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Comment 12 hours ago

Risky imo. It's just like hiring Harbaugh as coach. Had to do it but if it goes wrong...ouch... it's going to go REALLY wrong. Both Morris and Malzone are Michigan kids and Malzone enrolled early. Harbaugh's first big recruiting coup is to go to Texas and steal a QB. Not that anyone is going to confuse Zach Gentry for Andrew Luck but it still sends a message to the state of Michigan. Winning fixes all. Losing will be gasoline on an out of control fire.

Comment 17 hours ago

They need to move on. When NFL Channel broke down every play he had this season it was just embarrassing how under-prepared he was so late in the season. He either read the play wrong or failed to make the play. The bigger problem was just how bad he was throwing the ball. On the plays he did have some time he just didn't show an NFL QB arm.

Still think they took a flier on him because he was the only guy they could bring in via the draft or free agency to sort of push Hoyer. There just weren't a lot of options. That failed. Move on. Some GM out there will give the Browns a draft pick.

And from a PR standpoint it's no coincidence that the new OC says "QB might not be in the building" and the ESPN story breaks a day later. Browns already laying the groundwork for Manziel being gone soon.

Comment 23 Jan 2015

Right team ( use to be anyway ) wrong guy imo. Much better comparison for Russell is James Harden. VERY similar at this point in their careers. Harden added weight and a crossover which made him what he is today. Both lefties who love to shoot and can shoot from anywhere and neither guy is a huge fan of playing defense :) Russell needs to get a LOT stronger/bigger. Already seeing him have a hard time getting to the basket and that will only get worse at the next level.

Comment 22 Jan 2015

They wanted it to be on a Saturday so which Saturday should they have picked? Super Bowl Weekend? Valentines Day? This past Saturday when it was a 3 day weekend for MLK and tons of kids went home? They didn't have another option unless they wanted to wait until end of February.

Comment 22 Jan 2015

OSU didn't intentionally scheduled it that way. They picked a date for lots of obvious reasons and then realized other stuff was happening in the city and then wouldn't budge when asked by NHL/CBJ. This sort of stuff is always going to be a problem and imo it's a two way street. NHL/CBJ are barking about the events happening on the same day but for years CBJ fans have been wondering why the NHL continues to schedule CBJ home games the same days as OSU Football and Basketball games. It's not like the Buckeyes have a ton of home games.

Comment 21 Jan 2015

When he had the surgery the doctors said 6-9 month recovery time ( end of Feb-end of May range). The 6 month is the best case scenario the way Drew Brees recovered. But Brees just had his recovery. He wasn't taking classes and rehabbing for the second year in a row. Dr. Andrews who did both Brees and Braxton has said he's never seen anyone recover as quick as Brees. Dr. Andrews tells every patient who has labrum surgery and whose paycheck/future relies on throwing that odds are their career is over ( throwing).  Obviously there are success stories like Brees but far more patients are done competing at a high level after that surgery. Think about Brees. He had the labrum tear and was sent into free agency and only two teams offered him a deal..Saints and Dolphins.

Only thing we can guess on now is that Braxton's timeline has shifted closer to the 9 months if not further out. If you go and dig back through all the comments Urban/Braxton and other coaches have made since the surgery you'll notice little tidbits have been mentioned like how Braxton has missed some targets on things like throwing a nerf ball and being able to raise his shoulder.

IMO still will be shocked if he ever plays QB again for Ohio State. Less than 8 months to VaTech and he's not even close. And that's just the healing part. Take a look at a photo of him right before the injury and then on the sideline in Dallas. He's lost so much weight/muscle in his upper body. He's just got a lot of work ahead of him to just play football again... let alone throw the ball around.

Wish him nothing but the best... Go Bucks!

Comment 19 Jan 2015

Flip side. I live in the South. Past few weeks whenever I am out with an OSU hat or shirt on ALWAYS run into someone giving me a thumbs up... usually an Auburn fan thanking us for taking care of Bama.

Side note. Probably the thing I hear most from SEC fans is "can you share some of your QBs"

Comment 19 Jan 2015

LOT of time before these kids report for summer in June. He won't have to make any decision before then. Spring it's going to be Jones and Collier on the two deep. Not to mention it's not going to be three QBs imo. Braxton Miller will not be our QB this coming year. He can not throw right now. VaTech is less than 8 months away. With all eyes on the B10, Sugar Bowl and National Championship it totally slid under the radar that Braxton's timeline got pushed back.

Comment 19 Jan 2015

Could easily leave school and be drafted. I applaud this step LOUDLY. Tells me he is still working on his addiction and getting his "house" in order before heading to the NFL. Hard to imagine few worse places for a kid with addiction then in the NFL. Hope it all works out for the big fella. Still rooting for him.

Comment 19 Jan 2015

Just about every #1 seed outside the ACC and a few SEC teams would play as the #1 seed in Cotton Bowl... including the Buckeyes. Dallas just slightly closer to OSU campus.

Comment 18 Jan 2015

Part of any job change is knowing when to get out. The fact that Kiffin's name is even being mentioned speaks volumes about what he thinks of the new QBs/Offense for Bama next year. They lose a TON on offense next season. From the Sugar Bowl they lose 7 starters on offense. 3 on the OL, Sims, Cooper, Volger and Yeldon. Three deep at WR is gone. Over half the offensive line gone. Starting QB gone. Starting TE and FB gone. Just feels like it's going to be a rebuild year. No one expected Kiffin to stay there more than a couple of years. Make sense to get out now before your the OC of an 8-4 Bama team and everyone's calling for your head next year.

Comment 18 Jan 2015

My initial reaction after re-watch ( watched the coaches version ) was how many mistakes we made big/small and still beat them by 22 points. If we played as clean as we did against Wisky we could have EASILY dropped 60+ on Oregon. We won the National Championship and I'm sure this past week as coaches broke down film they saw a lot of things they would want to fix. Crazy how good this team is and how the ceiling is. Go Bucks!

Comment 17 Jan 2015

Some easy wins at the bottom of the B10 with 5 games left against the bottom half. Sitting at 14-5 with 12 to go plus at least 1 B10 tournament game. Probably go something like 8-5 and 22-10 gets us in.

However, 22-10 probably puts us somewhere around a 9-10 seed and could easily be one and done. At some point just wish Thad would waive the flag on the inside game and go 3 guards. I don't see another option. We just stand no chance mano vs mano with any team with any sort of big man. Would rather see us push the tempo for 40 minutes and wear those bigs down.

Comment 17 Jan 2015

Dude gets a lot of grief ( brought on by himself at times)  but stumbled across this from this week and it's worth pointing out he does do some good stuff for buckeyenation.

Buck-I-Guy stopped by on Friday to visit our patients and make a donation to the hospital! There's a whole lot of Buckeye spirit here today! O-H! #nationwidekids #buckeyes #nationwidechildrens

Comment 16 Jan 2015

I know it doesn't "count" but have to have OSU over Arkansas in Sugar Bowl imo for Tress. So much going on off and of the field and our first victory over an SEC team in a Bowl game.... and probably just as important it was the first game where a LOT of the national media said OSU doesn't have "SEC Speed" but they sure do have a few guys with SEC speed. That game changed everything both on and off the field.

Comment 16 Jan 2015

Like the kids potential but Vonn Bell has a LONG way to go as a player if he wants to even think about leaving early. He's outside of just about every experts top 20 draft board and that's top 20 for just safeties. He still takes way too many chances back there and until he plays assignment football more consistently he's a late round pick at best. Your best safeties almost to a man all have a little "nasty" in them. Have not seen much of that from Bell thus far... if you watch his High School tape there's plenty of it..

Goes for both safeties. Pop in the National Championship Game. Both TDs were results of the safety leaving his man and trying to make a play. Bell blew the coverage on the first TD and Powell on the second one.

Expect them to both get better next year. Hindsight always 20/20 but Bell should have played A LOT more last year.

Comment 16 Jan 2015

The thing most people gloss over is if Braxton transferred he would lose OSU from a recovery/hospital standpoint. You just aren't getting anything close to the same type of medical help at some of these schools being talked about.

I've posted on other threads that I believe Braxton is done at QB. Once he gets there mentally and emotionally that his dream of being a QB is done he'll make the switch to a different position. The hiccup is he can't wait forever. You just can't flip a switch and become a WR. Ideally he makes the switch during spring drills.

On a side note. Mentally I think it will be a LOT easier to switch positions because of injury if it comes to that then it would be to lose out to JT or Cardale on the depth chart and be asked to slide over to WR.

Wish Braxton the best no matter what the future holds.

Comment 16 Jan 2015

I don't think Bama, FSU or Oregon will be ranked that high. All will have new QBs and big turnover on both sides of the ball. Just about every pollster agreed they overvalued too many teams pre-season last year and many have said they won't make the same mistake again this year. I'd expect to see Georgia, Michigan State, Baylor and USC a bit higher in the polls.

Comment 16 Jan 2015

Oregon also will lose WR Carrington for half a year for failing his drug test. Means he won't be able to play when Ducks go to East Lansing.