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Comment 8 hours ago

I've got a lot of Porter and Cable stuff. For me it's a nice range between low end DIY and commercial grade stuff. Believe they made stuff in the USA for like 100 years and like most companies starting outsourcing in the past decade or so.

Comment 9 hours ago

The Clippers are done. Both Paul and Griffin opted out and they are reportedly looking for a trade partner for DeAndre Jordan. They seem to be in Chicago blow it up mode.

Side note... Note sure how they could get it done.... but imagine LeBron, Love and Kyrie with DeAndre Jordan in the middle... you instantly have a matchup problem for the Warriors because they can't run guys like Zaza and McGee for 30+ minutes because they want to go small early and often in games. They would have to put Green or Durant on Jordan and that's just foul trouble waiting to happen...

Comment 11 hours ago

Which means sometime around 2030 we should pass that team up North and add most wins to best school on the planet...

Go Bucks!

Comment 12 hours ago

Thought the CBJ looked a few players away against PITT and this doesn't really do anything to fix that. We get better offensively but lose a little on the defensive end so first glance seems more like a wash/win win for both teams. But as others have pointed out if bringing in Panarin helps them land Ilya Kovalchuk then looks more like a straight up win then just a wash... Still think there are too many kids on this team and we need to make another move or two.. Regular season and playoffs two different animals...

Comment 14 hours ago

Just not buying it for a bunch of reasons. 

1... As you mentioned the Ball thing and specifically his Dad is going to be a big distraction..

2....Look what LeBron has done and read interviews by those closest to him. He avoided Chicago and New York and picked Miami because he wanted a town with little to no media pressure. He gets the same thing in Cleveland.

3... They are still the current Lakers and not the Lake Show.. Past 4 years EVERY big time free agent was a sure thing and going to sign with the Lakers and NONE of them signed. Maybe Magic turns that around but as of right now they still have a stink on them.

4...The current Lakers roster isn't close to being a playoff contender. 

5.... LeBron isn't getting any younger. Wether it was age of fatigue or both we saw plenty of times against Golden State he settled for jumpers where LeBron in his prime takes it to the hoop and gets an and one. Point being he would most likely have to do just as much heavy lifting two seasons from now and I just don't think he can at this point...

6... LeBron wants to grow his brand off the court... Media has changed so much in the last decade. Plenty of people do big things outside of NY and LA. You don't have to be there like you did in the past..

7. NBA ownership. No secret LeBron wants to own and NBA team. Seems like the easiest fit is the Cavs. He wouldn't even need a piece of the pie from Gilbert to stay. It's simple math. You agree to sell to me in 2,3 years and I'll stay. They both win because the value of the franchise stays in tact. If LeBron bolts Gilbert takes a HUGE paycut. Could even work in some small ownership percentage if needed...

8.. Legacy and the finals.... LeBron is never going to catch Jordan but he can put his stamp on number of times going to the finals in a row.. Going anywhere out west other than San Antonio would be a foolish uphill climb to get back to the finals..

9.. Sources..... all sorts of sources saying LeBrons wife wants to live in LA but as of yet no one has heard LeBrons wife say that...

10... The Cavs..... not sure there is another team with as many pieces that is within sniffing distance of the Warriors. At the end of the day LeBron wants to win. Short of him going to Houston, San Antonio or Boston no other team puts him back in the finals...

Comment 21 Jun 2017

At least right now Cleveland isn't a typical GM gig. Money is not an object. That's a big part of any GMs role on most teams. Chauncey would be a guy who can relate to possible free agents as an ex player and someone current players still have a lot of respect for. Long term hiring a guy like Billups doesn't make a lot of sense but short term he's going to have a MUCH better chance of selling a guy like Paul George or Jimmy Butler on Cleveland than any typical GM would...

Comment 21 Jun 2017

I don't know anything about Zain Retherford.... but do believe the ESPYs are about the best of the best on and off the field/court/mat etc.. meaning isn't there a charitable part to the voting and not just "x is best at his/her sport"....? Like LeBron won for what he did on and off the court last year... Bryce Harper won last year because of what he did on and off the field ( if it was just on the field he wouldn't have been close last year) but harper does a lot of charity work.. 

Comment 21 Jun 2017

That was my point above.... to get George LA has to move a bunch of bodies..

A starting 5 of LeBron, George, Ball, Lopez and Ingram isn't going to scare anybody. That's a 4-5 seed team in the playoffs with no real shot of beating the Warriors, Spurs or Rockets.... probably wouldn't even beat a healthy Portland..

Too many people forget that guys like Livingston, West and Iggy are what make that Warriors team work. You have to have a bench you can trust even with a big 3 or big 4.

Comment 21 Jun 2017

Still don't understand the LeBron to LA thing other than it makes for great click bait. That roster in LA isn't close to being playoff ready. Bunch of rumors they will have to give up a bunch of players to get George and then what? An older LeBron and Paul George and a bunch of the wrong pieces won't come close to beating the Warriors. Not to mention I have a REAL hard time imaging LeBron playing on a team where Ball's Dad is in the mix 24/7. 

Just don't buy it... LeBron wants to be in the finals EVERY year. Short of going to San Antonio hard to imagine him picking any West Coast team.. an East Coast Miami part 2 is a much more realistic option imo.. Tell Knicks ownership to can Phil Jackson and get Chris Paul to head to NYC.

Comment 21 Jun 2017

Have only seen tape but always thought he was going to be a year or two away based on what I saw on tape. Not talent just how he was being used at UA. Again, on tape, he spends SO MUCH time in the paint. That's just not going to work at the college level. Part of any sport is just going out there and playing the sport naturally. He won't be able to do that ( at least early) because in college he'll be playing shooting guard and not the hybrid sg/post player UA has him doing. Be it basketball. golf, football etc any time you have to think first instead of just react you'll be a step behind.. Kid has a ton of talent just think there's going to be a learning curve to playing SG at the college level.

Picking a college in most cases is the toughest decision an 18 year old will make to that point in their life. Take time. Pick the right school/coach/team and enjoy the process so you can enjoy your college experience...

Wish him nothing but the best...

Comment 20 Jun 2017

I wonder if he wants to "stay" in Chicago or if he just doesn't want to go to Cleveland ( assuming the reports are true). DWade this evening just opted into a giant one year cap eating contract with the Bulls which means they will be terrible again. Hard to imagine Butler wants any part of that with all signs pointing to them blowing up that team. 

Comment 20 Jun 2017

No surprise. Once Magic came back into the fold DRuss days were numbered. Plenty of ex-Lakers have said something along the lines of "DRuss was a full time celebrity and part time NBA'er". Shame for DRuss is pretty much the two cities you don't want to live in if people are worried you chasing celebrity are LA and New York. Hopefully this is a wake-up call. Wish him the best!

And who knows about next year but ZERO chance LeBron goes to LA this year. They aren't even close to having an NBA playoff caliber roster.

Comment 20 Jun 2017

I meant a 1 year max deal or close to that for Milsap. Wouldn't sign him long term but even at 32 he's got a ton of game left in him. I get Butler can chase Durant but if the Cavs had a guy like Milsap who could do some of the heavy lifting on offense LeBron wouldn't need to play 45 minutes a game and then could guard Durant as he should be doing. And Milsap was a 15/7 guy because of the offense they ran in Atlanta because they ran everything through Howard. 

My fear with George or Butler is you just add another guy who wants to face the basket to shoot. In theory I suppose you could bring in a George or Butler and then find a post player with real scoring ability to upgrade Thompson.... 

Just think it's a fools errand if you think you are going to trade baskets with Durant and Curry and co... the teams that had success against the Warriors ( Grizzlies and Spurs) were able to run when needed but slow them down and bang the ball inside..

Comment 20 Jun 2017

You've got like 25+ teams who can not beat a healthy Warriors or Cavs today. Fully expect the Cavs to land one big deal. It's such an odd time in the NBA. You can pretty much see teams waiving the white flag essentially waiting for LeBron to get old and for the Warriors to get another year or two down the road where they are out of salary moves to keep that group together. Could easily see dudes getting moved for less than value so teams can start a 2-3 year re-build now. 

Sidenote..... I think Kevin Love is a TERRIBLE match-up against the Warriors but the dude is a much better player than he showed in that series. The match-up just sucks and that's not going to change. I'd suspect the Cavs are playing the Bulls and Pacers against each other. Neither team is going to bring back a better player than Love in any other deal. He's not tied up long term and allows either franchise to still sell some tickets. What the Cavs need is the Kevin Love who played in the NBA before he fell in love with the 3. It's just an uphill battle if you think you are going to outshoot the Warriors. Got to get easy in the paint buckets.. not to mention hoping Thompson can grab a board when 4 dudes are chucking up jumpers..

Still think the Cavs should move Love for picks after the draft and let some other team absorb his contract then go get Paul Milsap. He's a much better fit for where the Warriors struggle ( guys who can score in the paint).. then use the picks to go get a center who can actually score in the paint... Warriors won a ton of games but they struggled against teams with legit low post scorers most of the season...

Comment 13 Jun 2017

Move Kevin Love to a team after the draft that can absorb his contract and send multiple picks to the Cavs

With free space sign Paul Milsap. 

Use picks closer to deadline to fill out roster for playoffs...

Comment 12 Jun 2017

"Ohio State Guys" makes for a great soundbite but his success/failure will most likely be tied to embracing something Thad never could... how AAU basketball has changed the game. No one plays defense these days ( just look at the NBA finals) and Thad stuck to his "got to play defense to see the court" guns and it just makes you VERY limited on offense and makes kids who are learning the game differently very reluctant to sign on to a school preaching a different era of basketball. 

FOR SURE you can argue how AAU has been bad for the sport but it's what these kids are learning and if you try and coach a different way at the college level it's just an uphill coaching/recruiting climb..

Comment 11 Jun 2017

Jack's record is safe forever. Different game. Different sport on and off the course. Game has become so physically demanding ( US Open this year is close to 8000 yards) and time consuming ( Jack got to play golf and go home for the most part... these dudes today do more work off the course).. Just think it's impossible for someone to be that good at golf and stay injury free with all the added pressure of having to be long off the tee puts on your body/game. Not to mention they have to not have any sort of stress/family crisis from the grind. Just don't see it...

Comment 08 Jun 2017

Just follow the football blueprint. Let Jent be interim coach knowing that the candidates available over the next 10 months or so will almost certainly be better than those available today. No need to rush this and end up back in the same spot a few years from now.

Comment 08 Jun 2017

Probably could make a better top 5 if it was just "top 5 guys getting paid to play"... believe guys like DeShaun Thomas and LaQuinton Ross are making a quarter of a million dollars tax free overseas. 

Sully's been a bust to this point and not a stretch to think he may be done. D'Russ needs to get out of LA sooner than later. Not having the distraction of wanting to be a celeb should do wonders for his game..

Comment 08 Jun 2017

Going to assume this is best available??? Which begs the question why not do the Fickell thing with Jent? and increase the odds someone better frees up over the next season...

Gene's in a no win. If he strikes out it's on him. If top end recruits start looking at Ohio State again the mob will say Thad should have been fired years ago...

Can't get any worse so here's hoping for the best and TRULY wish coach McDermott nothing but the best...


Comment 08 Jun 2017

I don't even think you need a "legit" center. Just someone who at least forces the Warriors to get nervous going to their small ball lineup. There's zero chance of Thompson taking it to the hoop or shooting the ball unless it's a lob or put back.

Me, i'd split the difference. Don't go for a legit center and don't go broke chasing a guy like Paul George... Get a guy like Paul Milsap. Guy can stuff every line on the box score and the Warriors couldn't just not defend him like they do Thompson. He would cause some REAL headaches because he can score, rebound and pass the ball. 

Comment 08 Jun 2017

Warriors are a bad match-up. Is what it is. Any other team in the league and Thompson would contribute as he did all season. The Warriors go small and Thompson becomes such a liability because they don't guard him on defense and on defense he's forced to be so far away from the basket chasing jump shooters that he has almost no upside to being on the court.