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Comment 29 Jan 2012
When that yabba dabba do look alike gets run out of town tSUN fans are gonna look back at how pretentious and ridiculous they sounded calling Ohio State "Ohio"
Comment 09 Oct 2011
I don't think I have ever been more angy over an Ohio state loss in my life. As soon as brax got hurt I had a bad feeling. So the game is slipping away and I'm pissed but then I see a tweet that guiton was warming up with like 2mins to play and no chance to get in and I just went nuclear. Really Luke, you think that was the proper time to make a qb change? I know that he didn't ask for this and he answered the call but man, how over his head is the guy. I would say that bauserman jerseys will be burning in Columbus but no one who wear that bums number Just so very angy
Comment 02 Sep 2011
Cant really argue any of that...they absolutely should have known better. Saturday can't get here soon enough.
Comment 02 Sep 2011
I'm not gonna beat these kids up if it was just some gift bag at a charity event. The NCAA needs to really take a look at some of their rules and better define what a improper benefit it because this really seems ridiclous.