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Comment 05 Dec 2016

There was no CFP in 2006.   The only way to get attention and consideration to be national champ was to win your conference.  Times change.   I am not as sensitive as many in that I don't immediately hate anyone who says something bad about OSU.  Throughout the weekend, however, Kanell was on an anti OSU campaign that would have made Mark May proud.    

Comment 28 Nov 2016

But you didn't win, did you?   And yet here you are playing the whiny "what if" game just like your head coach.  10-7 was enough.  Actually it was more than enough.   Stop lamenting what could have been and move on and face facts.  Jimmy is not your program's savior.   He is just another coach that isn't good enough to beat Urban Meyer.    UM will always be second best as long as Meyer leads the team here.  

Comment 27 Nov 2016

The game was over before that.   UM got their tails kicked in the second half and it proved that it they no heart.   You played a patsy schedule of mostly home games where you ran over your opponents.  Every time UM played a game on the road this year, except for Rutgers, you struggled.  An when you played Rutgers, you ran up the score because your adolescent head coach was butt hurt because Chris Ash had a camp and brought OSU head coaches in.   It was childish, but typical.    

You beat up teams when you had the home field advantage and when you faced a team that punched you in the mouth you folded.   How in the world can a team that supposedly had the number 1 defense in the nation lose to Iowa????????   

Our QB could not throw the ball on the ocean in this game and he still had the balls to lead his team to a win.    That is what our coach demands and he recruits for.   Your coach is a whiny bitch and his players follow that lead.   

Props to Speight who did his best but probably should not have played.   I respect that he wanted to play.  

Face it, this is your future under Harbaugh.   You will stomp easy teams but get your asses kicked by teams with heart.   

Comment 27 Nov 2016

It always amazes me when some apologist gets on here and expects someone to sympathize with them.    Just to be clear as a final word for me on this.  

Yes, we would be bitching and moaning but we have years of success behind us so the cut would not be so deep.   We are in fact relevant in college football and you guys are not despite what your sensitive ego says.     

We did not like Bo and Carr but be we respected them.   That is not the same with Harbaugh.  He is a reprehensible human being.   When a coach takes a team to the SuperBowl two years in a row and neither the players nor the organizations makes one move to keep him, that tells you something.    Yet you welcomed him because you care so desperate to be relevant.  

Being a dick is acceptable if he can beat OSU but that has not proven to be the case.    You have a senior laden team and we have 16 new starters yet we beat your ass.     This was your best chance for a while.

Our coach does not act like a bitch in front of reporters after a loss.   Yours does.  Curtis Samuel is twice the player Jabril Peppers is bit did you hear him mouth off before the game?  No.   Our entire team was silent yet Peppers was saying "Who cares who they have played?  They have played anyone like us yet" or "Samuel is a good player, but he has not been hit yet.  We will hit him".   Well, no one hit him on the crazy run behind the line or the TD run.  Peppers got juked  by JT on his 41 yard run and Weber knocked him out of the play on Samuel's winning TF run.    Yes, he got an intercpetion (his first of the season) but it was a tipped ball not like the real interception Hooker and Baker got.    Win something before you run your mouth, you paper tiger piece of crap. But of course, he is only as good as the coach of the team so we should expect this.  

We don't care about your apologies nor you defense of your fanbase.    Your coach is a terrible human being and the fact that your fanbase can defend his behaviour makes us hate you more because some things actually transcend football.     Class and honor rise above football records.    

You had your best shot to beat OSU for a while.   You blew it.   Stop whining and stop defending those who do. It makes your worse than them.   The game is over. Enjoy your "who gives a shit" bowl with your classless coach and get used to it.  

Comment 27 Nov 2016

The D line is without a doubt one of the most up and coming units in the team.   We have some talent there and we have some young depth.    They have played well because of that but mainly it is because LJ can truly rotate like he has always wanted.    We don't wear the same guys out now like we used to.   To maintain this, we need to constantly restock with the best talent available.    This kid can be one of those.  

Look at what LJ has done with Landers and Jones.   Can you imagine what this kid, Garret and Cage can be?    We would look like 'Bama.   

Comment 27 Nov 2016

I don't care about sideline antics and I wasn't talking about them.  No one that has watched Jimmy's antics including sleepovers, tree climbing and shirtless football, refusing to release a depth chart, etc..... expect anything different from him.   I am talking about this press conference.    And frankly most press conferences.   Urban has never done what he did.....at least not since he has been at OSU.    When the cameras are on him, out of the emotion of the game, Urban is measured and always a class act.     Harbaugh is a classless dick when things do not go his way.     It is a hell of a message to send your team.   

 But hey, I am not complaining.   I love it.    Nothing in the world makes me happier than dysfunction up north and I think you have plenty of that.     

Comment 27 Nov 2016

The fans would have been crazy and probably acted the same or worse than your fans are doing.   The difference is that our coach would not have done it in the post game press conference.   Happily, he is much more classy than most of the fans and sets the tone for the program.    He acts like an adult not a whiny adolescent.   Urban has never had a press conference, win or lose, that he did not say something positive about the opposing team.    

Comment 16 Nov 2016

I am a Cowboys fan but I have never been a Romosexual like many.   This, however, was one of the classiest moves I have ever seen.   Everyone says that the team is the most important thing but how many would concede his position when he can still play so as not to be a distraction or cause friction in the locker room.    It had to be tough on him.  

Comment 18 Oct 2016
They have surpassed Philly. I think some Philly fans chilled out since they got the new stadium. In the Vet, they were hardcore. Toronto fans are the worst. In the ALDS last year versus Texas they threw trash on the field every time a call went against them. They obviously do not know how to handle success.
Comment 17 Oct 2016

Without a doubt coach Mick deserves a lot of credit.   He trains them so hard that they are very mentally tough.      It also helps, however,  to have a rotation on the D line that helps the big guys have fresh legs.    I remember after the Penn State OT game that Bosa said he was actually supposed to have contain on that last play but he said he was too tired to run around the running back so he just decided to take a direct line and go through him.  That worked out well but we can't always count on that.  

Between the conditioning and mental toughness that coach Mick instills and the rotation of a number of quality players, we should always have an advantage in the 2nd half of games.    This was on full display in this OT period.    

Comment 14 Oct 2016

There is no other franchise in American sports that would allow such a long period of mediocrity without making a change.   Even Cleveland brings in new coaches, good or bad.    It is amazing how long he has held this job.