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    2002 Game 7 WCF Blow out Win vs Avs was BEST!! the Crowd Chanting PATRICK!! when he was finally pulled was AWESOME!!
    2002 DAHH GO BUCKS!! No one thought they would or deserved to be there hmm Same as this year.. No Respect!!
    2010 Hiring of U.Meyer as Buckeyes New HC
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Comment 07 Sep 2014

JT had NO O-Line blocking in front of him all game.. The line couldn't even open up a hole for the run game... Terrible

I only hope they recruit some Offensive linemen this year.

Comment 04 Sep 2014

I can't Stand ND and Personally make me SICK that we(tOSU fans) would be happy to help them fill their coffers even if tOSU beat the tar out of them for those 2 games.

Rather they Beg and Plead to play the Buckeyes and tOSU says "NO"..your not worthy

Go play in a Conference you big Wussies..

I dislike Tsun, MSU and Purdue but they are still BIG(family ,yea TSUN is that redheaded annoying sibling we love to hate) But ND is dirt to me, not worthy.

Comment 09 Dec 2013

I'm with you 100% I was the same way, when MSU was up by almost 2 scores in 1st half I stopped watching the game and started going through the Stages then. I was already pissed, so much I just stopped watching. And looked at txt and tweets maybe twice rest of the night. To me I judged the game right away by the Defense line, was it getting enough penetration and putting a lot of pressure on Cook?  NOPE, they where Not. And if MSU got out to a early big lead I already I already chalked it up as a lost. that's when I decided to start with those stages I guess.

I'vd been through the 90's and 2007,08 so now I'm getting used to it. lol  I'm fine now and I Want MSU to PWD Stanford, and Rest of the BIG to DOMINATE there Bowl games even that Tsun too. I would rather tOSU play Bama but didn't work out.

I strongly feel that Clemson is got a Shit storm coming to them in the bowl game come Jan 3rd. I trust Meyer and the D to fix what happen in the BIGCG, they got nothing to lose now.

But am I the only one that is also relived that it's over the stress of losing a game?

Comment 08 Dec 2013

I wish the Downers would just jump off a cliff.. Meyer has 3 weeks+ to work on the Pass rush (which I blame more for the pass defense) and the DB's ..

I'm not worried

Clemson is well Clemson... 

Comment 08 Dec 2013

wow a Ton of Buckeye fans posting here that should just give in there Buckeye cards. they are just full of FEAR.

No confidence in a Team that has gone 24-1 in two years..

They even Beat MSU at MSU in that run..

I'll rather play Bama..Bring on the SEC overall Best team not in NCG

I'm not afraid at all losing to them.. although, I just don't see it that way.. I see a WIN.. and giving the Sec a black eye..But I guess that's not going to happen.. SAD.

Now I got to watch the Buckeye's Destroy Clemson.. nice win.. but

Not the win this team really needs to end the Season.. A win over Bama in a BCS bowl would Send a Message for Next year..

Comment 08 Dec 2013

this game is disappointing, Rather face Bama at least that be more of a challenge .. I predicting a Buckeye blow out over the Over hyped Tigers.. Bosa/Bennett/Washington and boys will have a great game

Comment 23 Nov 2013
Awesome write up, and I'll be channel surfing with a eye on that #karma Pokes, MSU(hope they more up in BCS rankings) Go Wisy(also move up in Rankings) Also like to see PSU beat Neb always looking to root for tOSU's SOS...GO BUCKS!!!!
Comment 22 Nov 2013
I pray that when the BIG's Network TV Contracts are up and renegotiated that no matter how much $$ ESPIN dishes out BIG gives them the F.U. Finger and goes with NBC or FOX shoot both. Also they (JIM Delany) makes sure that they Promote your conference and it's star players Everyweek even during the games. UNLIKE what ESPiN commentator's do now and in there College football shows. Get it in black and white..I'm sooo done with ESPiN and there agenda same with cBS sports too.
Comment 20 Nov 2013
there can also be the Spin that ESpiN and cBS is doing, that makes them more $$$. Is to get all those Buckeye fans Eyeballs to watch there football matchups and up there ratings in prossess because those games influance Buckeye's in the polls.. Its a win win situation for them ratings wise =MORE$$$$$$
Comment 20 Nov 2013
No the BigTen network is partially owend by FOXSPORTS NETWORK NOT cBS..cBS has a BIG contract with SEC..
Comment 17 Nov 2013
I'm impressed that there is a few and growing that can see that Alabama is not that great of a team as ESPiN and cBS want you to beleive. And FSU win over Cruse is Impressive??? really? lol well I'm sure if your ESPiN you sell it as it is, with all that $$ in the ACC-Network. This stuff is a Joke, and I only wish BIG Network talking heads would not just fall in line with the others network talking heads,, and wake up and see the bussness of it all. It is about OverHyping = Higher Ratings = MORE $$$$
Comment 17 Nov 2013
well it will happen if that is what Networks want to get Rattings which mean more $$$$..thats where all this always boils down too..
Comment 17 Nov 2013
100% agree but for me this also goes for a lot of the Sec games I had a EVERY hard time watching that Tide vs Miss St game..
Comment 11 Nov 2013
Not only does Buckeye fans need to root for those team foes to beat them, but also to keep a head of Balor and Standford got to root for past/ future opponets Buckeyes faced and hope they move up in the poll or make them. On top of rooting for Balor's and Standofords past and future opponets do awfule. Gosh can't wait till next yr and a playoff...and in 4 or so yrs till it gets a 8 team playoff which is all we need.
Comment 22 Oct 2013
maybe JUST maybe the BIG is UNDERRATED..under hyped as compared to over hyped up ACC/SEC is this yr???? Iowa(Flordia) , NW(Gerog),WIS(LSU), and PSU(USCar) would all been Ranked in the polls this yr if they all played in the Overhyped SEC. And the ESpiN talking heads would be saying tOSU has it rough this yr playing all these ranked teams every weekend.
Comment 20 Oct 2013
l'm tried of the ESPiN/cBS talking heads ALWAYS talking down the BIG and saying OVER and OVER again how weak they are. The voters and even some BIG commentator s believe it. Well why isn't anyone saying How over Hyped and Over rated the SEC and Clemson is Now?? Theseh past few weeks have clearly has proven that. But if your cBS/ESpiN you do your best to SPIN this as that how good these conference are , NOT how Over Hyped and rated they are. shit makes me sick