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Comment 07 Aug 2014

It's a confession thread... why are you people giving him downvotes?

I think Urban sucks against Michigan

Never really thought about it, but when you back to that bowl game as well, you have a point.

I loved watching Michigan last year... Because they were soooo bad

That was great. Especially the Penn State game.

Pryor was overrated at QB, but a good overall player nonetheless

I think he is rated right where he should be. A limited, but effective passer his last season, who did a solid job of taking care of the ball. And the best pure athlete to ever play under center for OSU.

Coach Hoke is so soft and adorable

Seems like a likeable dude. The kind you could sit at a bar and BS with for hours about anything. He's fun to make fun of though.

Noon games at the Shoe are embarrassingly quiet

10000000000 times this. Way too quiet for noon games.

Devin Smith is a mediocre receiver, very overrated

Agreed. For how explosive he was as a track athlete (10.5ish 100M, 24 foot long jumper), he has yet to translate that onto the field.

Vonn Bell should have started after CB went down


Coombs is nothing but a cheerleader and recruiter. Not an Ohio State caliber coach

I agree. Not an elite X's and O's guy, even going back to his years as a high school coach, when he would routinely lose to GCL coaches despite having WAYYYYYY more talent on his team. That said, his rah-rah spirit is infectious, and I think he's worth keeping around on the sidelines and as a recruiter for that reason.

We'll have a top 5 defense and top 10 offense this year

Not sold on the defense yet, but I do believe we have top 5 potential. The offense should absolutely be Top 10.

The new uniforms are getting old

Yes. I hate the new uniform crap.

Shazier is one of my all time favorite Buckeyes

Despite how high he was drafted, I don't think he ever got the accolades he truly deserved. He was a stud.

Passing game sucks under Herman

I wouldn't say it "sucks", but I definitely think it has been underwhelming and lacking in timely plays. We rack up big yards against crappy opponents, but rarely get big plays out of the passing game when it's needed. Even the clutch TD pass at the end of the first half against Wiscy was on a broken play. When I think of clutch passing game, I think of Krenzel (Holy Buckeye, and 4th and long in OT of the title game), Troy Smith to Gonzales at Michigan (hell that entire 88 yard drive), his long pass to Holmes to seal the Fiesta Bowl against ND, his Heisman moment against PSU when we really needed a play, his 4 TDs against Michigan, Todd Boeckman's fade to Pryor in the Fiesta Bowl, Pryor to Posey in the Rose Bowl, Pryor against Iowa, Pryor to Posey and Sanzenbacher in the Sugar Bowl. Clutch passes in clutch situation when we needed them, and many of them on obvious passing downs. I don't see enough of the clutch passing when we need it, especially not on obvious passing downs. Under Herman, Braxton has only been in a few situations where we NEEDED clutch passes in close games (Michigan State 2012, Purdue 2012, Michigan 2013, Michigan State 2013, and Clemson). In only one of those games did he make the clutch pass (MSU 2012). He was ineffective against Purdue. Only 1-3 for 22 yards in the second half against Michigan this year (if they only let him throw 3 times, then that is a serious issue). Terrible against MSU. And very ineffective when it matter against Clemson. Some of that is on Braxton, but it still starts and ends with Herman, because sometimes the routes just aren't there and Braxton is forced to scramble. I think this problem has been masked by the fact that we've been winning, but it is a serious problem in my opinion.

Comment 06 Aug 2014

Not a fan of Braxton's development - or lack thereof - as a passer. Kenny Guiton clearly read defenses better, made quicker decisions, and made more consistently accurate throws (especially on those throws 15+ yards downfield). I'll never understand why Meyer didn't give Kenny a fair shot at starting. Yes, Braxton is a better athlete and dynamic playmaker, but go back and look at how many of those plays he made were on broken plays. Scrambles against Iowa, TD pass at the end of the half against Wisconsin, long run against MSU, just to name a few. All plays that were broken because of Braxton holding onto the ball too long or not making a proper read. With Guiton, you didn't get that, because plays were rarely broken; he usually made the quick - and correct - decision of what to do with the ball.

I love watching Braxton "The Athlete" take over games and turn out highlights. But his development as a passer leaves a lot to be desired. He's not even on Chris Leak's level yet, and Leak isn't nearly as talented as Miller.

Comment 06 Aug 2014

No... I've watched that game three times. Anything close was a flag against Sparty - they didn't get away with anything - and four of the five flags were absolute bullshit and were all on third or 4th down and set up ND's only points. Sparty got hosed just about as bad as Wisconsin got hosed out at ASU. Two of the calls could have been offensive pass interference (one of them absolutely should have been).

Comment 24 Jul 2014

Like I've said for awhile, two things scare the hell out of me about this game: 1. Gunner Kiel is a QB with a cannon that can stretch the field, and that will cause problems if our secondary has not made significant improvement.... and 2. Tuberville is a defensive-minded coach that is familiar with Meyer's offense and has succeeded in shutting it down - twice.

Obviously, we have a huge advantage in talent, and much more experience at QB. I think the Bearcats keep it close heading into the 4th, and then we pull away to win 38-27. But I think we could very easily be a special teams play and key turnover away from an upset. Need to minimize the mistakes, pound the ball if we get up by a lot early, and get out with a win. Because if we lose to Cincinnati, everything changes. EVERYTHING.

Comment 18 Jul 2014

I'm glad I'm not the only one that noticed that about Roby, and I completely agree with you. I distinctly remember this play. Roby is just wandering around, looks almost completely out of position from the beginning, looks lackadaisical, and then reacts late to the play, takes a shitty angle, and makes a half-hearted tackle attempt.

Comment 07 Jul 2014

Actually, Meyer's track record with recruiting QBs isn't so good.

He didn't recruit Josh Harris, Alex Smith, Chris Leak, Kenny Guiton, or Braxton Miller... all of those guys were already on the roster when he got to those respective schools. He did recruit Tebow, but the guy grew up in Florida's backyard and he grew up worshipping Danny Wuerfell.

Meyer recruited highly rated guys like John Brantley and Jeff Driskel, both of whom are/were just downright awful.

Granted, that is a very small sample, but of Meyer's best years at BG, Utah, and Florida, and now Ohio State, the vast majority came with QBs he did not recruit, while of the biggest three QBs he did recruit (Tebow, Brantley, Driskel), one had enormous success, and the other two were arguably the worst starting QBs on a major conference team. With Barrett, the verdict is still out, but spring game did not look good.

All that being said, I trust we'll be just fine with whomever replaces Braxton, as they're going to have more weapons than Braxton ever did, as well as an elite defense to fall back on. They wont be asked to do too much.

Comment 25 Jun 2014

You guys do know that the "Why PSU will beat OSU" article isn't exactly 100% serious, right? I mean, he pretty much all but admits it's not going to happen, but if it were to happen, "these might be some of the reasons why". That's pretty much what he was saying.

Comment 24 Jun 2014

DJ Byrnes, 27, of Marion, passed away tragically this week. A hero to Buckeye nation, DJ selflessly pulled a toddler from a burning vehicle on US-23, and once removed from danger, DJ went back to the car for the toddler's favorite Brutus doll. It was at that moment that a group of Wolverine insurgents drove a car full of explosives towards DJ. While DJ was able to escape the brunt of the explosion, the flames ignited a roaming meth lab, a danger which DJ could not escape. His last words were "I go to Woody and Warren now. I am at peace. Fuck Michigan". He is survived by his family, the city of Marion, and three million Buckeye fans. In keeping with DJ's legacy as a Marionaire philanthropist, the family asks that - in lieu of flowers - donations be made to Eat Too Brutus.

Comment 20 Jun 2014

Let's see... here are some of DJ's opinions:

- Does not like the bowl system and would rather have a 16-team playoff (I personally love the bowl games.. great travel experience)

- Wants to flat-out pay players ( personally think the answer lies in the middle somewhere, possibly an increased stipend)

- Does not care about maintaining traditional rivalries (hence his willingness to leave the B1G)

- does not like the spring game

Tell me, DJ, what is about college football that you do like? You obviously don't care as much about many of the things that make the college game great (traditional rivalries, bowl games, the many players that play for love of the game instead of a contract, kids choosing one school over another because of pride instead of bag men).  If you just like football, then by all means watch the NFL. Stop trying to change the sport I and so many others love, because many of us do love it deeply because of it's unique tradition and the way it connects the past with the present and brings generations together.


Comment 20 Jun 2014

Hell yes I'm nervous. Because of two people: Tommy Tuberville and Gunner Kiel.

Tuberville is an extremely accomplished coach who knows his X's and O's. He's 4-3 against Saban and 2-0 against Meyer, the only coach to have a winning record against both coaches in that span. In 2003, when Saban won the national title at LSU, his only loss came to Tuberville. In 2006 when Meyer one is first title, his only loss came to Tuberville. Clearly, the guy can coach.

Gunner Kiel has yet to prove anything. However, he has the tools to absolutely burn our secondary. He's got a cannon for an arm and is very accurate. They also have a veteran offensive line in front of him, with possibly one of the most under-rated left tackles in the country to protect his blindside.

They have a coach that is familiar with Meyer and how to stop his offense (Tebow, Harvin, and Co. could only manage 17 points against Tuberville). And a QB with the potential to give us nightmares, especially if we're too aggressive in our new system.

I think we win. But I think they give us a serious scare.

Comment 17 Jun 2014

Well, EIU was pretty damn good last year also. Every bit as good as NIU. In fact they went up 20-0 quickly when they played NIU, but the Huskies came back and when 43-39. Their QB went in the second round to the Patriots.

But, he was a big reason why they were good. And while EIU is sure to regress this year, Minnesota figures to keep getting better.

As for the other FCS games, I think all but one are locks.

Comment 12 May 2014

Troy Smith had, and still has, a f*cking rifle with a nice, tight spiral on the ball. Johnny Manziel does not zip the football nearly as fast and tight as Troy Smith did/does. Anyone with a pair of eyeballs knows this.

Comment 08 May 2014

This sounds like the reaction M*chigan fans and other fanbases had after Tressel won the title in 2002.

Everyone outside Columbus thought 2002 was a fluke. Well, it wasn't. They all thought we'd "come back to the fold" with the rest of the Big Ten. Instead, we separated from the pack considerably.

Dantonio is building his team the same way. And while they may not win 12-13 games each year, I certainly believe they will be a perennial 10-win team that is in the Big Ten hunt every year until the last week or two.

And you brought up the playcalling, and how that game would have been different this year. Well, look at it this way: if the refs wouldn't have prematurely blown a play dead in 2012 (a fumble that almost undoubtedly would have been returned for a defensive score), we'd have been riding a 3 game losing streak to Sparty.

Comment 08 May 2014

Yeah, if Urban wins 2-3 NC's in the next ten years, I wonder if your thinking would change.  I'm with you, and understand where you are coming from.  But we are "what have you done for me lately" kind of creatures.

Well, maybe you're thinking would change. But mine wouldn't. To me, there's more to life than just winning football games. Things like this made me immensely proud to have Jim Tressel representing my alma mater:

Comment 16 Apr 2014


Everything you have said is consistent with what I've been told by people "in the know" (which includes some directly involved with TatGate). Message me if you ever want to compare notes. Tressel is a great man who did not deserve his fate. Keep fighting the good fight.

Comment 15 Apr 2014

Bucked Up:

May I recommend something? Write her an email/facebook message apologizing to her and tell her that if she wants to chat, you're available. I'm very interested as to why OTL is back in Cbus. Don't burn bridges. The media is a powerful ally to have on our side. You could use this as an opportunity to shine a positive light on the fanbase and the university.

Comment 15 Apr 2014

Exactly. Given how positively Tress was portrayed in Youngstown Boys, and the positive reception that documentary had, I'd imagine OTL would be interested in some sort of follow up piece, specifically one that may shed a more positive light on Tressel, since beating him while he's down and already out of coaching wouldn't really be noteworthy.

Comment 15 Apr 2014

That could also be true. But "unruly fans" doesn't seem like something an "investigative journalist" would be interested in. Maybe they're running out of stories to run (hint to OTL: Go South, young reporters).

Comment 15 Apr 2014

I find this story intriguing in that OTL is obviously back in Columbus investigating something. You should have been kinder to her. Maybe she's back in Columbus to get the whole story on TatGate, a story that i believe would ultimately vindicate Tressel.

I would be surprised if she was just fishing for information on more violations. Urbz is a former ESPiN employee and the people there seem to have liked working with him, so I doubt they'd go fishing to bring his program down unless they really had something (which they obviously don't, or else she wouldn't have been showing up at your door. She probably would have had more solids leads).

I do wonder why the OTL people are back in Cbus. If anybody hears anything, please share.