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Comment 29 Oct 2014

Would be nice to add a true WR like Kirk into the mix with all the hybrid WRs. So far only one true WR ( Michael Thomas) has made a dent in the depth chart and he's still learning. It's either track guys or converted RBs/QBs out there at WR and seems the better the defense we play against the more those guys vanish. Not getting a lot YAC and almost never win the 50/50 balls. Would just be nice to sprinkle in a Galloway, Glenn, Sanzenbacher or Holmes type in with all the hybrid guys. Kirk looks like a REALLY polished WR on tape. Would love to add him to the class. Go Bucks!

Comment 29 Oct 2014

Hard to argue with this list. Seems to me the polls and this initial playoff ranking value the SEC as the best conference in football and this year want two of those teams in the four team mix ( they've kept a bunch of them all within striking distance that should guarantee 2 of them left standing even after they play each other). Notre Dame and FSU had their shot and that left ND outside the mix. They want two SEC teams, FSU and one other team from the best of the rest in the PAC 12, B10 and B12. Still think the one team that really has a chance to keep us outside the top 4 AFTER we win out and AFTER the SEC and B12 continue to knock teams out is Oregon. If Oregon wins out not sure there's a scenario where we jump them. Time to root for Stanford, Utah, Oregon St, Colorado and whichever teams wins PAC12 South.

Comment 26 Oct 2014

But you can't keep blaming execution and not the play calling. I can put together a highlight reel from this year alone of us running the same play off tackle to the left side on 3rd and short and almost never being able to pick-up the yardage. The best offensive coordinators take execution into their play-calling. On nights where the defensive line is better than the offensive line we can't just say well the line didn't block and Elliott couldn't get the yard so blame the players for calling the same play over and over. Your coordinator should have multiple options for third and short and to this point we don't.

Its no different than trotting Nuremberger out there for 40+ yard field goals in pressure situations. It's not all on execution. It's the coaches job to say I don't trust the kid here or there and they remove execution from the equation by punting or going for it on 4th down.

Comment 26 Oct 2014

Seems like a combination of an offensive coordinator either saving that stuff, not being comfortable with those sort of calls or not having the players do stuff like that. When the O-Line is playing poorly we seem to panic and think the fix is keeping backs and TEs in to block. Plenty of teams with poor lines can get a pass off before you can hit the QB but we just never seem to want to call those plays. Making things worse imo is when we play teams with an above average defense our WRs flat out disappear ( 3 receptions for 10 yards from Thomas, Smith and Spencer). Two different occasions last night we called a quick pass out to the sideline and both WRs to that side were blocking and JT was forced to run because it was a busted play.

Most troubling thing to me is Herman still seems to have one fatal flaw in his play calling imo. He doesn't ever seem to find an in game weakness of the other team. Was never really a fan of Bollman but he was really good and figuring out what a defense was throwing at him and then adjusting to a few plays he knew would exploit said defense. Herman just seems to have a real hard time going off script.

Win at home. Survive on the road. Go Bucks!

Comment 24 Oct 2014

Sounds to me like Coach Meyer is just trying to pump up the DLine as a whole because Spence really did make the thing work. Those guys are talented but a lot of downs we are throwing four DTs out there. Just takes DTs a little longer to get to the QB then a pure speed guy like Spence. Lighting the fire under the guys for a little extra effort won't replace Spence but it helps. Still though seems like mostly Coach-speak to me. We've already seen the past few weeks how it seems they are going to "replace" Spence. Curtis Grant is seeing more and more snaps each game at rush end on obvious passing downs.

Go Bucks!

Comment 23 Oct 2014

Not buying the pushed out of OSU line of thinking. He had offers from EVERYONE.  Auburn, Oklahoma, Florida State, Kansas St, Oklahoma St, TCU and a bunch of others. If OSU pulled is offer he had his pick of good football schools. I'd put my money on him staying in state about 90 minutes from home for some reason. Wish him luck.

Comment 20 Oct 2014

I took the "checkers" comment as going through a check-list of offensive guys and to be careful about that. Like JT purposely spreading the ball around via a "checklist".. Same could apply to play calling. Meaning don't get lost in making sure every guy on the depth gets a touch if it's not the right play, right call or right situation to take advantage of.

Comment 19 Oct 2014

I'm sure the coaches will find a fix for it but Darron Lee continues to struggle in the red zone. On both touchdown runs by Rutgers they ran right at him and he was completely blown up and pushed out of the play. And struggles probably isn't the right word. He's undersized at 225 pounds. Your just not going to win too many battles against lineman, tight-ends and big h-backs at 225 in the red zone. We need to find a fix for that before Michigan State.

Comment 16 Oct 2014

Urban called his kick coverage team "heroes within the program." He said their kick return team is No. 1 in the country, and "that's the most important stat" to him.

Curious about this comment above. Did he mention what stat he was referring to with coverage? We're 18th in the country with avg starting position ( 3rd in the big 10 behind Iowa and Minnesota).. avg start position is the 18 yard line.

Comment 16 Oct 2014

I didn't say he was horrible. He's a long way from horrible just never was a true PG ( on the offensive end) Stats are stats. A billion assists doesn't mean you know how to run an offense. Craft rarely passed the ball on fast breaks and if you look at all the assists he piled up ( even when Sully and Thomas were scoring inside) Craft almost never fed the post. There's a stat out there somewhere that he's WAY near the bottom of OSU PGs with assists in the paint. That's just not in his DNA. He got in the paint and he wanted to finish the play. Coaches and gifted offensive PGs will tell you more often than not one extra pass in the paint takes a good shot to a great shot..

He never had a position. Wasn't a true 2 guard and wasn't a PG with an offensive skill set. But he was our guy. Loved his heart and competitive spirit.

Comment 16 Oct 2014

Going to take some getting use to watching this team imo ( looking forward to it). Last year we had Craft and Scott on the court most of the time and before that just Craft and before Craft PJ Hill. Been a long time since we have had someone like Scott to run the show ( Probably have to go back to the Butler days). Craft was all heart, all guts, all defense but never a true PG on the offensive end of things. Fast breaks should look more natural again. Ball movement should be back. I'm not expecting Scott to be Conley or Scoonie but if he can split the difference at the offensive end with what we got from Craft and what Conley and Scoonie brought to the court I'll be happy. No reason this squad can't be sweet 16 or better. GO BUCKS!

Comment 13 Oct 2014

Apologize if I missed this... but do we know what Spence's "official" status is? I know he's still in school and suspended indefinitely but has the B10 or NCAA weighed in at all? Like if Urban wanted to play him this year could he? I think the assumption has been do the right things and play next year but anything concrete on that anywhere? Thanks for the 411!

Comment 13 Oct 2014

At what point do we move on from the word "struggles". I don't think of Purdue or Indiana struggling. They just are what they are. We're at the point now where teenagers don't even remember Michigan being relevant. They've won the B10 outright once in the last 17 years. 2 wins in their last nine bowl appearances. Ohio State has owned them and will continue to own them for the better part of two decades ( and it's not the same as the Cooper years. Cooper had GREAT teams but couldn't beat them). There just seems to be some hazy retelling that this all started with Rich Rod and carried over to Hoke. Carr was a perennial 3&4 loss a year Coach. Carr's last five years they were 43-16 and 1-4 in bowl games. Heck, Carr coached 13 years and 10 of those he had 3 or more losses. The Michigan derailment has been happening for a LOT longer than Rich Rod/Hoke.

Comment 13 Oct 2014

Both Arkansas and Alabama have the same problem. Their QB play isn't very good. I fully expect the 2nd best team in the SEC ( whoever that ends up being) to have 2 losses and we only end up with one SEC in the four team mix. FSU/ND winner, SEC, ( Baylor/OKla winner) and one other team.

At this point three teams "worry" me at being that fourth team in the mix. The Notre Dame/FSU loser and Oregon. If one teams destroy the other in the ND/FSU game it's a non factor but if it's game for the ages doubt the loser will fall below Michigan State. And then there's Oregon sitting there. If we both run the table plenty of people will say the Buckeyes "signature" win is against a team Oregon clobbered. Both would have one loss at home but you'd think the common opponent thing would tilt to Oregon.

Comment 12 Oct 2014

Everyone plays everyone the rest of the way. We're going to end up with 12 one loss teams who think they should be in the four team playoff. Still think B10 is getting no love and we need to root for lopsided losses the rest of the way. If ND and FSU for example have a slugfest the loser won't drop below Michigan State. Here's hoping FSU drops 50 on ND and knocks ND out of the top 10.

Comment 09 Oct 2014

I think I am now more confused about what our DBs/WRs are doing after Coach said this "I've coached receivers for a long time, and a cornerback that plays the same technique every time is a dream."

Our DBs play 4-7 yards off EVERY time. Rotating three styles we should see the bump in your face more than a few times like we've seen this season.  And the WRS pray for in your face coverage? I just don't buy it. The WR group is making great strides but still struggle with aggressive corners and getting off the line and then separating during their routes. That's just not a physical bunch of receivers.

Comment 09 Oct 2014

Sounds crazy but frontrunners are dropping like flies the past few weeks and he should continue to put up monster stats. JTB is going to get a legit shot at a Heisman moment/game in East Lansing. GO BUCKS!

Comment 07 Oct 2014

Ross, your quote makes sense to me " It is difficult for offenses to combat the Ohio State strength, which is their defensive line. So teams will continue to throw quickly and try to catch the Buckeye back seven out of position. "

But then why do we continue to see soft corner coverage? Quick throws seem a LOT easier when the DB is 7-8 yards off the WR... As Spiels said" Buckeyes are playing bump in run with no bump"

Comment 05 Oct 2014

Alabama only drops 4 spots? They haven't been good all year. They are left at #7 and in striking range because no one on the planet wants to see a Mississippi team in the first ever BCS Championship final 4 and you "have" to have two SEC teams in the mix.

SEC/PAC will devour each other of the next three weeks and should put us on course for the Bucks Sparty game being two top 8 teams playing each other.

Comment 05 Oct 2014

Goes a long way when your WRs/TEs make plays. The group had close to 20 drops coming into the game and caught EVERYTHING yesterday. Let's hope that continues. Great day for WRs/TEs yesterday.

Still not sure how much blame to put on Clinton. Seems like Urban is telling him to kick it into a very small window. Don't kick it into the end-zone. Has to go to the left side of the field where we have overloaded coverage. And needs to fall at about the 1 yard line just a yard or so away from the pylon. Having never kicked a football in a live game don't know how accurate you can be with the thing but can't imagine it's easy. World class soccer players fail to put the ball on frame from much less distance all the time.

Comment 05 Oct 2014

Learning on the job :) Same reason next time we are down on the goal line on a 4th down JT won't eat the ball. He did yesterday and walked off the field and I'm sure a coach told him then and he'll be reminded in film session "throw the ball..force the ball.. no downside on 4th down to let it rip"..