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Comment 06 Jan 2013

Problem is when you lose players like Sully and to a lesser extent, Buford, you need to either backfill with immediate-impact recruits or rely on improvement from returning players to retain the same level of play. We don't have any impact new guys, and from what we've seen I think it can be argued that only one returning player has improved to any noticeable degree - Shannon Scott. Several players, IMO, have actually regressed from last year - notably Craft and Lenzelle.

So we lost a lot and gained little to nothing (I can't be pursuaded that Ross has become a real contributor yet). Combine that with what everyone is pointing out as a lack of floor leadership, and the falloff is considerable.

Two things to keep in mind, though - 1) there's still time for guys to improve this season and you have to believe that's at least possible for Amir (why hasn't this happened yet?) and Craft (based on the fact we've seen him as both an offensive baller and floor leader in the past); and 2) there was a ton of concern and frustrated threads last year about leadership and consistency, and we landed a few plays shy of the NC game.

Comment 17 Nov 2012

If Wisky had pulled it out, POG would have been deserved by that O-lineman who reached back and snagged Bryant's jersey after Ball fumble recovery, and stopped an almost sure Bryant TD. But Wisky lost, Bucks won, so who gives a crap - feelin' so sweet

Comment 14 Nov 2012
@Bobcat which two last cycles? You're saying 2011 (Thompson/Scott/Williams/Ross/McDonald) was a bad class, or are you calling that on 2013 well before it's over?
Comment 09 Nov 2012
They should just go streetball style on the original ship deck. Less cost/effort and I have to think those things are designed for traction. Would be sweet to watch too.
Comment 09 Nov 2012
I would hate life if this guy coached my team. Have to imagine a few members of his marquee recruiting class find themselves rethinking whether they want to sign on with this clown. Guy is a massive tool.
Comment 22 Oct 2012
Just thought of something kinda interesting. Our D has been weaker than expected this year. Against Purdue, it was for the most part solid except for the very first drive (play), which was horrendous. Our offense has looked tougher than expected this year. Against Purdue, it was pretty crappy except for the very last drive, which was legendarily awesome. So could be argued the first and last drives of the game were a cracked-out-extreme microcosm of this season, with an emphasis on extreme. The other 59 minutes of the game was more similar to regular frustrating wins/losses of Buckeye seasons past.
Comment 10 Oct 2012
Between this and TCU '18/'19, there will be at least 8 straight years ('14-'22) recruits from Texas are guaranteed a trip home during their Buckeye careers. Can imagine this opening up some sort of pipeline.
Comment 22 Sep 2012

Agree on the O. Would rather see 4 stellar quarters but 1.5 to 2 (especially in the infancy of the Urban/Herman era when it's still not second nature) will get the job done if our defense does its job. Our red zone play has been awesome. Liked our running game today, but hard to judge against inferior team. OSU should hire five students to follow Devin Smith around for the rest of the semester throwing footballs at him.

Comment 17 Sep 2012
Greg: "It's a cardinal, man." Guy: "I'm not so sure." Greg: "Ohio's state bird. Indiana's too. I know a cardinal when I see one." Guy: "Where's the red feathers?" Greg: "It's a female, man. Different plumage, not as showy. Where are you from?" Guy: "Denmark. God I love Ohio"
Comment 16 Jun 2012
Agreed, last year was a longer season for OSU than it was for all but 2 other teams - KY and Kansas. Let's hope for another one
Comment 25 Mar 2012

Another thing I assume is pretty obvious but maybe it isn't - the offensive importance of the Willie B threat. Watch how defenders play Scott when he's in - they sag and can help down low. Not the case with WB. Coaches dedicate resources to his threat because they know what he's capable of, regardless of how often he actually goes off. The result is an inability of whoever's guarding him to concentrate on much else.

I don't care if it's Willie's offense or the ghost of Willie's offense - if it causes problems for other teams' D, I'll take it.

Comment 25 Mar 2012

I think Willie has been of real value in this tourny. Value can be measured on defense and the glass just as much as it can on offense, especially when your team is already loaded with players providing offensive value. A hole on defense can be much more detrimental than a hole on an otherwise talent-loaded O. Willie has been inefficient and at times absent-minded on offense. Yes, I get nervous when he gets the ball. And when Jay Bilas calls Buford "clutch" (he's done so at least twice in the past month, probably more) I get pissed because it seems absurd. But without WB's very, very clutch boards against the Zags, a huge 3 when we most needed it against cinci, near shut-down D on Joseph after the first few minutes against 'Cuse and a few clutch free-throws to seal it, yes it's very possible the Bucks don't head to NOLA this weekend. I mean, I get it and don't argue, his offense is simply bad right now. But to argue that he hasn't been a key part of the Buckeyes success this year, including the tourny, is wrong. We're headed to the Final Four and Willie owns part of that.

Call me silly but if Buford goes 0-10 in a loss next Saturday, he'll be the first guy I'll want to thank Sunday morning for all he's given to the program. If he goes 0-19 and we lose, I might reconsider...