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Comment 18 hours ago

If it involves passing the ball some, count me in for that scheme.  I feel good knowing that we'll have two of the power run spread gurus with 5* talent to run it on our side.  Look how close we were with crappy predictable offense...we saw at the back end of 2014 what we can do when teams are on their heels against our offense.

Shred fest 2017.

Comment 20 hours ago

It was the perfect storm:

1) First Year of the playoffs. 

2) Two great matchups. One was a showdown of two old money blue bloods. The other was a show down of the Nuevo rich with lots of recent success. 

3) Traditional New Year's Day time slot that everyone plans around. Firm believer that the New Year's Eve games hurt ratings and lose many casual fans...where as everyone just plans on CFB all New Year's Day (unless it falls on a Sunday then NFL wins out). 

Comment 13 Jan 2017

I went to the Washington night game in the Shoe in 03 (i think).  While it was fun because we didnt have many night games back then Washington was butt that year and it didnt move the meter much.

Comment 13 Jan 2017

Good data.

I was reading yesterday about when college football record keeping should start.  It was a great synopsis of rules of the game, college actually playing, how points were scored, the type of ball used, etc at certain points in time.  I think 1912 was my choice and the game resembled the game you see today (oblong ball, forward passing, leagues) and there were about 70 colleges playing.  Anyhow, it now looks like you can start even further back and OSU is king.

Comment 12 Jan 2017

I dont know if its the most early enrollees but I saw on the tronz last night that the 10 early entrants alone would still be the #2 class in the B1G and like #6 nationally.

Comment 11 Jan 2017


The entire fucking point of a playoff is to settle it on the field - and not leave it up to talking head opinions.

The exact opposite argument is to be made that the #1 seed not winning it is why we should have a playoff.

Comment 10 Jan 2017

4. The shibboleth about two quarterback SYSTEMS meaning you "don't have any QB at all" is stale and stupid, the stuff of conventional minds and exactly the place where you look to be innovative and revolutionary. Urban Meyer won his first NC doing just that, challenging old concepts with Tebow as his redzone guy...this is a new era, with unprecedented talent on the roster that needs to play. Clemson showed us something we are uniquely positioned to capitalize on and take to the next level. Meyer already invented the 2 QB system for a NC. Return to your roots.

No.  Urban had a package where Tebow would come in on short yardage/goal line and either run as a fullback or throw a jump pass. as a change up  It wasnt a two QB system and it wasnt a redzone system.  It was just instances where the the BIG package was run.

Finding one QB is hard enough, two never works.  There are instances where you can add a package (wildcat/goal line jump pass/etc) as mentioned but there is a reason folks dont run two QB systems - mostly is that it doesnt work.  And also at the college level, practice time and coaching interactions are limited by the NCAA.  It's too much for kids to process/prep in the allotted time and with classes, etc.

Also, Watson had 56 pass attempts and what amounted to 24 carries last night.  The guy balled out, period.  He started slow and then took off...if you're taking a guy like Watson in and out in spurts, i dont think hes gets into his groove like he did by the end of the game last night.  I would indeed like to see more tempo but no way on 2 QBS.

Comment 10 Jan 2017

I see the Buckeyes around #5.

When you look at Bama, FSU, USC are probably a lock for top 3.  After that you could probably lump us in with Penn State, Ok State, Washington and probably Clemson (even though they lose Watson), Oklahoma, Wisconsin.  The main theme being that there are lots of established QBs returning.

Edit - better save a seat at the table for Tennessee and ND also.

Comment 06 Jan 2017

Fleck will have to go head to head against Harbaugh in their annual battle for the Little Brown Jug

Comment 06 Jan 2017

What I like about that is that we were totally predictable, mostly played against a stacked box daring us pass, and largely vanilla and still won against some good teams (throw out the Clemson loss).  We were winning and putting up numbers DESPITE crap offensive schemes/plans and QB passing game regression.

With an uptick in QB growth, play calling diversity/balance being less predictable, and a pass every now and then - we are going to shred.  I am really pumped for Wilson especially to add his ingredients to the Buckeye juice.