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Comment 3 minutes ago

Would love to know if Urban doesn't want "tough" calls or does 97.1 just filter them out before they ever get to Urban? I mean Urban has to know that only the softball questions get through, right? I get you don't want to flat out answer a question about a specific player or coach because that could go sideways quick... but I'd imagine they had dozens of relevant legit calls that Mosic chose to avoid because they were all sort of negative questions.

Either way doesn't look good for Urban and the team. They're young, I get that, but when you avoid questions looks like you are hiding/avoiding talking about a bad week. Makes you look fragile. I get he can't say this was his most embarrassing loss as head coach at Ohio State, I get he can't throw the OCs under the bus, or the special teams or specific WRs but there's a midway point between not talking about at all and throwing dudes under the bus. I call pure hogwash they couldn't find one call that wasn't covered in the presser..... plenty of things you could ask about this week as opposed to rehashing PSU.

Either OSU asked for no calls or Skip figured OSU didn't want calls and didn't accept any..

Comment 25 Oct 2016

yes, everyone but us can score on them. They've got two more losses minimum. They'll lose one of those road games and lose to either Iowa or MSU at home.

Comment 25 Oct 2016

We sure were spoiled with Ted Ginn Jr. We can't seem to find anyone to return kickoffs at a consistent clip. Seems to be some combination of guys who can't get past the 25, guys who take a knee or a guy who take's a chance like Paris who gives you 90 one week and then two bad out to the 10 yard line back breaking returns against PSU.

With the way he weaves on the those INT returns would still love to see Hooker back there to return a kick or two.

And geez... How bad is it at punt returner? Wilson and then a guy with a cast on his hand in Smith as the backup.

Comment 24 Oct 2016

Hmmm, we heard sort of the same thing last year. Offense sputtered against Minnesota and Illinois and we were told "no wholesale changes" and "the sky isn't falling" and then it REALLY sputtered against MSU and we got a pretty big change with Warinner going to the booth. I don't pretend to know what the fix is but if we struggle at home against Northwestern to score points you can bet some change will happen.

Comment 24 Oct 2016

I think it's just a combination of things he can't really say so we end up getting sort of coach-speak 101. Youngest team in the country and I'd assume he knows the "temperature" of the locker-room so he must know they are young/fragile enough that he can't come down on them with a hammer. As far as embarrassing loses for the program it's right near the top but again I'm not sure he can say that because it's a clear shot at PSU but it also reflects really poorly on the squad. Sounds like both JT and Raekown talked to the team after the game. Just seems like Urban is choosing to take a softer approach in hopes they can fix things. I'd imagine all that changes if we lose another game.

Comment 24 Oct 2016

That first Paris Campbell clip is just depressing. He did everything wrong. I'm sure it will be a learning experience but man you had one job. Drive the DB as far left and as far to the back of the endzone away from Samuel. Why on earth take the route inside? just bolt for the sideline. If the guy tries the holding/contact thing and runs you out of bounds you still do your job.

While not a WR Baugh is still a pass catcher and his hot route mistake was just as bad.

Either Zach is bringing in the wrong guys or he isn't coaching them up or some combination of the two. Devin Smith was a go route go there was very little WR in him and he's learning the position at the NFL level. Michael Thomas spent hours and hours working with Keyshawn which had to help.

Paris Campbell making that easy mistake in game 7 is depressing. Even more so that despite the continued mistakes he seems to be clearly ahead of other guys on the depth chart. As others have pointed out what on earth is being taught to these kids that it takes them 2-3 years in the system to crack the depth chart..??

Comment 24 Oct 2016

The thing that gets Beck/Warinner fired/demoted imo at seasons end is they can't seem to make in game adjustments. Your best OCs script a series or two then attack over and over when they see something that works or a weakness on the other team. The best OCs make adjustments series to series the really good ones manage to do it at halftime. Beck/Warinner don't seem to be able to see what adjustments they should have made until after the game when they watch the game film. A few days after a game it was "looking back we probably shouldn't have had JT carry the ball so often" then it was "looking back we should have gotten Samuel more touches"... then it was "looking back we should have gotten Weber more touches" and now this week I'm sure it's going to be something like " looking back we probably should have kept a RB/TE in there in the 4th quarter to help our line who was getting beat on every play"..

Still feels like too many cooks in the kitchen. Same reason we can't go uptempo and plays are routinely late to the huddle. Seems like both Beck/Warinner have to sign off on a play before it goes in and it's just time consuming...

Comment 23 Oct 2016

I'd love to see Malik Hooker back there but that probably won't happen. Guy is fantastic running those INTs back.

Comment 23 Oct 2016

It will be interesting to see how they handle things. Lot of fans thought the Govenor stuff went on too long so you could enter the same sort of territory. If they go the comic route that could really drag it out and offer no closure... should be fun...

Comment 23 Oct 2016

With the exception of Rick always thought at any time anyone was at risk... still though strictly from a bottom line real world money making for AMC surprised they let them do that.

Here's hoping they switch up what happens to Neegan in the comic or it's going to be a LONG time before viewers feel any sense of payback.

Comment 23 Oct 2016

I couldn't stomach rewatching it. I'm a LONGGGGGGGGGGGGG way from giving up on this season but always thought next year was the year for the deep run so anything we can do/fix moving forward to set us up next year is what I'm looking to see.

I still think when Urban took his foot off the gas right near the end of the first half it changed momentum. We had those timeouts and had them around their 20. it was 2nd and 9 and we didn't call a timeout. It was so un-Urban. He always wants to put the pedal to the floor right before the half and we didn't do that. Defense went into rush 3 prevent mode lets head to half and they drove the field and scored. They ended up calling a timeout but it was on their terms. You call a timeout and you get PSU thinking about playing it safe and punting. Not to mention when you take your foot off the gas it can be REALLY hard sometimes to turn that switch back on..

I think rain may be Urban's kryptonite. It starts raining and he suddenly gets REALLY conservative and plays not to lose.

Comment 23 Oct 2016

Agree to disagree. He's in charge of probably the worst group of players in the Urban Meyer era. He's either bringing in the wrong guys or not coaching them up. He's in charge of the whole thing. The "these guys didn't play WR in High School" doesn't fly for me either. Some of these guys have been in the system for 3 years. Go read the draft grades on the WRs that Zach has coached here that were fortunate enough to make it in the NFL. Time after time you read something like "once they learn the WR position"...

That play last night where Paris Campbell failed to clear out the DB was just a snapshot of all the problems we have at WR. Paris had one job. Take the DB to the back corner of the endzone. That's something you learn in HS. Paris got a chewing out by JT, then Zach, then Urban and then Urban said something to Zach along the lines of " your guys are killing me out there".. If a guy can't clear out a DB why the heck is he on the field in game 7 of the season? Our WRs continue to fail at such basic WR stuff and it's no wonder JT is holding the ball and tentative to throw. You can't trust these guys to be where they are supposed to be or do the simplest of things.

If he wasn't Earl Bruce's Grandson and wasn't one of our top recruiters he would have been gone long ago. Urban has bashed the WR group for years. We just haven't seen it this bad because we had some guys who didn't need to be coached up and is masked all the problems we have at the position...

I still think the fix is to move him to special teams coach. You keep him as a recruiter and it's probably an upgrade over Urban Meyer trying to Coach special teams in addition to running all things Ohio State Football..

and to be fair... Smith isn't the only one to be blamed. Urban is the boss and he's let this fester into what it is..

Comment 23 Oct 2016

Uptempo is like chess. You have to be able to think a few moves ahead. That's what made Tom Herman so good when he got things rolling. Beck/Warinner struggle to get the current play in on time and you'll never be able to go uptempo if you can't think a few plays ahead.

And PSU didn't take away Samuel. It was Beck/Warinner getting cute again. "we didn't get Weber enough touches in Wisky" so they fed him early and often. That's just a horrible way to gameplan. Your best OCs script a series or two and then attack over and over when they see things working or see a weakness they can exploit.

Comment 23 Oct 2016

The thing that makes the WR position even worse is these guys are out there making mistakes yet still crack the depth chart every week. How bad are the guys behind them that they can't crack the depth chart? It comes back to Zach Smith. He's either not bringing in the right guys or he's not coaching them up the right way. Paris Campbell clearing the cornerback to allow Samuel some space is something that should NEVER happen this late into a career at WR. And that's just one example. Bad routes, bad blocking technique, not knowing the plays ( Baugh is a TE but my gosh he jumped offside on the other side of the field on a designed draw away from where he lined up.. He could have just stood there and done nothing. It was like he didn't know the play. He needed a head start for what??)

Move Zach Smith to special teams coach, move Warinner back to OL coach only, let Beck go and find someone to call plays who can x and o the deep ball back into our gameplan and more importantly who can think 2-3-4 plays ahead so we can go uptempo again.

Comment 23 Oct 2016

He also may have the very uncomfortable position of either letting go or demoting Earl Bruce's Grandson ( Zach Smith). I think Zach is a FANTASTIC recruiter but maybe we should just move him to special teams. Move on from Beck, let Ed either walk for a new gig or put him back as OLine only and bring in someone who knows how to get us running uptempo again and who can stretch the field ( although in some part that's also on Zach Smith as you can only stretch the field if the WRs are coached up the right way).

Comment 23 Oct 2016

Still goes back to coaching. If Prince or another lineman gets beat 5 straight plays you don't complain on the 6th play he got beat again. Beck/Warinner should have kept a TE or RB in to help. Heck as bad as their 4 were beating our 5 maybe bring in two tight ends and send 3 WRs out in the route there in the 4th quarter. Lines have off nights. It happens. Bad coaching to think it's just going to fix itself without help.

Comment 23 Oct 2016

A large cause of those struggles — and perhaps the biggest reason for them — was Ohio State’s inability to protect Barrett.

I'm not so sure about that. It obviously doesn't help ( the line play) but sure seems like no matter if the line plays is good or bad the WRs flat out aren't getting open. Think of all the times JT miraculously escaped a pass rush only to come out and scramble only to find no one open. That's a tell tale sign imo. Normally broken plays at any level (pee wee, HS, College, NFL) almost ALWAYS result in some WR springing free. That never seems to happen with this group...

Speaking of WR play I saw two things I don't recall seeing this season. First time I saw Urban in Zach Smith's face and it looked like he said something like "you're guys are killing me out there".... second thing was first time I had seen JT frustrated with some WRs where he was talking to them long after the play on the sideline about what they did wrong. Wasn't a WR but remember one time JT telling Baugh... "look, the guy covering you blitzed... hot route.. turn and look for the ball"...

Comment 23 Oct 2016

That TD at the end of the half was on Meyer imo. 2nd and 9 with over a minute left and we had timeouts with all the momentum and a 12-0 lead with them around their 25 and Urban didn't use TO's. He's ALWAYS preaching about scoring before the end of the half and it was there for the taking but he decided to play it safe and he took his foot off the gas. Defense just went into halftime mode and it allowed them to drive the field and score 7 just before half. We even rushed 3 guys for most of that drive. Going to prevent when you're dominating team can be demoralizing.