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Comment 21 Nov 2016

If he comes back, he will forever be a Big Ten legend and maybe a college football HOFer. JT knows the opportunity to sat on top of a all-time list is once in a lifetime and maybe more lucrative then the NFL is a reality. Anyone that thinks JT isn't coming back for his senior year and all that goes with that special time just hasn't been paying attention. He loves the college experience. If he comes back, he is setup for life.

Comment 14 Nov 2016

I think Penn State will lose another game. I think MSU will win... maybe that's wishful thinking, but Ohio State will get in regardless if they win out. I just wouldn't want them to start just picking teams without that team playing themselves in by winning their conference. But you can't leave out the #2 rated team. Having said that, if they are going to just start picking the teams some think should be in, we may as well have the BCS.

Comment 07 Nov 2016

For this one game, every time they get the ball it should be so loud that ever television and radio announcer has a problem. The country knows that we love our team but they question our passion... I will be there with my drum, and every time the offense from "that team up north", walks on the field they will have to deal with me. Just doing my part. Class of 97'.... Go Bucks!

Comment 06 Oct 2016

By the end of the season the entire team will take on this attitude. When you have a good offensive line driving your team, and they all buy into a theme, it always rubs off on the team for the better. This may become a rallying call, which leads to unity... this can become special.

Comment 25 Sep 2016

If LSU offers I think he's gone. They are a national power team with national recruiting power in the south, and they can offer big bank and security. It is always about the money.

Comment 07 Aug 2016
I saw John Hanna and Leon Gray. Mike Munchek (not sure of the spelling) and some all time greats. In the pros, for a 3, maybe 4 year period Pace was the best linemen ever. When they talk about St. Louis's offense, it worked because they could give the ball to Faulk behind Pace and score on any given play. Along with the fact that he was impossible to attack in the pass rush until the injuries started. St. Louis seemed unstoppable, and was fun to watch and it started with O.P.P...(Orlando "Pancake" Pace). And in college... he was simply the most dominating single player ever. Eddie winning the Heisman wasn't a big surprise. And even though he only played 3 years, he was 3rd in the Heisman voting as a junior offensive tackle.
Comment 30 Jul 2016
We just put two QBs in the league and neither of them were starting at the end of last year. JT, Collier, and maybe another QB won't be back next year. The top 2 QBS at OSU will get a chance at the next level. Along with possible National Championships and a degree from this prestigious school. They will come because we recruit stating competition and surrounded by talent is what makes you better.