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Comment 11 Mar 2015

I hate when Fed Ex puts a note on the door saying they can't deliver my package without a signature and will make another attempt tomorrow at the same time. I'm at work at that time, as was indicated on the slip you left yesterday and now on the slip today too. Now I get to go to Fed Ex and pick up my package. 

I realize my issue is relatively minor and easily solved.

Comment 02 Jan 2015

Respect to Hoss. Hoss is a passionate fan. I get that. I've taken some shots at our opponents before (usually among friends and not on a public youtube video filmed in my basement).

So again, respect to Hoss. We'd be happy to see you guys again next year.

Comment 01 Dec 2014

It might also be possible that they don't know what to say at this point. I had typed about 5 comments/messages regarding Kosta's situation and deleted them as I didn't really know what to say and didn't want to screw it up.

I feel that if the coaches make a big statement on this without the facts and/or approval from the family it would come back and look bad.

I feel that if the coaches were to make this into a "Win it for Kosta" and turn this into a rallying cry, it would be insensitive and inappropriate.

I feel if coaches start saying "I wish I had done more/should have done more/could have done more" the university could be facing a lawsuit where people assume the university was negligent.

Basically, keeping quiet on this and letting the facts come out should be key for now. If you don't have anything good to put into a press release, don't do one.

Comment 01 Dec 2014

If Cardale can spread the field and make accurate passes, then that might work. If not, we're in for a long day.

Comment 01 Dec 2014

Wisconsin has a good defense, but I worry that if our offense is stifled on the first few drives, we'll go conservative and become predictable (therefore making our usually powerful offense appear very average).

We need to use just about everything we have to win this one. We probably have the advantage regarding playing in space and using speed, but Wisconsin's defense is smart, well coached, and usually in the right position to prevent most teams from breaking big plays.

Comment 01 Dec 2014

This. Wisconsin just beats you by pounding the ball. They don't care if they're down 14, they'll still run it on you with the occasional pass just to set up the run. I just don't think 'forcing' Wisconsin to pass is a great strategy because they've all but abandoned the pass since the LSU game.

Other teams get their big plays through the air, Wisconsin just runs it until they break one (which happens frequently enough to beat most teams). They have a good line and are great at running on teams inside, outside, and every way in between.

I'm confident against Wisconsin, but to claim that we will hold Melvin Gordon to under 100 is bold. I hope we do, but Melvin Gordon has me worried.

Comment 01 Dec 2014

As good as this team is, I feel like we have the potential to be even better next year. We can talk about it at length during the off-season (enjoy the ride), but there will be a ton of returning talent in most positions and a pretty favorable schedule.

Comment 01 Dec 2014

Great set of comments today. 11W is a community that extends beyond sports. 11W is a family of Buckeyes who are mourning the loss of one of their own.

Comment 29 Nov 2014

I remember there was an article after that Bama fan killed another Bama fan for not being more upset after the Iron Bowl last year and half of the comments were "Roll Tide!"

Some people took offense to that and called out the Bama fans, resulting in insults and name calling and bragging about Saban and national titles as if that was more important than a human life. Football success is really all these people have. Their state is terrible by most measurements.

Comment 29 Nov 2014

I disagree about burning the redshirt. If it's the difference between winning and advancing to the playoffs or running our H-back in the wildcat and limiting our offense, I'd burn the shirt.

Of course, none of this will matter, as Cardale is built like a bulletproof rhinoceros.

Comment 29 Nov 2014

Relying too much on QB runs? Possibly. It's a shame that this happened, but would we have gotten this far without the QB runs or the threat of the QB runs? I can't answer for sure, but I'm guessing no.

Comment 15 Nov 2014

I'm sorry to hear it. Get well soon, Man. 

Comment 15 Nov 2014

I don't disagree with anything that has been said on this thread...from either side.

Comment 11 Nov 2014

Primarily, the atmosphere of 3:30 and 8:00 kickoffs is superior to that of the noon kickoffs.  At noon, it almost appears as if the fans are asleep in their seats.  We were historically loud for USC in 2009 and Nebraska in 2012 (both night games).  The anticipation for the game builds all day on Saturday and by 8:00, the fans are more than ready to support the team. Watching noon games on television often feels underwhelming because the crowd just is not as enthusiastic as they are in the late afternoons and evenings.

All of our favorite instant classic games recently started at 3:30 or 8:00.  The noon starts always blend together, but I clearly remember 2009 against the USC, 2009 against Iowa in overtime, 2010's 2nd half comeback win against Pennsylvania State, 2011's last minute win against Wisconsin, 2012's offensive explosion against Nebraska, and the decimation of Penn State in 2013. The best game against Michigan in recent memory also happened to be the only one that did not kickoff at noon.

While you may argue that these moments are special because they are rare, I believe we could produce even more special moments with more opportunities to create them by playing games later in the day.

As for another argument against playing later games, are we really going to follow the argument that it is too cold in November to have night games?  The NFL does it into January and no one complains that it is too cold.  High Schools have night games well into November for playoff games and you never hear a complaint from the fans about the cold.  Those things make Midwest football what it is, Green bay, Chicago, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, the cold, the drama, the buildup.

While fan safety should always be a priority, I believe the city of Columbus and the fine police officers patrolling the streets do a marvelous job of keeping fans safe and comfortable during later kickoffs.

Urban Meyer himself addressed the issue of recruiting, and I feel it cannot be stressed enough. Night or late afternoon games are the best (and sometimes the only) times for four or five star recruits to visit the campus.  Meyer made a great point that many recruits are traveling with their own money and played a high school game the previous Friday.  It presents a problem of expanding the Ohio State brand to a national audience if a significant portion of that audience is unable to even watch your team play.  Give Ohio State the chance to recruit these players and bring them for visits.  Show them the best product we can put on the field by giving them access to a night game in the Horseshoe.

For the fans attending the game, the tailgating experience is infinitely better for later games.  It simply feels strange to grill hot dogs, hamburgers, bratwursts, ribs, and other tailgating foods beginning at 8 am.  Such foods are much more comfortable on the palate at noon or afterward.  The local establishments are able to serve to a larger crowd for longer, and therefore increase their revenue as well.

The athletic department has even essentially admitted that night games are more valuable, as evidenced by the ticket price increases for evening games against prime match ups.  Our fans will continue to support the Ohio State football team, and I expect fans will gladly pay the increased price to see the team play in the finest stadium in the country in the greatest atmosphere.  Essentially, we have a huge alumni and fan base spending astronomical amounts of money and we would love to see the athletic department fight on our behalf to schedule later kickoffs.

The TV networks will always have a significant amount of power in dictating who plays when, but Ohio State is the premier brand in the Midwest and I feel that the Big Ten Network and ESPN would rather Ohio State play more games at later start times to increase viewership. Last year Ohio State played Michigan at noon in what turned out to be a classic while a bad Northwestern team played a worse Illinois team at 3:30. I understand the competition for time slots, but I believe Ohio State-Michigan is a premier draw and will draw increased attention at any later time slot, regardless of whether Alabama is playing at the same time. If we have some degree of influence in this situation, then we must use it to maximize our fan experience and competitive advantage. Prime-time match ups increase television exposure and increased exposure is good for Ohio State.

With that being said, I'm a fan of tradition as well. I understand doing things as they have been done for the sake of pageantry. Honoring traditions is something that sets Ohio State apart from some of the newer powers. Wayne Woodrow Hayes would be rolling over in his grave at the thought of playing Michigan at any time other than noon. I apologize for that. But I'm not arguing that we should abandon the old traditions for any of the reasons I listed above, I merely feel that we can build upon the traditions and add to them as times change and the national audience evolves.

Comment 10 Nov 2014
  1. 3:30 pm
  2. 8:00 pm
  3. 12:00 pm

I love tradition in most cases, but I also can't help myself, I love night games even more. I just hate waiting all day for the game to start. I feel that 3:30 would be an adequate compromise in this case. Recruits tend to prefer later starts as well.

Comment 10 Nov 2014

I've got a party of 8 going as well, purchased the tickets back in August. Staying at a hotel about 6 miles away, right off the highway. Shouldn't be too bad.

I'm sure it'll be a very pro-Buckeye crowd. The B1G West is still in flux at this point, so OSU fans are probably scooping up everything available right now.

Comment 09 Nov 2014

I can't wait to participate in the invasion of Indianapolis with tens of thousands of like minded fans.

Were there any dedicated OSU bars or restaurants last year? Places to see during the day of the game?

Comment 09 Nov 2014

I bought 8 tickets in early August from Ticketmaster. They're all over most of the usual resale sites as well as fans of teams who aren't going to make it attempt to dump off their tickets. You shouldn't have too much trouble.