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Comment 30 Mar 2015

I think we will win it all, but make no mistake... this year will be as hard, if not harder then the last... if history is a teacher (and it always is), we will run into some unexpected adversity and have to fight through it... OR... will we be so dominate, ie, Kentucky basketball, that it is that clear to everyone... but in football, with your USC's, SEC's, and FSU's, and the like, there will always be teams who really believe they are the better team, and they might have the talent to prove it...

Comment 30 Mar 2015 sometime see after a visit, interest by both parties fades... it happened with Tim Settle (bet he regets that last year... if McCall was told he was going to have to compete against Hill and Walker for 4 years for the tailback spot... he might have a problem, but The Coach explains to them there best skill set as they sit and go over some film, and how they will be used, and what they expect of the position... in the NFL, receivers and dual threat backs are more valuable, and players know this as they go through recruitment...

Comment 27 Mar 2015

all things being equal, senior leadership can go a long way... but I think that Jones is as good now, and by the end of the year will be better... Farris is good enough to make the All Big team, and for leadership alone, I might start him unless Jones grows into a must start... but if your just thinking of our best team come November and beyond... I think its Jones!

Comment 25 Mar 2015

people think that the old ways has died out... and there are the old guards, still doing there pure injustice in clear view of everyone, and some even think it is fair... to allow the ncaa to change at their own pace when those who risk life and limb are not allowed to profit from the billions made... shame on us all....!!!

Comment 21 Mar 2015

lol.... so, you say there's a chance... I'll take it... I too know the likely-hood... to me our mantra is... we don't up, we don't give in, and we don't tap out... and we will never fear the wildcats... Buckeye for Life!!

Comment 20 Mar 2015

I came to say just or lose... WE ARE BUCKEYES....FOR LIFE!!!

Comment 19 Mar 2015

wow... funny how the fire Matta chant is silent... I do think he needs help in developing big men, but Thad can coach and recruit... unless Pop in available, I keep him around!!

Comment 17 Mar 2015

so true... Raekwon came in on fire... looking for fight with Grant for the middle, but Grant embraced him, befriended him, and started talking to him about team... Grant gave a halftime speech to the team in which he got so emotional as he said he would do anything for this team and every person on it, that he couldn't talk... by the end of the season... he was a true leader and all the team new it, and that team would have followed The Coach through the gates of hell to fight Lucifer himself, if he had told them to... no questions asked... !!

Comment 17 Mar 2015

Phi, you are spot on... I think Washington might have a dynamic season, and Cornell may be the next big thing... these players are watching a big time competition between three QBs that are all worthy and could all win a Heismen, and realize that competing is what you must do to earn playing time... and at every spot on offense (other then RB ) there is someone pushing the starter for playing time... you sharpen metal with metal... not wood!

Comment 12 Mar 2015

winning a championship is a by-product of doing the right thing... starting the right players, and preparing them, and calling the right plays, are just some of the things that lead to a championship... that thinking is what makes you lose sight of "The Grind"..

Comment 12 Mar 2015

it must be coaching 3 when you know they are all good, and can win, and all wants, and feels they should be the starter.... example... how do you not make Brax a captain, and if you do, do you feel he has to start (I do think the Coach was sending the message when he said that Miller has done everything he has ever asked him, that he will ask him to play another role)... Jones is a NFL caliber QB and can lead us to back to back titles, but in this system Miller may be better, do you still play Jones?... JT saved us last year, but is he ever going to start for us again with the 2 stud QBs that we brought in as freshmen(I don't think so because they both. with a year of practice, may be better them him)... it is those little things that will make this years coaching job harder, and why every coach would love to be here... what a problem to have, but it is a BIG problem!!

Comment 11 Mar 2015

i read that post from you, and your right about upping his coaching game... thats why I think he is sending the staff a message... these players are Buckeyes... like you and I, they have become committed to this school and this program and believe, good or bad, in this Coach... and good and earned leadership on a great team almost makes descension impossible... I think he knows that if this team buys into "The Grind" that the one thing that can hold them back is the coaching decisions ...

Comment 11 Mar 2015

I watch alot of tape on high school players... this kid may not be 40 fast, but he has some of the best instincts I have seen in a high school player in a long time... and I am not sure how big he is, but when he gets there, the play ends... he refuses to be blocked, and is always around the ball... that folks defines a football player!

Comment 11 Mar 2015

I don't think that is a problem much in college ball... these guys go to school together,and they trust each other, and they grow to love their coach, they learn to trust there coach... when you have a three time national championship coach, and you believe in him... what ever Coach says to this team, they will be all in!... to think that there will be a divide on this team is crazy... teams would never question Woody, or any great coach that has proven that their way is a winning way... even the QBs that don't start will love and trust THE COACH... who has it better then us...NO BODY!!!

Comment 10 Mar 2015

lets be honest fellows... we are not the only team out there with a load of talent... The Coach knows that if he can keep the team focused, that it will come down to preparation and coaching... he knows his coaching staff is key(Herman not running Hyde in the BTC Game against MSU may have cost us a NC), so the message was sent, even the coaches are now, at spring practice, are being evaluated... WHO HAS IT BETTER THEN US..... NOBODY!!