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Comment 29 Aug 2013

Thanks for another excellent piece, Ross. This one was particularly easy to understand for someone like me who isn't as familiar with football terminology.

Comment 22 Jul 2013

I think given the information that has been shared, the conclusions havent been that outrageous.

...which is why everyone should wait for vetted information rather than reports. Too many people can't wait to share their [often uninformed or misinformed] opinions, particularly on the internet. Whoa, boy, especially on the internet. We should all know better by now but time and again the jump to conclusions mats make their premature appearance, which is why they're so damn well worn out.

I hope he didn't, but if Hyde assaulted a woman, being off the football team should be the least of his problems, but we've not gotten that far yet. He hasn't even been charged. At this point, we literally know next to nothing. For now, she's not even a "victim." She's not a victim unless and until he's convicted; for now, she's a complainant. The video could be great for Hyde, awful for him, or somewhere in-between. It's just tiring that every fucking time someone is alleged to have done something so many sanctimonious know-it-alls come out of the woodwork. Just let shit play out before crucifying the accused.

Comment 06 Apr 2013

That's awesome. Well done, Nebraska.

Comment 26 Mar 2013

Congratulations, Alex, and best of luck. You'll be missed round these parts.

Comment 13 Mar 2013

I love this website but threads like this one bring out so much stupid. Perhaps that's just the nature of the internet, but too many people can't wait to pull out their Jump to Conclusions mats and start spouting off about shit they know absolutely nothing about - from the facts to what the laws are. Charges haven't even been filed. Calm down. It'd be nice if everyone could stop assuming the best or the worst about the young men or the young woman involved and just wait for things to play out.

Comment 02 Jan 2013

I'm sure this will be fleshed out, but for the life of me, I can't see an argument that actually holds any water that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has standing in such a lawsuit. We'll see.

Comment 19 Dec 2012

Wikipedia lists this guy as "the head football coach in waiting at the University of Wisconsin" so, you know, done deal: it's on the internet. When do we get to start hating him as much as Bielema?

Comment 01 Dec 2012

They couldn't qualify this year despite a 12-0 record in Urban Meyer's inaugural season because the university opted for a one-year bowl ban as part of its self-inflicted NCAA punishment. (emphasis added).

Um, no. What an idiot. Basic facts are not his forte.