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I've been a student at OSU since 2012, and a Buckeye for life from Hilliard, OH.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: OSU defeats Purdue in OT in 2012. It was my freshman year at OSU and my oldest brother, an alumnus of OSU, came back and attended the game with me in South stands. Not only was there an exciting finish (Guiton for the win and Urban pumped up before Carmen) but it was at that game where I realized how truly special it is to be a part of buckeye nation. The atmosphere of the game combined with my brother's visible emotion gave me the experience of a lifetime.
  • NFL TEAM: Cleveland Browns
  • NBA TEAM: Cleveland Cavaliers
  • MLB TEAM: Cleveland Indians

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Comment 03 Oct 2015

ND down 1 score with ~9 min left now...not so fast...although either way someone from that game is getting their first loss

Comment 03 Oct 2015

Finger wagging should have been UC, especially how long he did it for.  I mean the guy fully extended his arm and put his finger less than a foot from the ND player's face.  I had no problem with the TD celebrations though.

Comment 16 Jul 2015

Look I love the 'shoe and I love the Buckeyes, but I was just offering my honest opinion on one detail of it.  And I did offer a solution (make it look more like the old facade, updated) on how to improve it.  I accept that some people might not agree, too, but to me, my view of the 'shoe is that this one aspect is lacking, and I think being honest about it is important.

Comment 16 Jul 2015

Other teams with similar or worse weather have somehow managed it, I'm not sure how it's impossible for OSU with their resources to find the right people and tools to do it.

Comment 13 Jul 2015

I can't waste my time by looking 3 inches above the forum topics and check the content that's already been posted, then someone might beat me to posting it first!

Comment 11 Jul 2015

I'm not sure if this is sarcasm or not, but I actually find bread to be a common deciding factor on which restaurants I like better than others.  I feel like a little kid when I do it, but sometimes I eat too much bread and can't finish my entire meal because of it.  That, and it can be so versatile--the building block on which many of the best dishes in the world are created.

Comment 11 Jul 2015

Definitely a childhood hero and a HOFer in my book.  He was the best at what he did (leadoff hitter, base stealer, athletic freak, defender) for about an entire decade.  Overshadowed by the steroid era and the bombers that came out of it.  Nearly every team he played for made the playoffs, I believe he has the record for playoff steals in a career.  Loved that he finished his career with the Tribe in '07 and contributed to arguably the last true "contender" Indians team.  Wish I could've been born just a few years earlier to remember that '95 team though!  He's why #7 is my favorite number.  Use it for just about everything.

Comment 09 Jul 2015

Do a desk pop and you'll feel better.  I promise.

Comment 16 Jun 2015

Obviously the B1G East is made up of more competitive teams so we'd get the more difficult (conference) schedule than them almost by default.  However, it's also convenient for OSU to miss playing Wisconsin or Nebraska during the regular season both last season and the upcoming one.  Minnesota isn't bad by any means but I'd prefer not to play them and Illinois in consecutive years.  Definitely looking forward to next year's 9-game conference schedule with 3 inter-division opponents, which should help prevent these situations.