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Comment 24 May 2015

the more than made up for it when we didn't cover against Navy, VaTech, and PSU.

Season opener, big non-conference game, and prime time game where the underdogs covered, Vegas makes nice money on those. Probably made a good deal on Minnesota too.

Comment 24 May 2015

How bout Ben Roethlisberger? (though we didn't offer him)

Ricky Stanzi??? (I think Boeckman is underappreciated, but Stanzi would have been a RS FR or a true soph in 2007, and probably a little bit of an upgrade from Boeckman... may have been the litle extra boost we needed to beat LSU for the title... once again though, we didnt offer him).

Fred davis (TE.... USC and Redskins and Patriots)

Brian Hoyer (didn't offer him... but would have been a RS JR or true senior in '07... better than Boeckman = natty)

Greg Jones... don't think we offered him either, but he was as good and consistent a LB as the B1G has seen for a long time.

Mario Manningham

Kurtis Drummond

Comment 24 May 2015

Ben Martin... his production at Tennessee wasn't as stellar as it could have been due to multiple significant injuries (ruptured both achilles in consecutive seasons), but I believe that's because he was rushed onto the field before he was even close to being ready for it (saw significant time as true frosh).

If he'd have come to OSU, he likely would have redshirted, as we were pretty deep at dline. Would have likely been more physically ready for the position. Maybe his entire career would have been different (that, and the fact that he played under three different head coaches/staffs in five years at Tennessee).

Just my personal opinion. I remember watching Ben Martin in high school. The first time I ever saw high school film of Jadeveon Clowney, my first thought was "He looks as dominant as Ben Martin". That's how good Ben was. I compared Jadeveon Clowney to Ben Martin, not the other way around (note that Ben's best recruiting tapes were from his soph and junior years. His school's idiotic coach switched him to linebacker his senior year... a dumb f*cking move... and yet he retained his status as a 5* DE, despite not playing DE his senior year). You always wonder what could have been. And the homer in me would like to think that if he'd have come to OSU, he wouldn't have been rushed onto the field like he was at Tennessee. And perhaps then he stays healthy and becomes the star we knew he could be.

Comment 24 Mar 2015

From the man who investigated Tressel, Tim Nevius:

"He was always very professional, and I think one of the misperceptions was that, and when people look back and talk about the case, they still make an error and say that Coach Tressel lied to the NCAA, and that is not accurate."

Comment 28 Oct 2014

Probably just as loud, if not louder. Because the LSU "earthquake" is a myth that has been debunked.

I've been all around the country for some big time games, and Beaver Stadium is far and away the loudest I've been to. Haven't been to LSU yet, but hoping to go soon. Also, it's been awhile since they've been in a position to host big night games while being in contention, but Iowa and Wisconsin used to get really loud, and I think they will again very soon.

Comment 11 Sep 2014

Also odd how Meyer has given us two of the best offenses in school history

And two of the worst defenses in school history.

Comment 11 Sep 2014

Shhhh! You're hurting the narrative!

Look, I'm very glad we have someone like Urban Meyer as our coach. But if I were Jim Tressel - or some of those players - I would take offense every time Meyer insinuates that "the cupboard was bare".

It especially irritates me because we're supposed to have been getting all these playmakers, and yet Devin Smith (Tressel recruit) is still his #1 receiver. And the only QBs he has had that have looked competent have been Braxton and Kenny G.

Tressel recruits are the reason he started 24-0. His recruits are the reason we struggled against Navy and lost to VaTech. Those are facts.

Comment 11 Sep 2014

2008? The same offensive line that blocked their way to 192.5 rushing yards per game (24th nationally? The same one that racked up 203 yards against the 3rd ranked rushing defense int he country (Texas)?

I've heard this argument before and it stinks. Todd Boeckman held onto the ball too long.

Comment 11 Sep 2014

If you coach somewhere long enough, losses like that are going to happen. That's his only loss against a team with a losing record in his last 9 seasons. When you turn the ball over 5 times - including twice inside your own 20 - and when a kicker goes out of his mind and connects 4/5 on field goals (including a 49 and 55 yarder!), upsets happen.

Comment 11 Sep 2014

That NC State team had the 4th overall pick in the NFL draft at QB. They were 3rd in passing offense and 8th in scoring offense. They needed a furious 17 point 4th quarter comeback to force overtime. We held them to 291 total yards, and 13 rushing yards in regulation. They were going for broke and made some plays and forced OT. No shame in winning a game ugly like that. Especially when the other team has arguably the top QB in the country.

Comment 11 Sep 2014

2005, at the end of the year, was his best team. If Troy Smith isn't suspended, and gets all the first team reps before the bowl game in '04 and heading into '05, that team would have destroyed anybody. I don't think anybody was playing better at the end of 2005 than Ohio State.

I also think 2010 was a very complete team. We were a bad first quarter in Camp Randall away from running the table. 2010 was statistically his most prolific offense, and a the defense was top five in every conceivable category.

Comment 11 Sep 2014

I think it's absurd to say that Ohio State had already peaked under Tressel.

In 2010, Jim Tressel put together his most complete team. It was his best offense (20th nationally in total offense at 448.6 ypg, 11th in scoring offense at 38.8 ppg). And that defense? Top 5 in every defensive category (5th in scoring d, 3rd in rushing d, 4th in pass efficiency d, 4th in total d).

We were a bad first quarter in Camp Randall away from running the table. And yes, we would have beaten Auburn.

To say OSU had already peaked under Tress is absurd. You could actually make a better argument that Florida had already peaked under Meyer. His 2010 team was 8-5.

I'm not saying "Fire Meyer! Bring back Tress!". But I don't think it's fair to say Ohio State had peaked under Tressel and was going to head into decline. Had TatGate not happened, that 2011 team would have been favored in every regular season game.

I like Urban's intensity and the talent he is bringing in. My only knock on him is that he needs to stop being married to the spread and become more multiple on offense. There's nothing innovative about his offensive system anymore. Everyone has caught up. I would like to see an offense more like the 49ers and Seahawks run, or like we had Pryor's junior year. Being multiple on offense is the name of the game these days: a pro-style base with the ability and personnel to give spread and option looks. I've felt that way for awhile, as I thought Hyde and Braxton bailed us out many times in the past two years, and it was only a matter of time before we started struggling on offense like 2010 Florida.

Comment 08 Sep 2014

Yup. Kansas State was an offensive juggernaut... 17th in total offense, 6th in rushing offense, 9th in scoring offense.

Dantonio and company held a team that was averaging 239 rushing yards per game and 5.1 yards per carry to just 84 yards on 32 carries (2.6 ypc). KSU needed two desperation TDs in the 4th to make it look closer than it was.

That 2003 defense may have shut out this 2014 offense.

Also, Jenkins and Holmes would have torched our secondary.

2003 OSU 34, 2014 OSU 10 would be my final score prediction.

Comment 07 Aug 2014

It's a confession thread... why are you people giving him downvotes?

I think Urban sucks against Michigan

Never really thought about it, but when you back to that bowl game as well, you have a point.

I loved watching Michigan last year... Because they were soooo bad

That was great. Especially the Penn State game.

Pryor was overrated at QB, but a good overall player nonetheless

I think he is rated right where he should be. A limited, but effective passer his last season, who did a solid job of taking care of the ball. And the best pure athlete to ever play under center for OSU.

Coach Hoke is so soft and adorable

Seems like a likeable dude. The kind you could sit at a bar and BS with for hours about anything. He's fun to make fun of though.

Noon games at the Shoe are embarrassingly quiet

10000000000 times this. Way too quiet for noon games.

Devin Smith is a mediocre receiver, very overrated

Agreed. For how explosive he was as a track athlete (10.5ish 100M, 24 foot long jumper), he has yet to translate that onto the field.

Vonn Bell should have started after CB went down


Coombs is nothing but a cheerleader and recruiter. Not an Ohio State caliber coach

I agree. Not an elite X's and O's guy, even going back to his years as a high school coach, when he would routinely lose to GCL coaches despite having WAYYYYYY more talent on his team. That said, his rah-rah spirit is infectious, and I think he's worth keeping around on the sidelines and as a recruiter for that reason.

We'll have a top 5 defense and top 10 offense this year

Not sold on the defense yet, but I do believe we have top 5 potential. The offense should absolutely be Top 10.

The new uniforms are getting old

Yes. I hate the new uniform crap.

Shazier is one of my all time favorite Buckeyes

Despite how high he was drafted, I don't think he ever got the accolades he truly deserved. He was a stud.

Passing game sucks under Herman

I wouldn't say it "sucks", but I definitely think it has been underwhelming and lacking in timely plays. We rack up big yards against crappy opponents, but rarely get big plays out of the passing game when it's needed. Even the clutch TD pass at the end of the first half against Wiscy was on a broken play. When I think of clutch passing game, I think of Krenzel (Holy Buckeye, and 4th and long in OT of the title game), Troy Smith to Gonzales at Michigan (hell that entire 88 yard drive), his long pass to Holmes to seal the Fiesta Bowl against ND, his Heisman moment against PSU when we really needed a play, his 4 TDs against Michigan, Todd Boeckman's fade to Pryor in the Fiesta Bowl, Pryor to Posey in the Rose Bowl, Pryor against Iowa, Pryor to Posey and Sanzenbacher in the Sugar Bowl. Clutch passes in clutch situation when we needed them, and many of them on obvious passing downs. I don't see enough of the clutch passing when we need it, especially not on obvious passing downs. Under Herman, Braxton has only been in a few situations where we NEEDED clutch passes in close games (Michigan State 2012, Purdue 2012, Michigan 2013, Michigan State 2013, and Clemson). In only one of those games did he make the clutch pass (MSU 2012). He was ineffective against Purdue. Only 1-3 for 22 yards in the second half against Michigan this year (if they only let him throw 3 times, then that is a serious issue). Terrible against MSU. And very ineffective when it matter against Clemson. Some of that is on Braxton, but it still starts and ends with Herman, because sometimes the routes just aren't there and Braxton is forced to scramble. I think this problem has been masked by the fact that we've been winning, but it is a serious problem in my opinion.

Comment 06 Aug 2014

Not a fan of Braxton's development - or lack thereof - as a passer. Kenny Guiton clearly read defenses better, made quicker decisions, and made more consistently accurate throws (especially on those throws 15+ yards downfield). I'll never understand why Meyer didn't give Kenny a fair shot at starting. Yes, Braxton is a better athlete and dynamic playmaker, but go back and look at how many of those plays he made were on broken plays. Scrambles against Iowa, TD pass at the end of the half against Wisconsin, long run against MSU, just to name a few. All plays that were broken because of Braxton holding onto the ball too long or not making a proper read. With Guiton, you didn't get that, because plays were rarely broken; he usually made the quick - and correct - decision of what to do with the ball.

I love watching Braxton "The Athlete" take over games and turn out highlights. But his development as a passer leaves a lot to be desired. He's not even on Chris Leak's level yet, and Leak isn't nearly as talented as Miller.

Comment 06 Aug 2014

No... I've watched that game three times. Anything close was a flag against Sparty - they didn't get away with anything - and four of the five flags were absolute bullshit and were all on third or 4th down and set up ND's only points. Sparty got hosed just about as bad as Wisconsin got hosed out at ASU. Two of the calls could have been offensive pass interference (one of them absolutely should have been).