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Comment 11 Dec 2012

Urbz also turned a tight end into a starting right tackle and all but washed the J.B. Shugarts era out of our collective mouths.

Comment 04 Dec 2012

I needed no prompting to come up with the same answers. My response to the final questions was "We don't want Georgia Tech." In related news, we are SO getting Georgia Tech.

Comment 06 Nov 2012

Sure Hyde was open, but Braxton should (and did) read deep-to-shallow. If Smith was covered you check down.

Maybe Ross can weigh in but aside from formation it was the same play Purdue scored on to open the game at Ohio State. Purdue just ran it from I-form whereas Ohio State was in shotgun with two backs. Braxton rolled a little further right than Caleb TerBush did, but both were fakes to the "tailback" with the "fullback" running a wheel route and the QB throwing back to him.

Comment 06 Nov 2012

Caravan and And it Stoned Me are right up there for me, just a half notch behind Into the Mystic.

Comment 06 Nov 2012

McCarron isn't even the best player on Bama's offense, let alone on his team. His name being metioned for Hesiman is a clown show.

Comment 02 Nov 2012

I wonder how often Kitchen Stadium sells out. I'm guessing more often than Purdue.

Comment 26 Oct 2012

Whatever QB you've got when your back is against the wall, how about Devin Smith as your WR? Kid always gets out his Harry Potter invisibility cloak when you really need a play (Wisky, Cal, Purdue), or just flat out burns you (MSU).

Comment 23 Oct 2012

Great as always, Ross. I had a guy in our chat ripping Devin Smith for the lack of connection on the deep ball in the video above, but when he establishes position on the only man to beat it's on the QB to put the ball in a spot where his guy can get to it but the defender can't. The play was there to be made.You hit one or two of those and Purdue has to respect it and can't commit as many people to stopping the run and then it snowballs and you get a lopsided win. Braxton will get there eventually with this coaching staff but we have to expect games like this from a 19-year-old.

Comment 23 Oct 2012

Meh, sue me. I actually liked The Village.

Comment 23 Oct 2012

The best thing about the 2-point play is that it was sort of (unintentional) trolling. Purdue successfully ran a few throwbacks of their own on Saturday, including the opening 83-yard play for a touchdown (although that particular one was a RB wheel route and not to a TE).

Comment 11 Oct 2012

Ross, as usual I live for your football porn. Thanks for all you do and I am truly bummed that somehow I missed meeting you at Eat Too/Drink Too Brutus.

Comment 28 Sep 2012

Man, I hope I move up to the D list someday. Can't wait for Ross Fulton's #footballporn extravaganza. Hope there's a copy of the power point for all of us.

Comment 28 Sep 2012

I am weeping tears of joy to see Buckeye fans who appreciate Yes.


Cue the song "I've Seen All Good People" 


A female OSU fan who knows her Yes? That's hawt.

Comment 25 Sep 2012


Braxton Miller's pass against Wisconsin was not a Hail Mary. A Hail Mary is a desperation heave with zero damns given about the coverage because you're just throwing it up there into the crowd and hoping your guy gets it. Or praying he gets it. (Thus, "Hail Mary.") It generally also takes place on the last play of the game or the last play of the first half. For example, THIS is a Hail Mary involving Russell Wilson's team. The exception to the "end of the game or half" criteria is that 68% of Denard Robinson's deep passes are Hail Marys (desperation heave, no damns given about coverage, much praying involved).

Braxton's play was a scramble and great recognition that his man came open, with almost superhuman awareness of not going beyond the line of scrimmage. He wasn't throwing the pass up for grabs. He was genuinely trying to get it to an open receiver before the coverage closed in. It wasn't the last play, either. Hence, no Hail Mary criteria met.