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Comment 19 Jul 2015
Rent a bike and ride along the wharf and across the Golden Gate Bridge. It is amazing. Also, if you want to really see the city, rent the little cars and go the long route. It is a guided tour that will take you places you normally would not see. Those things are a blast.
Comment 10 Jul 2015
Cooper is playing with so much confidence right now I feel sorry for whoever lines up opposite of him during the season. If he is destroying the nation's best what will he do to the everyday average to good high school offensive lineman? If I am one of these stud D lineman, how can you not want to be in a world with Bosa on one side and Cooper or the other being spelled by Terrell Hall? They would require so much attention that life in the middle would be pretty nice.
Comment 09 Jul 2015
That had me confused also. Why would Pryor line up against another wide receiver?
Comment 08 Jul 2015

I don't think you will find anything on this board but respect for Frank Beamer, Bud Foster or how Va. Tech played last year.  They had a fantastic scheme and implemented it perfectly.   This year will be more telling.   

Comment 08 Jul 2015
With all respect to your source who seems very knowlegable, he has a very high opinion of Bud Foster and that defense. I think a young offendive line had as much to do with the loss as Bud Foster's genius. I don't even think it is arguable that the championship run was possible was due to the progress of the slobs, particularly Billy Price. VA Tech was the first real test for a young, inexperienced offensive line. After that game they progressed exponentially. I am sure that VA Tech will use a bit of the same defense as they did last year and they may have some success. But I am sure that the much more experienced slobs have something to prove this year also. I bet they have this game circled on their calendar.
Comment 02 Jul 2015

I agree with your premise but what I love about this coaching staff is they rate players differently than just run fast, jump high, etc.    They are more likely to accept what the rating services call a 3 star if the kid is intelligent and has a good family support system behind him.   I think in the coaches minds, those two last items can give a kid and additional star(s).    By the same token, absence of that can subtract a star from a kid.    To use Urban's own words they don't want the types of kids who will be "the pains in the ass". 

Comment 02 Jul 2015

I don't think you are a jerk at all.  I agree with you.  It even bothers me to see clothing made out of flag type material.   

Comment 01 Jul 2015

I am not a Cowherd fan by any means and am always happy to throw him under the bus.   I saw this, however and aside from the buy/bye issue which was valid, he did everything he could to give Harbaugh a chance to sell *ichigan football.    I cant believe how a professional would throw away the chance to market his program. 

Comment 25 Jun 2015
I hope not to the Lakers. Would love to see him have the ball in his hands. That will never happen with Kobe in the court. All shots are his and his only. As you probably figured, not a Laker's fan.
Comment 24 Jun 2015

Never meant to  say he was sympathetic.   But when his scholly was pulled he was afraid that close to NSD all spots at colleges as reputable as Stanford would have their classes filled.    His story turned out well, no question, but he had verballed to Stanford for over a year.      Harbaugh had in place for a while.  His thought was that if his scholarship was going to be pulled, he would have liked to have time to re open his recruitment.     

Comment 24 Jun 2015
My son played high school football with a kid who was offered a scholarship to Stanford. He was a good player and a smart kid with a very high GPA. Between the time he verballed to Stanford and NSD, Harbaugh took over. Less than a month from NSD, Harbaugh pulled his scholarship offer. He was devastated. Fortunately Duke found a spot for him but for a while he was lost.
Comment 25 Mar 2015
First concert.....Rick Derringer open for Boston and the Charleston Civic Center.. One if the best concerts, Reba McIntire as well as her opening act that was brand new....so new that they only had a half dozen songs to sing ....Brooks and Dunn Greatest concert ever.... A few years ago my daughter, son in law and son bought my wife and me tickets to go with them to see AC DC in concert in Dallas. It was so cool to see my kids enjoy the music their mother and I loved when we were dating long before they were even thought of.
Comment 28 Feb 2015
Is a sports "personality" a commentator or an athlete? Like you, I love Michelle Beadle. I was traveling the other day and stayed in a hotel with ESPN playing all day. The have so many young women in shirt skirts nowadays that I thought I was watching FOX news. How has Linda Cohn kept her job this long talking only through her nose? My favorite athlete is Ronda Rousey. I am buying her fight tonight.
Comment 26 Feb 2015

I have traveled my entire career and have met many folks in the airports and on planes.   Here are my favorites:

 - Flew from LA to Las Vegas with Sugar Ray Leonard once.   He was a fantastic guy.  We laughed the entire way there.   He offered to buy my drinks for the entire flight.   We were in first class so I commented on what a fantastically generous person he was.   :) 

   - Met Danielle from American Pickers in the Chicago airport.   She was even more gracious and friendly than she appears on TV.

- My biggest narcissist  but totally entertaining award goes to Bruce Jenner.   Flew with him in 1st class from Dallas to LA.   We got drunk on the flight together and I had a great time.   He talked about himself for 3.5 hours.   This was in the late 90s I assume before he wanted to become a woman.   It may have even been before he became Mr. Kardashian. 

 My company bought 3 foursomes in the Reggie Jackson celebrity invitational in the 1999/2000 timeframe.   Every 4some got to play with a celebrity.   Willie Mays played in my foursome.  He was fantastic.  His eyes were bad so he didn't really play but he rode with us and entertained us.   Notable great guys from that experience was Ernie Banks, Joe Montana, Richard Karn, Rollie Fingers, Vince Coleman and Jim Palmer.    The three regular guys from my company were sitting at a table eating dinner after the tournament and Jim Palmer came up and was so humble that he asked us if he could join us at our table.    Of course, we said please do and for the next hour he kept us in stiches.   He was hilarious.   He told us stories about doing Monday Night Baseball with Al Michaels and Howard Cosell.   He can do a perfect impersonation of Howard Cosell and we almost fell on the floor laughing at his stories and his impersonation.    

   - Reggie Jackson was very friendly but he is tied with Bruce Jenner for narcissistic but entertaining

 - It was at this tournament that I met the biggest celebrity true prick I have ever met in my life and I was devastated.   Joe Morgan who I great up idolizing was the most arrogant person I have ever met.    After the golf all of us normal guys as well as many of the celebrities talked about what a prick he was. 

Comment 24 Feb 2015

After watching that Gasol Conley post I now know who was in the costumes as the right and left sharks at the Super Bowl.  

Comment 17 Feb 2015

I bet TSUN is so proud of the endorsement their new coach just got from such a fine upstanding, high character young man.