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Comment 24 Aug 2016

He isn't tweeting for us & he is getting results with his target audience.

Exactly. He's using it to sell a product (OSU football) to a specific demographic (#teen recruits).

That product is popular with a specific demographic already. But this strategy (his tweets) is geared towards attracting a very niche market ('croots). The messaging won't resonate with other demos, but it won't turn those people off to the product, either. 

Comment 24 Aug 2016

Twitter's an interesting thing. I'm a recent-ish OSU grad who actually works in social media, and it's interesting to see that different organizations have vastly different goals on each platform.

Coach Smith's twitter usage is clearly done with the goal of selling the program and resonating with potential recruits. To that end, he is very, *very* good at it.

It's also worth noting that different ages and professions have vastly different views of social media. Any time the topic of Twitter comes up around these parts, many (presumably older – and feel free to internet-slap me if this assumption is off-base) fans talk about how it is literally the worst thing to ever happen to society, and how the best way to use Twitter is to not use it at all.

The crazy thing is that Twitter as a platform has been around for 10 years now, and with the recent deals they've cut with professional sports leagues to livestream games, it's not going away any time soon. It's so ingrained in our culture – particularly with younger folks – that properly utilizing it as a coaching staff could (and does) actually give OSU a huge leg up on recruiting.

In the simplest terms, Smith's target audience is social-savvy recruits, not the average OSU fan.

I could go on for days about this stuff, but with Smith's track record, showing them that he's a young, successful coach who actually understands the way that these players communicate goes a VERY long way towards selling the program to potential recruits. He has a very specific goal (and audience) on Twitter, and his recruiting results show that he's absolutely hitting that goal. 

Comment 21 Aug 2016

It's what the "sensible chuckle" GIF is from. Pretty great show. 

Comment 17 Aug 2016

millennial here -- epic died out a long time ago.

now it's just used by former frat bros talking about their bachelor party plans and middle-aged folks trying too hard to relate to the #youths 

Comment 15 Aug 2016

Ryan Lochte at his peak (2011 Worlds) was basically on par with peak Phelps. But at the Olympics, Phelps has out-performed Lochte each time. Lochte is one of the greats, but Phelps is just so far ahead of him as far as his reputation, and with good reason.

As far as swimming goes, though, Matt Grevers probably would have won gold in the 100 backstroke in Rio. He won gold in 2012, has a few world championships and got silver in 2008 behind Piersol. But he finished third behind Ryan Murphy and David Plummer at US Trials. Could be mistaken, but I believe that they had the top three times in the world this year for that event. You can only send two, though.

Another good swimming story is Laslo Cseh. He had a solid Olympics for his age, tied Phelps for the silver in the 100 fly, etc. But if it wasn't for Phelps or Lochte, Cseh would have quite a few gold medals and World Championships to his name. But he had to compete with Phelps in the 100/200 fly, and Phelps AND Lochte in both of the IM's.

Another one for America? Tyler Clary. Would've been a gold medalist in Bejing and China in the 400 IM and maybe the 200 too, but was behind Phelps and Lochte. Pretty sure he was also a great 200 fly / 200 back guy, so he could've won more golds in those, too. He got his gold, though, beating Lochte in the 200 back in London. 

But yeah, Lochte would've been the face of the USA team in 2008 and 2012 if it wasn't for Phelps, that's for sure.

With that said, Phelps is the greatest by an incredible margin. In Beijing, he won five individual events – 400 IM (WR), 200 fly (WR), 200 free (WR), 100 fly, 200 IM (WR, I think?). His 100 split on the 4x100 free relay was an American record and would have placed third in the finals of the 100 free. His 100 and 200 backstrokes were also world-class.

Aside from the breaststroke races and maybe the 50 free, there wasn't a single event that, if Phelps focused on it, he wouldn't have won at an international level. And he was capable of threatening or shattering the world records in every single event. Breaststroke was his weakest stroke, but he still outsplit everyone in his breaststroke IM legs in those Olympics.

Even the 100 fly this year, which he won silver in. Last individual race on his schedule. Schooling put up a 50.39. Phelps was a 50.46 last year, early in his training, in a meet where he only focused on that and one other event. If that event was his primary focus (Schooling only had one other event earlier in Rio and didn't make it out of semis), Phelps would have probably been a 50.2 or 50.1.

It's *really* tough to properly contextualize how great Phelps was – and still is – at swimming. Dude is literally a Terminator. 

Comment 05 Aug 2016

Aside from a few plays, that was one of Braxton's worst games as a Buckeye.

Still, he's my favorite Buckeye ever, and somehow is crazy underrated by a large chunk of the fanbase. Dude was electric. He had a cannon for an arm and never really had top-level weapons around him at receiver. I think he was a much better quarterback than people give him credit for.

He's going to be one of the league's best receivers in a few years. Absolutely ridiculous athlete and a really all around good dude. 

Hoping someone cuts a full highlight reel at some point. I'd seriously sit and watch an hour of Braxton OSU highlights, and I'm sure there's enough material to make that happen.

Comment 05 Aug 2016

i really like the theory that michael cera just accidentally walked into a movie set and was too awkward to tell the director that he's not actually an actor. 

Comment 04 Aug 2016

It's not so much about the skill as it is about the tactics.

Urban's spread option was so revolutionary in the late 2000s (Utah/Florida) that teams had no idea how to defend it. They've even refined a ton of those concepts as teams have started to get an idea of how to defend it.

Offensive concepts are so far ahead of where they were back in 2002. Or even compared to 2010, really.

Comment 04 Aug 2016

The training, nutrition, tactics and technology are all far, far ahead of where they were even 10-15 years ago in just about every sport.

Cross-era comparisons are useless. If you took the 1985 Bears, put them in a time machine, and had them play in this year's NFL, they'd get blown out in every single game. Babe Ruth would probably get carved up by minor league pitching (still facing 90+ fastballs, hard breaking balls, etc. but more erratic than MLB pitchers).

Comment 01 Aug 2016

Really cool that Jason's licensing the template/CMS out to new people. Could be a really cool B1G-themed network of sites.

Definitely digging the look of the PSU-based one. Differentiates itself enough from 11W's look a lot better than the Iowa one. 

Comment 29 Jul 2016

This isn't something to be upset about.

1) it's july

2) this is a small class, and will stay that way

3) they have more commits currently than we do

4) we have a higher average ranking

5) we're set to add guys like grimes, lindsey, okudah, etc.

I would not be at all surprised if we ended up being ranked #2 or #3 in most of these final class rankings, because they're based on total points, but our average recruit ranking will quite possibly be the highest in history.

EDIT: this also isn't rivals "riding" bama. it's just how their rankings are calculated (automatically, too). bama has two more four-star recruits. we have one more five-star. overall, the value of two four-star recruits, according to their system, very slightly outweighs the value of one five-star recruit.

Comment 28 Jul 2016

Wait, thought he was from Tampa, though? That's quite a long drive. UCF and FSU would be much closer.