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Comment 22 Jun 2016

That game was a reality check. It was embarrassing to an extent that Argentina was pretty much toying with us. However, you have to like the fact that we made it to the semi-finals of a good tournament. We have a ways to go before challenging the upper echelon when they're at full capacity...but there's hope. 

I would really like to see more of Nagbe and Pulisic. I think our D is starting to be pretty regular. We just need some offensive players with skill. I really think Pulisic and Nagbe are a big step up if they can get on the field. 

As for Messi. Guy is a freak and genetically engineered specifically for soccer. The ball is glued to his feet in tight spaces...and he is so accustomed to getting hack attempts he dodges them like he is operating at full speed and everyone else is in slo-mo. 

Comment 21 Jun 2016

In some cases...

I do not know anything about the DAngelo's family and/or upbringing...but from a purely numbers stand point, there are quite a few NBA players who do not come stable homes or have a good upbringing.  Also evidenced in financial decisions these kids make.

Anyhow, I like to think I came from a nice stable upbringing and there is no way in hell I could handle being 19 or 20 and famous with generational money windfalled into my bank account - and in an era of social media.  I would have been in lots of trouble and probably still in jail.  Not that what DRuss did was criminal, it was just a shitty thing to have happen and a consequence of being famous at a young age - thus a very public lesson learned.

Comment 21 Jun 2016

They were fleecing a fund for underprivileged kids to go to college....while Pat himself was making $2.9mm a year plus many perks like housing, jet, golf memberships, etc.  Even if you're stealing $0.01 from underprivileged kids, you are a piece of shit.  You're an even bigger piece of shit when you're employed by an educational institution and making millions.

Comment 19 Jun 2016

Big ups CLE. Big ups Ohio.

i really think that 1st title will bust the lid off and Cleveland is about to win a slew of titles.  The Cavs will hold down the fort while the Browns and Indians get their shit together.

Time to party!

Comment 19 Jun 2016

I hope Ohio teams do well, for the whole Ohio Against the World theme. But As a native Toledoan, I grew up a Detroit pro sports fan. It was a 45 min trip to see the Tigers/Wings. Lions were farther north in Pontiac and Pistons were and are still in Auburn Hills. We went to many games growing up in all 4 sports. 

I moved away after high school and never moved back. The first 5 years or so I went back often but after college my trips are few and far between...even less so to Deteoit. With all that life throws at you, I don't have time to sit down and watch sports like I once used to. Only Buckeye football and hoops get my full attention. I watch a fair amount golf and also European soccer When I am able.  I have no true allegiance to pro sports anymore. I would like Ohio teams to do well but I'm loving every play. The only appointment viewing for me is Ohio State. With that said, I want the Cleveland fans to get a title. I think just one will bust the lid off and then much success will follow. 

Comment 17 Jun 2016

You nailed it with snow ball effect  

A big part of it is that the NFL talent further aides Urbans relationships with NFL coaches/scouts. It does wonders that front offices call Urban to ask if they should take a guy or not, whether a kid is worth reaching for, etc. Just another tool/dynamic Urban and staff use on the recruiting trail.  

Bama/Saban benefit from the same. 

Comment 15 Jun 2016

Also, the NFL is incorporating more and more of these priciples in their offenses. No better place to learn that the guy who does it better than anyone else, at the most visible and polarizing university out there. 

Comment 15 Jun 2016

Dude is direct, no BS and crystal clear on his expectations. That is a recipe for success in sports, business and life. The proof is in Urbans winning percentage and rings. Further proof in recruiting. Even more proof in an already extensive coaching tree. The guy is a fucking master at his job.