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Comment 27 Apr 2016
Tate would be perfect for LALA land. Give me Mond.
Comment 18 Apr 2016
Remember what his daddy Tyvis said when Barrett went down? He said before Cardale spent hours and hours playing video games. Once Barrett was injured and Cardale had to start Tyvis said he almost quit video games and spent that time studying tape. He said accepted his responsibility and stepped up. I belive that Cardale learned from that and will never fall into that trap again.
Comment 18 Apr 2016
But how could that be? His daddy nicknamed him The Chosen One" Didn't you get your jersey? http://www.firstrow.ca/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=7471
Comment 13 Apr 2016

Yes I do.   He was on the same previous team as PacMan Jones.   The Cowboys released both of them.   When PacMan was in Dallas Jerry actually hired a full time babysitter to try to keep him out of trouble, and made him live in Prosper, a little town 20 miles out of the troublesome downtown  Dallas.   Even a full time babysitter could not keep him out of trouble.   It was unreal.  The only person to get him straight was Mike Zimmer. 

Comment 13 Apr 2016

What a fine man.   I don't think I could feel the same but I admire and respect someone who has faith deep enough to feel this way.   

Comment 13 Apr 2016

Dez Bryant has only been in trouble with the law once and that was his first year in the league when security at a mall told him to pull his pants up because be was sagging, or whatever you call it.   Joseph Randle was caught for stealing underwear and cologne at a mall and then Cowboys stayed with him after his first offense.   When his transgressions became violent they cut him.   

Granted, Greg Hardy is a valid point but after a year of his BS, they did not resign him.   Under Garrett and Stephen Jones, who is more calling the shots than his daddy they are trying to get better.   A huge case in point is the draft where Jerry wanted Johnny Manziel but Stephen said no, they did not want a person of questionable character on the team.

Comment 13 Apr 2016

"Stand your ground" means you don't have to flee when you feel you are in imminent danger.   It does not mean you can advance toward that "danger" and shoot them in the back.  The operative term here being IN THE BACK.   How can you feel you are in danger if you cant even see the eyes or hands of the "danger?"  "Stand our ground" would actually have applied more to Smith than the shooter after having been chased down and approached.  Plain and simple  this coward thought his precious hummer had been hit and was out for revenge.  

Imagine for a moment if this would have been a cop who shot an unarmed person in the back 8 freakin' times.   He would already have been hanged in the press.  

Comment 13 Apr 2016

I hate it hat the some of these kids won't get the exposure they deserve.    That is truly too bad.  This ruling is a sad thing for all of the lower tier kids that do not have the money to travel to multiple camps to get noticed.   They are the victims here.  

Satellite camps were his attempt to make up recruiting ground on Urban.   He knows Urban and OSU has a head start on him in the South so he tried to jump start his exposure down there.   I guess he doesn't believe sleepovers or tree climbing will be an effective tool in the deep South.

I don't like Harbaugh at all, but no one can't say he isn't doing everything he can to build that program.    He has shown he is more than willing to put in the time and effort to catch up to the programs his school has fallen behind.   I love him basically calling out SEC coaches as lazy and not wanting to put in the time and effort to get the best recruits.   If I were a fan of that program up North I would applaud his desire and efforts.   The only good side to this is a point Cowherd brought up today.   He talked about Harbaugh's intensity and "I will work you to death" attitude and rulings like this are the types of things that will frustrate him and drive him back to the NFL.

This ruling while a terrible thing to many kids essentially insures that he will not catch OSU for recruits in the South unless he has unlimited space for parents and coaches of the kids he wants.  

Comment 13 Apr 2016
Yes, the criminal justice system is foolproof. There has never been a false outcome from there. (Sorry, can't turn in EXTREME sarcasm font on my phone)