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Comment 2 hours ago

Not a great game by the bucks. Dug themselves a hole and then couldn't take advantage of opportunities. Poor shooting as well.

Comment 5 hours ago

You like McDonald's gravy better than Cracker Barrel? That might be a first for me.  In any case, let this be a lesson to all.  WE ALL HAVE OUR OWN OPINIONS!  Oh and I will not down vote your opinion because I disagree and its just that, an opinion.  Now everybody, take what we have learned here and apply it in all the other forums.

Sorry, getting fed up with seeing people down vote opinions on here.


Comment 6 hours ago

I'll argue that taking the run away and selling out against the run are two different scenarios. I don't think we sold out to the run if that's what you are getting at and I don't think we will have to against Alabama.  Obviously Sims is better than Stave but Sims is no world beater.  

Comment 6 hours ago

Case and point is that he WAS ALREADY a D1 player.  He was good enough to walk on and make the team at Illinois.  The simple fact here is that, like it or not, he was a D1 player. Who knows what reason he may have had to transfer, be it playing time or other reasons, he still played D1 football.

Comment 20 hours ago

I agree with you.  I think they will get their catches/yards/points, however, I also said the same about Gordon.  He did not get his.  I was more than delighted to be proven completely wrong.

Comment 20 hours ago

Also true and as you stated, probably the most appropriate solution.  I find that many don't realize a mac can run windows natively.  If I insulted your intelligence, I apologize, it was unintentional. +1

Comment 21 hours ago

Personal preference is the macbook air.  I would consider myself a mac guy though so obviously gonna lean that way.  Switched from PC to Mac my sophomore year of college (2004) so I've been using macs for a little bit of time.  I majored in Aero Engineering at OSU and never needed to use anything other than my own mac or the computer lab PCs (which might be the only place you can use specific software for your major... in my case, it was).  This was also before bootcamp.  If for some reason you get a mac and then need to run windows, OSU should offer a cheap or free version of windows through the engineering department.  Install it on your mac through bootcamp and run it natively.  Once you get into the Apple ecosystem, in my opinion, you won't regret it.  However, if PC is your thing, do that!  My 2 Cents...

Comment 17 Dec 2014

This.  We don't freaking need them to be good.  We take care of our own business and we are where we want to be at the end of each and every season.  Beat TTUN every year.  Beat them badly.  Not a day will ever go by that I wish they were better than they are now.

Go Bucks! Beat Bama!

Comment 13 Dec 2014

Doesn't seem like many people are in the forums.  I keep refreshing hoping to see something I want to talk about and not much movement in the most recent posts haha.  Must be something...