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Comment 59 minutes ago

None of these stories matter at all. 

Mattison went to a kids house to try and get that kid to Michigan. That kid is not coming to Michigan. Mattison failed at his attempt. 

The level of embarassment is just icing on the cake. Since none of us were there and it's all speculating, my take is that Mattison is a grumpy old man and just phoning it in at this point. He was hired by Hoke and demoted by Jimmy...he may be a grouch just sleepwalking till his retirement condo is built. 

Comment 1 hour ago

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ talks. 

We are polarizing. Good or bad, they will be talking about us. 

Comment 1 hour ago

Yep. Does not matter. Mattison was there to recruit a kid to Michigan and ended up getting kicked out of the kids house. Misunderstanding or not, Mattison did about as poorly as you can when desperately recruiting a kid to your school. 

Comment 22 hours ago

Sports is about entertaient. I don't give a shit about what Marshawn has to say or any other player with their cliche responses. However, the folks up in arms about this is indeed more entertaining than a straight up interview that are 99% useless. For that, I say keep entertaining Marshawn. 

Comment 28 Jan 2015

Thats a solid'd be certain that kid would get a fair shake.

Comment 27 Jan 2015

Harith Mitchom?

Didnt Harith Mitchom slay Jar Jar Binx in the Danarith Galaxy?

Comment 27 Jan 2015

Thats the question...if Michigan's guys turn into something like the list you posted, then they'll say it's all Harbaugh - and probably rightfully so, based on the results we've seen.  

Conversely, if those same guys never amount to squat, then Harbaugh will be excused and they'll say Jimbo didnt recruit those guys and Hoke left the cupboard bare.  What I was doing in the first post above is pointing out that the Michigan folks are admitting that Hoke recruited well...just saying to make a note of it for when they start losing and see where the excuses/spin takes it.  I think they are going to be stubborn about admitting Jim Harbaugh is not the #1 coach in the history of the universe.

Also, I'm not talking about who had more or less in that cupboard...but for the record, we had no excuses.  It was implementing a new system on offense and defense.  We still won, despite growing pains, and also produced with very young players at key positions mixed with some older leadership.  And with reduced scholarships.

Comment 27 Jan 2015

For those who dont want to click all the slides:

1. Ohio State Buckeyes 

[ohiostate] Sure, they got plenty of grief for back-to-back blowout BCS title game losses in 2006 and 2007, but the Buckeyes also own a pair of national championships, including the inaugural College Football Playoff crown. The program has also posted double-digit victories in nine of the last 10 seasons, shared or captured the Big Ten regular season title outright eight times, and boasts a Heisman Trophy winner this century (quarterback Troy Smith in 2006). 

In addition, Ohio State became the first team to win 14 games in one season back in 2002, before duplicating that feat (albeit with one extra game) this year. The Buckeyes are one of two programs (LSU being the other) to win national championships under two different head coaches this century (Jim Tressel in 2002, Urban Meyer in 2014). 

Comment 27 Jan 2015

Playoff champion Ohio State suffered more starting QB games missed due to injury than every other national champion since 1985 combined, including legit co-champs.

I love these all time stats that keep rolling in.  This title is still so fresh and we're all still so giddy...I think as this sinks in and settles its going to turn into a magical ride of lore that started from the depths of hell after VT and steamrolled all the way to the first ever playoff title.  In time, this will be remembered as an improbable run of young guns and backups to backups and the start of one of the greatest dynasties in sports.

Comment 27 Jan 2015

Even Harbaugh isn't going to get them all. It's one of the consequences of running an ethical program. However, it should be obvious to anyone watching that Harbaugh is an even better recruiter than Brady Hoke, who did a wonderful job in that department while he was at Michigan.

[Even Harbaugh isnt going to get them all]  Right, like he's the new age John Wooden and just hand picking the kids he wants to fill out his class.

[It's one of the consequences of running an ethical program]  Penn St said the same.  But Michigan has had its own issues as well.  Gibbons, Clark, etc.

[However, it should be obvious to anyone watching that Harbaugh is an even better recruiter than Brady Hoke, who did a wonderful jo in that department while at Michigan] 1-No idea how it's obvious that Harbaugh is a better recruiter than Hoke...I guess getting Andrew Luck while at Stanford guarantees for life that you're the best recruiter in the world. 2-Take note that they are saying Hoke was a great a few months they're going to make excuses for Harbaugh that the cupboard is bare and they're too young and Hoke didnt leave Harbaugh the right pieces.  Almost like you cant win with Frosh and Sophs - except that we just won a National Title with a very young team.

Comment 26 Jan 2015

The ultimate plug & play, backup gunslinger, ice in veins, junk yard dog.

Dude balled out on the 3 toughest opponents we've faced in his first 3 the first ever playoff.  Legendary shit.

Comment 26 Jan 2015

I had a 96 LeSabre, totally loaded, as a first car.  It was awesome, tons of balls and just cruised like a champ on the road.

I totally beat the living shit out of that car and never really had any issues.  We thought about entering it into a demolition derby at the end of its life but that was harder to do than I thought...

Comment 26 Jan 2015

Sounds like a calculated move by the ACC.  Keeping their weak circled in by wagons in the safety zone and dont let them get exposed in the real world.

Comment 26 Jan 2015

Right.  As an early 30s working stiff with a career that I take seriously, it was frustrating not being able to celebrate properly during the game or after it at all.  I had to DVR all the post game crow eating by the talking heads.  Only had a couple cocktails during the game and the last drink I poured in the 4th quarter I severely regretted.

Get your shit together NCAA and demand that game, with all your leverage, to be on a Saturday night so we can rage.


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