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Comment 05 Jan 2013

As a jaguar fan I have seen how hard it can be to find a franchise qb in this league. All of them basically have to look and feel like manning or brady. If you don't have that guy you are basically doomed to at best mediocrity until you can find him. I think the use of spread offenses and more mobile qb will allow a greater pool of qb's to choose from and giving teams a better chance to find there franchise qb. Some will be more stationary passers while others will be more mobile guys who also have the ability to pass.

Comment 05 Jan 2013

The numbers advantage doesn't come from the formation it comes from the QB being a threat to run. I kind of disagree that the zone read is the EXACT same concept as the wishbone. As chris brown from has said. The zone read is more of an enhanced version of regular zone runs. If you run a normal zone run you would bootleg the qb out the backside to hold a defender you can't block ala Denver Broncos with Shanahan and Alex Gibbs(everywhere he was at). The problem is qb back is turn and you have predetermine when he keeps the ball or hands off.  The zone read just keeps the qb face toward the defense and can now accurately tell each time when to keep the ball or hand off.