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Comment 06 Apr 2016

Hello Mr. Wade and welcome to 11Warriors.

Comment 28 Feb 2016

They've reviewed and tested several. Good info and recommendations. I've been reading up trying to decide what kind of cooker I want to purchase. Another good place for information is They're geared a little more towards pork, but there's good information for free. They're also a good place to order rubs, sauces, and other BBQ gear.

Comment 28 Feb 2016

From the research I have done on the pellet smokers, it seems as though they are cooking for the first 1-2 hours at 180 degrees if they want more smoke. Then they bump the temp up to 225 or whatever temp they're planning to cook at. It seems as though they've figured out that 180 is the ideal temp to get the most clean smoke out of the pellets while still keeping the temp as close to their normal cook temp as possible. A great place to go for information on BBQ is They have all kinds of information on the site about everything BBQ.

Comment 11 Feb 2016

I like DPJ too, but it seems we are more "In" with the other 3 at the moment. It would be amazing if Coombs could work his magic and reel in DPJ. I would assume that would make our class look like DPJ, Grimes, and Harris as it seems the latter 2 are heavy Buckeye favorites. Any staff in the country would be happy with any combination of 3 of those 4.

Comment 03 Feb 2016

I'm not necessarily referring to anything other than what I posted. I understand that creepy is a matter of opinion. I'm just stating that I don't think creepy should be based on the outcome. If it's creepy, it's creepy regardless of the results.

Comment 03 Feb 2016

Saying it's not creepy if it works is just crazy. If it's creepy, it's creepy regardless of the outcome.