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Comment 5 hours ago

Humor, we were in the exact same boat.  I was shocked at all the kids I knew from home who were stellar students in high school just go ape shit and either fail out, got booted from the university or just flat out withdrew to regroup.  I skated through freshman year by the skin of my teeth.  Had to retake a class or two but I survived and got better each year (of my 5 total).

I stayed in Columbus after college and also have some younger relatives in school now and who graduated recently.  The university is really changed and the students seem to be of higher caliber...or at least not act like they're connected to cartels.  It has a totally different vibe to me...which is great because my diploma keeps looking better and better.

Comment 5 hours ago

I was listening to the announcers talk about Houstons receivers blocking responsibilities, etc and it was all so very familiar.

Comment 5 hours ago

Nah, those folks out in LA are going to go through the same case of over inflating their status that Michigan and Texas went through...I expect the candidates to be 1)Chip Kelly 2)John Gruden 3)Tony Dungy 4)Bill Bellichek 5)Knute Rockne 6)Paul Brown 7)Steven Speilberg 8)Snoop

Comment 08 Oct 2015

I like how they fluff Harbaugh as the best coach in the history of the universe and dismiss their arch rival like Urban doesn't know what he's doing. It is pure Michigsn that they are underestimating an Urban Meyer that has won 3 national titles, the best winning percentage in the last 50 years (4th all time), four 13+ win seasons, three 20 game win streaks, 104 wins in his first 10 years faster than all but 1 coach, 43-3 record at OSU, loaded current roster with multiple Heisman caliber players and defending a national title that came from perhaps the best single seasoncoaching job of all time. I cannot wait for November 28th. 

Comment 07 Oct 2015

No doubt. Les is always good for an amazing sound byte. Guy is so kooky he named his daughter Smacker. I suppose you can thank Herbie for ruining that deal. 

However, Harbaugh is certainly no slouch when it comes to weird pressers. It appears to be part of the Michigan Man hubris. 

Comment 06 Oct 2015

Obviously you have learned, never ever pay in full for services not yet rendered in the construction world. If someone requests pay in full before the work is complete, then move along and take your business elsewhere. There is a reason that construction is one the few industries where it is standard to hold retainage. 

You should have an attorney draft a letter to Angie's List and also the contractor. I don't know the Lein Waiver protocol in Kentucky but you can certainly threaten Angie's List and the contractor. Request a refund for the percentage of work you think is not complete, at least. Hopefully you have some emails or form of contact for the record. At the very least, if your agreement to Angie's List constitutes a contract, then the contractors doing work through there most certainly have a contractural agreement to perform.  A lawyer can likely shred that to pieces without going to court.  Unfortunately Very common and work a legal consult.

If it doesn't pan out, you should seriously tell your story to the Adam Corolla show "To Catch a Contractor."

Comment 05 Oct 2015

I'm a pretty optimistic fan usually. But if I'm going to critique the Buckeyes, it's only in family. I would never admit to anyone outside of Buckeye nation those "issues." The folks outside the family are only going to hear why the Buckeyes are great and/or #1 in the universe. 

I would venture to guess, that phenomenon is what you're taking in from the Bammers also. I'm sure their chat boards were a mess after they shit the bed against Ole Miss for the 2nd year in a row. We just don't look at their boards ever, or 93938483948 times a day like here. 

Comment 04 Oct 2015

They do A twist in the tactic in The Program and make guys carry a football everywhere. If someone on campus is able to jar it loose, then the whole team has to run. 

It's that or spend extra practice time to work on ball handling skills and also protecting the rock in traffic. 

Comment 02 Oct 2015

Nerd Alert but back in my day, I would run this defense and the quarters type D when playing NCAA on  xbox 360 online. It would shut down all the pass happy players and/or option type perimeter plays. When guys would try to run on it, I would blitz the front 6. 

Coversely, when it was ran against me, I just ran power i all the way down the field.