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I've been a student at OSU since 2012, and a Buckeye for life from Hilliard, OH.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: OSU defeats Purdue in OT in 2012. It was my freshman year at OSU and my oldest brother, an alumnus of OSU, came back and attended the game with me in South stands. Not only was there an exciting finish (Guiton for the win and Urban pumped up before Carmen) but it was at that game where I realized how truly special it is to be a part of buckeye nation. The atmosphere of the game combined with my brother's visible emotion gave me the experience of a lifetime.
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Comment 09 Dec 2014

Come to think of it, since the '02 championship, all of our BCS wins came in white and all of our BCS losses came in scarlet...

EDIT: forgot about that damned fiesta bowl vs Texas when we wore white

EDIT #2: I f---ed up, we wore white against Florida too...damn.  Wish I could just delete the post lol

Comment 03 Dec 2014

He may not be here next year, but this brings up a good point.  The whole "we have too many QB's" "problem" is not only an issue for 2015, but for well into the forseeable future.  Hopefully for the rest of my existence!

Comment 03 Dec 2014

Same thing *ichigan did with Devin Gardner.  Get that talent and athleticism on the field!  Let's just hope he turns out a little better if we do that though...

Comment 02 Dec 2014

I'm trying to keep my head on straight and trust the committee in their promises that 1) They create the rankings from scratch each week and 2) They will value conference championships highly. IF they are telling the truth, FSU, OSU and Baylor should all jump TCU with wins this week.

However, with all the moves mentioned in other comments to protect TCU/weaken our SOS/move 2-loss teams into better positions, I'm convinced they were made by the committee as a cop-out so they wouldn't have to deal with making a decision on a J.T.-less OSU should Cardale lead us to victory on Saturday.

Comment 30 Nov 2014

I do believe in the thought of the quarterback being a distributor in this offense, with the multitude of weapons we have.  I also remember that Cardale and J.T. were neck and neck up to the week before the season started. However,  a few things that J.T. had to work through to get to the point where he's at and what Cardale needs to develop quickly for a successful game: adjusting to game-speed, improving pocket presence, going through progressions, and making the right read on option plays.

I do think Cardale is more confident as a runner than J.T. was at the beginning, or at least the coaching staff is more sure of his abilities.  That development was key to the development of our offense, as it opened up the use of option plays and establishing the QB as a running threat on every play.  It'll be interesting to see what happens, but I'm cautiously optimistic for Cardale and our offense.

Comment 26 Nov 2014

Michigan belongs on a pedestal. Without the Wolverines, Buckeye football as you know it is unrecognizable. Michigan is that important.

This is exactly why Hoke needs to go and they need to stop losing other games so often.  Of course watching the fire burn is fun, but at a certain point it needs to be put out before it burns us.

Comment 11 Nov 2014

I know this may be controversial to say here, but I'm gonna put it out there: Minnesota being 25, while I agree with and like it, seems to be fishy.  Why would the committee put a 2-loss B1G team in its top 25 when no other poll (AP/USA Today) has them in theirs?  The selection committee seems to not be so high on the B1G in the first place, I'd think that'd be extra hurtful for a school who lost to Illinois of all teams.  I can only think of 2 reasons why this happened:

1.  Somehow the B1G got some leverage in there from ESPN or whoever so they could market a top 25 matchup this weekend.

2.  They want to sell their ranking of TCU even further, although I believe regardless of Minny being ranked it is spot-on and completely justified.

Just my two cents.

Comment 06 Nov 2014

Campus Parc is the worst.  They give a ridiculous amount of tickets to people who are legally parked.

Comment 29 Oct 2014

Exactly, the BCS did exactly what it was intended to, pit 1 vs. 2 in a head to head championship.  In general, the national consensus on the number 1 and number 2 teams was agreed upon (apart from the fanbases of the 3 and 4 teams).  Only twice did this really run into problems, when undefeated Auburn was left out of the championship and when Bama and LSU played each other in the championship.  Even then, it was pretty well agreed upon who the best two teams in the nation were before the game.  

What the playoff voting system does to this is...pretty much nothing.  We are still here arguing about bias and who should be ranked where, because we always will have different opinions.  There will always be teams that complain that they didn't get the chance they deserved because of bias or whatever, whether it's 2 teams in one game, a 4 team playoff, an 8 team playoff or a 120 team playoff.  You can argue that now it's more-so decided on the field, but the thought that this committee and it's ranking system is somehow better, smarter and more fair than the BCS rankings is simply naive.  

Comment 11 Oct 2014

That's what I thought.  Technically that guy was offsides even though his feet were behind the line, his head and torso were over, but idk if I'm calling that...but as long as he called it right away I'm fine with it.  On the other hand, it doesn't necessarily disprove any bias since he COULD have predetermined to throw the flag knowing if *ichigan recovered they could just decline the penalty and keep the ball.

Comment 11 Oct 2014

What has FSU done to stop that from happening?  From this season alone, Miss St. looks better.  Maybe A&M isn't as good as its ranking but Auburn may have been.  FSU barely beat Okie St and a now-unranked Clemson.  Say what you will about SEC bias and I'll probably agree with most of it, but from what I've seen this year so far Miss St being #1 seems appropriate.

Comment 11 Oct 2014

So did I hear the Bama/Arkansas commentators saying that this is proof of how deep the SEC West is because a winless-in-the-SEC Arkansas was playing one of the "top" teams so close?  I think they're confusing Arkansas playing up to Bama and Bama playing down to Arkansas.  That was a terrible game.  But they'll say it was just two tough SEC teams beating up on each other, I'm sure.