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Comment 29 Jan 2015

Or maybe a kid from Miami would rather go to Auburn than make the 20-hour drive up to Columbus.

Comment 21 Jan 2015

Tennessee fans also think the world is out to get them.

Notre Dame fans also think the world is out to get them.

USC fans also think the world is out to get them.

Penn State fans also think the world is out to get them.

Florida fans also think the world is out to get them.

Florida State fans also think the world is out to get them.

Michigan State fans also think the world is out to get them.

The list goes on and on. Going on any non-OSU board, like /r/cfb, shows that just about every fan base thinks that ESPN gives them a raw deal. And you know what? To some level, they all have a point. But the world isn't actually out to get any of these schools/teams.

We just won the national title, we're getting a ton of respect from just about everyone, and next year's team, on paper, looks like it'll be much better than this year's. This is a time for celebration, not a time to act like we're being victimized by the media that's treated us pretty well since the Bama game.

If Ball-ghazi had happened at Ohio State, yeah it would be a huge deal. Because it should be. A national champion that was caught cheating on the way there is a HUGE story and, from the NCAA's perspective, it would be sanction-worthy. This dumb hypothetical has absolutely nothing to do with Ohio State being Ohio State.

Comment 21 Jan 2015

There would certainly be a media frenzy, and it probably should be worse than tatgate, since this would actually constitute on-the-field cheating. So yeah the media would've gone crazy.

But so would our fans. The few Patriots fans I know are denying everything about this despite the proof, and saying that everyone's out to get them. Our fans would go full-on delusional about it and feed the perception that we think the world is out to get us.

Comment 21 Jan 2015

Devil's advocate here - the band has been great for decades without Waters and it's a program that's bigger than whoever is in charge. And while Waters was apparently trying to change the culture, it apparently wasn't good enough for the university.

Did OSU jump the gun in firing him? I think it's safe to say that they did. But they did so legally (at-will employment) and both sides have endured plenty of bad press for it.

At this point, giving him his old job back would be the university admitting that they were wrong. And while that would appease many Buckeyes, it would make the university's management look weak for going back on a decision that made national news.

Having the support of TBDBITL isn't really a huge deal. The Michigan football players still overwhelmingly, if not unanimously supported Hoke, at least publicly. It's the nature of the beast.

Waters has an incredible resume and, while he wants nothing more than to be a Buckeye, I think it's best at this point for both sides to just keep moving forward. 

Comment 20 Jan 2015

Honestly, if Braxton's 100%, he's the guy. Cardale and JT are very good running quarterbacks, but Braxton's athleticism is elite. The read option with him and Zeke would be absolutely lethal. Plus, people are forgetting that Braxton's arm, when healthy, is better than JT's. 

The skill players made such huge leaps this year. If Braxton somehow comes back from this shoulder injury as his old self, but with more knowledge of the reads and playbook, he'll win the Heisman.

And if he doesn't, we're still in great hands with JT and Cardale.

Comment 19 Jan 2015

Burrow rocks, he's an underrated athlete and he's got a great arm. He also committed quickly and quietly, and he's kept his head down his senior year. That's something that really endears him to the fans, and I'm excited to have him in the fold.

With that said, I feel like a somewhat vocal section of our fanbase is overly critical or dismissive of Torrence Gibson. He's a 17-year-old kid enjoying the process, something I absolutely would have done had I been in his shoes. He's the most athletic quarterback recruit we've had since Braxton.

And he's only taking visits now because his family wants to make absolutely sure that he wants to go to school 18 hours away from them. And yet people are on his case for that.

Definitely glad to have both, but I think that Torrence Gibson gets a bit of a raw deal from some of our fans. Urban and the staff challenged him to get his act together and he did. Urban and his staff have put their trust in him for a reason, they believe that he can be a very good quarterback here, and he's worked hard to get to where he is.

Obviously Burrow has also worked hard, and the staff wants him too, but I think TG deserves a bit of love too.

Comment 19 Jan 2015

Good. Evaluators at the UA bowl said that he'd be special as a DT. They said he could definitely be a solid P5 DE but that he's special at DT.

Comment 18 Jan 2015

Nice vid! It's insanely tough to narrow it down to 10, but here's my shot at it.

10: Dontre Wilson's long catch against Virginia Tech

9: JT's 86-yard TD run

8: Bosa's sack - fumble - safety against UC

7: Jalin's one-handed catch off the Oregon defender's back

6: Zeke's first TD against Oregon

5: Mike Thomas's TD catch against Maryland

4: Bosa's walk-off sack

3: Steve Miller's INT-TD against Bama

2: Zeke's 85-yarder against Bama

1: Evan Spencer's TD pass to Mike Thomas against Bama

Honorable mentions:

Devin Smith's long TDs against Navy, Wisconsin (x3), Bama, Michigan State

Mike Thomas's 77-yard TD on a slant against MSU

Jalin's punt return TD against Indiana

Zeke's TD run against Michigan

Barrett's TD run against Michigan

Darron Lee's fumble recovery TD against Michigan

Darron Lee's fumble recovery TD against Navy

Jalin's 1-handed TD against Indiana

Evan Spencer's 1-handed TD catch

Zeke's 54-yard run with a hurdle against Bama

Cardale's hurdle (x2) or him blowing up the defender against Illinois

Cardale's 4th-and-1 QB sneak / bounce to the outside / fly over everyone against Oregon

Definitely missing a few, too. But it's impossible to really narrow it down to 10 without forgetting something.

Comment 17 Jan 2015

Urban is, unequivocally, a better coach than Tress. His national title wins at Florida and his Fiesta Bowl win at Utah are all-time greats. He beat a team that he was a four-point underdog to by a final of 59-0 AND he won a national title by three TDs despite four (four!!!!) turnovers.

Comment 15 Jan 2015

Not trying to personally single you out, but the "play school" comments need to go die.

Cardale just went up in front of his old school, which was started by Ted Ginn Sr. to help at-risk inner-city kids, and held a press conference in which he said that finishing his education is more important than the NFL.

Why did he call the press conference? Because he wanted to set a good example for those kids, and show them that your education is important.

It takes balls to do that. Cardale is an incredible role model for those kids. And yet twitter and every online message board was flooded with "OH I GUESS HE CAME TO PLAY SCHOOL AFTER ALL HAHAHAHA GET IT?!?!" shit that is a complete smack in the face to a kid who's busted his ass in the classroom for the last two years.

That tweet is from 2012. Cardale's grown up a ton since then and he just did something unprecedented to set an example for at-risk kids in Cleveland.

A plea to all - Let this be Cardale's legacy, not a tweet he sent when he was 19.

Comment 15 Jan 2015

People need to stop complaining. Pepper spray and tear gas won't kill you. Its a great tool to have which bridges the gap between lethal and non lethal force.

Let's not pretend that getting tear gassed doesn't totally fucking suck, though. And for so little.

They literally used it on the people who were like "Oh wow, we won the national title, I'm going to walk to campus and see what's going on."

The people by the union and high street were just standing around. The whole "89 fires" were off-campus couch and dumpster burnings without any property damage. And those weren't even the people who they punished.

If the campus PD was really about protecting the students and the university, they would've stopped people from going out onto Mirror Lake, or taking the goal posts. But instead, they pepper sprayed a crowd of happy college kids who were literally just standing around singing "We don't give a damn for the whole state of Michigan."

People don't want consequences for their actions. That is what this is about. 

The notion that students walking towards campus after their school wins the goddamn national title somehow deserve consequences and punishment is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard on here. 

Comment 14 Jan 2015

RT - Jamarco Jones

TE - Vannett, Baugh

WR - Corey Smith, Johnnie Dixon, James Clark

DT: Tommy Schutt, Mike Hill, Donovan Munger

DE: Sam Hubbard, Jalyn Holmes, Dre'Mont Jones (he'll get some PT as a freshman)

MLB: Raekwon McMillan

CB: Damon Webb, Marshon Lattimore

Watch out for Marshon Lattimore, Donovan Munger and Jamarco Jones. 

Comment 13 Jan 2015

One minute in so far, Clay Travis is actually giving us a TON of credit, and Zeke in particular. Said Zeke is his #1 on the Heisman list and whoever plays QB for us is #2.

And the guys in the studio gave him a ton of shit for that Bama comment.

One of their studio guys said that we'll be #1 and he thinks we make the playoff along with Michigan State. Big Ten is back, according to these guys.

Comment 13 Jan 2015

Saw this last night, I was one of the few to vote for Travis in the "Who's tears are the most delicious" poll. I stand by my choice.

Mr. Travis, thank you. Your tears sustain me. And, right now, a lot of Tim Horton's coffee.

EDIT: Oops, double post. Obligatory "I bet if I posted this comment again next week, we'd still be the goddamn national champions"

Comment 13 Jan 2015

Saw this last night, I was one of the few to vote for Travis in the "Who's tears are the most delicious" poll. I stand by my choice.

Mr. Travis, thank you. Your tears sustain me. And, right now, a lot of Tim Horton's coffee.

Comment 13 Jan 2015

they don't think the championship is really "Undisputed" until OSU plays TCU.

Make TCU play Wisconsin, Bama and Oregon first.

TCU is a REALLY good team. Like, really good. Better than Florida State, and they could absolutely hang with Oregon and Bama. But come on. Tonight was as undisputed as it gets.

Comment 13 Jan 2015

Ed Warinner: President of the United States of America.

Warinner/Elliott 2016. America's Run Game has never been better. 

Comment 13 Jan 2015

I'd rather be #1 at the end of the season than at the beginning. Fuck yeah.