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Comment 06 Feb 2016
As a Cowboys fan I would suggest that one who is an acknowledged Browns fan should not criiticize any other team in the NfL. It has been scientifically proven that the mental toll taken from the disappointment, losses and front row view of complete and total ineptitude of that franchise can lead to severe diminished capacity to evaluate other football teams.. I don't think Jerry would take Zeke with a number 4 picon either but the thing about Jerry, good and/or bad, is you never know what he will do. The only real RB has is a tired, injury prone ex-razorback that is on his last legs. The Cowboys were awfully good when Demarco Murray was running the ball.
Comment 27 Jan 2016

I watched it.   It was very good.   Everyone talking about Braxton and Vannett.   In the 11 on 11, they were trying to find ways to get Braxton the ball.  Novel concept right?   Adolphus was up and down today.  When he was good, he was great but not consistent all day. 

Comment 27 Jan 2016

You will be close to Ft Worth.   You need to go there to the Stockyards.     It is such a cool place to visit.   Twice a day they drive the longhorns in through town.  The Ft Worth Stockyards is much more fun to visit than anything in the Dallas area.   AT&T stadium shares a parking lot with the Texas Rangers stadium.   You may be able to take a tour there also but I would call first to make sure.  

Comment 26 Jan 2016
It would be great to get this kid but he seems to "social media" whoever he spoke to last. Maybe Urban or Haskins can do a sleepover or tree climb the night before signing day.
Comment 26 Jan 2016
Was in high school on Southern Ohio. We got two weeks off from school because it took that long for the plows to finally get to our township roads.
Comment 21 Jan 2016

If it ends with just this one,  I think he can make it through it.   If there are more, however, I think it will have a long term effect.   They have a pretty full class and Crazy Jimmy is still out sleeping over with kids which tells you he wants more.    If they boot another one out, it may get bad. 

If I were the parent of a 2017 or 2018 kid thinking about committing I would be hesitant.  

The thing that irritates me the most is the lack of communication with the kid.   If you don't want him in the class, at least man up and tell him to start looking elsewhere.   But this reduced communication and not returning his phone calls is just cowardly BS.   The boards have said that this has been a Harbaugh tactic going back to Stanford.    

Comment 19 Jan 2016

Harbaugh is out sleeping over and climbing trees to add recruits, even with a pretty full class.   If I were a 3 star in that class now I would be really worried and looking around.  Some of them are about to get dropped very close to NSD.  

Comment 18 Jan 2016

My favorite to Lawrence Cager last year......."We don't recruit against Wake Forest" 

Comment 10 Jan 2016

"Glory days, back in a young girl's life, glory days............."   Can a 17-19 year old really teach anyone about the lessons of life when they have never experienced the lesson of life?    I think you have the potential to be a great writer.   You have the desire for it and the talent for it.  You will be successful when you climb down from false version of your life experience and  and realize how your talents can truly be useful if you share the experiences of whose truly have life experience.   Get away from you and your teeny bopper friends ( if you know what teeny bopper means) and share the experiences of those who have lived life.

Comment 10 Jan 2016
Sadly, I have read them.....or at last perused them all has everyone who had seen them posted. We are all very impressed with the supposed dominance of you and your high school capability. Had to you had played at a D1 school you would have credibility. Other than that, you are like the rest of us, bragging with our fiends about high school success that doesn't mean a lot. The past is past. If you had not achieved D1 success, why post at all?
Comment 10 Jan 2016
All of your blog posts are to brag on you. You eed to hang out with you HS teammates and boast about what studs you were "back in the day'. No one else is even remotely impressed.
Comment 10 Jan 2016
No. No more. There is no one more enamored with you than you. OMG.
Comment 09 Jan 2016

Whatever school he picks I am glad it will be finally over.   I am tired of the who will Donnie Corley pick drama.   It seems that every day there is a thread on this.   And before you  " he is a kid and is making the biggest decision of his life"  folks start to blast me let me say that this has not been his fault.  It would be one thing if he was talking back and forth but by all accounts he has been totally silent.   It has been the "folks close to him"  talking that drives the drama.  The young man has done it right by taking his time to make the decision that he feels is best for his future.  Good for him.   If he chooses OSU, fantastic and we have 2 quality receivers.  If he doesn't, then we know for sure what we have to do and can proceed.   Either way I am glad it will be settled today.    He is not the only quality receiver in the nation and I trust Urban.   Look at what he did last year with the last minute signing of K.J. Hill.  

Comment 03 Jan 2016
Manzeil was out of control at A&M. That is why he dropped so far in the draft.....and that was before he had his own money. No one will be able to get him under control.
Comment 01 Jan 2016
If the team watched this they have to be sick to their stomach.......and very pissed off at the Offensive coaches, including Urban.. What does it say about the B1G that these guys are the Champs of the conference?
Comment 29 Dec 2015
Here is how the conversation with Chip and Urban would go. Chip..Urbs I will come in but we have to run my offense because I am the greatest offensive mind football has ever seen. Urban....but Chip we have to run my offense. Chip....no way, didn't you hear the part about me being the greatest offense mind football has ever seen? Urban..... but I have won 3 national championships with my offense and the best you have ever done is a Pac 12 championship. You have never won anything big and you got shit canned in Philly the year after they gave you total control over personnel. Chip......I acknowledge everything you said is true but despite that I am the greatest offensive mind football has ever seen. Urban, good luck to you in your next job. Any NFL team that gives him a shot is asking for trouble. You can run a gimmick BS offense when you have recruited better talent. When you have a salary cap and players are equal you can't run gimmicks.
Comment 23 Dec 2015

I was never in a situaton where my son or daugher was a highly sought after recuit.  In some ways I wish I had been and in other ways I am glad I was not in that situation.   If I had seen stupid things written about my son or daughter, I would have tracked down the morons who wrote those things and my wife would have been there in the fray with me.   I admire this lady for what she is doing.   An 18 year old needs someone more expericend in the world to help them make decisions.   My wife and I traveled with our kids when they made college visits and we helped them compare and contrast their choices.     In the end it was their choice but we offered our advice.   It is what a good parent should do.   My prayer for this young man and his mom is that they base their decision on what the coaches and academic counselors are saying and not what is being written on the these fan boards.