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Comment 30 Aug 2014

Not a Jameis fan at all, but it looked like someone tried to throw a punch and the bench tried to pull a UM and surround him.

Comment 19 Aug 2014

The thing about a lot of my science (and math) courses was that the best written books were often some of the older texts. I bought some books that had been written before I was born (1989), as a companion to the books we used in class for like $10-15.

A lot of Dover books were cheaply made and had very little style, but had good substance and provided me with better understanding of the material than the newer texts.

I know online reviews are an inexact science, but some of my textbooks averaged about 2 stars on amazon, whereas most of the Dover texts averaged above 4 stars. Some of that was probably due to low expectations due to the low price, but still, it was a bargain for my purposes and helped me greatly as a poor college student.

Comment 17 Aug 2014

Agreed. They're just trying to get everyone in as quickly as possible. My buddy used a red Discover card as an ID just in case, they didn't even spare it a glance.

Another option is to just get one student ID, then pass it back through the gates to your friends (there won't be anyone paying enough attention to care).

Comment 17 Aug 2014

I don't mean to sound like any of the tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorists, but has anyone noticed ESPN's ticker?

(6) Auburn faces 7 ranked teams, most of any team in poll. (5) Ohio State faces one ranked team, fewest of any team in poll.


Comment 16 Apr 2014

Couldn't agree more with everything that has been said.

As others have mentioned, I'm okay with paying a premium amount to see Ohio State play a marquee match up at night.  I expect to do so.

I don't want to shell out an arm and a leg for a glorified practice.  I've been deprived of Ohio State football for months, but for that price, I'll watch it at home.

Comment 09 Apr 2014

I would love to see 106000, but as mentioned above, the renovations will damage the chances for record figures.

When we got almost 96000, there was a ton of hype surrounding TP and whether or not he'd improved through Spring and the weather was unseasonably warm.  While it should be nice on Saturday (very nice for April in Cbus), it won't be as warm and sunny as it was then.  Tickets were cheaper then as well (I thought they were like $5, but I was a student at the time and passed my ID through the gates to my non-OSU student friends).  I just don't see us reaching 96000 again for a long time.

Comment 05 Dec 2013

I respect the hell out of Missouri and what they have accomplished this season.  Their players and fans have a unique perspective on the SEC, considering they're a recent addition and how terribly their first year went. 

No one really expected much from them this season, but they went out and are in contention for a BCS bowl.  I would love to see them beat Auburn, as it would kind of be the ultimate insult to the SEC.

Comment 11 Nov 2013

Best of luck to the kid in the future.  Gary, IN is a tough place to grow up, so I'm glad to see he's committed to getting out of there and pursuing an education, even if it's not with us.

Comment 04 Nov 2013

Not from the South, but have spent a lot of time there (and am related to both a 'Bubba' and a 'Bo' thanks to my wife).

There are some rational people there, but it almost seems like the rational ones avoid going out in public so you only see the stereotypical ridiculousness when visiting.

Comment 28 Oct 2013

I've taken a few psych courses (didn't major or minor in it, just fulfilled a few General Ed requirements) and from what I can tell, tactical motivational research might be covered for a lecture or two in a Social Psych class or something, but it's not likely to really be examined in depth until the graduate level.

Since Urban Meyer's undergrad degree was in Psych, he probably covered a range of Psych topics a mile wide and an inch deep.  He might know more about motivation than most of us, but most of it probably would be from his years of coaching experience more than his undergrad degree.


Comment 14 Oct 2013

It seems like their skill positions are full of Braxtons and Dontres.  I don't like the idea of our secondary having to face that.  The only comforting thought is that we would have time to prepare.

Comment 09 Oct 2013

At least it got a lot of media coverage, even if most of it was sympathetic toward Manziel and highly critical of the NCAA.

Seriously though, we have pundits left and right throwing jabs at the NCAA for not letting schools pay the players and criticizing the rule book because these schools are getting caught breaking the rules.

The media LOVED watching Ohio State get hog tied to the back of an NCAA pick up truck and dragged through the mud.  Every single day there was new "Breaking News" on Tatgate and some jackass 'expert' predicting Ohio State would get a 'lack of institutional control.'  I felt like they used a teaser for EVERY commercial break featuring the latest on Tressel and the Tat 5.

Now, ESPN's darling, Alabama, is facing what should be serious allegations, and no one at ESPN seems to care.

It's not necessarily that the allegations aren't serious, it's that it is not in ESPN's best interest to cover the allegations.  If they cover these potential infractions and the public opinion DEMANDS that the NCAA drop some kind of hammer on Alabama, then the SEC brand which ESPN is supporting via the SEC network is damaged and less valuable.  

ESPN isn't necessarily evil, but they're damn manipulative and they know exactly how to use their power effectively.


Comment 09 Oct 2013

This is definitely a more interesting read than another media shill complaining that we haven't played anyone.

Why is it that lesser allegations at other programs provoke national outrage, weeping and wailing while multiple instances of documented proof at Alabama generate little more than a collective yawn?

And I thought we were some of the only ones who felt that way...

If you’re the fan of any team in the SEC, you should be concerned. If you’re a fan of Ohio State, Southern Cal, Miami, Oklahoma State, North Carolina, Texas A&M or Penn State you should be outraged.

Well, except for these guys...

We could compare the media and NCAA evisceration of Ohio State and former coach Jim Tressel for a couple of hundred dollars worth of player tattoos to the deafening silence far more egregious accusations at Alabama have received, but we will leave it to Buckeye fans to draw those parallels.

Been drawing those parallels for awhile now.  It still comes out to a 'we kinda got screwed.'

We’ve watched fans of USC, OSU and other programs suffer the same. Those storms were fanned by public outrage (real or imagined).

Here there is fire. Actual roaring, blazing flame. And it’s being ignored.

Hopefully, not anymore.


Comment 23 Sep 2013

I think it could work, so I answered yes, but I don't want to see it.  I love Kenny G.  Love the guy.  I think I'm one of his biggest fans and when he took over for Braxton against Purdue last year I was talking my friends away from the ledge.

With all of that said, I would like to keep him in his reserve role.  Braxton is our starting quarterback.  Braxton Miller is a game changer at all times on the field. 

If Braxton goes down again, he might not be able to come back by the end of the season.  We'll need Kenny to step up in that case and add to his growing legend.

Comment 21 Sep 2013

Agreed.  Wisconsin would be a much more realistic test of Kenny's abilities.  Perhaps we'll see him in the Wisconsin game, perhaps we won't.  I'm very pleased with the results thus far and I have more confidence in this team than I thought I would.

Comment 21 Sep 2013

I think I am most surprised by Mitchell's redshirt, but I can understand it.  It will benefit him to get a year in the system and have a lot of eligibility if Shazier leaves early.

Isn't it kind of awesome to be able to redshirt guys who could very well start on other teams?

Comment 10 Sep 2013

From what I've gathered on Evans, he seems to be of the same mold as Mike Bianchi and Matt Hayes.  He likes to troll Oklahoma State and Texas every now and then.

Their journalistic research is similar to what came out about Urban last year when certain Florida flunkie players called our Urban Meyer and his staff for showing favoritism to the star players (as if that would NEVER happen).

SI also mentioned that most allegations were denied by the players in question, which is to be expected as well.  Basically it's just one man's word against another in what appears to me to be a smear campaign against Oklahoma State.

Some of the allegations are things I'm sure happen at just about every program to one degree or another.  I do like that Les Miles' name is attached to some things, but I doubt anything will happen to him.

Altogether, the Ohio State fan in me is just glad that we're not the OSU in the news right now, but I feel kind of sorry for the other OSU crowd and the NCAA attention.