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Comment 14 Oct 2015
The truth is that Stephen is making many of the personnel decisions now, not Jerry. This was proven when the Cowboys chose Zach Martin in the draft rather than bring the Johnny Manziel train wreck to town. Jerry wanted Johnny badly but Stephen won out. Yeah he still struts in front of the cameras but he isn't he sole decision maker any more. Zeke would win rookie of the year behind that O line.
Comment 28 Sep 2015
You are so right. That kills me also. If you watch a day of games you will hear that idocisy 100 times. I agree, where else would you put your foot. For a running back that used to be called making a cut.
Comment 25 Sep 2015

I thought religious or political arguments weren't allowed here.

Comment 15 Sep 2015
Kid will fit right in. Did you see the spin move at 2:24? Anyone who earns the nickname Baby Los from the team that early in camp obviously has impressed his team.
Comment 15 Sep 2015

but we have had several opportunities to to express our feelings/concerns. 

Several opportunities?????  You mean like a post an hour every day since the end of last season???    I see your point and understand but everyone has a right to post on a message board.   Posting your opinion does not mean you are not a fan.   Even the most pro-JT fans do not wish Cardale failure as that could generally mean a loss.  Same for Cardale fans.   Like it or not, this is here to stay until at least the end of the season.  Then next year will pick up again with JT versus Collier versus Burrow versus Gibson (maybe).      

Comment 13 Sep 2015
Agree on all points, especially the ticker. Had to keep looking at my phone to get updates. My wife watched with me and asked who the guy who said over and over "need to punch them in the nose" is. Then asked if that is all he knows how to say. I just told her he was a dumbass PSU grad who went on to become the worst General Manager in the history of pro football.
Comment 11 Sep 2015

Yes, they are at least the 4th best program.   Tech will never be a great team because no 18 year old wants to move to Lubbock.    They were at their best when the Pirate was there but they let him go.   Tommy Tuberville then went there and flamed out because of the above.    SMU is trying but they wont ever rise to the top.   It is yet to be seen what Herman does at Houston.   I think that is a temporary stop for him.  

Comment 11 Sep 2015

I am not a Mack Brown fan and I don't give a rip about UT but living here I have to listen to it all on Sports Radio.   UT used to be the marquis program in the area/state and may kids wanted to go there.  Texas coaches used to only have to compete with Oklahoma to recruits    Then they started losing recruits to LSU, then Texas A&M came on.  Now TCU and even lowly Baylor offers good options for kids.   While these schools were starting to win,  Mack begun his slide.   He was always more of a politician than a coach in my estimation.  I saw that first hand from the time he got to Texas.     He brought his prized 5 star recruit Chris Simms who transferred to Texas to play for him and instead of making him earn the job he started him and sat a great young kid and true leader,  Major Applewhite who is now Tom Herman's offensive coordinator.    It was evident again when Mack chose Tyrone Swoopes as his QB.   Swoopes was highly rated, a 5 star at one point and he chose him over JT Barrett who desperately wanted to be a Longhorn.    Mack did well with Vince Young but that was the only good thing he did in my estimation.    Mack created a country club environment/culture at UT where all the kids were pampered.    Charlie has to change an entire culture and that is not easy when he now has to compete for recruits with other very good schools in the area.    I root for him because he is from the Urban Meyer coaching tree and I am seeing him do many of the things that Urban did and what Herman is doing now in Houston.  I truly hope he can pull it off because I believe he is a very good coach and a good man.    But he wont have a long rope.   Texas still lives in the Darrell Royal (and some Mack Brown) bygone era and feels some misguided sense of entitlement because they are UT.         

Comment 27 Aug 2015

I understand and admire the sentiment, but I don't think he should take a snap.   Fans know he moved, he is coming to grips with the move and something like this could just complicate things.   Think of the controversy of the fan base, and on the team, if he takes it to the house.    I am fully supportive of Braxton getting the first touch, but I think he should do that from his new position on a jet sweep.  

Comment 26 Aug 2015

It’s probably because the Florida players decided that they couldn’t lose, it might be what happened to the Alabama players last year.

For which game, Ole Miss or The Sugar Bowl?     And what happened in the 2013 Sugar Bowl?   Seems like Alabama players think they can't lose either.   Oh wait!!!!!  I forgot, in last year's Sugar Bowl they didn't give their best effort because they viewed it as a consolation game.   Alabama after all, is used to playing for championships so who really cares about a consolation game????      They had a chance for a championship this year but the NFL distracted them with their draft status.      You have to feel sorry for those poor persecuted Alabama players.