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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Well 1981,84,88,89,95 49ers Winning Super Bowls, this past yrs college playOffs best
    1984 Tigers winning the World Series
    1997 Red Wings winner the CUP Rest was Great but
    2002 Game 7 WCFinal Red Wings Blow out Win vs Avs was BEST!! the Crowd Chanting PATRICK!! when he was finally pulled was AWESOME!!
    2002 DAHH GO BUCKS!! No one thought they would or deserved to be there hmm Same as this year.. No Respect!!
    2011 Hiring of U.Meyer as Buckeyes New HC
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: AJ HAWK, Ted Ginn, Eddie George, Cie Grant, Bennet, B.Miller
  • NFL TEAM: 49ers
  • NHL TEAM: Red Wings
  • NBA TEAM: none boring
  • MLB TEAM: Tigers
  • SOCCER TEAM: lol

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Comment 03 Jun 2016

WONDER WHY? maybe becasue these same people watch ESPin or CBS writers that love SEC and talk about how Alabama EVERY YR matter how many players they lose or schedule which they all bogusly  or Biasedly say the SEC regular season play is the toughest schedule in the WORLD of football.. come on..yes most people are lazy and ignorant too think other wise.

Comment 03 Jun 2016

your concerns I would BET are also the BIGs and they would Want if  FS1, (CBS, NBC, hell WB{CW}..who ever) signs for the other half of those rights and to have all those issues addressed. I don't think they are amatures and have plenty experienced and knowledge then any of conference while they negotiate these rights. I ask you, did BIG get best $$ and deal the last time?? and time before that then any other conference?  then whats to worry??? F-ESPN it's their lost..and dumb move..

Comment 30 Apr 2016
I say the CFL could be the place Jalen should go now..then come back in a ye kr two . Hey let's not forget there's other players that didn't get drafted. I'm really surprised Jacoby born with No-Love with the Pro Scouts. I hope Jacoby makes a team and then starts because he's a hell of a hard worker. Tommy Schutt ..hope to hear from him some where. I peraonally can See Travis Powell making it somewhere..But he is just going to have to off work really really hard and stop talking so much. I'm wishing the same for Cardale Jones. Either way these guys you got national championship together and have rings Now I hope they don't sell them. And Keep them. And cherish them forever.... thank you guya good luck...Go Bucks! P.S. yep not sure what I was thinking about the punter...heard from family asap, fixed it.. ..
Comment 30 Apr 2016
I wouldn't say he stopped recruiting for that position. They just have a ton of Talent on board right now that can play that position. I would guess they are having a hard time getting all of then on the field and getting the roc. Remember last yr.?? B. Miller didn't get the ball much. Same with J. Maeshal and never saw Wilson.. Samuel didn't get much touches..
Comment 25 Apr 2015

What a lot of 12-Gage and JT backers DON'T want to Hear or Want to Ignore is that it's been said  Over, OVER and OVER is what Urban Meyer Him self said late last year OVER AND OVER and OVER  Again himself.

Meyer QUOTE: A quarterback is a product of those around him.

Comment 25 Apr 2015

I think you need to re-watch that game and KEEP a GOOD EYE one the O-line and MSU D0-line which was out playing the Buckeye O-line most of the game.ANd also MSU secondary was WAY WAY better then tOSUs WRs and getting out played. If they ARE NOT OPEN who do you throw it too????  some people got Blinders on man

Comment 25 Apr 2015

and Yet b the END of  the 2013 year he Lead a Buckeye team to a 24-2 record ..I argue when is Enough is enough of the NICK picking and Let the Best Qb athletic play and lead this team in his final year.

Comment 25 Apr 2015

wow then didn't watch a lot of 2012..that happen quite a bit that year. by 2013 they got better at it..because it was B. Miller at QB..they where just not used to it with a NEW QB JT

Comment 15 Apr 2015

I Wish JG well in and Weak SEC .. good luck JG 

I Very Happy tOSU got a Great fast QB today in Wallace..Which even I think over all is a better QB then JG got to love a QB that wants to prove his the best vs the best.

GO Bucks

Comment 04 Apr 2015
Your forgetting that the best of each sec and pac lost to BIG best?? All those best of each conference got that way by beating the best and mowing through their conference schools. Clearly the sec and the way they finished in bowls and pacs best where OVER RATED . You need to see how the fiesta bowl, auburn and again remember how tOSU did on way to winning playoff national championship. .and how did BIG top schools do and vs who?? Not hard to figure this out..those that still claimed the SEC up and down is better ..are just not good at evaluating or drink ESPiN cool aid too much.
Comment 30 Mar 2015

I Got to agree with you 100% Dan Patrick is sooo much better ..

FYI the only reason Cowturd gets ratings is because of the ESPiN Radio..

Here in Toledo they finally got rid of them (ESPiN radio) a year or so ago but got CBS radio...and that just as Bad.. but found Fox radio and Dan Patrick and his is just soo much better. I can't remember the last time I listen to his(Cowturds) show. But I do hear about it from you guys and news articles like this one.  

where CowTurd rips on Dan Patrick out of No where..

But I got to love Dan Patrick's more Mature shot back the following day..

Comment 22 Mar 2015;_ylt=A2KLqIFD.w5V1kUAGfE8nIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTByZjF2ZHFmBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDdmlkBHZ0aWQDBGdwb3MDNw--?p=video+of+tosh+being+lane+kiffin&vid=817af0d74e342178452b4948f1917323&l=2%3A28&;_ylt=A2KLqIFD.w5V1kUAGfE8nIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTByZjF2ZHFmBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDdmlkBHZ0aWQDBGdwb3MDNw--?p=video+of+tosh+being+lane+kiffin&vid=817af0d74e342178452b4948f1917323&l=2%3A28&
Comment 20 Mar 2015
Yea he might be a dare I say it a buckeye fan??
Comment 19 Mar 2015
Yea old news..he ia always making fun of Alabama fans and people from there..I have always wondered if he is a Big fan of some kind.