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Comment 24 Jun 2017

Having two Russian stars will help them convince Gavrikov to come over (which they may have done already, but this was the cherry on top + will help him get acclimated).

Gavrikov makes Murray superfluous.

Murray + Milano + another prospect/pick or depth piece can get them a solid top-6 center (not necessarily Duchene), which would push Dubinsky down to the third line (where he'd really thrive) and could be flanked by two other bruisers who can score (PLD and Anderson)

Let's say, for argument's sake, that they move Murray + Milano + more for Duchene (in all likelihood, it'll be someone else). The lines could look like this:

Panarin - Duchene - Bjorkstrand

Foligno - Wennberg - Atkinson

Dubois - Dubinsky - Anderson

Hartnell - Sedlak - Calvert 

Werenski - Jones

Johnson - Savard

Carlsson - Gavrikov 

Ideally, they'd move out Hartnell's contract and put someone like Hannakainen or Schroeder on that fourth line (or, better yet, bring back Gagner at a reasonable rate) and you've got one hell of a team.

Comment 23 Jun 2017

Panarin's an elite sniper & elite passer with elite vision and elite skills.

Saad is an elite skater, who's a good defensive forward with a bit of grit and minimal weaknesses in his game.

I think Saad is a bonafide top line winger. Really good player, makes his teammates better… but he's not Artemi Panarin.

Panarin brings elite scoring to this team, something that's desperately needed. Wennberg needs an elite sniper on his wing to truly take advantage of his passing. Atkinson's great, Bjorkstrand has a ton of potential… but neither of their ceilings are as high as where Panarin is at right now. 

Comment 20 Jun 2017

but we're not going to resolve the problem on a football message board..

not with that attitude we're not!

*Hastily drafts up a "Hey 11w, let's solve America's racial issues!" forum topic*

Comment 20 Jun 2017

As is the nature of human arguments, the overwhelming majority of people who disagree with his message have no idea what it's like to experience life in his shoes or live in his situation.

A little empathy goes a long way.

Comment 20 Jun 2017

 A bunch of guys like us sitting in our offices before we go to our suburban homes can't change whats going on.

You can, though.

Voting for candidates who advocate for criminal justice reform and policies that improve funding for education in inner city and low-income areas. Initiatives and nonprofits that provide healthy food options, mentorship programs for at-risk youth, philanthropic efforts, after-school programs, etc.

And, while this is a *very* hot-button issue here… this is what affirmative action exists for. Families from these areas are far less likely to afford the quality of education or the resources that help their children become ideal candidates for college admissions or merit-based scholarships. There are a lot of things that go into that -- extracurricular programs have costs attached, many teenagers have to supplement their household's income, so they get minimum-wage jobs instead of doing extracurriculars, etc…

With that in mind, a large aim of those affirmative action programs is to get at-risk teenagers out of those situations into schools that their families can't afford, so they have degrees and skills to pursue life outside of those areas, make a better life for themselves and hand that down to their children.

But anyways… what I'm getting at is that there absolutely are things that anyone can do – whether it's supporting candidates/policies, donating your time to mentorship programs or donating money to philanthropic efforts. The key here is understanding and support. 

Comment 13 Jun 2017

the only players who could reliably defend KD are probably Draymond and Klay.

i think paul george is the best solution, although he's probably laker-bound. 

Comment 13 Jun 2017

man, I love Russ but there's no way that's gonna happen.

1) the cavs don't have enough to get him while also keeping kyrie

2) lebron/kyrie as the primary ballhandlers works way better 

they should go after someone like Paul George. someone who can take pressure off of Lebron, score more reliably than Love, play better perimeter defense than Shump, be leaned on for heavy minutes and give some help defending KD.

see if Lebron can talk PG into joining the cavs, then clear space by trading Love and some of the bench vets for a big. 

Comment 11 Jun 2017

certainly not overpaid, but yes to the rest of that.

dude is quite possibly the best defensive player in the league today.

but also: yeah fuck dray 

Comment 11 Jun 2017

Tyjon can basically walk into Nebraska and start. By his sophomore year, he'll be a focal point of that offense.

Can't say that about Ohio State. And I think he's going to be a really good player. But if playing time is his goal, he can achieve that in Lincoln. 

Comment 11 Jun 2017

I'll guess:

QB: Jones

RB: Teague, Snead

H: Gill

WR: Babb, Moore, Smith

TE: Ruckert

OL: Wray, Carman, Scruggs, Jones

DE: Cox, Oweh, Parsons, Chatfield

DT: Vincent, Smith

LB: Gant, Mitchell, Pope

DB: Proctor, Woodbey, Cook, Campbell