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Senior at The Ohio State University! Sports Management/ International Studies Double Major. Born and raised in El Paso, Texas and I'm proud to call Columbus my home now.


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Comment 09 Oct 2013

The biggest thing that struck me about this article was that it confirmed my thought that the culture of the athletic department as a whole needs a shakeup. The good-old-boy network has run deep into the university and now even Bill Powers (UT President) is fighting for his job. Texas is like Ohio State in terms of athletic resources, except they have more people living in state. I agree with Ramzy on the fact that Rick Perry's influence on UT has had a major impact on the university as a whole.

Anytime I read something about UT, it always feels a bit weird given that I was 98% committed to going there during my senior year of high school. That being said, I'm glad I made the decision to leave Texas and become a Buckeye. It's the best decision I've made so far in my life.

Comment 21 Aug 2013

I just had the first class today and to say that I'm pumped would be a major understament. Urban did come in and spoke to us for about half the class. Based on the syllabus that we were given, it definitely sounds like it's going to be a lot of work but motivation to do the work is not going to be an issue. Urban will be giving a couple of lectures form time to time, but it looks like most of the teaching will come from the rest of the staff. 

Comment 08 Aug 2013

I'm actually signed up to taking that same class this upcoming semester. I'm not sure how different it would be to take a class taught by Urban as opposed to one taught by Tressel. I'm definitely looking forward to the challenge though.

Comment 30 Jul 2013

This is just a really crappy situation for everyone involved: 

For Carlos Hyde, this sets him back from a purely football perspective on what was expected to be another breakout season for him. 

For Urban Meyer: This was a no-win situation for him. No punishment and he would have been destroyed in the court of public opinion. If he had kicked Hyde off the team, some would have said that it would be too harsh of a punishment given the fact that no charges were filed. I think Urban handled this about as well as he could have. 

For the girl in the center of this whole thing: All I'm hoping for her is that nothing bad happen to herself and her family. I think she's been through enough going through all of this and I'm hoping the crazies stay out of her business and not try and doing something ridiculous. I'm sure she wants to put this whole thing behind her (I think we all do) and get back to focusing on more important things in our lives. 

All that being said, I think this punishment is fair. I don't envy Urban for having to make this decision, but I think this is the right one. I hope all of us can move on from this and focus on what's happening on the field. The season's almost here!

Comment 15 Apr 2013

Forgive me for my ignorance with this question but what gives? I don't follow OSU hockey that much but from what I understand, the team wasn't that bad. Anybody have any idea as to why this move was made?

Comment 09 Apr 2013

I'm heading down there to Cincinnati for the game. I'll be doing the broadcast for student radio over there on Saturday and we will be streaming it live on ohiostatesports.net on Saturday if anyone is interested.

Comment 10 Mar 2013

I'm bringing this out again. My reaction to that team up north choking that one away:

Comment 04 Mar 2013

I'm hoping for option 1,  but I think option 3 is the most likely to happen. I think we can compete with Indiana, but I just don't see this team beating the Hoosiers in Assembly Hall. That's a tall task for even the best teams in the country.

Comment 26 Feb 2013

It truly is a great story. This story made my weekend when it came out. I know a lot of people who graduated from both schools and it makes me really happy. At least for me, it's good to see that there are great people in El Paso, my hometown for 18 years.

Comment 27 Jan 2013

I was at the game today for SGSR. I have to say, the team doesn't look like they are all together. The Buckeyes were getting dominated on the glass today and it's been a recurring problem this year. I'm really starting to wonder if the full effort is there from everybody on the team.

Comment 03 Jan 2013

3 and out for K-State on the 1st possession. I say if Oregon scores here, this one might be just about over.

Comment 03 Jan 2013

Apparently, everyone wants Gruden as their HC. I don't think he's going to be heading back to the NFL (at least not this year).

Comment 03 Jan 2013

Just came out that O'Brien is staying at Penn State. So looks like Cleveland may make a bigger push for Kelly. Just my opinion.

Comment 03 Jan 2013

I wouldn't say cost him the game(not yet), but that penalty followed by the missed FG was a huge swing of momentum back in favor of Oregon.

Comment 03 Jan 2013

That's a backbreaking TD by Oregon in a short amount of time. K-State gets the ball first in the second half. They need to score a TD on this first possession otherwise Oregon may hit the gas and run away with this one.