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Comment 20 Sep 2014

SEC bagmen must have stuffed some cash in the refs pocket, that wasn't roughing the passer.

Comment 29 Jan 2014

Time to blow up whatever they have drawn up.  Try different lineups, try different styles, try something new.  Between Scott missing the bunny putback and Craft not getting the shot off at the end of OT, just frustrating all together to watch.

Comment 11 Nov 2013

All of the fans are sick and tired of the media talking down about the Buckeyes.  I am sure the players are even more sick of it.  Good for Evan.  I hope he and the rest of the Bucks get their chance to take it out on one of these teams.

Comment 24 Oct 2013

Would love to see Bama lose, just don't see it at home against the Vols.  I think Texas Tech, Oregon, and Missouri are in for close games, with hopefully at least 1 out of the 3 going down.

Comment 22 Oct 2013

Sad but not surprising to hear Williams being stripped and losing the ball.  Was hoping he would have worked on his strength and keeping the ball up higher during the offseason.  Need him to figure it out this year for this team to have a consistent threat down in the paint.

Comment 19 Oct 2013

Outstanding drive!  Took time off the clock, wore Iowa down and gave the defense some rest.  Braxton's sideline throws have been impressive today.

Comment 19 Oct 2013

Agreed.  If you were taking a drink each time they have said it, you wouldn't have made it to the second half.

Comment 19 Oct 2013

You would think that poking the Saban bear would be something to avoid when your team has done nothing this season.  Bert being Bert.