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Comment 27 Jul 2015

"Lee Barfknecht" is an all-timer for sportswriter names.

Comment 21 Jul 2015

A friend of mine is an accomplished Ohio high school football coach. He advises parents to not have their kids play football until about seventh grade. He recommends soccer instead. Reason 1: the poor coaching at the youth football level. Reason 2: he thinks soccer is very good for developing flexibility, endurance, footwork, balance, coordination, etc.

Comment 27 May 2015

Anyone else ever notice the ref on the far sidelines during this play? When he hits the Bama 40-yard-line, the dude is hauling ass. Running with his head turned to watch the play, he stays nearly stride for stride with #4 from Bama. And Zeke beats the zebra by only about 10 yards.