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Comment 4 hours ago

Who really knows but there have certainly been rumblings that Schilling hammed up the theatrics...and even some folks who claim it was just ketchup and not blood. Gary Thorne once claimed during a broadcast that he heard it was fake from the trainer. 

Schilling has heard it too:

Comment 8 hours ago

Campus Partners is made up of high ranking OSU officials.  They ARE the University and are essentially "cleaning up" the areas immediately surrounding campus to attract top students and also top dollars.  We really need to frame our mindset that the adjacent land to the east of OSU's campus is also now part of campus.

I was initially against the Campus Partners efforts when the South Campus Gateway booted out all my old favorite bars...however, now I am all for the High Street corridor becoming a clean/safe newly planned and developed entry to the University.  The dive bars and "culture" to campus will remain, just not so visible right on High Street.  Go ahead and make the High Street corridor an appealing place for parents to want to send their straight A students.  Walking to class will be that much better.  However, the students who want to get down at the seedy, hipster joints, will find those bars too - just not right on High Street...they will make up the vibrant neighborhoods surrounding the university. 

Ohio State, the university, is evolving and so too is its landscape...and it's all carefully planned strategic growth.  Count the east side of High St as campus now.

Comment 8 hours ago

Since he officially signed to play with the Buckeyes back in February, McCall said he has been getting up at 4:30 every morning to get to the gym by 5 a.m. before school starts. He has been working to gain weight — McCall said he currently weighs 180 pounds — while not losing any of his speed.

I have a feeling this kid is going to be will be known as the Percy Harvin Demario McCall position very soon.

Comment 29 Apr 2016

I took this picture earlier today...thinking how crazy it is that the day you become a 21 year old multimillionaire ends up being a pretty shitty day:

I actually am impressed dudes can rip bongs and still be so good at sports (Randy Moss all time #1 at that in my book). 
Comment 28 Apr 2016

It's an entire video, clearly him:

I HIGHLY doubt it's from high school. He's probably had 10 phones since then.

Also there is an Ole Miss Rebels flag on the wall. Laremy is from FLA. 

Comment 27 Apr 2016

I always say that about these worthless comments and false reports. All just posturing for financial negotiations and smoke screens. 

Life skills don't matter when you're a millionaire athlete who has trainers, nutritionists, maids, chefs, valets, etc. Much of that comes as a perk of the job not an out of pocket expense. Their time is better spent watching film and working out.

This life skills comment is pretty ridiculous. Hell, I learned early because I had to. But I'm 34, by no means in the same financial stratosphere as these guys and its better economics for me to have laundry service, cleaning lady, prepared meals from Giant Eagle/Whole Foods/etc. Anything you don't know you learn by watching on YouTube...or if you're a millionaire, you pay for other folks to do it for you. What a dumb comment. 

Comment 26 Apr 2016

I would have thought coaches paid attention to that. You have some rum dumb receive all emails. Only things he forwards gets to the coach. Otherwise the coach has no connection to anything. 

That or just do the right thing and kick a criminal off your team. 

Comment 25 Apr 2016

Cowboys seem to be the popular landing spot...perhaps because of their frequent trips to CBus this offseason.

I like all 5 of these spots as they obviously afford Dale to learn under a solid pro QB before being thrust into the NFL cauldron.  The cold/windy cities seem to always be rumored to take big arm guys.  I like Pitt, Arizona and/or San Diego just for their situations and tutelage for CJ.