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Comment 18 Aug 2014

Really love hearing Cam battling for that spot.  It seemed he could get passed over for a bit.  I love the confidence from Bell, which makes the fact that Cam is right there even more impressive.  It really could be a next man up thing here this year, in case of injuries and we have the roster to replace people.  I really want eli to get the corner spot after not losing his stripe til spring and now being right there.  He looks good in clips

Comment 18 Aug 2014

Going with a Badger convert.  My fandom for the Buckeyes was so strong i turned him to a Buckeye.  Also we were at the Smooth jazz Concert two years ago against Purdue, so that helped seal the deal.  Theres nothing like the Shoe!!!

Comment 15 Aug 2014

The secondary for sure.  With Bauserman that ball is going out of bounds for sure. Or Bauserman and i run the ball anyway to get the decision to chuck out of his hands.  Better odds with the secondary !!!

Comment 13 Aug 2014

Man I'm just holding my breath hoping i get to see Jalin marshall.  You just never know during training camp!!  but my brother in law and I go back and forth over Jalin and Dontre.  So far he's not a believer, but If dude hits the field he's gonna see.  #winwin

Comment 07 Aug 2014

Crazy thing Is I'm only going to away games, so far this year, Navy and MD.  I can't wait for this season to start, Hope someone gives away a OSU home game.  #eastcoastbuckeye We should all grab Guiness #gobucks

Comment 24 Jul 2014

Kick rocks you guys!1 its a high school kid enjoying the moment, maybe theres a hiccup in the plan.  Im sure at 17 -18 you guys weren't always rock solid with your choices, especially when you had to depend on other people to help make it happen.  relax if he come he comes if he doesn't we will move on.  He could be flop, he could commit, calm down on these high schoolers.  But oh shit its only about a month away til the season starts, turn those frowns upside down!!!

Comment 24 Jun 2014

For the biggest thing was that the Qb's had, not time, but space. meaning the had no pressure because for the first ten yards the receivers were open a press coverage throws off timing and makes the qb's wait that split second to two count more.  Our D line was there so often anyway with a half count longer we probably would have had 10 more sacks a bunch more forced fumbles.  That little dump pass killed us the year before and this one.  We were just better this time around.  I can't wait, now if they get more comfortable  play that deep ball and just looking fort they'll be good.  So many times all they had to do was look for the ball.  With the run of elite Cb's we've had i wouldn't want this busted secondary play to continue!!

Comment 10 Apr 2014

hey we weren't to light last year, and Hale only started for part of the season.  I never saw our D-line get pushed around.  They might have been a step slow getting to the passer because the corners were 10yds off but(imagine if we would have lead the nation in sacks if the coverage was a bit tighter or the corners disrupted the receivers for an extra step or two), I don't remember getting run or pushed around.

Comment 21 Oct 2013



Comment 07 Oct 2013

Sorry I think the D line is great. The way the secondary is playing the receivers is the problem. That soft coverage doesn't allow the Dline the actually make the play every receiver is open by like 2-5 yards. That makes it so easy for the qb to get rid of the ball. The line was in his face all game and missed on only a couple runs. They made a tone of plays. Basically I think the coverage is to soft by the corners. Maybe there's a reason but that doesn't help the line any

Comment 02 Sep 2013

Watching TV game again if we play any true drop back qbs we will get there the ball was out of his hands by the time he planted on three step drops he threw a ton of 3 yard passes the line can't get there unless they just miss a blck thought the D line looked good especially on the run

Comment 02 Sep 2013

By the way if there are any fears to be had it should be in Taylor Decker he got punished by every type of rush speed and power rushes by multiple guys and looked terrible in the process. The line actually looked bad at times missed assignments by hall and Mehort. That INT I felt was more on him than Braxton that's a quick hit play he's gotta make that block cause the balls coming out. Am I worried no the offense is strong this year it's there actual game experience and reps for guys will clear things up just like last year. #goBucks I'm with Decker figure it out!!!

Comment 02 Sep 2013

I went to the game, and began to think I missed something with everyone talking about how bad Reeves did. I disagree he had one bad series, where it looked like his inexperience got to him. And some missed tackles which I was upset with but it happens (get over it). This kid got picked on a lot the whole game and was there on every deep ball and did ok other than those spots  I think some of it should be excused as first game jitters (of a true soph playing one of the toughest spots on the field) even on the TD he was there the senior receiver who was bigger just made a senior play. 

Comment 01 Nov 2011

I love Shazier so far, what i've seen out of him makes excited for next year cause i see him getting time.  But he's a little small right, and no Bino was in on a ton of big time plays against Wisconsin.  I'm actually not yet that big on Klein, but they way the coaches are playing freshmen.  I'll defer to them on that those guys just may be the right ones in the game.  But check again Sabino was in on almost every signficant play on the ground making the play or hold his ground allowing the team to make the play.  I ThinkRyanWill be great


Comment 26 Sep 2011

Well this year is good becuase our the middle to the top of our conference looks good.  Our game will speak for itself.  We play 4 ranked teams at the momnet and I think it should be 5 with MState.  We'll show where we desreve to be this year.  i love it, everbody thinks were so down i guess we'll see!!!!  Embrace it!!!  We will only improve as the season goes on, with players coming back and Brax getting more comfortable.  Lets get past MState the we'll talk about settleing 

Comment 26 Sep 2011

I agree on Shazier, He's gonna be good.  Matter of fact i think our LB's will be great in the coming years.

Comment 22 Sep 2011

I guess i only really seem to disagree with one thing, and that is the idea that we have a lack of talent.  Experience maybe?  I dont think we looked bad as we looked unprepared for the big game.  Sometimes losses are good, it wakes teams up.  We may not be national champ material but i still believe we can win the Big Ten we have a tough conference this year and thats how ill judge this season.#Young

Comment 22 Sep 2011

Ill take Guiton Graham And Miller over Bauserman at this point.  Guiton has always showed me he can play and wanted to make plays.  Bauserman has nver done that minus the Akron Game.  He's the guy you put in to keep the real qb from taking anymore hits or handoff whenthe starter takes a big hit and has to sit A PLAY. I cant watch us lose with Bauserman i can on the other hand take solice in knowing that losing with Brax is making strides to the future along with the other studs on Offense.  With the guys we have Minus the line the next two 3 yrs look great for us


Comment 25 Aug 2011

Totally agree no breaks in greatness or in the expectations for the buckeyes.  The players didnt change... wait, ok they did but I'm with you.  And did DJ just say that because of the article the other day