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Comment 13 Jul 2016
Asking JT to be a pocket passer is really a unknown. And with the unproven nature of the WRs and the Offense Line concerns me. If Coach wins the Ten this year I think he is National Coach of the Year. We have the talent(like last year) but it takes more, and with such a young team... but I believe... can't wait!
Comment 11 Jul 2016
No knock against Durant, but he is not, and will never be a Duncan. There was a time that Tim carried the Spurs to championships. Going through Shaqs and Kobys and LeBrons. And doing it with the class rarely seen. Maybe a top 10 player of all time.
Comment 11 Jul 2016
Popularity is money(ask Kim K.). If they are saying your name in September on ESPN... can't be bad! Kids know this and maybe we shouldn't begrudge them that opportunity.
Comment 04 Jul 2016
Durant makes them better, much better, don't kid yourselves. You don't replace the 88th top player in the league with a top 4 player and not get better. We must get better too. Fortunately we have the best player in the history of the earth. And he is not finished yet!
Comment 03 Jul 2016
Martell is better then good. I am not saying that he will start next year, but with his early enrollment he well be noticed. I think he wins the QB competition this week. I love Danny Clark.
Comment 30 Jun 2016
No way. Durant is a great player and would make any team better. His mindset is nothing like Carmelo. If GSW got Durant they would be a better team and the clear favorite going into next year. Don't fool yourself. If he replace Barnes they would be ....
Comment 23 Jun 2016
I have seen this team play, and they are all good and coachable. Alot can be said about a team that has played together in hs, and decide to all go to the same university to play. If together, I think they could make a run in the NCAA tournament by their sophomore year... maybe even before because they play well together.