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Comment 11 Feb 2017

Don't get me wrong, PHI. I am just saying that if someone could step up big, that Web doesn't have the job in a headlock. If Wilson prefers a more versatile back!! Your thinking on Parris is a good one, and if McCall is starting at the H... I know the job is Weber's unless JK can block really well!

Comment 07 Feb 2017

I think Pridgeon starts. Price, Jones, maybe even Jordan even though he might get pushed and pushed hard by a freshmen. I do think Myer plays because he enrolled early. I am getting reports that he has gotten better at pass protection very quickly. I was told by a relative who is on the team that Myer is killing it in the gym and at workouts, and is looking like a must play, and every player, including the linemen there can see it already. If he shows up big when they put the pads on, he plays! But he was told that he has to protect JT, and that he must prove that he can. That sent a message that he might have a chance to play with JT... which means this year!

Comment 06 Feb 2017

I think if he was 6'2 or taller he might have been the # 1 recruit in the nation when you look at his accomplishments. He would be a clear cut favorite to move to the back-up starter. He is the most decorated QB out of HS that we have had.

Comment 04 Feb 2017

Penn State have always had a problem with us. They signed up to play us every year when they came into the conference. Such arrogance. I want to crush them all the time. They are my second most disliked team in the conference. You can smell their jealousy from here.