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    1997 Red Wings winner the CUP Rest was Great but
    2002 Game 7 WCFinal Red Wings Blow out Win vs Avs was BEST!! the Crowd Chanting PATRICK!! when he was finally pulled was AWESOME!!
    2002 DAHH GO BUCKS!! No one thought they would or deserved to be there hmm Same as this year.. No Respect!!
    2011 Hiring of U.Meyer as Buckeyes New HC
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Comment 14 minutes ago

Ummmm I thought the way the Defense practiced up for the Ducks Offense was the same way they did for Navy and they where blessed to have played a game like it was much easier to stop those option type plays the Ducks ran. I would of Swore I read or watched a Buckeye defensive player say that after the win.

Comment 17 minutes ago

I have a few Questions Jeremy Birmingham:

1. does &/or will Meyer do an In home visit with Terry Beckner Jr. or is that ship sailed??

2. what are the chances that I will get an offer in last min (yea 42 yr YOUNG neg 4 stars rating) and if so would I accept or take my talents else where?

Comment 19 hours ago

I agree, I said it once I'll say it again they should end up next year 7-4 or 9-2..He can get them PUMPED up for big games. that should also help his 2016 class's+..which should be good. I don't see a Tsun HB win over Meyer till maybe 2018..I hope it Never happens Period ..

But I do expect Close good THE GAMES ..when you come way knowing it could of gone either way up till the end. HB @ Stanford beat USC Pete Carol teams. But that is because HB treated USC as a RIVAL in that he got his Team that pumped up for it with a HUGE Chip on shoulder ..While Pete Carols team's didn't come into those games with same respect vs Standford. That no matter what will not be the same come next this Nov vs TSUN. Meyer will have them ready.

Comment 20 hours ago

out of the majority of those high lights he doesn't get pressured much ..Great O-line protection he got all day to pass..Now would that be the same in college @ a D1 school..? prob not

Comment 28 Jan 2015

if this Story reaches ESPiN and some how gains BIG National attention,which it shouldn't.  Its will be under the rug by tomorrow, mostly other then on BIG rival blogs like here and on Tsun Blogs. So I don't EVER see JH or Math. speaking about it Ever..

Comment 27 Jan 2015

I personally didn't get that feel from listening to the interview, that dad and son already settled on NU. But what does the boys SAT and Transcripts have to do with that statement? Even if they where not up to TSUN standards thats just simply not the way to get a recruit interested into your school. It was poorly worded conversation by Tsun coaches and gave them the out they needed to settled on Neb, with the insult, That's how I saw it.

Comment 27 Jan 2015

this is the interview of that recruit and his father talking about it

Comment 27 Jan 2015

No clearly he didn't say those exact words, but implied with VERY poor wording that very thing.

Comment 27 Jan 2015

Ok when I was younger I was WAY more a NFL fan then I am today. It took me a while, maybe more so because I didn't get to go to a lot of live games as a teen. But the older I got and the more Buckeye games I got to go too, and some NFL games I noticed greatly what was more fun to go to. I'm a 49er fan, I watched a Lot of Rice to Montana or Young to Rice plays. So I seen a lot of both winning game live, well when 49ers played in Chicago/Cleveland/Indy or Detroit. BIG difference it @ buckeye games or 2 most BIG time college games the fans got fight songs, Cheers that go around a Stadium, cheers and kickoff chants. NFL games umm Not so much ..I can't think of any really..It's just more business like which in long run start to become dull and boring. I stopped watching regular NFL games back around the 1994 year. I Know that was the last year my NFL Favorite won the super bowl and even though I watched it, I remember that I didn't recognized the over all team and didn't watch too many of there games that year.

Part of me also feels that most NFL player/s look out for their better career future interest, as I would. If they are on a team that is not performing well, within 1st 5-6 games into a season. Why would they push harder in games to win (if not a new contract year coming up) and put themselves in jeopardy late in games to get injured to shorten their careers, To me thats just not wise, but they would have to not fake it too much or they risk being cut the following year regardless.

Where as in College no matter what the record is for a team a player is playing on, if they have aspirations of making it to the NFL riches. Those players have to understand that they "never know who's watching " and should ALWAYS put forth their best efforts every game period. which make some of these college games also more fun to watch, then for me most NFL games. Also that the majority that don't have a lick of chance of making it to the NFL play for the LOVE OF THE GAME. They play their hearts out, because it's most likely there very last chance to play for a team game of a organized football that counts.

Just my opinions on why I lost interest in the NFL long ago..and why I love the College game much much more!!!

Comment 27 Jan 2015

I don't I like that that game will always be moved..and with that hopping that future games will in played in the North or Midwest.. Like Indy

Comment 25 Jan 2015

I agree..he may at times not back off a subject but that's just being human..we have plenty of members just like him..I'm sure I've done it myself..

Comment 25 Jan 2015

Sounds like more your a glass always half empty type of person..very negative...

Here is a IDEA.. GO on a UP-VOTING ANGER MANIC/RAMPAGE  ..pick any Topic and just UP-VOTE LIKE CRAZZZYYY ..Any time your upset over a your at a whim up-voting channel that anger to up-vote again!!

Comment 24 Jan 2015

That trophy has been given out for a LONG time..just with different Sponsors over the years.

here what Wiki has on the Trophy:

The trophy has undergone several sponsorship changes over the years. It was sponsored by the Gerrits Foundation during the initial 1986 and 1987 seasons. Patrick and Michael Gerrits came up with the idea for a college football trophy to be awarded to the AFCA national champions along with an academic scholarship award to a non-athlete. The AFCA National Championship Trophy (also known as the Coaches' Trophy) is the trophy awarded annually by the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) to the NCAA Division I FBS college football National Champions as recognized by the Coaches' Poll.

Comment 24 Jan 2015

I guess they didn't get the Macarthur Bowl trophy yet or it was too big to bring out..

But I have not seen anything about he FWAA : Grantland Rice National Championship Trophy wonder if they Retired it, and last year was it's last year giving out.