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  • SPORTS MOMENT: As a fan, attending the '14 B1G Championship Game vs Wisconsin. The setup, setting and execution made for a surreal atmosphere.

    As a player, pitching the game of my life to beat our conference rival in the playoffs my senior year. #MariemontWarriors
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Comment 06 Mar 2015

Great video here. Wild (or feral) cats are so much different than their domesticated brethren.... almost like real wild animals forced to fend for themselves. For strictly scientific reasons, I'd like to see domesticated cats (along with dogs, rats, birds, etc.) moved to an island for some generations to see how quickly they revert back to survival instincts in lieu of their domesticated qualities. I bet most of the cats would do alright, but the overbred, manipulated species like bulldogs would be fucked. Those dogs can't even give birth without human intervention because we've bred their heads to dangerous sizes over successive generations.

That's why my first dog (fingers crossed) will be a Rhodesian Ridgeback. They've only been domesticated a few hundred years, so still possess their natural survival instincts.

I'm not the biggest fan of cats, probably because I grew up with them. But they definitely serve a purpose. And if I had a farm, you can bet I'd have a few around just to take care of rodents. They're natural hunters. Just gotta let them do their thing.

Comment 18 Feb 2015

My first game was in '99 vs the Ron Dayne Badgers... I was so disappointed I think I cried. But I guess it taught me to appreciate the W's. Since then I've been to a ~dozen games. The Shoe is always great but the best games are on the road with your people in enemy territory.

My favorites:
'06 Fiesta Bowl vs ND: Troy, Santonio, Teddy, AJ, Pittman... We put a whooping on the Fighting Irish and set the table for next year's championship run.
'06 The Game: Didn't have tickets. Drove up from Miami U with friends and watched the game from the parking lot. Definitely the second time I cried watching OSU. God damn, I'm still hyped just thinking about it!
'14 Big Ten Championship: Nobody knew what to expect and if you say you did, you're a damn liar. 3rd string QB leading the team after last year's loss vs MSU. And we straight up dominated. Strangers were hugging, mom's bouncing to the PA's rap beats (one hand in the air with the deuces out), and grown men crying tears of joy. We were all like proud fathers. It was when Joey scooped that fumble right before halftime the experienced crossed into the surreal. You could just look in your neighbor's eyes and feel his joy.

Watching the games on TV is fun. But there's nothing like being there live and contributing to that crowd noise. Getting your section so hyped you feel like you could take credit for that third down stop. High-fiving/hugging complete strangers when your team scores. Oh, and watching the band take the field at halftime to Dot the i. That's something that doesn't translate through TV. You gotta be there when that happens.

God damn, I love Ohio State football.

Comment 26 Jan 2015

It's definitely helps having Coach Coombs recruit the 513. So does winning national championships but that's another story.

Comment 18 Jan 2015

Right on, Chris. Life is so much more enjoyable when you appreciate accomplishments rather than stressing tomorrow's problems - especially those you have no control over.

This was a special season for me personally. I got to attend three games and watched another three with my dad which is rare because we live in different cities. The rest of the games I watched at Rhino Bar in DC with an awesome crowd of fellow buckeye fans. I'll never forget who I was with for for that amazing post season run. So much joy. Great memories.

Go Bucks!

Comment 15 Jan 2015

Crazy we're even talking about Cardale and the draft. On the one hand, he's started 3 college games in his career. Good as they were, I don't think he's ready for the NFL. But if he comes back to Cbus, he's likely sitting the bench and his stock may again never be as high as it is now.

Whatever he does, I'll be happy for him.

Comment 07 Jan 2015

sounds like an opportunity to make some money. I made plenty on the bama game.