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Comment 11 hours ago

If Thad had a game changing recruit or two lined up I might think another year would be worth a look... but he doesn't ( at least at this point). The program is stale right now and if this continues it will just get straight up rotten. It's unacceptable to pay a guy like Thad top tier coaching money with all the resources we have to get basically a top 75 program. If you bring Thad back next year you might as well just close the upper bowl. In the last year the whole thing has gone from not great, to sort of ugly... to where it is right now.. sort of embarrassing. If it weren't for Rutgers we would be last in the big ten. Just not acceptable..  and imagine these same cast of characters next year minus loving, maybe minus KBD and maybe minus Thompson if he tries the NBA/overseas waters again. 15 wins might be a pipe dream next year... it's just ugly..

Comment 11 hours ago

Tend to think when we look back on the Thad era it's going to be his health/injury that led to the downfall of the program. You can argue x's and o's and Thad not changing with the game but he was always on top of things in recruiting and that just hasn't been the case the past 5 years or so. Over and over you hear Ohio guys say something like "Thad didn't start recruiting me till late in the process". That's just something that didn't happen early in Thad's career. Shouldn't be any different than football. Every guy with a pulse in the State of Ohio gets recruited... but here lately with some of these guys Thad doesn't reach out till their senior year. Again I think that's his health and him just not being able to do the grind of it all...

Comment 22 Feb 2017

I'd imagine intentional walks will go up. You are removing the nervousness some managers have with guys throwing 4 automatic balls to the plate. I suppose it will speed up the game a little but that shipped has sailed in my opinion. Once teams started paying starting pitching so much money and had agents telling teams their player would only pitch so many innings and teams limiting them to 100 pitches you just ended up with this carousel of pitchers for the last third of the game. That's what's changed the pace of play and hard to imagine that ever changes.

Comment 22 Feb 2017

"do you believe in miracles" probably greatest sports call in my lifetime.  Two things that always strike me thinking back on this game. One, it wasn't for the gold medal. Always seems like it was but it was beating Finland after the Soviet game that got them the gold. They were actually down to Finland going into the third when Brooks dropped this gem in the locker-room. "If you lose this game, you'll take it to your fucking graves." They ended up winning 4-2 after trailing 2-1 in the third.

Second thing is how it was such a great blueprint for USA Sports of getting the right guys to wear the flag and those guys not always being the best athletes. Something to this day team USA struggles with in Hockey and Men's Soccer.

Comment 21 Feb 2017

Don't think there will be a RB controversy but Dobbins is a MUCH better fit at RB for what Coach Meyer likes to do. He's got the top end speed Weber doesn't have. Love Weber and what he brings to the table but he always seemed like a change-up back or part of one two punch. Weber not being a home-run hitter was yet another reason the passing game struggled imo. Safeties could cheat up knowing a good chunk of the guys on defense could chase Weber down if needed. You couldn't do that with Zeke and not sure you can do that with Dobbins and his 4.44 speed.

Should be fun to watch. Nice to have some depth back at RB.

Go Bucks!

Comment 20 Feb 2017

Boy that last play just keeps getting worse. They wanted to work the ball to Kam in the corner on the other side of the court? presumably for a jump shot? He was 1-7 at that point and 1-5 from three? Why are you running a play for Kam? Down 1 get the ball and drive to the hoop. You score or get fouled. Basketball 101.... so frustrating... it's like they drew up a play for Kam to make up for the jump ball.. just crazy...

Comment 20 Feb 2017

The whole thing is bizarre. Kings said they weren't going to move him and Boogie's agent said if he was moved he probably wouldn't resign with the new team since he's a free agent in 2018. Are the Pelicans renting him? Having said that Warriors don't have one big man let alone two. Pelicans Warriors in the first round would be all sorts of awesome. Will be interesting to see what sort of ripple effect this has on the league the rest of the week before the deadline.

and how on earth did Boston not get involved in this? They could have sent a better package of players/picks to the Kings..

Comment 20 Feb 2017

Uh, last time we were in the playoffs.. Nick Schultz... rental... played 9 games including 2 games against the Pens in the playoffs..

We'll just agree to disagree :) It's a rental year because of the expansion draft and we aren't sending scouts to every Tampa Bay game for the heck of it.

Here's a list from a couple of nights ago from the Avs Buffalo game... you don't send 2 scouts to Avs/Buffalo game if you aren't thinking about dealing.. and to quote Portzline from this weeks chat.. "Jarmo likes to be aggressive"

Comment 16 Feb 2017

Nah, that's just GM 101. Tell everyone you're not a buyer to drive down price. They'll make a deal for 1 or 2 guys. Maybe they won't be rentals but this team has too many holes to make a deep playoff run. You play kids during the year and make deals at the deadline. That's pretty much playoff 101. There's a reason our scouts keep showing up at the same games watching the same guys and why several people have tied certain players to the CBJ ( Halak, Pavelec and Brian Boyle). No secret we need center depth.

Comment 16 Feb 2017

Reds lose 100 games and ownership still has faith in Bryan Price.

Cubs Vs Indians rematch in the World Series.

Comment 16 Feb 2017

I think we are looking at 5 teams in the dance. MSU doesn't look that good and they only have 16 wins and still have to play Maryland and Wisconsin.  Not buying team up North either. Sitting on 16 wins as well with some tough games left.

Looking to me like Wisconsin, Purdue, Maryland, Northwestern and Minnesota...

Comment 16 Feb 2017

Love this team but can't wait for the trade deadline. We add a couple of veteran guys who get playoff hockey and the grind of it and this team could do some serious damage. Right now too many kids who tend to fall asleep a few shifts whenever we get leads. Must have been a half dozen times last night where a Toronto player is front of the net with no coverage in sight only to be denied from point blank range by Korpisalo.

Give me a guy like Patrick Sharp. Dallas are going to be sellers, pending free agent, guy has always played well in Columbus and has been through the playoff grind.

Comment 13 Feb 2017

Seeing the team up North with 13 invitees just makes me smile. They had like 1100 upperclassmen, will have a bunch of guys taken in the first two rounds of the draft and with all that talent they choked away the season to the tune of 10-3... lost to the good guys and continue for the better part of a decade being pretty terrible away from the Big House...

Comment 12 Feb 2017

He's going home. Went to high school in Atlanta and his Dad runs his baseball center which is just outside Atlanta..

Got ZERO love for the Braves but they at least showed signs of life towards the end of the season ( unlike the Reds). Braves were HORRIBLE to start the season. Believe they were one of the top teams in baseball towards the end. Finished like 18-12 over the last 30 games.

Comment 12 Feb 2017

Wish they could have sent Bryan Price with him.  Still think the Reds are doomed until they get new ownership.  Took them FOREVER to realize Jockety wasn't some super baseball guru. Dude was just part of a well oiled machine in St Louis. And I'll never understand the Bryan Price hire. Love or hate Dusty Baker when it was announced it was time to move on just about every player said something like they needed someone from outside the organization to come in and sort of clean things up.... so of course they hire from within and get Bryan Price and he has a real shot at losing 400 games in his first 4 years as skipper.... just crazy...

Comment 09 Feb 2017

absolutely earned the right to have one more season to turn things around

He did earn that right. That was this season. The program was in a bad place at the end of last season. Thad cleaned house, brought Jent back, got sort of chewed out by the boss about attendance and scheduling better and imo earned this season based on everything he has done for the program. This was the year to stop the slide of the program and turn things around and to this point he didn't get it done.

At this point it's pride/dignity time. The program is stale. Even a few more wins won't change that. Six regular season games left and we seem destined for 18-15 or 17-16. Basically .500 ball in the "turn around" year.

I tend to think it's over. Not sure how an extra year fixes anything. I do hope though if Gene Smith has decided to move on they announce it before the home finale. Thad has done a lot for the program and deserves a proper send-off from the fans.

Comment 06 Feb 2017

I don't think there's a mandate to just go out and find tall receivers. Would be foolish to do that. If a guy can run routes, get off the line and catch the ball who cares how tall he is? I think the change is going out and bringing in ACTUAL WRs. We've seen here lately the problems you run into when you try and convert and bunch of running backs and hybrid backs to WR. Just seems like there was an effort to bring in some guys who don't have that big learning curve of having to learn to play WR.

Comment 06 Feb 2017

They got up and took their foot of the gas and then made a bunch of questionable decisions at the end of the game. Like why on earth challenge that Edelman pass with 2:02 on the clock? Let it run to the 2 minute warning and have your people get a good look at that play. TOTAL waste of a timeout. About another half dozen bone headed plays late in the 4th to boot...

One of the biggest CHOKE jobs in sports history.

Comment 04 Feb 2017

Not a TO fan but yikes. Dude is #5 all time in TDs ( RBs, TEs and WRs) and #2 in receiving yards. Guy was a hall of fame goof ball for sure but once again voters get it wrong. Should be ON THE FIELD = HOF.

Comment 04 Feb 2017

Two things The Buckeyes can't ever overcome. Weather and City Size. A lot of people forget a number of these 5 star kids come from small towns in the South. A lot of them don't want to play in the cold and a lot of them don't feel comfortable or want to live in a "city". Like Clemson is a college town. Ohio State is a University in a City.

With Wilson still think its scheme. FSU lets the big dogs eat. For the most part we let the big dogs clear space for our linebackers..