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Comment 29 Mar 2016

Im riding with jasean Tate,  with was the hardest working player on the team. and if he's in Im with Thad, and those that want out can go.  Mickey never impressed me.  he did a few good things but meh...  Giddens showed promise, and Thompson got better so I understanding testing the waters.  I don't like to feel like the culture of the team is bad.  I only see a few people that work on the court Tate is one and I think Lyle is getting there.  I hope its not time to panic but let's go

Comment 22 Dec 2015

Love your top choice hate #2 I use to drink makers before i got a real taste for bourbon, but now i really hate it its so harsh for lack of a better word the 46 is better though  As well you others are great haven't done # 

6   Have you tried Bookers noe

Comment 22 Dec 2015

knob creek always my go too along with Bookers noe!!! Bakers is probably another that falls in there for me because i like that family of bourbons done by the Famous booker noe so.!!! Knob is priced well and is normally near the top of the list not this one but but hey!!!

Comment 20 Sep 2015

How's it Zach Smith, That baffles me we were awful when Urban got here at Wr, to last year one of the best groups all around.  But now its the Wr group and Zach Smith? sorry thats false.  Qb play has been bad, line play bad, and some mis ques from the wr I'm guessing that will probably be fixed with them getting more reps now that everyone is back with a few humbling experiences.  Urban hasn't called them out which he's prone to to do.  So lets think, maybe its the new play calling the new qb coach, the fact we stop running the read option,  i can come up up with a few other places that id point the finger before i point at Zach Smith.  Maybe its the idea that Warriner is maybe more worried about play calling now tan before and the O line is suffering because of it and aren't prepared like they were last year.   The team seems to be pointing at at the O line, so ill go there and to play calling before blaming Smith FOH,  just joking but cmon really

Comment 19 Sep 2015

i would like to know why meyer went away from the zone read!!!   Never saw it stopped completely, by any team regardless of them defending it. I ant believe we look so bad.  is this like our worst plays and their making them run them to show their not unstoppable.  Is it sabotage, this is FSU all over.  we need to drop and maybe that will be a wake up call.  I believe we there to be great but were not and id like to know whats missing!!!

Comment 06 Sep 2015

I had to just laugh and give the tv the finger!!!!!

Comment 31 Aug 2015

are you looking for a videographer?

Comment 13 Feb 2015

we actually have a lot of depth at linebacker if the new guys are half way decent,  With signing periods people always get excited about the new class and forget about the previous class that now has had time to develop their bodies and minds.  Look at Apple who didn't lose his black stripe till almost the spring of last year, and ended being a very good corner for us and has huge upside going forward.  Don't forget about last years crop.  Depth won't be an issue!!! not at linebacker maybe DT we'll have to see there!!

Comment 30 Jan 2015

football every time unless we had like 3 in a row then its just not fun but football!!!!! a lll day!!!

Comment 30 Jan 2015

This is the one guy i really want D tackle needs to be a strong group they need that push from the group to make them better losing M. Bennett is going to be big!!! Huge gap that needs to be filled but I see more big things from the D line my favorite Unit

Comment 27 Jan 2015

No i get it, but i guess i saying to all the fans that are up in arms about a possible flip, it might make sense for him theres good reason.   But theres damn good reason to stay.  He'll probably play any way maybe at a different spot as well as Qb to the point he could be a very dynamic piece to our offensive unit, no matter if he has to wait to see what plays out with JT.  The development he'd get coming here would be second to none to where "even our back ups back up goes to the NFL".  LSU got their 5* and wasn't able to develop him.  Thats all!!! but i get where your coming from too

Comment 27 Jan 2015

No not all,  its just crazy how up tight people get over a tweet from this kid or any other kid.  He doesn't belong to us, this is a decision that affects his life.  the topic was really more like a Aaron Rogers or Lebron James RELAX statement.  I hope he comes i think it will be great but i don't think our next four years will hinge on this decision.  Our pipeline is strong either way.  I just hate when the "grown ups" get mad at these kids whether they decommit or whatever.  Do you stay at a place with no chance of career advancement, thats what they have to look at.  OSU is a tough place with a lot of dogs at every spot, sometimes it might be a better idea to go down the way to get that bone nobodies guarding!!!   I'll give the biggest BOOOOOOOM if he comes but he's thrown up the big O for the good guys so many times that i feel like this is where he wants to be and if he doesn't come it was probably a tough decision and not one I'm gonna get all aggy over!!!  Let him live, let him live!!!!

Comment 25 Jan 2015

This post was  great i wasn't expecting it to go so left, but I'm glad it did and & glad i i read it!!!!  I want a DT i think Michael Bennett is our biggest loss and Being I'm 150 ish, D line is my favorite unit every time.  I think our biggest need is there though we have good guys in munger hill and schutt they haven't earned it yet so a a big name big talent there would make that group all the better !!!  let us know Birm 

Comment 19 Jan 2015

Only thing id say is i didn't think Zeke got blown up!!! He made the lay against that big ass d end, meaning he held him up long enough for Yolodale to get the ball off.  That was a a house coming full steam and zeke held his own under the circumstances.  but i can see why you'd say that lol!!!!

Comment 01 Jan 2015

My theory is it was his dream school forever then they didn't recruit him and has held a grudge ever since!!!

Comment 24 Dec 2014

your out of your mind on this Powell has been solid all year.  Pick out a mistake here or there.  Is your boss looking to replace you the when you make a mistake get outta here!! Powell my guy i think he done great, the only reason he doesn't see the field all year is if someone steps up and we try to build depth but he's solid.  Not that i agree on offense either but we got some studs in there this year that could push for time now that they've been in the program

Comment 23 Dec 2014

Wouldn't it be kind of ironic if we won the Championship this year, to still have Tressel's handprint on a championship team!  Tress is my guy i'm not old enough to know the the feeling of the Woody Hayes days like my parents and grandparents (Uncle Ray Griffin(name drop)).  But I do remember Bruce and of course Cooper which built my angst/respect/hatred of TTUN and the Game, all those missed National titles and Big Ten titles.  But i do know Tressel ball.  What a coach, he knew how to win, and although it seems he wasn't the greatest recruiter outside of OHIO he knew how to get the players that fit his style and he knew what to do with them.  So what a story it would be for him to still have a hand in an OSU National title