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Comment 15 Feb 2017

What my take is, and it's purely speculation on what I'm seeing/reading, is they are trying to attract the brightest and best - which they should - which is really all about the almighty dollar and funding.  They are distancing themselves from anyone with a pulse gets in and rightfully so.  In doing so, they are dressing up the High St corridor to be clean, safe and appealing to out of staters, internationals, families...aka big money.  Based on clean and new mixed used buildings in dense areas, that equals high rent, which typically equals big chains moving in...aka more big money. For me, I am all for this - ASSUMING that campus retains its flavor and seedy dive bars on all the side streets and surrounding area.  It works for me to have options on campus - if you want to show your parents some nice stuff, great...but then when they leave, go get smashed at the dive bars back in the off campus housing areas or a little further north and south of the main campus drag.  I like to think of it more as a reshuffling of the deck and diversifying the portfolio. Many colleges are set up this way and so are a majority of the cities in this country - It works and I hope that's what they mean by "typical."

Also, Ann Arbor is actually a great college town.  I know it's blasphemy to say here but there are lots of great bars, pubs, restaurants in a college town that is little more than a student base - a student base that's less than ours and an overall population far less than ours. Probably a poor choice of example for the article but we certainly have the means to revamp our near campus amenities and the way High Street interacts with campus to adapt to the times and keep the Universities upward trend.

Comment 13 Feb 2017

Ahhhh, there it is - the Michigan spin.

I just googled it, Harbaugh overlapped with with Michael Johnson in the 2000 season.  A season for the Charges that saw Harbaugh play himself out of the league in a few appearances and also saw Ryan Leaf go back and forth as a starter.

Harbaugh did not retain this dude on the 49ers staff when he took over in 2011 and Johnson was there in 2009/2010.

I'm sure it's a legit hire based on merit.

Comment 13 Feb 2017

I read somewhere the other day that Michigan fans were defending the Patridge hire by pointing out his coaching chops in that he now moved from a recruiting coordinator to a special teams assistant and LB assistant.  I'm sure theres something on this guys resume that qualifies him for the hire and its not just to secure his son to the squad.

PS, is it this Michael Johnson's kid?

Comment 13 Feb 2017

Yeah, this game was all over the news in CBus about a month ago.  There were tons of players and local quasi-celebs at the game.  Looks like a real barn burner with two future Buckeyes balling out.

Comment 13 Feb 2017

I'll 3rd that.  I hear them on the radio but up until last night, I had no idea they were from CBus.  Did some googling once I heard they're from here and saw the same about the guy getting a scholly to Otterbein but declined to do music.  Looks like that was ther correct decisions...big ups for these dudes.

Regarding the pants, whatever gets your name in the headlines...

Comment 10 Feb 2017

Two teams I love to see lose...and I didnt think I'd ever be pulling for ole swamp ass Jimbo but as it stands, I'd like to see FSU beat Bama in that one.

Comment 06 Feb 2017

Love the mindset and love kids wanting to mix it up and compete.  Tate is well on his way to being the football Aaron Craft - beloved internally by Buckeyes and despised by all non-Buckeye fans.

I remember once upon a time I was good at sports and I always wanted to play against the best and/or with the best.  I was always jacked to compete against the best competition around.

Comment 06 Feb 2017

I believe Meyer too assuming the philosophy he is referencing is recruiting the best damn WRs you can get.

I also agree you dont necessarily need to be 6'5" but I dont believe it's a coincidence that we've seen our WRs average height grow as we've seen some big body WRs move chains on folks.  A nice mix of a tall guy or two outside the hashes opens up the H back receiver/slot guys/tight end to do work inside the hashes.  Those big guys can take the top off the defense also which in turn stretches the D to cover the field and will open big lanes for running.  Makes all the sense in the world.  You can also do this with smaller guys (see Devin Smith) but if a 6'0" guy and a 6'5" are of similar speed/routes you'd take the taller guy all day every day.  I believe OSU is trying to simply diversify it's portfolio of talent and keep on adapting to stay one step ahead of defensive builds.

Comment 05 Feb 2017

They have a coach with strong Louisiana ties and also a freshman who played all year went to the same high school as a couple of these kids who committed. I think the freshman player got these kids come to junior day and sold them on early playing time and making a name together, somewhere new. 

Comment 03 Feb 2017

It seems like Strong was treated at Texas similar to RichRod at Michigan.  Now Strong did a little better on the field but without full support from the big money movers and shakers, they're doomed.

Regarding Texas Tom Herman, I dont think guys at that level are scared or worried.  It's more that programs like OSU are poaching Texas talent while the Longhorns are somewhat down.  If and when Tom gets them up and humming and hip again, he'll have no problem locking down top in state talent.  I would bet a guy like Herman is confident he will do that.  This recruiting cycle will get excused eventually because all his relationships were with Houston level kids...not at Texas.  He scrambled to do what he could and I would wager he'll have a solid haul next year.  Natural attrition from a coaching change will probably open up plenty of spots too.