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Comment 21 Apr 2014

I love how worked up people get about our 2015 recruiting class.......in April of 2014. 

Comment 21 Apr 2014

Pretty much exactly what I was told.....except I heard EGW was not victorious in the fight. 

Comment 27 Mar 2014

Well the good news is that we aren't recruiting him to be Peyton Manning. 

He's the top dual-threat QB in America for a reason.......and there's certainly a reason that pro-style offenses aren't appealing to him. 

Comment 14 Feb 2014

Seems like we are either leading or in the top 2-3 for Baker, Hilliard, Conner, Kilby-Lane, and Holland (not counting DeBerry because I think he will be a DE).

Kilby-Lane could commit this spring. Holland's teammate and BFF just committed. Baker seems like a lock (though growing up a PSU fan is a little concerning). Hilliard is totally up in the air right now. Conner is still waiting on an offer.

What is your way-too-early prediction on how this one could shake out? Could Conner be the odd man out? Maybe Baker ends up at RB? 

Considering the news on Mike Mitchell, I assume they will try to take four-ish LBs.