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Comment 6 hours ago

I don't think he'll go for typical rental price but would bet he'd still be a rental. The teams that would offer him max dollars would just wait as they most likely aren't in the hunt anyway and why give up assets or picks to a guy you can target in the off-season. Plus he can force his way out of town if he wants. He's going to be 30 here soon and being dealt to a contender could get him a ring.

Comment 7 hours ago

Yahoo Sports just reported Cavs want to wait and see how Love fits in with new coach/scheme before they decide on trading him.

Cavaliers management needs to decide over the next few months whether Kevin Love fits in with a new coach and a different system. Love, who is still only 27, is locked into a five-year contract signed last summer.

At the very least that means they might be open to dealing Love imo... if that's the case with Love and the trade exemption they have with Heywood they could target anyone available.. plus they have future #1 draft picks they could use as well.. Lot of options

Comment 7 hours ago

Horford won't cost that much imo. If he's dealt he's a rental. Still would have to give up something but sounds like Hawks are a few moves away from being in rebuild mode. Horford is probably the one guy they should move because his next deal is won't end most likely until he's like 35.

Comment 7 hours ago

Agree, the Korver piece is easy. Plenty of deadline guys you can get that can knock down threes and play some defense. Heck for limited minutes James Jones can already do that. A guy like Pau changes everything. Frees up shooters, inside game, great passer, battle tested for the playoffs and allows Kevin Love to do whatever he wants knowing the paint is covered.

Comment 7 hours ago

Gasol's a free agent to be so his value is limited. Would have to move someone to make the cash work. But could send them Moz, Kaun and a draft pick and the money works fine. ( and if you knew before the deal you could sign Gasol with an extension you could make the draft pick the 2018 first round pick). More than enough for the Bulls I would think. Pau's not going to be there next year anyway.

Comment 7 hours ago

I agree they weren't just going to settle on a kid at DT but Urban said a number of times in Dec/Jan the class needed a stud at DT and at the end of the day they didn't get one. Disagree about effort into Gary. Staff went after him hard until his Mom didn't like the ov. Still when Schiano got into the mix they went after him again. We missed. Again lots of reasons but a miss is a miss. And we may move Barrow to DT but he played end at IMG. At pure DT we whiffed.

Comment 7 hours ago

But LeBron playing iso ball is better than him playing alongside Kevin Love. That's the problem. That's how they made it interesting last year. No Kevin Love. If Kyrie would have stayed healthy who knows what would have happened. With Love on the floor you get a guy who demands shot attempts, doesn't play great defense and continues to play further and further away from the basket. He's such a bad fit for the Cavs. Love needs to be playing with an offensive minded center like Cousins or Towns or a Drummond.. or as I said below even Pau Gasol.

Comment 8 hours ago

That's the "other" move that needs to happen. They still need someone who can guard Draymond Green and not be a liability on the ofensive end.

Still think you wait and watch the Bulls continue to implode ( they are 3-8 in their last 11 and just announced Butler is out a month) and then make a deal for Pau Gasol. He'd probably end up being a rental but he's the perfect fit. You would force Golden State to keep Bogut or another big on the floor instead of going to their preferred small lineup. Can score inside and outside. Plus he helps with the one team that can give the Cavs trouble in the East.. the Celtics.

Comment 8 hours ago

Disagree. We missed on guys. Period. Can argue the reasons for sure but when you offer five star guys the chance to play basically day 1 for a team that will contend for the national title and you don't land any of those guys... you missed...

I keep going back to scheme. For the most part these five star kids don't match our scheme. We want DTs to hold the line and clear space for our linebackers. I just think that's a tough sell to a 17 year and his family that have been drilled over and over about how getting to the NFL and getting a big pay day is about stats/sacks. SEC for the most part just lets these 300 pound kids chase the QB and the play all day and we don't really do that..

We either change our scheme or change our approach to the type of kid we bring in to play DT. For now we seem to be having the most success bringing guys in at defensive end and then selling them on moving to defensive tackle. Again, I think that's a much easier sell to a 20 year old then it is to a 17 year old...

Comment 8 hours ago

Frank Reynolds' Little Beauties still my favorite. Always kills me every time its on. Fat Mac to boot...

Comment 20 hours ago

Over, maybe twice over in the 7 range but imo nothing to do with his talent. Tunsil is a top 3 lock, at least one QB is a top 3 lock then you have a bunch of teams that either don't "need" him or feel he doesn't fit their scheme day one. And it should NEVER work like this but it always does.. some team or teams every single year get scared off a position because of a recent draft. There will be at least one team who gets scared off of the position because Clowney has been pretty horrible. That sort of thing happens every year. Some guy in the last class or class before is a top 5 pick and doesn't live up to the hype and someone on a team will say "we can't afford to have a bust in the top 5". Chargers, Browns and Ravens play a 3-4 and there's always a learning curve there that scares some teams. Titans take Tunsil, someone swaps up with the Browns and Goff goes 2. I'd put my money on Hue Jackson and Chip Kelly going offense.

Jags, Cowboys maybe...

but I'll guess he goes 8th to Miami... which would work out for his family coming to his games and would actually make a pretty good story.

Comment 07 Feb 2016

Going to have to run the table basically. B10 is down this year ( as a whole) and a team like Indiana is probably about to take a massive drop making things only worse. They've had a great schedule. Only played (1) ranked team so far but finish with 5 ranked teams in their last 7 games. The national narrative will hurt us if we are close and Kentucky being "okay" and not great Kentucky is hurting us as well.

I figure we'll be 17-10 with wins over Northwestern, Nebraska and Rutgers... with *ichigan, *ichigan State twice and Iowa also to play. Split those 4 games ( sort of a tall task ) and that still only gets us to 19-12. We'd still have to probably win 2 games in the B10 tourney then.

The Louisville suspension helps as it puts one more bubble team off the bubble.. could be us :)

Comment 07 Feb 2016

I wonder how much of the concussion/CTE stuff has to do with these guys retiring? Wasn't that long ago that dudes played and played until it was obvious they had nothing left in the tank. Beast Mode, Calvin Johnson can both still play and seem to be walking away. Beast is only 29 and Calvin just turned 30. Makes you think...

Comment 07 Feb 2016

Favorite was U2. Thought they played well and did a really nice tribute to the fallen on 9/11

Coldplay should be fine. Have enough of a catalog that even if you don't like them you'll know the songs, they actually play live and will probably have some cool guests join them on stage.

One things for sure. The unwritten you can only play once rule is going to have to be looked at in the not too distant future. Regardless of personal taste we are running out of bands "big enough" to even be considered.

Comment 05 Feb 2016

I hate this sort of thing. "My parents are going to ground me for a month" so I'll self impose a weekend grounding to get my parents go easy on me. Figure out the crime and equal that to the punishment. NCAA won't do that. They'll say "good for you LVille" and one year is enough. Total BS.

Comment 04 Feb 2016

Kid should have been offered forever ago. You offer kids based on talent. Academics will take care of themselves one way or other before signing day. Not offering a kid, especially in Ohio, early just seems like the wrong way to do things. He offered the kid from UA a schollie before he even played a high school game and year after year the most talented kids in the state seem to wait and wait. I'm not sure I understand what Thad is doing in Ohio truth be told. I like Thad but how on earth can you never even call a kid like Caris LeVert who grew up in Pickerington and seems headed for the NBA. I get you can't get everyone but LeVert is on the record as saying Thad never even contacted him.

Comment 03 Feb 2016

Guessing he deleted the tweet because it's wrong. Should be +7 B10 titles.. (2010 happened :) )

2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010 and 2014

Comment 03 Feb 2016

Another reminded of how crazy "life" can be sometimes. Think of everything that happened to get this group of coaches together.

Tat Gate doesn't happen and no Meyer

Penn State doesn't happen and no LJ.

Studrawa takes the job when he's first offered and no Warinner.