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Comment 25 Jul 2014

A very unfortunate by-product of smart phone technology, the ability to record video and audio at any given time, and often discreetly without the knowledge of the subjected party.

If this trend continues, everyone will have to pull a Jeter, and ask folks to leave their electronics at the door.

Hopefully at some point in the near future, society will refrain from listening or watching these unethical recordings, regardless of how juicy the content may be.  And then suddenly, media outlets will no longer be willing to pay 6 figures for them.

The only backlash from this story should be directed at the cowardly douche who recorded it, and the paper who was willing to publish it.

Comment 18 Jun 2014

- I haven't been able to forgive Braxton Miller for overthrowing a wide open Devier Posey in the 2011 edition of The Game.  That would have been the go-ahead TD.  I think he's overrated and has underachieved in his development as a passer - his throwing motion sucks and he can't put touch on the ball.

- I'm tired of seeing athletes play quarterback here.  I don't think we've seen a true passer since Troy Smith was here.

- I think we've whiffed on our last two, maybe three QB commits.  JT was highly rated, but the last two have been complete blind sides and it feels like we're settling.  

- Luke Fickell should have been fired after his 2011 season.  I understand that it was a difficult position, but he looked like a deer in headlights on the sidelines that year, and totally shit the bed. 

- I don't understand the fascination with Tom Herman.  I think he consistently out thinks himself, and am still waiting for the dynamic offense that we all thought we'd see when he was hired.  What ever happened to the diamond formation?  HAND THE BALL TO GUAP ON 4-1.

- I hated Ohio State sports until I decided to attend school there and heard the fight song played in St John's arena for the first time during Freshman orientation.

- I'd be completely happy if if all of Ohio North of Columbus was annexed by Canada.  

AHHHHHH, I feel so much better....

Comment 25 May 2014

Stoneburner was never the leading receiver while he was in Columbus.  His best year in terms of total catches was 2010, where he had 21 for 222 receiving yards.  Posey, Sanzenbacher, Spencer, and Philly Brown led the team in receiving during his time at OSU.

PSU will have Jesse James, Kyle Carter, and Adam Brenneman, all of which have 2+ years of eligibility left, assuming they stay through their Senior years.  Granted, PSU frequently runs a 2 TE set, which helps his chances, but regardless, they are loaded for a few more years.

After Heuerman graduates this year, Gesicki would have had  a great shot at playing himself into the 2 deep, or even taking the starting position.  I can't see how you can look at that situation and argue that he would have had a better chance of playing at PSU than he would have here.


Comment 24 May 2014

OSU just hasn't been able to really get the TE involved in our passing game the last few years.  Herman and Meyer continue to talk about it being a marquee position, and the desire to really get that position more involved in the offense, but it just hasn't manifested itself onto the field.  Whether that is on Braxton's inability to make the correct read or make the right throw, playcalling, etc., who knows? 

The fact is, most NFL teams are drafting and playing dynamic and athletic TE's who cause matchup nightmares at the next level.  While Meyer had that while he was at UF, we certainly haven't seen that type of player at OSU, and I think that, coupled with the fact that we're shooting for the stars with our TE recruits, is causing the drought of TE commits.

The fact that Gesicki (sorry to bring up the past) chose to go to PSU last year, which is absolutely loaded with depth at TE, versus coming to OSU where he could have competed for a starting spot in his Sophomore year was telling to me.

Comment 26 Apr 2014

I'm not sure, it probably depends on the relative worth of that $50M to your organization.  

My guess is that your company has done studies and has determined that the wage they are paying you is competitive within your field.  Essentially, paying you tour market value.

If you wereto double your annual revenue, I'd assume you would ask to be paid similarly to someone who manages $100M, no?

Studies have recently been done to determine the market values of a collegiate football player at a major school, and it's a bit more than the value of a full academic scholarship.

As far as compensating for over performance in collegiate athletics, who knows how to deal with that?  I think we are a few reforms away from getting to that level of detail.  

Comment 25 Apr 2014

Two excellent points here Bucksfan. 

1 - Liquidity of payments.  The value of a college degree is only as valuable as the person that it is given to.  Not all student athletes are mentally capable of taking full advantage of their academic opportunities, potentially greatly devaluing this benefit.  

2 - Medical risk.  There can be gaps in medical insurance that can expose students and their families to major medical liabilities due to injuries sustained while competing in NCAA sanctioned athletic events.  There isn't a coverage standard across all Universities.

Lastly, take a step back and really think about the true cost that a University incurs by providing an athletic scholarship.  The majority of the expense, coming in the form of tuition, is a fixed cost, and an opportunity cost to schools.  Assuming that a student athlete isn't taking the seat in a classroom or lecture hall from a paying student, then the university incurs no additional expenses here.  I could go on to room and board, meals, etc., but that would just validate the point further.  The ROI on revenue generating sports for major universities is through the roof.

Comment 25 Apr 2014

This is about being fairly compensated for services rendered.  Athletes who participate in revenue generating sports provide a skill set that generates billions of dollars in revenue.  And yes, they do receive compensation in the form of a full ride, but they are also surrounded by folks who are making money hand over fist, while they are the ones who have the real skin in the game.  Gene Smith sits in his Ivory tower cashing bonus checks for championships that were won on the backs of student athletes.   

Your logic is ridiculously flawed.  You're basically saying that these athletes should be happy with their compensation just because the majority of people would be happy with it.  Based on your logic, should Urban Meyers salary be capped at $250k/year just because MOST people would be over the moon with that salary?  NO, the market dictates that he is worth much more than that based on his unique skill set and the services that he provides, so he capitalizes on it.

I get that you are salty after flipping the bill to put two kids through college, but let's not pretend that these student athletes won a lottery and are now complaining about the prize. Ohio State gets more value out of these athletes (in revenue generating sports), than these athletes get from the University.

Comment 20 Apr 2014

Completely agree, the rumors and emotional investment that adults make in recruiting is astonishing to me.  I think we are on the same page Citrus, and agree with where you are coming from, just think it was a bit misguided given the innocent intent of my post.

Same team Citrus, same team! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday night!


Comment 20 Apr 2014

Yikes, take things literally much Citrus?  

I get that you are trying to moderate this forum, but think your efforts would be better suited by trying to make an example of a more worth post.  I made a lighthearted post in jest.  It was not meant to be taken as a literal allegation.  I thought  that was obvious in the nature of my post, but apparently I need to make a better effort to highlight sarcasm moving forward.

I also think it's incredibly ironic that the post that I initially responded to that said "$$$$<-----That's Why" has 5 upvotes.  The SEC has a history of shady recruiting practices, and it was just recently documented in an SB Nation story.  The fact that one our recruits flipped not long after that story came out was ironic to me, and I was attempting to make light of such.  Whenever I get a chance to poke fun at the SEC, and in particular the scumbags at Auburn, then you can take it to the bank that I'm going to do it.

Comment 19 Apr 2014

Obviously it's more than conceivable that he made this decision for legitimate reasons, in fact, it's probably the likely outcome.  I was partly being sarcastic, but given the timing of his flip in relationship to the SB Nation article highlighting the exploits of the SEC "Bag Man", who knows.

All of the points you make above are valid, but he also made a decision to commit to tOSU despite those points.  Something made him change his mind, what, only he knows.

After he committed to tOSU, he did say in response to being asked if he would still look around, "No Sir, there will be no other visits.  I will be trying to get my teammates to come with me, though."  Seemed pretty enamored with tOSU when he committed.  

GIven the incredibly sketchy recruiting practices of the SEC, and specifically Auburn, I wouldn't rule anything out.  

But who knows, maybe he took a look at our depth chart at Safety, watched the 58-3 Auburn spring game, and figured he'd start as a freshman there.  My comment was meant more as a pot shot at the incredibly shady recruiting practices within the SEC, than Edwards' recruitment specifically.  His de-commitment was just the vehicle that allowed me to make light of that.

Comment 15 Apr 2014

I don't think that a college degree is necessarily beneficial for particular fields.  I know plenty of folks who went to OSU, accumulated a lot of debt, majored in a non-specialized field, and then couldn't find a job when they graduated, and ended up working in various retail stores.  Alongside them are plenty of folks who didn't go to college, and didn't incur debt, and hold the exact same job.  So, where is the value in that degree?  

I also work with folks in my industry  who hold degrees from Ivy League and other private schools, and incurred 2-3x the debt that I did.  We both have the same jobs, same career outlooks, and make the same amount of money.  It just cos them twice as much to get there.  It's hard for them to argue with me that their degree was worth the additional cost to them.

My point here is that value is relative in this instance, and not all degrees are created the same and hold the same value.  In addition, not all students are mentally capable of attaining a more mentally advanced degree.  So, where is the value to a kid who got a free education, but ended up in a field that didn't require one in the first place?  He got a free education, but it holds no value because he wouldn't have gone to college if it weren't for sports in the first place.  You can't assume all kids are mentally capable of taking the full advantage of an academic scholarship.  They want to see the cash, and would probably get much more benefit out of that.

I'd be interested to see a study of graduates who were given an athletic scholarship in a revenue generating sport, and look at the spread and frequency of majors, and how much those students really benefited from getting a college degree.  We can agree to disagree here, it really just depends on how much emphasis you put on a a college education, and how much you can cultivate a kids mind.

Comment 15 Apr 2014

I think the NCAA could have bought itself some time if it had loosened up the rules on players profiting specifically on items generated by their own individual likeness.  For example, allowing players to sell game worn jerseys, autographs, etc.  This doesn't lead to additional cost to the universities, impact other non-revenue generating sports, and it allows players to capture fair-market value for their items, i.e., Braxton is going to get more for an autograph than Pat Elflein would.  Instead, we are faced with the O'Bannon suit, and I can't seem to see an outcome from that which doesn't drastically change the dynamics of the landscape as we know it.

I understand that these players get the luxury of a free college degree, but how beneficial is that to them?  How many of these kids would have been accepted to OSU or another B1G university without athletics?  They come in, focus on athletics, get a vanilla cake degree, then graduate and what can they do with that degree?  Some of you will argue that they are given the opportunity to do with it whatever they like, but let's be honest, some of these guys don't have the mental horsepower to become doctors, etc.  Just like I was never able to run a 4.4 40-yard dash.  To them, getting that diploma makes them marginally more marketable once they graduate, but not enough that they see the benefit in having it versus graduating with lump sum of money.

It's an interesting debate, and nobody has the perfect answer, but regardless, the dynamics of college athletics will be vastly different in the near future.

Comment 28 Mar 2014

Touche B1G dump, I was inspired to look this up after your call out, and it appears you are in fact correct.  Although, I had been told this was the reasoning that UT did not have sorority houses with living quarters on campus by locals.  Apparently it is quite the popular myth.

I will stand by my opinion that UT is one of the most poorly designed universities that I've visited.  The fact that the new sorority village is in BUFU agrees with this.  Quite surprising that the campus is so unbecoming given that Knoxville in general is a very pretty city otherwise.


Comment 28 Mar 2014

I recently moved away from Knoxville after living there for two years, and working downtown.  I drove through campus frequently, and have to admit, I was extremely disappointed with their campus.  It's extremely old and outdated, and it's as if they just dropped buildings anywhere they could fit them, it all just feels very disorganized.  They actually just build new sorority houses, which they had to put in BUFU for lack of room.  I also think that TN had laws in place that said that a certain number of women living in the same house essentially qualified it as a brothel.  Gotta love the South.  In addition, the nightlife is pretty lame, especially in comparison to Columbus.  Vonn Bell's brother would have had a miserable time...

II also didn't find their to be much of a difference from southern Ohio.  Fall lasts a bit longer, spring is a bit earlier, but overall you're talking maybe 10 degrees.  The only real benefit is the snow, or rather lack there of.

I've moved frequently for work, and have visited many college campuses while on my journey, and certainly agree that most fan bases think their school/city is the best.  Having experienced a lot of college environments, I've become pretty unbiased, and must say that TN falls at the very bottom of my list.  No idea what would draw a big time recruit there.  I will say though, their fans are loyal.  They've been stuck in mediocrity for a long time, but are still very passionate about their football there.

Comment 21 Mar 2014

It was easy to be tough on Craft this year, but after yesterday's loss, and some time to reflect on it, I look at his season in a different light.

I put a lot of this season, and it's downfall, on Coach Matta.  We missed on some key players the last few recruiting cycles, and were in a situation this year where we were simply asking #4 to do things he just wasn't intended to do as a basketball player, it's as simple as that.  And, I'm not ripping Thad, he's done an unbelievable job with this program, we just had a down year this year compared to what our expectations have become under him.

If you want proof, just look at his annual stats over his four year career.  He has been pretty consistent, if not slightly improved over his career here.  Craft this year is the same player everyone raved about the prior three years, we just didn't expect him to be someone he wasn't as a basketball player before then.  Think about what this team would have looked like if Tank had stayed.  Would the people ripping Craft now be saying those same things?  Is that Crafts fault, did he suddenly deteriorate as a player this year?  No, we just didn't have the right pieces to complement his game this year.

He was the epitome of a student athlete, a great kid on and off the court, and was a fantastic representative of this University.  Not to mention a fantastic basketball player who led this University to some great results in the tourney, including hitting a game winner last year.  I don't understand how anyone could possibly be happy to see #4 leave this year.  I for one and sure going to miss seeing him represent the Scarlet and Grey on the hardwood.

Comment 07 Mar 2014

A lot of improvement with his reads, both in the read option and in the passing game.  I really think that Braxton's injury could be a blessing in disguise.  It gives him the opportunity to sit back and just focus on the mental part of the game, and observe the offense from the outside looking in.  This could really help his mental game grow leaps and bounds this off-season.

Better touch on his throws.  He really struggled with this the last few years, especially with intermediate throws and swing passes out of the backfield.  Can't be throwing lazers to our RB's.

A lot of short throws and WR screens.  We finally have the athletes in our offense that really fit Meyers system.  A big part of Braxton's role this year will simply be getting the ball to these guys and then letting them do their thing.  I thing with guys like Dixon, Wilson, Samuel, Marshall, who are explosive in open space, Braxton's passing yards may be really inflated due to those guys breaking long runs.


Comment 14 Feb 2014

OK - So this will be my last response, because debating with someone who so blatantly ignores facts is a futile effort.

Again, UC was NEVER scheduled for the 2013 season.  The game for 2012 was pushed to 2018, and we scheduled UCF to take their place.

Vandy cancelled and San Diego St was scheduled to take their place, not FAMU.  See the link to the facts below.

It's funny you mentioning that we won't have to play a 1-11 and 5-7 team with Rutgers and Maryland entering the conference.  Maryland, since 2013, has gone 7-6, 4-8, 2-10, 9-4, and 2-10 respectively, with losing in-conference records every year, with the exception of one, when they went 5-3.  Rutgers has been marginally better, since 2013 going 6-7, 9-4, 9-4, 4-8, and 9-4 respectively, but had losing in-conference records for 3 of those 5 years.  So, you're living in a fantasy land if you expect our SoS to drastically improve by adding these schools to our schedules every year.

My original point was that we need to schedule better OOC opponents to make up for a very sub-standard B1G as of late.  Rutgers and MD were referenced to prove that we are adding teams to our schedule who will not do a whole lot to improve our SoS perception.  For proof of that, see records mentioned above.

We should not be scheduling MAC schools, period.  The fact that NIU has performed well is primarily due to the fact that they play in the MAC, and had an outlier at the QB position the past few years.  So let's not pretend like they are a powerhouse school.  They are 0-2 in their past two bowl games, losing to Utah St last year, and getting romped by FSU the year before.

I omitted VT, OU, Navy, because they are quality schools who will improve our natinoal perception, and we need to be scheduling more of them.  Schools LIKE UC, in addition to one marquee school live we done in the past, in Texas, USC, or Miami.  Also, I mention adding mid-level major conference programs like NC State or Pitt in ADDITION to UC, not instead of them. Hence, the money staying in state comment still holds true.

And yes, my goal was to bring up the pathetic OOC schedule we have played recently, and I am tired of it.  Playing schools like Buffalo and FAMU, who I remind you were not alternates on our schedule, is ridiculous, and should never happen.  It's not exciting to watch, and does nothing to add value to our program.  I'm also tired of doing schools a "favor" by paying them millions of dollars to play us, when they do nothing to add to the value of our brand, like YSU and Hawaii.

You can think I'm a tool and that's fine, but unlike you, my logic is based on fact.  If you want to pay >$100 for a ticket to go watch OSU put 76 on a team like FAMU, and are happy with that, be my guest.  I'm personally tired of Gene Smiths approach here, and feel like at some point it's going to bite us in the rear.




Comment 13 Feb 2014

Ohio St fans may not like to refer to TSUN by it's school name, but we certainly don't call it the name of another University.  To me, this is disrespectful to Ohio University, and just unbelievably ironic considering that they actually lost to OU in the NCAA's a few years ago.  You would have thought that it would have deterred them from referring to us as "Ohio" moving forward, but they must have blocked that loss out from their memory banks.

I wanted us to win so badly the other night, and then for the crowd to start a, "say my name bitch" chant.

Beilein needs to stop being such a whiny bitch and focus on winning games and his program.  When he stops the pettiness of calling us "Ohio" maybe we will stop showing him videos to remind him that we are actually not in-fact Ohio.

Comment 13 Feb 2014

Actually, I didn't know that, because it's not even close to being factually accurate.

OSU was scheduled to play UC in 2012, however this game was postponed, and was rescheduled to 2018, due to possible scheduling conflicts associated with conference expansion, supposedly from the side of UC.  With that in mind, Ohio State went ahead and scheduled UCF.

When Vandy cancelled our series, we scheduled San Diego State, not FAMU.  FAMU was supposedly scheduled becuase one of the major draws was a showdown between their band and TBDBITL.  In an ironic twist, the FAMU band was suspended due to a recent hazing death, and didn't even make the trip.

See above in terms of NIU.  Also note the year that NIU went to their BCS game they defeated 1 ranked team the entire year, which was #18 Kent St. in the MAC championships.  I would also argue that NIU would not have made a BCS bowl had it not been for the "Non-AQ qualifier" rule that the BCS adopted in the latter years of its existence.

Why was Maryland and Rutgers brought up?  Becuase  their inclusion in the B1G doesn't seemingly help out our strength of schedule issues at all.  In fact, this decision was primarily a strategic business decision to increase our footprint on the East Coast, specifically the NYC market, in hopes of boosting TV revenue.  Adding a quality football program that would boost the overall strength of the conference in the short term seemed to primarily be an afterthought.  In addition, the B1G will be going to a 9 game conference schedule as a result of their inclusion.  What does that mean?  It means that it's even more important for tOSU to schedule solid OOC opponents to make up for a weak B1G conference slate.  Do other conferences schedule cupcake teams, yes, absolutely, but they also don't have a ton of cupcakes teams to navigate through within their conference schedules.

Key Takeaways from this post:  1 - Curious George 27 likes to make up facts and talk about them out of the wrong side of his body.  2 - UC is exactly the type of team tOSU should be scheduling in OOC games.  In addition, the money we pay schools for these games stays witin state.  SDSU, FAMU, W. Michigan should not be on our schedule.  Teams like UC, NC State, Pitt, etc. are the types of teams that should be showing up on our OOC.  Not too big that the matchups are never realisitcally going to happen, but big enough that it doesn't kill our SoS and helps to offset a sub-standard B1G conference schedule in the short term.

Comment 13 Feb 2014

I wouldn't say that I follow their program closely, but do know that they were part of the national narrative the past two years, primarily due to the exceptional play of their QB Jordan Lynch.  I also know that they are a MAC team who didn't even win their conference last year, and went on to lose their bowl game against Utah State.  The year before that, they got steam rolled in their lone BCS game by FSU.  With Lynch gone, my guess is that they will go back to being the mid-pac MAC school they have traditionally been.

Are they better than FAMU, yes, but I would argue that they aren't the caliber of team that we should be playing.  And, I would assume that this game ahs been on the schedule for at least 3+ years, at which time NIU was still a mediocre MAC school.  Remember, these games are scheduled years in advance.

And yes, I do know that NIU beat two B1G schools last year, Iowa and Purdue.  I would argue that this is an indictment of how poor the B1G was/is moreso than how good of a team NIU was.



Comment 13 Feb 2014

Have you guys seen our out of conference schedule the last few years, and in the upcoming years?

2014 - Navy, Va Tech, Kent St, and UC

2015 - Va Tech, Hawaii, N. Illinois, W. Michigan

2015 - Bowling Green, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Not to mention that we add the dumpster fires that are currently Maryland and Rutgers.  I'm all about dishing it out to the delusional UC fans, but at the same time dislike delusional tOSU fans just as much.  Scheduling teams like Kent St, Hawaii, N. Illinois, and W. Michigan does nothing to boost our resues, and I wouldn't necessarily consider them "real teams."  Fact is, I'd much rather see UC on the schedule, as I think we get much more respect from beating a team like that, not to mention that money we shell out to beat down these teams stays in-state.  It's really a win-win.  UC fans are certainly annoying, but I think a lot of that comes from the "holier than thou" attitude that spews from some Ohio State fans.  Prime example, fans pretending we've been crushing powerhouse teams when in reality we played 2 top 10 teams i the last 2 years, lost both those games, and played a total of 6 teams that ended the season ranked in the top 25.  I don't know about you, but I would have preferred a W over UC last year than W's against Buffalo of Florida A&M.

Comment 12 Feb 2014

I think these players are promised the OPPORTUNITY to start, but are not promised that they WILL start.  There is a big difference between those two.

I think when Mitchell went down with inury early in camp, the staff looked at the depth chart, and saw more value in RS"ing him to add depth in future years at a very thin position.  In an abstract way, I think our weak schedule lead to more RS'ing than the staff had expected.  For example, I don't think our staff wanted to blow a RS to get guys playing time against a team like Florida A&M.  By the time we really NEEDED these guys, we essentially only had 25% of our season left (tSUN, MSt, Clem), and I think the staff was left with a challenging decision, and decided to bank depth for the future, in hopes that we could ride it out with who we had.  Now, in hindsight, that may have cost us, but may benefit us in the upcoming years.  Just a thought I've been kicking around.

Personally, I was pretty disappointed when I didn't see some of our stud freshman see more playing time, especially on the defensive side of the ball, where we saw upper classmen really start to struggle.  Do I think V. Bell would have been an All-American, probably not.  But, he didn't need to be, he just needed to be better than the guy in front of him, and at times I certainly felt like there was no way that he could have been worse.  Seemed like more upside than risk there, which is why I was disappointed.

But, we will be stacked on the 2-Deep with guys Meyer specifically recruited (remember this is only his 2nd FULL year) for his style of football, and these guys will be in the spotlight for the next 3/4 years.  As players have said, and Raekwon recently said it in an interview, "When you come to Ohio State, nothing is given to you."  But, you will certainly have the opportunity under this staff to earn PT.