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Comment 05 Jun 2016
I checked into a hotel in Austin a couple of months ago and it was 2:00 AM in the morning when I finally got there. There was a guy in front of me who decided to sign up for their frequent stayer program at that time. I was tired and I was getting pissed as I stood there and heard him give the desk clerk his Los Angeles address. When he was finally finished he turned around to go to the elevators and he saw my block O hat. He smiled and looked at me and said O-H. I had to laugh and said I-O. Small world.
Comment 31 May 2016
When does Harbaugh send a twitter shot at Muschamp? I have never seen someone in a position like he has that is so thin skinned.
Comment 27 May 2016
For the first time pretty much since he has been here he now has the bodies to rotate players. That is what I am most interested to see. If he develops these players, and I believe he will, and he rotates like he says he wants to do our D line should always have fresh legs in the 4th quarter. A fresh D line getting pass rush should really help an inexperienced defense backfield this year.
Comment 09 May 2016

I spent $100 to watch Mayweather run from Pacquio (who later disclosed he entered the fight with a bad shoulder), all night only later to declare victory.   It was the biggest waste of $100 I have ever spent.   I wish Mayweather would get the crap kicked out of him.   he deserves it for the last big fraud with Pacquio, but it wont be McGregor if it is only boxing.    McGregor would have to chase him all night long and he would get tagged a couple of times chasing him.

This could be a publicity stunt also by McGregor.   He seems to be getting too for his britches.   If he wants a power struggle with Dana White he will lose his chance to be one of the highest paid fighters of all times.   He should have learned from the last time that Dana won't take his egotistical crap. ; f

Comment 09 May 2016

I know what you are saying here and I do think it was disrespectful what he did, but I don't think he owes Canada his ability to make millions of dollars.  

Comment 06 May 2016

Yes, this is a desperate ploy by Harbaugh but I love the fact that this has to drive the SEC guys crazy.   I bet they are cussing him and Urban up and down.     That thought makes me laugh.   And if they do it, you can be sure that Dantonio will follow also.     

What kind of trees are there around that school?   Can Harbaugh climb an orange tree?  

If you were a recruit and wanted to do a camp, would you do the one with the schools listed on Harbaugh's list or the ones listed on Urban's.