighting Irish fans all the way back to Ohio.  This is what you call real pressure on Urban Meyer.  I'm sure at the forefront of his thinking is the overall pleasantness of my trip.  :)

Comment 11 Dec 2015

I was really impressed with AW's statement he released yesterday.  It was probably written by his agent (er, soon to be agent), but whoever did it hit all the right notes: transparency (acknowledged the truth of what happened), responsibility (didn't blame anyone else), and accountability (is ready to accept the consequences).  That's how it's done right there.  I hope he means it.  If he does, this will just be a blip on his life record.

Comment 01 Dec 2015

This subject of a "successful season", or not, is simply a matter of expectations.  Some years the Buckeyes might not know who their QB will be, might have lost most or all of their offensive and defensive playmakers, and might be replacing half of the lines.  In such a season, 11-1 would represent a tremendous accomplishment.

This particular team returned the vast majority of the components of a national championship team.  Their schedule was very manageable.  They were deemed a consensus #1 team, and the team with the most talent - and it was thought there was a significant gap between them and the rest of CFB (which probably was never true, but still they were "loaded").  Based simply on the roster, they should win the East, B1G, and be in position to have a chance to repeat as national champions.  They beat VT on the road, looking great in the 1st qtr, taking the 2nd qtr off, and then dominating in the second half.  They ughed their way past Hawaii, N Illinois, and W Michigan.  They won, but didn't look anything like a dominant #1 team.  They had a QB situation in the process of being mismanaged, they had the curses and temptations of success to deal with, and they were described as playing "uninspired" and looking "bored".  They showed offensive and defensive problems as they narrowly beat Indiana, and then Maryland.  Finally, vs. Penn State they looked like they were finding themselves.  JT Barrett established himself as the starter, and excepting Barkley running through the defense like a bad taco, there was team momentum which was built on when the Buckeyes played a complete, dominant game vs an out-manned Rutgers.  Then JT decided to break all that up with his arrest.  Ohio State looked like less than world-beaters in wins over Minnesota and Illinois.  But it was OK because the season really began against Sparty, and they would "flip a switch" and be as good as they needed to be.  The weather and Ohio State's coaches took away the OSU passing game, Sparty was inspired, and was the better team that day in that stadium in those conditions.  They were better prepared, wanted it more, and Ohio State looked confused, weak, and inept.  Once Sparty freed them from their winning streak and spotless record, they go up to AA and finally look like a great team, but the loss the previous week made it too little way too late.

Long story short, I enjoyed 4 games this year: VT, PSU, Rutgers, and scUM.  The other games I was confused and frustrated at what I was seeing, and not understanding why I was seeing it.  This was a successful season? No.  This team's potential was squandered, and they played far below that potential in 8 of 12 games. Was the season a failure?  Of course not.  11-1 says so.  But you can win all but one game, not look good doing it, and it can end up costing you all of your post-season goals.  The real question is whether 2nd in the East, no B1G championship, and no playoff appearance represents success?  Not this year it doesn't.

Comment 23 Nov 2015

The score says Sparty was the better team in Ohio Stadium Saturday night.

Do I think they have more talent, or if we got a mulligan and played them tomorrow night that we wouldn't win?  No.  But the game is who is the best team in the stadium, and that was Sparty - and I don't think it's even as close as the score.  This was a LOS street fight and they kicked our ass.

Comment 10 Nov 2015

When she was a freshman in HS I saw her play at the Classic in the Country. She was driving on the baseline and 4 defenders surrounded her.  She did a crossover leading to a spin dribble and then she spun the opposite way with an up and under that went in, and everyone in the gym was stunned!  Very few boy HS players could have executed that move.  I knew right then she was a very special player.

Comment 20 Oct 2015

I enjoyed the VT game, but then I experienced significant frustration and a lack of enjoyment of then next 4 games - all because you look at an experienced and talented OL, one of the top RB's in the country, and even as the injuries mounted to the rec corps, just amazing guys to run and catch the ball - but the ball wasn't moving well, there was trouble distributing the ball, and they were not sustaining drives.  You can't fool Buckeye Nation because we saw increasingly great offense last year, and we were seeing something less than that this year.  I enjoyed both QBs' performances against Md and JT's impact against PSU. 

Bottom line is I enjoy what JT does, how confidently he does it, and how productively he does it.  Urban Meyer just made my life (at least Saturdays) significantly more enjoyable.