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Comment 03 Sep 2014
If you're the only 2-3 standing in a section, kudos to you for being the only people in your section up and being involved. The team deserves our support weather they're down by 20 and mounting a comeback or if they're up by 20 pulling away. I'm of the opinion that there are far too many people on their butts during the games. Every able person in the stadium should be up cheering and adding to the stadium experience.
Comment 14 Aug 2014
The cold water challenge that was going around these parts was, donate $10 and take the water or donate $100 without the water.
Comment 14 Aug 2014
That's an unreal stat, but you also have to take into consideration the kind of offenses there were in that era. The game has changed a lot since then. They weren't playing against the electric offenses that you see today. Don't take that as me trying to discredit what they accomplished. Just looking at it from a different angle.
Comment 14 Aug 2014
I actually think the stats from last year would have been better if the secondary would have been there. How many times did we see teams throw short quick passes because of the 10 yard cushion the DB'S were giving them?
Comment 11 Aug 2014
The ones that claim they weren't are usually the ones that were the worst.
Comment 18 Jul 2014
Im not real familiar with the Columbus area, but if you like wings I hear Wings over Columbus is pretty great. Wings over Columbus just might be one of my fav. — BRAXTON MILLER (@BraxtonMiller5) July 13, 2014
Comment 18 Jul 2014