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Comment 16 Feb 2014

Can he be a camera whore at times?? betcha....

Should he be in the student section?....debatable.

Does he go a bit too far with the headgear and such? Yep

Have I seen him stand outside the Spring game with a line of kids waiting to meet him and get their picture taken with him...while also making sure that every single one of them goes away happy??? Definitely.

Does he help to raise $$ in the form of scholarships to OSU?  Absolutely.

The guy may get carried away but his heart is generally in the right place and he does make a number of people pretty happy.

Maybe the university can set up some guidelines for Nut and the rest of them to follow?

I am pretty sure that if he sent a text to this guy; he would spell his own name correctly.  This story seems a bit exaggerated and appears to be more of a personal attack on him.