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Comment 25 Jul 2016

As a Yankees fan, the answer is a no. Followed by a maniacal laugh. (And, as a Cincinnati native, a bit of sadness)

The Reds sold low. The Yankees sold high.

The Yankees gave up Rookie Davis, Eric Jagielo, Tony Renda and Caleb Cotham.

Jagielo is a former first-rounder at third base who had injuries and looks like a first baseman long-term. His defense is atrocious, it's his bat that got him drafted. And, well, he's hitting .218/.308/.343 this year. Also not moving nearly as fast as he was supposed to (he's 24 in AA right now). So, not a great piece.

Rookie Davis is probably the best piece in that deal for the Reds. Far exceeded expectations in the Yankees system. Good size, good stuff, good control, but nothing really outstanding. Could be a low-end #3 starter, or a back-end option.

Renda is a utility guy who the Yankees got for his bat and then he forgot how to hit. Cotham is a bullpen guy who's been really inconsistent but has solid stuff.

So, they got a bat-first guy who's not hitting at a position that's occupied for a loooooong time, a potential #4 starter or decent swingman, a utility guy who's sputtering at AAA and a reliever who's gotten shelled since the trade.

Meanwhile, here's the Yankees haul:

Gleybar Torres -- a really, really good shortstop prospect. Top prospect in a still-very good Cubs system. Just 19 years old in A+ right now, plus defender with a great approach and power to all fields. 

Adam Warren -- he's been bad this year (traded from the Yankees to the Cubs for Starlin Castro), but he was awesome for the Yankees for years before he got traded. Filled in admirably as a replacement starter and was Girardi's top multi-inning bullpen option for a while. Essentially, he's what the Reds hope Rookie Davis eventually becomes.

Billy McKinney -- also a first-rounder in Jagielo's draft (two picks before Jagielo). Defensively, he profiles as a corner outfielder. Average or slightly below average defensively. Not a ton of power, but he could be a 15-20 homer guy. Where he really stands out is his contact approach. Had a fractured kneecap last season and hasn't quite returned to form, but he could breakout next year. Top 100 prospect coming into this season.

Rashad Crawford -- seen by many as a throw-in, but he's a really athletic centerfielder with good size (6'3") who could add power when he fills out. He's got great speed and plays really good centerfield defense. I've seen a lot of praise for his work ethic, too. If he refines his approach at the plate, he could end up as a good spare outfielder at the MLB level. But he's a long ways away.

Also, it was rumored that the Cubs wanted him to agree to an extension before the trade. Apparently that didn't actually happen, and he wants to return to the Yankees after this season. If that happens (not saying it will or even should), the Yankees essentially swap two middling prospects and two spare minor league guys for Chapman (minus two months), one elite shortstop prospect, one very good outfield prospect,  a good MLB swingman and an athletic centerfield fringe prospect.

Comment 24 Jul 2016

But, one thing that keeps swirling is the Cubs offering Kyle Schwarber straight up for Miller.

I believe the rumor was that the Yankees asked for Schwarber and the Cubbies said no.

There's another report that the Yankees really like Cubs shortstop prospect Gleyber Torres. As a Yankees (and Indians, I know they're both AL but whatever) fan, I think they should go after Ian Happ if they're going to make a trade with the Cubs.

Chapman to the Indians would be really interesting, though. With how well Naquin has played, you've gotta wonder if the Indians will be ok parting with Frazier now, since Zimmer may have passed him up. Aiken and Clevenger could also be on the table for a deal like that.

Comment 23 Jul 2016

Can't complain about the last four years. But there were definitely some guys who I was really psyched for who didn't pan out (or got hurt) like Dodson, Perkins, Mitchell, etc.

I'm really bummed that James Clark got hurt, though. I mean, he got into the lineup as a true freshman when Mike Thomas and Jalin Marshall were redshirting. His highlight tape looked like Ted Ginn 2.0.  

Also, I thought Kyle Berger was going to be a star.

Comment 23 Jul 2016

Is David Perkins in the NFL now?

Dude was so athletic. I thought he was going to basically become what Darron Lee ended up being. 

Sidenote: I once saw him order like 5 hot dogs at that hot dog stand by University Hall when swipes were still a thing. I'm also heartbroken that I somehow can't remember the name of that hot dog stand. 

Comment 23 Jul 2016

Tough to make quick cuts when you break (and then re-break) your foot.

I do think a lot of the "he was overhyped" stuff has to do with the state of our wide receivers that year. Mike Thomas redshirted after playing the year before because his head wasn't in the right place. The other options were Devin Smith (and not the 2014 version), Philly Brown, Chris Fields and Evan Spencer.

Dontre was better suited for the H role than any of those guys were. He was thrust into the starting lineup before he had time to really bulk up or get the mental part of the game down.

I think he's going to surprise a lot of people this year if he stays healthy. 

Comment 23 Jul 2016

- Akers

- Grimes

- Lindsey

- Harris

- Okudah

Then I think we lose Clark and someone else but keep Wade. 

Comment 22 Jul 2016

The great leaders of our country starting with Geo. Washington, Ben Franklin, etc. went to bed at 9:00-10:00 pm and got up early at 4:00-5:00 am.

Wow, it's almost like they didn't have electrical lighting!

Comment 22 Jul 2016

All of the evidence atm points to Zeke being falsely accused

Oh come on. There's not enough evidence to really know one way or another. The police report was filed like nine hours ago. 

Comment 22 Jul 2016

He denies it, 4 witnesses deny it. 

Four witnesses deny that he abused her in the car on that one day.

Her IG caption alleges that it happened multiple times.

I'm not sure who to believe here. But I think this is far from finished. 

Comment 20 Jul 2016

DT, RB, S, and the WR have some question marks

I think WR is one of the most talented groups on the roster. It's just unproven. Tons of depth, just need the top guys to step up. Tough to register since Brown, Smith and Dixon are all coming off of injury-riddled seasons. Guys like Gibson and Mack have a ton of upside, but they won't probably scratch the surface of that talent this season.

The secondary (Grant/Apple/Bell/Powell) and interior d-line (Bennett/Washington) on that 2014 title team were incredible. That secondary replaced three starters from the previous year, which is happening this year. But two of those guys were blue-chip recruits (Apple and Bell) and the third was a guy who saw a ton of time at nickel (Powell). 

I don't think either group will be bad, but they have a long way to go until they're championship-caliber. But a lot can change during camp. 

Comment 20 Jul 2016

Let's go position-by-position.

QB - JT's back with more experience (but also more of a workload) than ever. Could be the highest level of QB play we've seen at OSU under Urban.

RB - depth is a concern here for sure. Weber's a bit of an unknown right now, but with all of the hype, he's got a chance to be one of the top backs in the conference. I hope Samuel gets a ton of time here as well. He had a lot of success on outside runs out of the backfield in 2014. Also could see Dontre in the backfield a bit.

WR: tons of talent here, and it's coming in various skillsets. You've got the classic outside receiver types in Brown, Smith, Gibson and Mack. Then the burners in McLaurin, Campbell and Clark. And guys like KJ Hill and Johnnie Dixon who could fit either role. But they need a few guys here to really step up. 

H: I think we'll see a Rainey/Demps type tandem from Dontre and Samuel here, although I think they're both better receivers than those two Florida guys were. With inexperience at WR, I think Urban's gonna lean on the slot guys. Could also see Hill and Campbell get reps here for depth.

TE: I think Baugh could be a bigger receiving threat here than Heuerman and Vannett were, actually. But we probably won't see nearly as many two-TE sets since the guys behind him are so green.

OL: This group is going to be really, really good. Gonna be interesting to see where Pridgeon fits in, but there's enough talent and depth here to jump-start the offense while they wait for Weber and the receivers to emerge. 

DE: The defensive ends could be one of the best groups in the nation. Hubbard and Lewis will be key pieces, and Holmes will provide depth. Darius Slade could see some action, or we could see one of the young guys (Cooper, Bosa) get a few reps.

DT: This is one of the bigger question marks for me. Michael Hill needs to be a huge part of this defense. Sprinkle's should be solid, but we've seen how dominant you need the DL to be to win a championship in modern day CFB. Gotta hope Dre'mont or Cornell step up.

LB: I think Dante Booker is going to shock a lot of people. There will be a drop-off from Darron Lee to Worley/Baker, but there will still be plenty of athleticism there. And obviously Raekwon is one of the top linebackers in the nation.

DB: Similar to WR, this is an area with a lot of intriguing names but not a lot of experience. Loads of potential, but it's so tough to predict. Need to see who gets the nod opposite Conley. And I think Malik Hooker is going to be really good, but that second safety spot is a bit concerning.

ST: Gonna be really interesting to see who handles kickoffs here. And I don't think Urban's really trusted a kicker since Basil left. Nuerenberger's certainly got one hell of a leg. And Cam's one of the best punters around.

So, yeah, there's clearly enough talent on this team. It boils down to that talent actually being ready at a few positions. Championship teams need elite defensive lines and elite secondaries these days. The interior d-line and the secondary are the two biggest concerns on this team to me.

It's an inexperienced team that's really, really tough to predict. But you can't doubt the talent. And there's a great coaching staff in place. Just need guys to step up at the right positions and at the right time.

Comment 06 Jul 2016

yup, either that or clemson (preventing braxton's injury)

you know, as long as it doesn't undo the national title the next year. 

Comment 05 Jul 2016

The NBA has become just like MLB.

The MLB of the 1990's, maybe.

The league has had tons of parity in recent years. Hell, Kansas City has been to the last two World Series. Houston was a legit contender last year. The Indians are in first place.

There's been so much money pumped into baseball (and now the NBA) from cable rights deals. And MLB has done a great job of creating parity in its league.

For example, the QO system in free agency. A team that finished near the bottom can sign a top free agent without sacrificing a draft pick, but even a middle-of-the-pack team would sacrifice a pick to get a decent free agent. Competitive balance picks also give small market teams a shot at more young talent in the draft.

And then there are the money pools in the draft and international free agency.

The biggest thing that influx of money has done, though? It's allowed teams to lock up their superstar players before hitting free agency. That sometimes backfires (see: Votto, Joey), but it makes it a lot harder for teams like the Yankees (my team, incidentally) to go and actually get top free agent talent.

So, the cap isn't *really* the issue. I think a lot of it has to do with the NBA artificially limiting how much its star players can make. By having a max contract, teams can afford to team up multiple guys at the max and only incur some fines.

Add the fines that Dan Gilbert pays for going over the cap (by a huge margin) to the money that Lebron makes from his NBA contract and it's probably still less than Lebron's actual value.