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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Anchoring my high school's 200 medley relay that made the state championship meet my senior year.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Braxton Miller, Carlos Hyde, Ryan Shazier
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Comment 21 May 2017

What are the things that Tom Herman did well that Warinner/Beck never quite grasped?

Additionally, what things did Warinner/Beck do a good job of, that Herman didn't? (maybe H-back usage?)

Comment 19 May 2017

That same scenario didn't seem to hurt Kenyan Drake.

Harris will get plenty of reps this year, get some great film, crush the combine and get drafted in the top two rounds. Tough to hold that decision against him.

Still, though, he could've been an absolute superstar here. 

Comment 15 May 2017

A few other names that popped up in 247

- Shelton Gibson

- Lewis Neal

- Mike Heuerman

- Courtney Love

- Taivon Jacobs

- Jonathan Haden

- Demarre Kitt

- Thaddeus Snodgrass

- Chad Mavety 

Comment 10 May 2017

Calling congressmen and women is also effective.

I will never, for the life of me, understand the whole "calling someone a woman as an insult" thing.

Women are pretty great, y'all. 

Comment 10 May 2017

you should get access to the whole internet - not just the sites and services that your provider chooses.

which, like, holy shit, who wants COMCAST to decide what information you have access to?

Comment 09 May 2017

Unfortunately, just a sign of the times.

As a millennial who works in tech, I feel strongly that the internet should be treated similarly to a public utility and, in this age, should be viewed as a right for all. It's access to all of mankind's knowledge, instantaneously, at your fingertips, and keeping that space neutral is vital to the future of humanity.

Entrepreneurship should be available to all who want to take on the risk, not just multi-million dollar organizations.


Without net neutrality, quality sites like 11w may not exist. Y'all would be reading ESPN, lol.

Comment 03 May 2017

2018 draft class is going to be LOADED. I mean, I'm literally just some guy, but here's a HOT TAKE about draft grades because this is a REALLY SLOW day at work.

Potential first rounders: Happy Jamarco, Jerome Baker, Dre'Mont Jones, Billy Price, Sam Hubbard, Tyquan Lewis, Denzel Ward

Rounds 2-3: Damon Webb, Mike Weber, Chris Worley

Late round: Michael Hill, Tracy Sprinkle

And those are just the experienced/established guys! There are some guys who could break out and shoot up draft boards too.

Potential breakout: Marcus Baugh, Dante Booker, Johnnie Dixon, Parris Campbell, KJ Hill, Damon Arnette, Kendall Sheffield, Isaiah Prince (bounce back! And then there's JT Barrett. I think he'll be better than ever under Wilson/Day, and should play his way onto some draft boards.

I, for one, have already printed my boarding pass for the PARRIS CAMPBELL HYPE TRAIN. All aboard, folks! 

Comment 26 Apr 2017

I don't know who the 2 boils are they have on 6 PM Sports Center now but they are not insightful/talented/engaging/interesting.

I switch channels as soon as PTI is off

This is exactly why ESPN is doing what they're doing.

They're employing personalities instead of reporters, anchors and analysts. So, people tune in to watch the personalities they like, and take to the internet to complain about the ones they don't.

The network gets the ratings, their stars get added name recognition, and no matter how bad the content actually is, people still think of them as the worldwide leader because of it. 

Comment 26 Apr 2017

In order to maintain integrity as a network, they need to balance out the personalities with actual reporters and analysts. Instead, ESPN is going all-in on personalities, and getting rid of everything else.

The funny thing is, I'm actually a big fan of Bomani (and Le Batard) but he's just there to give opinions that are in-line with his personal brand – and you cannot build a network like that.

Stephen A. Smith's personal brand? Yelling.

Skip Bayless's personal brand? Contrarian, out-there takes.

Mike Greenberg? Nerd.

Mike Golic? Jock.

Bomani? Progressive. 

None of these people are there to be experts on any specific sport, or to provide analysis or insight on what happens on the field. They're personality brands. ESPN doesn't think people are tuning in to learn about a sport's storylines, they think people are tuning in to hear what these personalities think about the storylines.

If you like one of their network personalities, you're more likely to tune in (for example, me with Bomani), and if you hate one of their personalities, you're more likely to complain about what that personality is saying, which still effectively grows their personal brand, and by extension, ESPN's brand.

In reality, this will become less sustainable as digital continues to grow, I think.