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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Anchoring my high school's 200 medley relay that made the state championship meet my senior year.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Shaky Smithson (Utah), Ryan Shazier, Brad Roby, Braxton Miller
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Comment 14 hours ago

Personal ratings here:

  1. UFM
  2. Dantonio
  3. Andersen
  4. Franklin (could move up)
  5. Ferenz
  6. Pelini
  7. Hoke
  8. Fitz
  9. Kill
  10. Wilson
  11. Edsall
  12. Flood
  13. Hazell
  14. Beckman
Comment 19 hours ago

Not sure about McLaurin or Lattimore, I just remember seeing those numbers in an article somewhere. I'm sure they're not terrible difficult to find, though.

Comment 19 hours ago

It's definitely Clark, he ran a 10.3 in the 100 meters in high school. I think Dontre's best time was like a 10.5 or 10.6.

Curtis Samuel could definitely give him a run for his money. Pun intended.

Comment 19 hours ago

Urban is extremely competitive, but I hope he doesn't put any restrictions on this. Let him play wherever he wants to play, even if that's Penn State or (unlikely) Michigan/MSU.

Comment 19 hours ago

I used to live in Liberty Twp and we always went to one on Tylersville, I think her name was Dr. Jenkins. Never really had particularly strong opinions about her because, well, I don't know anything about dentistry, but my family went to her for a few years. Might be worth a look.

Comment 19 hours ago

The whole "working on a book about crazy fans" thing was always the most obvious reason why she'd be interviewing crazy fans. Does anyone here honestly think that she'd talk to fans if she was trying to LITERALLY DESTROY EVERYTHING ABOUT OHIO STATE FOOTBALL like the OP thinks she is?

Comment 19 hours ago

Powell was named as the most impressive safety and a sure-fire starter. Burrows and Bell are battling for the last spot, or maybe the nickel spot depending on what they decide to do there, if they want it to be a third safety or a third corner.

Comment 21 hours ago

I love our current uniforms, and I love the alternates. I'm fine wearing them for three or four games each year (we used them in four games last year) and wearing our traditional uniforms the rest of the year.

Comment 21 hours ago

I'm almost done reading the story, but to me, this is the most damning quote about the Tallahassee PD's handling of sexual assault cases.

In January, the mother of a student who said she had been sexually battered at a fraternity the previous April contacted the campus police asking why the university “doesn’t do more to protect women from rape,” records show. The police response was to inform the mother of a self-defense class for students.

Comment 21 hours ago

Restaurants never really accept student meal plans, at least not at Ohio State. I mean, some universities have restaurants in their food courts where you can use your meal plan (Tennessee has Subway, Chik-fil-a and Einstein Bros, for example), but that won't work at restaurants around campus.

For example, this will not apply to Canes or Buckeye Donuts. While you can pay for those with your BuckID, it comes from the cash that you put on there, which sometimes comes with a meal plan. I think that this plan essentially gives the athletes unlimited swipes on-campus. 

Comment 21 hours ago

I probably spend a bit over $300/month on food, but I don't work out nearly as much as Bennett does, plus he's 6'3 290 so I can totally believe that he spends $600/month on food, if not more.

And to be fair, Phelps was never actually a student athlete. He trained at Michigan and swam for Club Wolverine, but he turned pro as a 15-year-old and was never eligible for NCAA competition. He had a ton of corporate sponsors leading up to the Athens games and even more afterwards, so he could definitely afford to spend that much money on food.

Of course, with that said, I'm pretty sure that most of his diet was pasta, cereal, ham sandwiches and eggs anyways. It's not like he was eating anything super expensive, he was just eating ridiculous amounts of completely normal foods.

Comment 22 hours ago

While, as a student here, I will always cheer my heart out for the Buckeyes, I'm also incredibly cynical about pretty much everything else. I'd be a fool to convince myself that nothing shady goes on here. And it sounds like you really got a raw deal.

And I love that we have a passionate fan base, but people need to realize that Ohio State is capable of doing wrong, and that there is absolutely nothing wrong with journalists sniffing around for dirt. If a journalist comes to Ohio State and tries to confirm rumors of some kind of corruption, we shouldn't attack them. They're doing their job. Do people here seriously think that journalists don't go around LSU and Bama looking for similar stuff? Hell, this is exactly how the Penn State thing got rolling. Every program has dirt, and college football would be much better if that dirt was exposed and the problems were fixed.

And, on a side-note, I looked at your Twitter feed and saw some of your photos, and as an amateur photographer, and they're pretty great. Keep up the good work, man.

Comment 15 Apr 2014

Sure, ESPN has its flaws, but TMZ sits around at airports and tries to get celebs to say dumb shit to make them look bad, and they pay people for nude photos of celebs. ESPN is bad, but let's not put them in the same class as TMZ.

If anything, ESPN is the [ Fox News / MSNBC, whichever one you disagree with ] of sports journalism. Their actual reporting is good, but the network clearly has an agenda and they choose how to frame stories to fit their own narrative, and then they enforce that with their appointed pundits. All because it's really easy to get ratings when you set your own narratives.

Comment 15 Apr 2014

If she's seeking out other fans who said stuff like that to her, it's pretty obvious that that's the angle of her story and she's not trying to tear down our glorious athletic department again.

It's probably some kind of piece about how reporters get ridiculous personal messages from fans of the institutions they report on, or something of that nature. If she was really looking for dirt on OSU, she wouldn't be going to fans, trust me.

Comment 15 Apr 2014

A lot of ESPN's actual journalism is very good. Specifically, E:60 is fantastic, and they have some fantastic reporters. Buster Olney and Adam Schefter are both incredible at what they do.

With that said, they're in a ratings-driven industry, so that takes precedent. They're not necessarily blatantly abandoning journalistic principles, but on a network-wide level, they do what ever they can to get ratings.

This leads to the cookie-cutter debate shows that we always see, and again, not all of them are that bad. FirstTake is horrible, but Around the Horn is pretty great, and Highly Questionable is excellent, and PTI has its moments.

As for the focus on East Coast + Los Angeles teams, well, it draws ratings. More people care about the Lakers than the Timberwolves. And yes, the SEC thing was annoying, but those schools have absolutely massive fan bases and the conference has been immensely successful lately, so it makes sense that they'd try to milk it.

So, it's fine to be mad at ESPN as a network, but like any other network, they're just trying to get ratings. Despite this, they employ some great journalists and air some pretty good shows.

Comment 15 Apr 2014

If she was, say, trying to get a staffer for a [ INSERT POLITICAL PARTY THAT YOU DISLIKE ] Congressman to leak details about rumored illegal back-door deals, do you honestly think you'd have the same problem?

If you're trying to get something out of a source, you're not going to be mean to them. Sure, she's not trying to become BFF's with her sources, like they're not going to go bowling or send each other Christmas cards, but as a journalist, you have to treat your sources well.

If she had done that to any other school, nobody here would have a problem with it.

I get that Tatgate really, really sucked, but let's not put the onus on the journalists who were doing their job, let's put it on the athletes who broke the rules and the administration that covered it up in the first place. Not that any of that actually matters, since it was three years ago (!!!) and now we have Urban.

Comment 14 Apr 2014

Despite what you may believe, acting nice to sources is hardly hack journalism.

I'm assuming that they had heard rumors and that her job was to get players to corroborate those stories, and if she doesn't act nice to them, there's no chance that they would. And, again, if this was done for a story about Michigan, I'm sure people here would praise her for trying to dig up dirt.

While ESPN's reliance on punditry and manufactured "debates" is deplorable, their actual journalists tend to do a pretty good job. Buster Olney, Jeremy Schapp and Adam Schefter are very good at their jobs, and programs like E:60 and, yes, OTL, are very good.

Was it stupid how overblown Tatgate was? Yeah, absolutely. But it was three years ago and the program is in a better place now. Can we just get over it already?

Comment 14 Apr 2014

Don't most people kind of think that Glover-Williams is better suited to play CB at the next level anyways? The way I see it, Kirk is perfect for the H-back role. A defensive back class of Glover-Williams, Dean and Edwards would be really good.

Also, speaking of Jamel Dean, a lot of people are sleeping on that kid. He's 6'2 and runs a 4.3 40. In our press coverage scheme, he will be a monster.