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Comment 14 Apr 2017

From what I remember, there were rumblings about shady dealings. But there were also health rumblings. At his ritirement presser he said it wasn't health just that he was 62 and guessed he had about 10 more years and wanted to live them out in peace. 

Comment 14 Apr 2017

The West Virginia governor should stay in his lane and get to work on governing.  It's a beautiful state but one in shambles.

Also, trying to push out Doc Holliday for no other reason than he's friends with former coach Pruett is absolutely ridiculous.  Holliday has the Herd back in a good spot.  I know Pruett had those amazing teams with Pennington and Moss and those guys but he's been out of the game for a while and he had a niche of taking SEC cast offs/troubled dudes.

But to answer OP - Doc Holliday is a dang good coach and especially as a coordinator and especially especially as a coordinator with a history with Urban.

Comment 14 Apr 2017

I had always maintained they dont bring anything to the table and art the 3rd best school in a bad state...however, if they're serious about reinvesting some of their B1G money into their program and now with Brohm - I'm interested to see what they can do.  As long as they're contributing and trying, I will allow it.

Comment 04 Apr 2017

Kelly should be canned and would be if he hadnt made that natty game.  He's had some declining seasons, completely disorganized and not prepared games, academic fraud, sketchy off field deaths, and repeatedly thrown players and other coaches under the bus.  Kelly did go on to say that Kizer has NFL talent just isnt there yet...but still, no reason to come out and say that. He may be accurate in his statement but Kizer was not the problem...its was lack of game planning and perhaps the worst defense they've ever had.  Needless comment and something as a coach you should have enough tact to only say in private when ball clubs ask you, if even then.

Kids are always watching - via sportscenter, twitter, whatever - and if I'm a QB no way I want to play for that jerk.    Hopefully recruits will think twice about a coach who  tanks draft stock.

Comment 03 Apr 2017

For that very reason, I was all in on that dude until I saw some graphic on SportsCenter that no guy who qualified for the Masters the week before/last tournament has ever finished better than 5th. 

It was just on in the background at the gym but I'm fairly certain that's what it said. 

Comment 29 Mar 2017

Came to say the same...

I give the Browns a pass on their uniforms because what the hell are you supposed to do with the worst color scheme in sports.  And how are you supposed to change the color scheme when Brown is in your title.

What I dont give them a pass for is paying some design firm seven digits just to change the brightness of the orange.

Comment 24 Mar 2017

Like everything in this world, social interactions are always evolving. Coaching and coach speak is no different. It pays no reward for college coaches who  have to recruit for a lifeblood to be shitty or brief with the media. I think many times they are purposefully planting seeds and or sending indirect (sometimes direct) messages out to the twittersphere. Better to control your message(s). Your Urban Meyers and Nick Sabans are certainly direct and fairly candid. You get a glimpse at their no BS, everything for a reason type program. Others like Harbaugh, use the 24/7 media as a way to stay hip and relevant. Many of his odd pressers are just Jimbo amusing himself by creating free publicity. You'll have your occasional rant or blow up from any competitive coach but they're aware it's all part of controlling perception to recruits/players who are always windowshopping - and out their watching.

I think all the coaches now a days use the coverage/social media/blogs as a tool to push their program out to the world and get a little glimpse of how they run things and how they will propel you to where you want to be in life. Now that includes on and off the field. All access 24/7 and coaches are adapting to that part of the profession.  

As for a guy like Mike Leach, he's operating in a 4D matrix and we're just a 2D processor. 

Comment 22 Mar 2017

I suppose it depends...perhaps they have a strict policy against any type of misdemeanor domestic violence but their allow partying misdemeanors - or vice versa.  Or perhaps this is just a case of a university choosing when to enforce a policy and the guy can prove they've chosen to look the other way for other misdemeanors of the same classification on other hires.

In the end, just sounds like Lane being Lane.

Comment 21 Mar 2017

Yes Ohio state has the brand.  Ohio State is also a brand in and of itself.  Doesnt matter if its mens pistol, synchronized swimming, wrestling, club sports, or in the academia world.  Ohio State is a known and recognized school and brand and has enough resources to make every program and facility among the tops in the nation.  You shouldnt have problems pulling good players to Ohio State no matter what sport you're coaching.  Is our basketball team going to sign 8 five star McDonalds All Americans every year over Duke and UNC- No...but it's not unreasonable to expect to make the tourney every year.  Especially when you watch the tourney and there are a dozen or so teams either largely comprised of Ohio guys and/or have some key Ohio players.  We can and should attract good solid players, dont even have to look too far to do so if we dont want, and can certainly be a hip spot to play.  Look at all the LeBron support and gifts the team gets.  Think back to when we're decent - see Duke at home a few years ago - and LeBron is sitting courtside and there's 20k folks in the Schott.  Look back at all the players Thad has landed over the years.  Does hoops have the draw that football does, no and probably never will - but they should definitely be riding footballs coattails, or Nike, or whatever the hell they can until they get their sea legs back.  

My point is that Ohio State can and should be a formidable basketball team.  I think Thad has a great track record and has had some unexpected roster vacancies and a missing leadership core - but with the right pieces in place, we can be elite.  I dont think its unreasonable to expect to be in the B1G hunt and in the tourney every year - which we largely have been under Thad.  For those reasons this is THE year for Thad to rebound the program... I think Thad himself/fans/OSU demand a better effort and performance than this past season and definitely should be demanding that.

Comment 20 Mar 2017

I don't disagree with your comment - I think the point is that Ohio State has the brand, the wealth and resources to steamroll anybody in our state.  And That settling for a few shit seasons in a row shouldnt  be tolerated. However, basketball doesn't always work out that black and white  

In hoops, it seems You're successful one of two ways. One being that you're team has been together for a few years and are senior leaders with battle tested guys - typically embodied by smaller school. Or two, you have at least 1 or 2 one and done type guys sprinkled in with blue collar glue guys playing their roles - often the bigger school. 

Ohio State hasn't done either. We've had one and done guys but they weren't good and left not for NBA and only because of some odd internal issues. I don't think Ohio State should settle but I'm still willing to take one more year on Thad while he sorts out the roster. It's definitely time to shit out a tourney birth or get of the pot. 

Comment 15 Mar 2017

Agree.  One thing is that there were games when he didnt get his number called much if at all.  There were also games when we fed him the rock and the dude produced.  Weber's usage was baffling and inconsistent.

I think the problem is that we are coming off a couple of all time feature back in Hyde and Zeke...and then last year with Weber we had JT running a bunch, Samuel running some and just werent consistently featuring Weber despite him doing well when we did.  Even against Clemson, Weber was ripping off chunk yards when nobody else was, he just fumbled at the end of those.

Weber can be damn good if given the carries.  And I really think Wilson's offense is going to open up the box for him.  Look at Wilon's IU running backs...

Comment 10 Mar 2017

Step 1 to earning their trust - throw on the tapes from Wilson's time at Oklahoma and their shredding during his time with good talent.

Step 2 - throw on the tapes from his coordinator days Miami, OH and Nerdwestern to show what he can do with shit talent.

Step 3 - throw on the tapes from his time as HC at IU and show what he can do with super shit talent playing against your team's D.

Step 4 - Enjoy trust.