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  • SPORTS MOMENT: #1 vs. #2--in '06. Killer Game. Mike Hart's tears were better than any drink i had that day...
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Comment 01 Aug 2014

I know those fillets from a mile away! Those are definitely from The Andersons market, House of Meats butcher shop. They're only $5 apiece! Yeah, it's not FDA Prime but I'll be damned if the House of Meats isn't the best product at the best price point around. I've grilled up hundreds if not thousands of those delectable cuts in my time and it never fails some guest always asks where I got them!  The Andersons. If you don't know you do now, so go check it out! 

Comment 01 Dec 2013

This version of The Game, much like the '06 version, was a celebration of football. Even though, I had to go home and shower three times to get the hotdog water smell off. 

Comment 01 Dec 2013

Oh how I wish you could hear the sports talk radio in Ann Arbor after the game!  Lulz all around, especially the scUM fans that blamed the loss on other scUM fans that sold their tickets to Buckeyes!  Loved it. 

Comment 30 Nov 2013

The defense was soft today. But don't discredit the day Gardner had. He was like 70% completion rate for nearly 500. They drew up an all or nothing plan and executed it flawlessly. Career day for Devin Gardner, and the best part is, they still lost!! Lulz

Comment 28 Nov 2013

The Cooper years were the sole reason for my disdain of that educational institution and the reason that my confidence wanes as we get closer to The Game. There's no doubt that we are the better team on paper, as we were in so many years past, now let's go prove it on the field Boys!!! Win this one for the fans, the great state of Ohio, your own pair of gold pants, but most importantly, do it for your team mates, yourself and the Senior class! They are the ones that have shown and proven the resiliency of our beloved program! Send them out on top! 


Comment 27 Nov 2013

Good work Ross and Ace.  I gotta say, as much as i despise that school, the weekly sessions with Johnny and now this post with Ross are pretty cool. Probably because I'm on the good and wholesome side of the fence!  


Comment 12 Nov 2013

I, for one, kind of like it.  He just reiterating the belief he has in himself and his team.  He even prefaced it with "I'm a little biased but..." I mean c'mon! You dont' think FSU or 'Bama players are saying the same thing? I'll take all the attention the media can give us. We're on the outside looking in right now, having other people thinking about what Evan Spencer said is way better than having them think about their (read: FSU & Bama) next opponent. I also think it was perfect timing. Now lets just go blow a hole through the earths crust in champaign, illinois. 

Comment 01 Nov 2013

I'm still giddy as a school boy about our D line.  Not only the players themselves but the depth Meyer and Co. have built in just two recruiting classes is incredible.  Jamal Marcus is a mini Bosa, the kid is unstopable on the outside and has great moves to boot.  

IMO, look for many, many more stunts and twists. Nice mix of power and finesse to get to the QB. With our speed on the ends i just don't think there's an O line (in the B1G) that can stop our D line.