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Comment 07 Feb 2014

Good list but I think the exclusion of Jermale Hines was a huge oversight.

I would put him 4th behind Troy, Ginn and Whitner with Marcus Hall 5th - Hines is the prototype for what we now call the 'Star' position and he basically held down that position for a couple of great defenses in 2009 and 2010. Hines was that tweener athlete that basically changed how Tressel defended spread offenses - he was a linebacker with DB speed and he was a sure tackler.

Comment 04 Jun 2013

Maybe. But more than likely, I'll probably land on the idea that the joke is gender normative and comes from a misogynistic place, regardless of whether that is your personal opinion. So telling it in a public setting while representing a major research university would be highly inappropriate.

Comment 04 Jun 2013

I wasn't touting my sticker count as a reference to my own awesomeness. I was simply pointing out how much flack I received for satirizing the stance so many people were taking.


Again, if you understand satire, I don't think my comments were offbase. You may have been put off by the manner in which I presented them.

Comment 04 Jun 2013

That has everything to do with protecting the university brand. Not with caring about the actual words that were said.


Gee could've called everyone "f*cking f*ggots" and the board wouldn't have cared unless it reflected poorly on the image of the university. That's what I'm saying.

Comment 04 Jun 2013

I can see that. And perhaps I did take it too far. I was trying to make a larger point and I was willing to sacrifice a certain amount of credibility to do so. Appreciate your comment.

Comment 04 Jun 2013

I don't agree with that distinction.


I 100% agree with you that Gee did not believe those things to be literally true.


But I would also argue that someone who calls another person a "faggot" does not literally believe that this other person is a homosexual. Same thing with "pussy". Same thing with "bitch".


The simple fact is that Gee, whether joking or not, insulted entire demographics in a casual way without considering that some people might actually take offense OR the possible negative effect on the university. So, to be honest, I don't think it matters whatsoever whether he was joking or not.


If he had called Notre Dame 'faggots' but it was clear he was joking, would that have been acceptable?

Comment 04 Jun 2013

I disagree - I think the exact opposite, actually.


If it was the "PC Police" doing the firing, then they would've done it IMMEDIATELY when it happened since that was the offense they care about.


However, the people managing brand identity and academic positioning ONLY CARE ABOUT what Gee said WHEN it becomes public and begins to affect the brand and university positioning.


Had Gee been fired right away, I would agree with you. The fact that he was fired only when it was made public shows definitively that the BoT didn't care about the comments themselves - they only care about the FALLOUT from the comments, namely the impact on the university.

Comment 04 Jun 2013

Gee's comments are 100% protected speech. He has not been arrested nor have his rights to say such things been infringed upon whatsoever.


The 1st amendment guarantee of free speech has nothing to do with keeping one's job or reputation in the free marketplace. It simply protects an individual from GOVERNMENT interference. Had Gee been arrested and walked out in handcuffs, you would have a case.


The 1st amendment has absolutely nothing to say about what goes on in the free marketplace. It only speaks to the constraint that the government places on itself to not interfere in an individual's right to free speech.

Comment 04 Jun 2013

And I would just add that satire is a fantastic way to bring people face to face with the extreme implications of a position they have chosen to take. It's what The Onion does every single day. Now I'm certainly not claiming to be The Onion, but I certainly tried to employ those principles in the comment that I repeatedly copied and pasted - the point was to show people how excusing Gee's comments as 'just fine' is basically an implicit endorsement of all kinds of different identity insults and nasty -isms and -phobias that we as a society are trying to move beyond.


It's not okay to insult someone by calling them a pussy or a faggot. It's not okay to say Catholics aren't trustworthy. It's not okay to broadly insult people from the south by suggesting they're not educated or smart. It's not okay to say that a woman should be subservient to a man.


By excusing Gee's comments, we risk excusing all of the above. Where do we draw the line?


Having said that, I don't think he should've been fired for them. 

Comment 04 Jun 2013

It's called satire. I was satirizing the fact that so many were excusing Gee for the comments and, in doing so, implying that there was nothing wrong with insulting people for their race, religion, sexuality, geographic locale or educational attainment.


Sometimes the only way satire can take hold is to repeat it loudly and repeatedly until people are forced to confront it. I stand by my comments and the way I chose do proceed.

Comment 04 Jun 2013

Actually, I think this has way less to do with the "PC Police" (which don't exist) and much more to do with those in charge of managing the university's overall brand and positioning in the academic marketplace.

Comment 04 Jun 2013

I went from 245 helmet stickers last week to 98 this week because I had the nerve to repeatedly suggest that Gee's comments were unacceptably inappropriate, insensitive and worthy of censure and discipline.


But this is wrong. On balance, Gee has been the best thing that has happened to Ohio State in many decades. He has brought in untold billions, raised the academic profile of Ohio State to unprecedented levels and fronted the university with a charismatic, quirky personality paired with a brilliant administrative and strategic mind.


Gee's comments should not be excused. But he should've retained his position based on a history of results and overall benefit for the university. This is not a good day for Ohio State - there is no replacement for a guy like Gee. He deeply loves Ohio State and is arguably the best University President in the country.

Comment 31 May 2013

Yeah, all of you are probably right that insulting people for their religion, race, sexuality, education or geographic locality is just fine and not a problem.

There's probably no way for that to be an issue, right? I mean, who would be offended if their religion, race, sexuality, level of education or geographic locality was elevated to the central point of their personhood and then insulted? You're all probably right.


Oh, wait. I'm not a f*cking idiot.