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Comment 2 hours ago

Foligno is the key imo. If he can keep his game at a high level and be a legit captain that the team listens too could be in for a great season. Fluke injuries happen but still think a lot of the problems last year were guys getting injured not going 100%. I remember Murray slowly skating back on a puck he thought was going to get called for icing. It didn't and get got plastered into the boards and injured. That's where Foligno steps in. If Murray is dogging it get in his face. If Prout is blocking the net/crease Foligno can step in and say something. If guys aren't skating back to help get in their face. Stay in the hunt and make a deal or two at the deadline for some experience and it should be a fun season.

Comment 25 Aug 2015

The thing that will make this tough is our QB depth. RBs typically rack up big yards against bad teams in blowouts and I just have a hard time believing that's going to happen this year. No matter who QB1 is I think there's zero chance QB2 comes in and just hands the ball off as a typical backup QB would do in a blowout. That combined with wanting to keep Zeke as healthy and fresh as possible for the postseason and I'd put my money on him not breaking the record. Having said that we do have a Coach who understands the importance of individual records for the player and for the Coach/School. To get within striking distance Zeke is going to have to have a couple of MONSTER games early ( like 200+ yards).  Go Bucks!

Comment 18 Aug 2015

Human nature. If Baylor and TCU finish with one loss combined they are both getting in imo. Plenty of people doing the polls and on the committee think they got jobbed last year and it will make it easy to "reward" them by saying both B12 teams got in because The ACC and Pac 12 champs have 2 losses each. Best four teams. Not conference winners.

Comment 18 Aug 2015

This just has the makings of an oddball year. SEC from top to bottom probably has its worst collection of QBs in conference history. PAC 12 looks to have a handful of "okay" teams. Notre Dame is going to lose 2-3 games with that schedule and be outside looking in come playoff time. I think we're looking at Ohio State, one SEC team ( someone like Georgia) and either TCU or Baylor will run the table and the other one will still get in with only one loss.

Ohio St vs Baylor

TCU vs Georgia

Comment 14 Aug 2015

Same thing as Perry moving to DE. This is about not looking past VaTech with the suspensions. Marshall/Wilson are suspended. Bosa is suspended. Hostile environment. Last thing you need is some kid back there in his first big game take one off the head and change the game/season. A guy like Zeke has been in the biggest games and fielded kicks in High School and won't get rattled by the enviroment. Zero problem with Coach Meyer having "his guy" ready to go back there for one game. Go Bucks!

Comment 11 Aug 2015

From and x and o let's win now I love this... from a development standpoint it makes me NERVOUS. The fact that Coach Meyer is even mentioning Perry means for two straight years a kid has failed to just lock down the backup spot. We had to turn to Frazier last year as a backup and even hinting at Perry being used this season means those young kids aren't grasping some part of playing hybrid DE at Ohio State. Seems like the kids are either really good at the defensive end part or really good at the linebacker part and to this point no one seems head and shoulders above the other guys at being able to do both at a high level.

Comment 04 Aug 2015

Glad he's heading somewhere else. The Bama gear, and wanting to make sure he made the right choice is just "stuff' to me. The thing that sets off an alarm to me is missing the scheduled tour on Thursday. That speaks to the character of a person. I dislike Saban and Bama as much as the next person but he won't put up with that stuff either. Not going to surprise me one bit to see Hall end up someplace other than OSU or Bama...

Comment 04 Aug 2015

I think there's zero chance that these punishments are weighted the same. The guys who missed classes will get off WAY easier than the guys who did drugs. They all got one game suspensions but i'd put money on the guys who did drugs being in the doghouse longer than the "knuckleheads" that missed classes.

Comment 03 Aug 2015

Hate to see it but I have no problem with a kid picking Bama over OSU and wish him luck wherever he lands. If he picks MD or PSU probably not a kid we really want anyway. All the stars in world often times can't tell you who is all in for the grind of a championship. When Apple offers you a job you don't take an offer from Radio Shack...right? Some kids don't want to chase a championship for lots of different reasons.  Next man up! Go Bucks!

Comment 02 Aug 2015

Once you get past legacy, religion and it being a school you and or your family grew up rooting for I just don't understand the Notre Dame appeal on the football field. They won zero BCS bowl games in the BCS era and a total of 4 bowl wins the past two decades.

The past 10 years they are 80-47. Just seems like a "comfortable" place for top recruits to go who don't want to chase a championship, battle the depth chart and all that comes with that grind.

Any 4/5* kid who picks ND over Bama, Ohio State, Oregon and about a half dozen other schools for football reasons is doing it wrong.

Comment 31 Jul 2015

Hard to figure out what the Browns strategy is at QB. Free agency next year has some big stars but even if the Browns overpaid they aren't getting Rivers, Eli Manning and co and the younger guys will most likely sign deals with their current teams. The draft doesn't have a tank the season for the franchise QB. McCown is 36 and would be 37 next year. Seems like they are hitching the wagon to Manziel. Which I don't get at all. I don;t remember the exact numbers but NFL network did a video breakdown of all 100 or so plays Manziel ran last year and he either couldn't make the throw or made the wrong read on 90% of the plays. He couldn't make any throws outside the hashes. Just feels like Tebow all over again " it worked in college so it will work in the NFL"....

Comment 30 Jul 2015

As a Reds fan HAPPY/SAD DAY trumps SAD/SAD :) Reds need to move about half the roster and so far have made one deal and appear to be asking for the moon in any trade. You're not a seller if you dangle guys knowing your asking price is ridiculous.

Comment 30 Jul 2015

There would be no point in OSU doing this in bunches. I'd imagine there's a list of kids in trouble for different reasons but the bulk of those kids are just going to be punished with extra reps/workouts and not miss any time. The caveat of course is could be a kid or two with academic stuff so that could be tbd. Academics might explain Urban's "Worries about little issues like that creeping in near the beginning of the camp"

Comment 29 Jul 2015

Not buying the multiple failed drug (weed) tests angle. School policy would be three week suspension ( 3 games not 1) and the Urban Meyer policy would be kicking the kid off the team.. see Rod Smith. 1 failed test, missing classes, breaking other team rules I can believe because it would be 7 plus months of chances for kids to "drop the ball". Privacy laws just means any suspended players would be suspended for "breaking team rules."

Every school has their own weed policy outside of bowl games where the NCAA handles drug tests. Oregon gives kids two free passes. First offense at Ohio State is between Coach and Player. Second offense at Ohio State is between player and the University with automatic suspension.

Comment 28 Jul 2015

Getting nervous the Reds aren't going to move nearly as many pieces as they should. Leake will go for sure but beyond that who knows. Makes zero sense to keep Champman at this point. There won't be any games to save next year and his paycheck goes up to $12M if we don't move him. Starting to get really panicked that ownership truly believes it's not the manager, or the roster... it's just injuries that derailed this season...

Comment 27 Jul 2015

Clippers could end up better but he made it sound like he was leaving the Nuggets to go to the Warriors or something. Rockets were crazy injured at the end of the season and that Clippers squad should have destroyed them and couldn't. Rockets should be healthy plus Sam Dekker and Lawson at PG is a huge upgrade over pablo prigioni... Don;t root for either team but if healthy seems like a pick'em to me in the playoffs...

Comment 27 Jul 2015

Not a fan of either team but found it odd in his comments that he needed to leave Houston to win and Clippers gave him a better chance to win? The same Clippers team his Rockets team beat last year.... And then he talks about financial hardship and he's leaving a state with no state income tax and going to one with the highest state income tax in the country (13.3).. Odd dude...

Comment 27 Jul 2015

Klinnsmann said in the press conference that he would be making no changes to the roster for the upcoming games but then did say he will have a conversation with Howard about his future. Problem is the same problem with Dempsey. If USA Soccer truly doesn't care about the Gold Cup and The Confederations cup and this is all a long play to get kids ready for the World Cup then Howard doesn't make any sense on this team. Same for Dempsey most likely. Howard would be 39 for the World Cup and Dempsey would be 35. Hard to imagine either guy mid to late 30s as making the team in 2018.

Comment 27 Jul 2015

I don't know what to make of this team and the program right now. US Soccer seems to have bought into Klinnsmann long term vision of where things are going but the product just looks stalled to me talent wise. So disappointed to hear Klinnsmann speaking after the loss to Panama and just basically saying they had a good tournament and should have won the thing. And then Sunil Gulati basically doubled down saying Klinnsmann job wasn't in jeopardy because they don't make those decisions based on one game ( the loss to Panama in the consolation game). But anyone who looks at how the US team played the whole Gold Cup saw average at best soccer the whole tournament.

Not thrilled about the "home game" being in the Rose Bowl but I get it. CONCACAF needs the money so they want to sell as many tickets as possible so they needed a big venue. And that big venue had to be in a Mexican friendly city if they want to sell tickets. USMNT just isn't a draw right now in terms of ticket sales. Consolation game in Philly only sold 12,000 tickets in a stadium that holds 18,500.

Comment 26 Jul 2015

That's just it. They continue to make decisions based on emotion and not being embarrassed if Cueto came back in another uniform. It should NEVER work that way. Is it going to be any less embarrassing when he signs with the Cubs and is in town nine times next season? They punted dealing him down the road because of emotion. The best franchises make personnel decisions without emotion. Same thing happening with Price. Just about any other franchise and he would be fired ( still may be) but you keep hearing "he was an in house hire" and they don't want to admit the were wrong firing Dusty and hiring the wrong guy. Price is 119–139 and the losses are only continue to pile up as they play out this season. He's easily going to be the skipper who lost 150+ games in his first two years.

Comment 26 Jul 2015

I like Finnegan just that we are buying high on him because of what he did in the world series. Royals seem like they already had the wheels in motion to move him to the bullpen and the Reds are sending him to AAA to be a starter. He could be 2-3 years away if the Reds are determined to make him a starter. That's fine but it doesn't help right now. None of these guys help this year and maybe not next year.

Reds management waited WAY too long to pull the trigger and unless they move Chapman will do the same thing with him. Nobody pays for a rental. They can't have it both ways. You can't blame the season on injuries and then wait forever to deal assets after those injuries derailed your season. ( I still think it's a LOT more than injuries but that's how they are selling this year to the fanbase). Cozart was injured at the beginning of June and Mesoraco way before that. Homer Bailey was out all season after surgery. This season was cooked long ago and that's when they should have been dealing pieces.

Reds didn't get fleeced at all but there are about a billion examples of legit stars being traded for prospects and those prospects never amounting to a hill of beans.

Comment 26 Jul 2015

Feels more like they salvaged a bad situation ( that they put themselves in). We got three guys who project to be relievers and none are coming to the big league club and had to send cash to KC as well. Brandon Finnegan has been getting lit up in AAA as a starter so talk was he would be moving to relief rotation. His last 14 innings pitched at Omaha he as given up 11 earned runs. BAD.

Just not a fan of Cueto being gone and a guy like Homer Bailey gets a six-year $105 million contract....