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  • SPORTS MOMENT: It was early 2003, little 12 year old Nick didn't fully realize the major impact of what was about to happen when Dorsey was thrown to eternity and the football fell helplessly to the ground. Ohio State had done the impossible and beat one of the greatest college football teams ever. I remember it like it was yesterday.
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Comment 01 Nov 2014

IMO, next week.... Everything depends on JT. If he plays good to outstanding we will win. If he plays okay or bad I think we lose. I'm actually not worried about the defense. I think they will be okay. Can't wait!

Comment 27 Oct 2014
All the best to Rod. It isn't hard to stay out of trouble and I would give my left nut to just be a bench warmer for the Ohio state buckeyes. I wish they wouldn't throw it all away for something stupid like drugs. Sucks man.
Comment 05 Oct 2014

I retract my previous weeks comments about ole miss and miss state. I was impressed by them and it is a nice change of pace in terms of SEC teams. But, top five teams in the country? Meh. Idk about that. However, I was hoping to see Rutgers ranked this week. The newbies aren't doing too bad. 

Comment 05 Oct 2014

Awesome national attention for J.T., the dude deserves it.

No question he is an awesome football player. But what posses me off is yet another sports writer saying we can't make it to the playoff. Why the hell not? Look at all the teams that lost this weekend. Not to mention Alabama absolutely sucking it up lately.... What decent team have they beat going back to last year? 

I am however impressed with the Miss. teams. BUT how good is A&M really? That win over SC for them looks less and less impressive and they haven't beaten anyone else of real caliber. 

Guess we won't know who really is good and who has just bias hype surrounding them. But Ohio State deserves to be back in the playoff talk with all the other teams losing and Ohio state playing better and better every week.