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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Anchoring my high school's 200 medley relay that made the state championship meet my senior year.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Braxton Miller, Carlos Hyde, Ryan Shazier
  • NFL TEAM: Green Bay Packers
  • NHL TEAM: Columbus Blue Jackets
  • MLB TEAM: New York Yankees

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Comment 5 hours ago

Good for him.

Sidenote: I literally cannot fathom what I would do with that much money.

Comment 9 hours ago

I like these.

Doesn't look like a front-facing image is available, but there's an OSU logo on the tongue. Makes this a lot more Buckeye-ish than it looks from those angles.

With that said, I'd like it a lot better with some buckeye stickers like the old ones had. 

Comment 18 Jun 2016

OH YEAH and if anyone else was at OSU during that year, the big fall concert had Smash Mouth, which was probably even worse than Mac.

"play all star play all star play all star" - everyone in the audience, over and over again.

*lead singer stops the music*

"I'll play All Star WHEN I FUCKIN WANT TO" 

Comment 18 Jun 2016

Mac Miller, both times.

Freshman year, I went to see Lupe Fiasco (who was AMAZING) with a few friends down at the LC. We were drunk and Mac Miller was on our pregame playlist so we bought tickets for his show a week later. He was bad

Pretty sure he was more trashed than I was (which was a pretty impressive feat given how dumb I was as a freshman), he'd do the first verse or two of each song, flub some of the lines and then switch. Oh, and then there was the WORST part.

Mac Miller covered freaking WONDERWALL. Like, really. I thought I was just really messed up and imagining things.

Anyways, fast forward to that spring. Our big free concert was Skrillex, with Mac Miller opening. This is when Mac first blew up, and dubstep was at its peak. I wasn't crazy about either one of those artists at that point, but whatever, it was a free show.

"Well, maybe he'll be better the second time?"

Nope, dude showed up two hours late, high as balls, and put on the same awful show, complete with Wonderwall. 

Turns out that Skrillex is actually amazing live, though. That show was AMAZING, and I say that as someone who did not like dubstep at all.

Anyways, Mac Miller's changed a lot over the last few years, his musical style has matured a lot and he seems like a really good dude now. So he's probably a lot better live now, too.

Comment 17 Jun 2016

Congrats on whatever you're moving on to, Birm. Your coverage here has been top-notched and you've earned whatever success is on the horizon. 

Also, obligatory: "OSU's best recruits only spend three years there before moving on, and apparently so does its best recruiting reporter."

Comment 17 Jun 2016

I downvoted. No hard feelings, here's why:

I would not be surprised if they found someone with stronger "ties" to the parade a to step into the role of Brutus.

This snippet seems like an assumption to me that 1) the student who typically plays Brutus is straight and 2) that the parade is too dangerous to risk a straight guy's life, so you should just send a gay guy to do the job.

And if I'm mis-reading that, it also kind of comes across as saying that the Pride parade is just an event for the LGBT community. But in Columbus, it's a huge deal city-wide, with a ton of local businesses and colleges supporting it.

And nobody can say that OSU is "forcing" the guy in the Brutus costume to go. College students in a city as tolerant as Columbus generally like the idea of the pride parade. I say this as someone who graduated from OSU just over a year ago.

Rationalizing Brutus's exclusion as "well duh, we have to protect Brutus" is a bit weird to me, too (not saying you said that, either), because after the shooting in Orlando (and years of hateful things that the LGBT community has gone through), if you're going to be concerned about the safety, it should be the safety of the whole parade. 

I could've totally misconstrued what you meant there, though. I'm sure that you are not a hateful person. I just read your comment as having a certain subtext that I felt was kind of unnecessary and disrespectful. But I'm sure it wasn't intentional.

Comment 13 Jun 2016


Also, Josh Anderson, Markus Hannakainen and Kerby Rychel (if they don't trade him) could get solid minutes on CBJ next season.

But yeah, Bjorkstrand and Werenski are going to be superstars. Milano's got that potential too.

Comment 10 Jun 2016

briefly knew braxton when i was at OSU. made a lil b reference when i met him and he was like "omg this dude knows the basedgod" and started cracking up.

he's aware of the resemblance, and he thinks it's hilarious. and apparently lil b sent him a DM after one of braxton's games to congratulate him.

Comment 25 May 2016

The issue isn't "how do we reverse existing CTE cases in athletes," it's more of a prevention/awareness issue.

People had no clue how bad cigarettes were or how widespread that problem was until the proper research was done. That's what's happening here.

The end results of this will be better head protection, better injury treatment (ie quicker concussion diagnosis and longer recovery time), safer rules and fewer parents putting their kids into contact sports.

So, no, we shouldn't be shocked, but we shouldn't write off what we learn when we have more information available about the long-term effects of recurring head trauma in sports.

Comment 17 May 2016

He transfers out of 2 schools in 6 months and fathers a child while in high school

oh yeah because NONE of the players at ohio state, in ANY sport, had children during their teenage years. 

Comment 13 May 2016

1) figured lonely/sad keanu would be a good addition since there is literally nobody in the stands.

2) it's subtle but sad keanu is one of the dankest memes this side of dat boi 

Comment 12 May 2016

Mason doesn't have quite the "spoiled" rep of Dublin

Former Lakota kid here, Mason kids definitely had the "spoiled" rep when I was growing up. That was pretty recent.

Mason's an awesome area, though. They have a BD's Mongolian! 

Comment 12 May 2016

Lakota rocks. West Chester was a great place to grow up. Didn't really appreciate it until I left.

Not sure if they've fixed their funding issues, though. Seemed like they were always on the verge of cutting extracurriculars (which are what really made it a great place) due to being flat-funded by the state (ie receiving the same amount of funding in 2010 that they did in 2003, when the district was about 2/3 the size). 

But yeah, Lakota was a fantastic school district that did a great job of preparing me for Ohio State.