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Comment 7 hours ago

. Id much rather hear something funny and/or creative and/or trendsetting than a yelling out planned violent obscenities. I'm no PC police or prude, quite the opposite, I just don't care for that kind of low brow shock value. 

More of an old party animal just trynna make A few laps in the rat race. I just don't care for a planned out "rip his fucking head off."  Im ALL FOR partying and having a good time. If a DE broke free and had a clear shot at a QB and somebody spontaneously yelled "RIP HIS FUCKING HEAD OFF" then Im cool. I just think it's lame to yell that out in unison at a kick off. Not creative or funny. 

Comment 24 hours ago

I would pay for the Horseshoe to have grass (again)...

Edit: I edited this after inactuay read it was turf. Still NO. 

However, after THE Game in 2002 I grabbed a little chunk while on the field. I think we ended up smoking it after the Miami game. 

Comment 18 Sep 2014

There's a similar one...

What does Michigan and marijuana have in common?  Both get smoked in bowls  

Comment 18 Sep 2014

It always cracks me up when Michigan people make the comments and don't look at their own modern era (that they've lived through) that is littered with losses at home to powerhouses like Appalachian State, Toledo and Utah.  Hopefully future generation do consider the context when looking back and laugh their asses off at those losses...I agree with you there. 

Anyhow, OSU played a number of Ohio teams because it was in the Ohio Conference at the time. The same Ohio Conference that produced the likes of John Heisman. So, I don't discount a single OSU victory. They are all legit, against legit competition at the time, I've confirmed it with a number of drunken tailgate historical scholars. 

However, I do completely discount victories that Michigan tries to claim over such entities  as: American Medical, Ann Arbor High School, Camp Grant, U Club, Cleveland AA, Detroit AC, Detroit Industial, Havard Club Chicago, Iowa Pre Flight, Michigan AA, Michigan MA, P&S Chicago and Quantico Marines - to name a few. 

Comment 18 Sep 2014

Would you, as a GM of a pro franchise, want to invest millions in a kid with a drug addiction?  With nothing in his past showing you that he can keep clean. With more testing than in college and harsher life penalties and livelihoods on the line. 

Id make sure before I draft him that he and his agent agree to sign for quite a few sobriety clauses in his contract. Otherwise, no dice, I'll see if you're there as and UDFA. 

Which sucks because Spence is a beast. Think about how badass he's played while likely partying hard after games and during. the week. And partying on drugs that do not help your performance. Very similar to Randy Moss, likely amazing sober. Randy balled out high as a kite. 

Heres to hoping Spence gets it together. 

Comment 18 Sep 2014

I am a 33 year old professional and graduate of The Ohio State University. I am not offended and/or upset about that chant but I do think it's trashy, not creative or funny, and just wish it wasn't done. Just my personal take. Id much rather hear something funny and/or creative and/or trendsetting than a yelling out planned violent obscenities. I'm no PC police or prude, quite the opposite, I just don't care for that kind of low brow shock value. 

Comment 18 Sep 2014

If you actually look at some of their "all time winningest" wins - they count victories over HIGH SCHOOLS, YMCAs, and other various mens clubs. Their whole program is built on old time embellishment and tall tales!

Comment 17 Sep 2014

Trent Dilfers jewelry collection is better than Marinos...

I bet you a cold sixer of Zima that Marino would trade all of his passing statistics for just one Super Bowl ring. And so would all the Dolphin fans out there (including Ray Finkle). 

Comment 17 Sep 2014

Jeez everyone, take it easy in Jameis - it's not like he raped someone, or stole something or destroyed someone's property - he just yelled some obscenities. 

Oh, wait, he did do all of that you say!?  Wells then this kid is a piece of shit. 

Great tweet by Finkes, BTW. 

Comment 17 Sep 2014

I like the premise a lot...But I would take it a step further and do this with maybe five super conferences.

  • The B1G/MAC (BigMac is a great conference name).
  • The SEC/Sunbelt
  • The Big12/CUSA
  • The PAC16/Mountain West
  • The ACC/AAC

You take the relegation principle based on a two year cycle.

Championship wise you take the 5 conference champions and 3 at large teams and have a playoff.


Comment 17 Sep 2014

I thought it was refreshing how good and pure he seemed.  Woody genuinely cared so much about the players and also their overall educations.  I really miss that about college athletics and the true student athlete.

I'm glad little nuggets like that still exist in this day and age.

Comment 17 Sep 2014



That was so glorious when Toledo beat Michigan...I think that whole season I told the joke "Did you hear they canceled the Ohio State vs Michigan game - Yeah, they had to because Michigan couldnt get past Toledo!  Ha WOOOOOOOOOOOO!" about 91832912389128 times.

Comment 16 Sep 2014

The correct response is: F@CK HER RIGHT IN THE P€$$Y!

Comment 16 Sep 2014

Yes, I originally wanted to trade Purdoo...but they are so garbage that I would be happy to just get rid of them. They contribute absolutely nothing to the B1G and are at best the 3rd college in a terrible state.