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  • SPORTS MOMENT: It was early 2003, little 12 year old Nick didn't fully realize the major impact of what was about to happen when Dorsey was thrown to eternity and the football fell helplessly to the ground. Ohio State had done the impossible and beat one of the greatest college football teams ever. I remember it like it was yesterday.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Krenzel and Clarrett
  • NFL TEAM: Pittsburgh Steelers (don't hate)
  • NHL TEAM: Cbus Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: Cleveland Cav's
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: Cbus Crew

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Comment 09 Sep 2016

"It’s going to be on a big stage, (but) take all of those things out it, they get 11 on offense and 11 on defense just like we do."

I'm sorry, but no, it's not just like you do. Comparing athletes like Ohio State's to yours is like comparing an iPhone to a Motorola Razor in 2004.

Comment 09 Sep 2016

I attended the prestigious event last night that Marion refers to as the Popcorn Festival Parade. Marion's finest came out in exodus with their half clothed bodies and dirty children in strollers. I felt after I left that I needed to shower at least twice that night. I also saw Mr. Buck-I-Guy and wondered if he would charge me for an autograph or picture. I restrained.

Comment 08 Sep 2016

That is quite the interesting story about Pac... I've never heard that before. Sounds like he was getting a bit over his head right before his death. Tragic but dang that's crazy.. I for sure would have called the cops on him.

Also, that celebration always reminds me of the lion king. Barf needs to photoshop Curtis Samuel in the lion king pose.

Comment 22 Aug 2016

Having lived in Tennessee for a while now, it is so great to see their high expectations every year and then around 4 weeks into the season, it all goes to shit. Every year.. same thing. It's kinda like the Browns.. I hate Tennessee and they are grossly overrated. They will be unranked by the 2nd week of SEC play.

Comment 27 Jul 2016

I feel that Bosa is going about this the wrong way, and as a rookie he should definitely be attending OTA's, regardless of contract negotiations. The NFL is a different ball game and he needs to be learning as much as he can. He's making himself look bad to his organization... Just my opinion that means nothing at all. 

Comment 27 Jul 2016

I hate it when Ohio State football fans are also Kentucky basketball fans. Just no. 

I don't hate Jim Harbaugh, nor have I ever really rooted against Michigan. Except for when they play Ohio State of course

Homage is a bunch of overpriced, low quality garbage. 

Comment 26 Jul 2016

I did date a Badger fan, she was crazy, you missed a bullet there. I too want ND in the B1G. Great school, academics, fan base and tradition. However, I think Calipari is sketchy and pompous and UK is the devil.