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Comment 5 hours ago

If you've ever played football when the play call comes into the huddle and no one is really jazzed about the call you often times see what we've been seeing. When the online and offense thinks "we're going to start feeding Zeke" and we don't it's demoralizing. And when you roll out on the first play you've told your offense line you don't trust them.

It's Beck! with a helping of Warinner and a helping of Urban.

Comment 8 hours ago

No, and I'm not even sure the team up North isn't Sparty at this point. Rivalry implies two teams of equal value battling for the same thing. That hasn't been the case for 15 years. Could it be again, sure if Harbaugh sticks around.

I'd go with Sox/Yankees or UNC/Duke. Both sides pretty relevant and those games go outside the fanbase ( something our rivalry use to do but not so much lately. Again that could change).

Comment 12 hours ago

Don't get the feeling there's any middle ground here. Either going to be a young scrappy team who guts out wins or a young team that feels like the bounces don't go their way that ends up with a lot of losses. Next couple of weeks are pretty important. B10 play is going to be brutal.  I'd imagine we head into B10 play either 7-6 or 6-7. Highest number of losses in a season for Thad at OSU is 13 and I'd say that's in real danger of being eclipsed.

Going to be interesting to see how the fans, media and University react if the season starts heading the wrong way. No secret Thad's back/foot have hurt him on and off the court here lately and you wonder if it hasn't finally caught up with him. Middle of the pack in the B10 the past two seasons and hard to imagine us doing any better this year.

I'm hoping the young Bucks prove me and a lot of people wrong and gut out some scrappy wins!

Go Bucks!

Comment 13 hours ago

Hope you are wrong about Beck being back next year. You are only as good as your QB play and when you have top notch QB play you generally get a window to compete for all the marbles. Next year that window is still open with JT. After that who knows. If Beck isn't working right now you have to move on regardless of what happens on Saturday ( especially since Urban has said a number of times now he'll be more involved in the play calling).

Comment 24 Nov 2015

He would be NUTS to take the Carolina gig. Of all the high profile gigs he could land ( he'll be at the top of just about all of the wish lists) the Carolina gig is the loan gig pretty much in full rebuild mode. That team is a mess because they flat out whiffed on recruits class after class. LSU, USC, Georgia if it comes to that have talent on the team and in the pipeline.

How about another coaching rumor. LOTS of stuff is going to leak out ( late Dec early Jan. ) about Harbaugh possibly heading back to the NFL. At least two teams are going to offer him "can't refuse jobs" where he's the head coach and GM ( something he wanted with the Niners). If Harbaugh leaves the obvious fit is Les Miles but someone I know tells me there are many in the inner circle who wouldn't want a temporary hire which might be the case with Les' age. If that's the case Herman would absolutely get a call from the team up North.

Comment 24 Nov 2015

Not a fan of his but not sure he's wrong in a couple of spots. The QB mess could have been handled from the beginning and that includes Braxton ( should have been a WR only from the spring on). And I agree on JT. I'm all for second chances but there has to be a cost. One game isn't a cost. I was fine with the one game because that was the precedent but strip the C off him as well to set an example. Is it really a punishment moving forward if some other kid gets a DUI the week before some total scrub game?? Don't agree with him one bit about the Zeke stuff though...

Comment 24 Nov 2015

Not all on the defense but they were just okay. That wasn't a very good offensive team and we couldn't stop them. MSU realized early in the game that McMillian was overpursuiting everything and they just caused a slow death between the tackles 4 yards at a time.

Comment 24 Nov 2015

Neither imo. You IMPOSE YOUR will on the other team. Look at us last year, or when Bama was destroying everyone or USC early 2000s. This is what we do and we don't think you can stop it. Getting caught up in what the other team is doing is what cost us the MSU game. Beck gameplanned like he was still at Nebraska and right from the fist play we let the world know we we're scarred of their dline.

Line up. Knock them into the next century mixing pass and run..

Comment 24 Nov 2015

More concerned with our D-Line and D then whatever they do on defense. If Urban calls the plays I have full faith the offense can put up enough points to win. Lost in all the offensive woes talk is the fact MSU used a patchwork o-line, freshman RB and 2nd and 3rd string QBs and kept the ball forever and had no trouble moving the ball up and down the field when they needed to. Team up North to this point has a much better offense then MSU.

Comment 24 Nov 2015

For someone who has gone on the record and said they didn't put in the work/time in year one THERE ARE NO BYE-WEEKS. The dude either doesn't get it ( thinks superstar athletes just show up) or is trying to do enough to force his way out of town. Either case MOVE ON.

Comment 24 Nov 2015

It was just the second loss ever to an unranked, non-conference opponent in the Thad Matta era

I keep seeing this. What am I missing??

2004/05 we lost to unranked non-con Creighton and Clemson

2008/2009 we lost to unranked non-con West Virginia and Sienna

2012/2013 we lost to unranked non-con Wichita State

2013/2014 we lost to unranked non-con Dayton

20015/2016 we lost to unranked non-con Texas Arlington

Comment 23 Nov 2015

Love the team and the coach and all of the players but "we squashed it" are just a bunch of words if they didn't fix the problem. Zeke wasn't wrong. The players commenting or not commenting on the offense aren't wrong. The defensive players frustrated with the offense aren't wrong. The fix isn't forgiving Zeke. The fix is Urban calling the plays on Saturday.

Go Bucks!

Comment 23 Nov 2015

Execution is always a part of it but still think this is more of coaching problem. Anyone who has ever played football knows how demoralizing it can be to line up and have your QB call a play that tells you your coaches have no faith in what you do. We won the National Championship with most of these guys on offense and we're scheming not to get beat by Sparty? That's not how it works. You impose your will on the other team. THIS IS WHAT WE DO and we don't think you can stop it. When you start rolling out you're telling your line they can't block. When you don't run in the middle you're telling your line they can't block and your RB can't run. When you tell your QB be extra careful with the ball he get conservative. Sparty showed up at the Shoe for a knife fight and instead of bringing a gun we decided to just win a close knife fight. Simple as that. Coaches puckered.. Cook wasn't available and the coaches thought keep it simple they'll make a mistake or two and won't be able to score on offense.

Comment 23 Nov 2015

I've posted this elsewhere on 11W but good friend of the family had a kid ( depending on the service either 5 star or 4 star) recruited by the Bucks and chose not go to OSU because of Smith. Wasn't the only reason but it was a big one.

I don't buy the "it's not his fault because we only bring in HBs" because he is a part of the recruiting process. We are going after 5 star WRs we just don't land them and lately have been converting HBs to play the position. The blocking has been horrible at times, same for the route running. Sure there was going to be a learning curve for a guy like Braxton but just because he looks wide open doesn't mean he's where he's supposed to be or that they trust him to be where he's supposed to be. You look at Baylor, or A&M or countless other schools and they can go 5-6 deep at WR and this year we were basically one deep with Thomas with some ok or untested guys rounding out the position.  Heck last year we got spoiled with how well Spencer blocked but for most schools that's just the norm. Conley was blocked 5-10 yards down the field a number of times last night.

The tricky part from my perspective is not knowing how much of the problem is Zach. A big knock on the position is we don't teach kids to be NFL WRs. Is that our system or is that us having a guy who doesn't know how to do it? or a combination of both?

Never been one to fire a guy just to fire a guy but if say someone like Joey Galloway wanted to get into coaching I'd make the switch in a heartbeat.

Comment 22 Nov 2015

It depends on the call. Part of the contract Urban signed with himself when he got back into coaching was to not try and oversee everything the coordinators did day in and day out. His goal was to hire the right people and trust them to do their jobs. The stars aligned last season. We had the Withers mess on defense out of the gate and this year we had the Warinner/Beck mess but last year everything just clicked coordinator wise.

Since he's been here Urban has been the guy to make the calls on 4th down and from time to time has suggested to the OC run more of this or that or blitz here or there but the bulk of the play calling is done by the offensive & defensive coordinator. Herman and Ash called 95% of the plays last year.

This year was different. Beck was going to call the plays once he got up to speed (most likely Urban thought this would have happened late summer) but it took him FOREVER to get going with how we do things and in the end I think that was our undoing. That's why it started out as pretty much Warinner and then both of them and then lately more Beck. It truly took 8 or so games to realize Beck wasn't the guy because it took him that long to grasp our system and by the time they got to that point you couldn't correct the problem when it was obvious he wasn't the right guy for the gig. I'm guessing Urban then told Beck to go conservative with the aim being just make it to the playoffs even if we have to limp in. Then with almost 30 days between the B10 Champ game and Playoff game they could right the ship.

Believe it was Todd Blackledge a few games back that said Beck still didn't know all of our terminology and was just starting to feel comfortable with the offense...

Comment 22 Nov 2015

First, No one was booing the players. They were booing the play calling and play callers. It's not different then Zeke going off imo. Frustration. We thought maybe they were saving some things and it turned out they just didn't know how to make the thing work. They had two plus months to work things out with the playcalling and they never got it done. What are fans supposed to do? leave the game?

I'd expect Zeke did what you're "supposed to do" and kept it all behind closed doors until the season was over. I'm all for winning next week and the bowl game but in the playoff era when you lose this late your season is effectively over. No different at this point then an NHL, NBA or MLB team losing a crushing game late in the season and realizing their playoff hopes died with the loss. We're in a new era. You win it all or you don't.

Heck, look at Les Miles. His team was right in the hunt and they lost to Bama and he might not win another game as the head coach of LSU because the season was "over" when Bama beat them.

It's sad. I liked things the way they were but its changed.

Comment 22 Nov 2015

This sucks. Only so many top end guys who can be coordinators/coaches and we might need two or maybe three next year. There's just way too many high profile gigs out there so the top end coordinator/coaches pool will only get smaller.

Comment 22 Nov 2015

Seems about right. I think the "problem" with the polls this year is the quality of teams. I think Bama is pretty good, Clemson seems pretty good and then what? a bunch of teams that can be good one game and okay to middling in other games with the wrong match-up. Ohio State, Oregon and FSU teams last season would truck every top 10 this year. I think we get caught up in the "bucks shouldn't be a top 10 team" based on last season and the team we think we should be. It's just not a great year for anyone really.

Comment 22 Nov 2015

The thinking I would assume is Urban knows we have had a problem all year long with the playcalling and didn't do anything about it for different reasons ( stress, loyalty, thought it would fix itself, thought as bad as it was still enough to win games). I suppose the "one week" fix is Urban taking over the playcalling. If the locker room is in sync with what Zeke said Urban taking over the play calling 100% and calling an uptempo game absolutely could change things in one week.

Comment 22 Nov 2015

The BEST in any sport dictate the game. Was shocked to see OSU content with bringing a knife to a knife fight. Last year this team wouldn't care what the other team did. We just did what we did at a high level and imposed our will on teams.

Anybody who has ever played football knows how demoralizing it can be when the QB calls a play in the huddle no one is jazzed about.

Just a mess. Fully expect to see a major coaching shake-up next year. Warinner back to OLine only or gone. Beck gone. Smith gone.

Here's hoping Urban realizes the problem this week and takes over the calling and turns it loose.. Go Bucks!