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Comment 6 hours ago

You can already feel it happening on twitter.... "the Penn State that barely beat Ohio State wasn't close in the rankings......but this isn't the Penn State that barely beat Ohio State"...

I still think we are in but not rocket science to see they have gotten a LOT better as the season as gone on...

Comment 7 hours ago

I don't know if it's coaching or kids not listening but in college bball you almost always play team ball for like 75% of the game then lean on someone to finish things off. If we don't have a closer then this team should be playing team ball the full game (not really a fan of that but it is what it is). But the team ball thing is something that takes some getting use to because most of these guys didn't do that in high school. Seems like we are stuck somewhere in the middle. Not really team ball at times and other times guys standing around waiting for someone to take over.

Comment 7 hours ago

I know there's "tradition" but the bowl tie in thing blows most times. Wisconsin is going to win the B10 Championship and their reward is most likely going to be the Rose Bowl vs Colorado. Does NOTHING for the program. Meanwhile that team up north most likely heading to Orange Bowl against FSU.

Comment 02 Dec 2016

I like the format. What the talking heads and a lot of fans seem to miss ( Herbie has been beating this drum) is that the committee doesn't really see conference. They are just ranking teams 1-25. It's basically March madness. When they have two teams that they struggle to separate then they bring in conference, head to head and SOS.

Seems like every year you can make a legit case for 5-6 teams. The one change I would be in favor of is some sort of play-in to get to 6 teams. Give seeds 1 and 2 a buy round 1 and 3 and 6 play and 4 and 5 play then re-seed after those games.

Comment 02 Dec 2016

Best of luck at A&M. And this applies to any kid going there. Hope you picked the school and not the coach. Already rumblings Sumlin may be in trouble. Just yesterday the President of the University was asked about his future..

Texas A&M University President Michael Young expressed full support for his school's football coach, Kevin Sumlin, on Thursday, though he stopped short of promising that Sumlin would be back to coach the Aggies in 2017. 

In an interview with Texas Tribune CEO Evan Smith, Young said that "Kevin Sumlin is our coach and has my complete support and our athletic director's complete support."

That prompted a follow-up from Smith: "So he will be the coach next September?"

"Kevin Sumlin has my complete support," Young repeated. 

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Comment 01 Dec 2016

I'm not sure what the right answer is for the end of close games. Moment seemed too big for Jackson and I thought Thad waited too long to get him off the court and Lyle isn't really a point guard. I'd almost rather have Loving handle the ball. And I will NEVER understand Thad's fascination with calling a TO under 10 seconds to setup a play. Over the years teams have gotten so much better at defending the inbound pass ( especially a sound defensive team like Virginia) and you tend end up with the ball in the wrong persons hands or the right person gets the ball in the wrong spot on the court. Would much rather see Lyle drive the basket and shoot or create contact or suck everyone in and kick to Kam Williams for a winning 3. We ended up with a fall-away 3 from close to half court. There shouldn't be any guess work at this point. Down 2, miss free throw and the team should do x... more often then not you just end up giving the other team chance to setup their D or get defensive players in the game. Just hate the timeout to setup a play. Hate it! They've probably practiced that same scenario 100s of times as if they don't have a timeout. Run that play!!!

Hopefully that game won't haunt us come March. That's the EXACT kind of win that puts you in the tournament if it's close..

Hopefully a learning experience. Go Bucks!

Comment 30 Nov 2016

Not sure I would wish that job on anyone. You can pretty much tie the Chip Kelly success to the USC sanctions and Ty Willingham at Washington. They were able to recruit California pretty much with no West Coast interference for an extended period there in the late 2000's to 2010s.  That has changed with Peterson at Washington and USC coming off sanctions. MUCH harder for Oregon to recruit these days. Circumstances and a special player in Mariotta allowed them a window there that I'm not sure they'll ever get again. Helfrich was 9-4 last year and boosters were already grumbling. 

Comment 29 Nov 2016

Love Galloway but the dude sounds like a dinosaur talking about conference champs. He and everyone else talking about conference champs needs to realize the committee is slotting teams like it's one giant conference. Then in close calls they use head to head, SOS and conference champions to break ties.

If Washington, Clemson and Bama win..... Bama and Washington in the Peach Bowl... Ohio State and Clemson in the Fiesta..

They've already showed their hand imo. Repeated over and over they don't view Ohio State and Penn State as being close and how on earth would Penn State jump Washington in the final poll? They both can add a conference championship and a win against a top 8 team. If PSU was going to get in they needed to be above Washington in this weeks poll.

Of course chaos can shake this whole thing up. As Herbstreit said after the game on Saturday " Buckeyes are probably better off rooting for PSU to beat MSU. They'll still get in and won't have to play their way in by beating Wisconsin in the B10 final"

Important to remember most of the rankings are just window dressing. Still a business at the end of the day and their bowl partners don't want a bunch of un-ranked teams.

Comment 27 Nov 2016

We've obviously got some guys that are banged up that are battling through that a month off should do wonders for healing up. Pat Elflein looks beat up to me. Time off will be good for Wilson. Wilson hasn't lived up to the hype but he's made a few big plays in the passing game this year and will be nice to have him healthy. Same for a few other guys.

To me the biggest thing bowl prep could do is give us enough time to find SOMEONE further down on the depth chart at WR to step up. Maybe McLaurin? or Mack? or maybe Hill takes another leap forward? Just troubling that a guy like Corey Smith still sees the field. Campbell and Brown have been really inconsistent. Guys like Clark and Dixon don't seem like impact players. WR really hurts us when we put Samuel in the backfield.

Also gives us a month to break down tape. A guy like Baugh can watch how well Jake Butt played yesterday and learn from that. Always keep moving to give your QB options. If you have the game watch Baugh on that first third down when JT is scrambling. Baugh is basically doing nothing. Needs to shake his defender and give JT a target... Lots of teachable moments..

Comment 27 Nov 2016

I think not giving Prince help is a couple of things. 1- We don't do that. That's not what Ohio State does... 2. Think they are playing the long game and giving help hurts confidence. You can pop in tape of just about every Ohio State lineman making similar mistakes the first year they started. Prince is going to be a stud.

Would like to thank Jabril Peppers for providing Ubran Meyer with decades worth of ammo. Whether it was the OH-oNO, the strut to the middle of the field to kick at the O or the ultimate d-bag move of spitting on the O that stuff will NEVER be forgotten.

And speaking of Jabril Peppers. How perfect was it that his last play against THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY he gets blocked out of the play by Mike Weber.... so perfect...

Go Bucks!

Comment 27 Nov 2016

At the end of the day it's still a business...I think we;re in and it's deserved but still think outside forces tip the scale to the Buckeyes.. I think we're heading to 1. Bama vs 4. Washington 2. Ohio State vs 3. Clemson

1.. TV Ratings. ESPN wants Ohio State in as the #2 or #3 seed. They took a bath on ratings last year and having Bama and Ohio State in opposite games gives them the most eyeballs and potentially sets up ratings gold in a Bama vs OSU final.

2. The Fiesta Bowl. Phoenix LOVES Buckeye Nation. They will push hard behind the scenes to make sure Ohio State is #2 or #3 to bring all of Buckeye Nation to Phoenix.

3. At least one person on the committee maybe more won't say it publicly but behind close doors the Paterno/Sandusky stink will play into leaving PSU out should it come down to PSU vs Washington.

Comment 27 Nov 2016

Notre Dame has the same problem Texas, LSU and sounds like Tennessee is having. Too many people who write big checks to the schools getting WAY too much input into the programs. I'm not a Kelly fan but sounds like that gig is just becoming a nightmare. Hearing the same rumblings from Tennessee. Too many of these rich dudes think you should be able to turn around a program in a year. Herman will have to deal with the same stuff at Texas... "It wasn't the players it was Strong and now we paid Herman $5M at least he can do is win the B12 year one"..

Comment 27 Nov 2016

TBD..... A lot of moving pieces. First thing is figuring out if JT is coming back. I'm not sure it's such a great idea to bring in a brand new OC/QB coach for his senior season. Second, these coaches still have the final say of where they coach next year ( for the most part). Might be a good idea to see who gets other gigs and then plan from there.

Biggest problem to the OC stuff is how much better does this offense look if the WR play is playoff caliber level? I always thought what made Herman so good was being able to figure out what the other team was doing and finding a weakness and then exploiting that weakness over and over.. did this REALLY well with Cardale. There wasn't a lot of guess work. But having guys like Spencer, Thomas and Smith made the play calling MUCH easier.

I still think you can fix some our problems by firing Urban as the special teams coach and sliding Zach Smith over to special teams then bring in someone who REALLY understands the WR position. No reason we can't get the same kind of production from our WRs that schools like Clemson get. Our WR approach seems to be just out athlete DBs and when face teams we can't do that with the whole offense struggles.

Urban has too much on his plate. We've got too much talent and speed to be below average on punt returns and middle of the pack on kick returns. Let Zach handle that unit full time.

Comment 20 Nov 2016

That after an epic beat down ( Bucks win BIG) I'll have to listen to a few people I know say something like " if Speight had played we would have won"... and they'll be repeating that hogwash all the way till the game next year in Ann Arbor....

Comment 20 Nov 2016

a missed opportunity to connect with James Clark on a big gainer over the middle

Still don't think this was on JT. After the throw Clark got an earful from JT and the coaches so I think Clark was supposed to sit down in that open space instead of continuing the route..

The wind didn't help and JT wasn't sharp but sure seemed like this team being young crept back in after forgetting it was a thing for a few games. By my count we had 4 dropped passes and a couple of bad routes that were pretty easy to see.... and sure enough that led to JT holding the ball too long at times and then Urban/Beck/Ed getting conservative with the play calling.

All in all probably ends up being a great outcome. PLENTY to work on this week and there shouldn't be any sort of swag/cockiness heading into the game.

Comment 20 Nov 2016

Important to remember some of the "why doesn't he lead the receiver" isn't always accurate. Clark had a play that looked like JT threw behind him but after the play JT, Zach and Urban were clearly telling Clark he was supposed to sit down in that open space instead of continuing the route.

JT wasn't great for sure but there were 4-5 dropped passes and at least a couple of awful routes.