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Born in Garfield Heights, Ohio and joined the USAF when I was 17 and retired in 2007 after 28 years. Have been a Buckeye fan all my life no matter where I was in the world.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Watching tOSU vs Wisconsin in 1974 and us beating them good

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Comment 09 Jan 2014

I enjoyed watching him play at The Ohio State University and for the New England Patriots. Great player, coach, and person. I will miss you coach. I wish all the best to you and your family. Go Bucks!

Comment 29 Jan 2013

Fantastic! The arsenal is building for the cold war with the north...

Comment 24 Jan 2013

Can't travel that much anymore (way too much metal parts) get hassled in airports and driving more than 4 hours just gets downright painful. I love my couch with the TV tables full of food/snacks and the cooler with a cushion on top to rest my feet. Great way to watch the Buckeyes.

Comment 17 Jan 2013

I like the thought of having multiple backs like Alabama does. They got the run game going and it opened  up the passing game especially play action. A good rotation of the backs in long offensive drives keeps fresh legs in the game especially late in the game.  It does also provides contingency plans for injuries. Maybe a lot more two back formations in the future?  I am glad of one thing and that is I don't have to make the decisions on this issue. Whew! Got enough stress this year just being a fan with the OT games.

Comment 17 Jan 2013

One thing is for sure the team had some of the best Seniors this year to see what can be done with determination and spirit. The under classmen really saw the leadership and poise from them and contributed to send them all out winners. I truly believe this will carry over in the coming years. We have good shots at both `13 and 14 becuase 12 will be fresh in their minds.

Comment 15 Jan 2013

The Football Hall of Fame uses sports media personnel to vote. Traditionally there have been a lack of representation at the defensive player level, WR, defensive backs, linebackers, special teams, and punters.  It is ironic Ray Guy has a college award named after him, arguably one of the best punters to play the game, and yet is not in the Hall of Fame. Like KMP10 said if you are not in the mind of the sports media people you will not get in.  Sorry process if you ask me and it has been critized over the years for this.

Comment 13 Jan 2013

Damn shame it happened to him. I hope he does all the exercises his therapists give him. I had a knee replaced and the exercises are really important to his recovery. You have to do them so your muscles build up the memory and you don't favor one side over the other. Good luck DeVier.

Comment 11 Jan 2013

If they lose they could always blame it on hanging Chud

Comment 13 Dec 2012

I have extreme faith in our coaches and their recruiting abilities.  I see another stellar class with the way they are hitting the road and making contacts. I am sure Coach Meyer will get this class up there and again be a top recruiting class.  Man that guy has energy and I am excited about the future of the program. 

Comment 13 Dec 2012

Well I have to agree with this article. When I enlisted in the Air Force way back when dinosaurs roamed the plains we had to keep a money list of our cash by serial number. You got dinged if your list wasn't up to date. The Drill Instructors would be sure to be outside the door of a facility and if you went in and spent some money they would check your list against what was in your wallet as soon as you came out.

It was a teaching tool and no more. It taught us to be mindful of what we had on us and what we were spending money on.  I got dinged really hard because I had a $100 bill and bought something minor and didn't finish updating my list.  I think I received one demerit for every mistake. Yes it was my choice to enlist in the military just like it is their choice to come to Ohio State. 

They are trying to do like what my DI put into my head years ago. Is it a want or a need you are spending money on?  Needs come first and then if you have any extra you can put it towards a want. Some people spend money on the wants and tend to forget the needs like rent, insurance, etc. and then wind up behind the power curve. 

Comment 13 Dec 2012

Fantastic breakdown as usual Ross. Going to be a interesting season next year. Like you I agree we should keep the balance of play action and sprint outs. I see Braxton as only becoming stronger with working on his mechanics making him more dangerous and harder to defend.

Comment 06 Dec 2012


Truly appreciate all the work you do putting these articles together.  Keep up the great work! I look forward to the spring game and the rejuvinated Buckeyes with all our new players on board.  This has been a truly spectacular year for our Seniors who gave so much when they could have said screw it. 

Comment 12 Nov 2012

I have a few theories on all this bias:

1. The AP writers voted us up the two years we went to the NC game and they are pissed becuase we "embarrased" their votes so now they vote to keep us under their thumb. No votes no NC.

2. They said there could not be a rematch in the NC game becuase it was (any normal reason here) betweeen tOSU and Meatchicken, yet they turn around and do the same thing with Bama and LSU because it was (any SEC reason here).

3. We pissed the AP voters off because we are The Ohio State University and who doesn't hate us. We probably won't see a upvote for quite a while even though we go undefeated. Face it we are in the proverbial doghouse.  Tatgate and "our arrogance" on the bowl ban put us deeper in the woods, way behind the outhouse.

4. We probably won't see us in the top 5 next year to start with because there will be at least 4 or maybe more SEC teams up there.  Any 1 loss SEC team is better than any undefeated team.

Face it we are The Ohio State University.