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    1997 Red Wings winner the CUP Rest was Great but
    2002 Game 7 WCF Blow out Win vs Avs was BEST!! the Crowd Chanting PATRICK!! when he was finally pulled was AWESOME!!
    2002 DAHH GO BUCKS!! No one thought they would or deserved to be there hmm Same as this year.. No Respect!!
    2010 Hiring of U.Meyer as Buckeyes New HC
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Comment 18 Dec 2014

If the BIG is SOo Darn Slow How in the HELL did Wisky have such a BIG lead on LSU earlier this year and only Lose by 4 points. With all that SEC speed should of been a blow out like our BIG title game. Stop talking to these stupid SEC Bias friends and just tell them to wait till Jan1st. You can't fix their lack of knowledge of  brain damage, just stop and save yourself the stress.

Comment 14 Dec 2014

Whats funny Now is that they are complaining strongly about some of our post about the disrespect most of their fans post about us. Or what the press may say with there bias towards tOSU (or BIG), hey haters going to hate, and there a lot of members in press that seem to love to pile it on. Like how dare a fan not like that an opposing team fans that are very disrespectful, because that would be very disrespectful to they got some screws loose there with that thinking. It would be Great if tOSU wins that game ..Or make it a VERY close one..


Comment 12 Dec 2014

how about

THE BIG TEN  chant?  but I can see just BIG TEN..

Comment 12 Dec 2014

And yea they are Only fans , We all Know Saban has those tapes and anything from last yr and all our Spring ball games..on Jones..

Lets hope we see more Wilson, Marshel and EZk in passing game with screens and dump offs. Shoot don't for grt the WIdouts and Tighends ..Over all Need that Offensive LINe to play like they did vs Wisky if so.We got a good shot of winning the game..if not..they will walk all over us.

Comment 12 Dec 2014

agree.. not sure why that game is even brought up..Last yr vs Clemson I feel the Buckeyes also didn't bring it all. it was a Bowl game they didn't expect to be in..and it showed in how that game played out..Came close ..but just didn't want to be there..

Comment 12 Dec 2014

the Cooper years ..I still have Night mares.. at night .I swear I suffer from mild form of  PTSD  because of those years as well.

Comment 12 Dec 2014

Yea and this quote :

Re: OSU Analysis Thread...

[Quote] Originally Posted by TIDE-HSV Senior Administrator [View Post] I've known a bunch of Ohioans. Never been bowled over with a massive IQ deficit.

Even there Moderators are ignorant and full of themselves vs everyone in our state. Just childish, that group of fans needs to be put back in there place. Gosh I hope Meyer and Company does to these fans what he did to us in 2006.

Comment 11 Dec 2014

WHY?  Why not something like "BIG!!" "TEN!!"..chant..or something like PSU chant but .."WE ARE!!"  "BIG TEN!!"..

Comment 11 Dec 2014

I think Gordon should Win this..!! we Proved that if he Doesn't Go Wisky doesn't go..He was Wisky

Comment 11 Dec 2014

I just don't get it, how does TCU's HC Win that???

I could Win in that league playing that terrible BIG 12 schedule and None Conf. Sched. and have that record. Get REAL.. 

Comment 10 Dec 2014

I see a ALL defensive GAME.. Both D's  Stuffing the Run Games.. passing games not connecting well with QBs running and throwing. I see a Very close Low scoring GAME.. like 10-3 or 3-6 half time score..

and a Final of 10-17  I hope the Good Guys Win..It all depends on who wants it..

Pray for No Tide Blowing us Out game..I will Be sick!!

Comment 10 Dec 2014

it's Still got to be Barry..Must wanted a Team that No matter what does Power Run Ball..We all Know G. Anderson Want to run an O like Meyer..

Comment 08 Dec 2014

What would you rather see, a Committee picking the 4 best teams like we have now?? OR have it done on the field Winners of a Power 4 Mega Conferences .. all having 16-18 schools??

I'll rather it played on the Field Period.

Comment 08 Dec 2014

The Only way the BIG would take OU is if it got invited into the AAU. As of Now OU is not ever getting into the BIG.

But I see BIG going after Texas , KU or ISU and I think BIG can sang up Missu from the SEC or could take GT and Virgina from the ACC which all those are AAU schools. Then I bet the ACC, PAC-12 and SEC would take the left overs, or the first come first serve from BIG 12 gut them, Mercy kill that conference.

PAC-12 UO,T-Tech(Ok-St), Baylor, TCU

SEC Ok. St, K-St (One more if lose Missu)

ACC. would take left overs to make it to 16 schools. WV ( T-Tech, ISU,) Shoot the ACC could dump Wake Forest or go to 18 teams, wouldn't surprise me.