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Comment 21 hours ago

I never saw Jim Brown but know that 8 rushing titles in 9 years is badass...

Mike Jordan... 9 str8 scoring titles and 6 rings...

Serena because she was the best 10 years ago and is still the best and we are not sure when this will end... she is about to win the grand slam...

Comment 26 Jul 2015

I don't think what makes a dynasty changes because of a college football playoff. Dynasties are made from championships, two I don't think really gets you there... 3 out of 4 qualifies... 2 out of 3 can starts the question... I think after our run, there will not be questioned... 3/5, maybe 4/6 and if Coach stays it won't stop there... I think we might win 3 straight...

Comment 26 Jul 2015

it is the unselfishness of this that makes you marvel at his love of this program, and that is what Cardale is marveling at. With the chance to start at QB for the best team in college(and don't kid yourself, even Coach wasn't sure), but you love your team enough to know your team might be better with you as a different option... this is a Buckeye through and through... well done... SIR!

Comment 25 Jul 2015

you mean "where bama was"... because we are the big fish right now!... CFB changes quickly and in a two year span one can go from sugar to shit, that is just the thing that makes Coach great. He seems to be able to get his team prepared and very well coached up while really taking pride in being the best recruiter in the freaking world... some people were lucky to see Babe Ruth play, or Ali fight... we may be watching all time greatness.... I don't know... why not us?

Comment 24 Jul 2015

that is all true but it comes down to good QB play. If our QB plays well, we will win. As crazy as it sounds, teams will believe that through our QB is their best chance to win...

Comment 23 Jul 2015

well said!.... this coaching staff is the best I have ever seen. Coach Johnson is a absolute gem. His skill in coaching the DL recruits itself, and even the players who don't ever get to start love him... Coach W. is the best in the business... Coach Ash will be a HC soon... this Urban guy needs a raise because he is a genius.

Comment 23 Jul 2015

Cage will get a lot of play time... he is a beast and will start to contribute sooner rather then later. It is gravy from here and I think we will only get 1 more commit this year. Coach will hold on to a couple of spots... just in case Gary or the like realize whats best...

Comment 22 Jul 2015

I see some of your points on this matter, but to some of us this thing runs to the bone... to some the mere question is offensive. Hating them is a way of life... one day my great great grand kids well ask why do we hate them so, and his dad will say "Because were The Ohio State and they are ttun" This is 1 of the top 5 rivalries in U.S.History... in no order is Ali/Frazier, Bird/Magic, John Adams/Thomas Jefferson, Wile E. Coyote/Roadrunner, OSU/them... and we won't ask them for mercy... AND NONE WILL BE GIVEN TO THEM!

Comment 21 Jul 2015

if life is about making yourself happy... no.. never... you have a life long bond, a family here!... you don't turn your back on that... for what!... you can still become the best you, that is up to you... that is a life decision you can never recover from... do you give all that up on the hope that their name on your degree makes you better then MSU might, or ND, or any number of other schools... if I pass a car with a flat tire, and they have Buckeyes on their car , I see if I can help... ttun... well... this is a way of life not to be taken lightly... WE ARE BUCKEYES!

Comment 13 Jul 2015

this kid should be highlighted for his work ethic... he said he was going to go to work to become the # 1 recruit in the country even though he wasn't in the top 150, and he did all he could to prove it... now comes his senior season and if he has a special season he still could become the #1 player by January... I wouldn't doubt it!

Comment 13 Jul 2015

it is not the difference in the guys, because Coach would take most of those bama guys, or fsu guys... it making sure they know whats best for them and the consequences of their actions... Coach is not going to tolerate bad conduct, so the students learn not to cross a line... the best back in the country made a minor mistake a couple of years ago. Some might have made them run laps, others might have made him sit out the first half of a game... Coach sit him 3 games.... its not the guys... its the Coach!

Comment 11 Jul 2015

if he coaches 10 more years, I think we will win 4 or more titles, establishing him as the greatest coach in this era... he is the G.O.A.T.