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Comment 29 Oct 2013

Would it be more disrespectful taking a knee on each possession starting in the 3rd qtr and then punting hoping that the other team would catch up? Only to start running the offense when they got within 28 again? Seriously what do you want them to do?

Comment 03 May 2013

I dont always log in to post comments, but when I do, it's to commend people like this for an awesome idea.  These unis look amazing, and like so many above said, I would LOVE to see the gold buckeye leaves under the numbers or a variation of this implemented this year!! What would it take to get this in front of the powers that be?!  Bravo. 


(added bonus points: cant sell the gold stitching to ruin eligibility!!)

Comment 09 Apr 2013

For all those people saying that were rooting for tsun, you have to admit to enjoying the michigan tears!!

Comment 03 Apr 2013

I think Gene Chizik has some spare time and knows what it takes to get recruits to commit...

Comment 20 Mar 2013

Wisconsin must know something we dont in terms of violations that will cripple all that has become Alabama... if not, they better start planting evidence to start the downfall before the 2015 season