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Comment 20 May 2015

I agree to an extent but it's still a numbers game. Total house-cleaning? no,  but turnover is going to happen. It has to. We dumped two big contracts with Horton and Wiz and had to bring on two guys who aren't going anywhere because of their salaries. Clarkson and Bourque. Both those guys were injured as we were playing our better hockey at the end of the year and both have roster spots next year. We have like 18 forwards and 8 defensivemen without options and a bunch of kids in the minors chomping at the bit to play on the big club. They have to bring in at least one offensive/dman and are looking for a top 6 guy as well. Just inevitable that some of these dudes are going to be traded. The "room" has 19 starters each night. Not going to be shocked if 3-6 of them are new faces.

Comment 20 May 2015

But that's my point. This "current" group. The Brass at the CBJ all the way down to the Dispatch keep telling us the group isn't going to be there this fall. They HAVE to get better on the blueline so a guy or two is going to be moved. They have to get better in the top 6 and bottom six and have too many kids and too many forwards so there's going to be movement there. Letestu is most likely gone and so are a handful of guys that sort of filled in for all the injuries. When you line-up this year with next year might have a third of the team being guys who aren't in that locker room right now. Again, not knocking picking Nick just the timing. CBJ have now issued a comment saying "they didn't want it to be a distraction at training camp"...  that's in October. Just would prefer they let the roster/draft sort itself out before doing this.

With regards to Chicago and Reilly. We aren't Chicago for starters and two Chicago couldn't sign Hayes a C/Winger guy which they have a crazy amount of depth at the position. Hayes wanted to play and that Chicago depth wasn't helping. We lost an offensive minded puck moving/scoring blueliner that would have played ASAP this year down the stretch. We don't have another kid like that in the pipeline. It was a business decision for playing time in Chicago. We lost a kid we guaranteed playing time because he didn't like our club/franchise.

And you really think those guys and that locker room would get ticked off if we signed a guy like Martin St Louis to a 1 year deal to come in here to show this group of kids how you play hard in November and even harder in March?  A guy with respect around the league who you could stick the C on for the season. A guy who could show all our undersized guys the right way to play small hockey the same way he did for Tyler Johnson. A guy who's hoisted the cup?

Just not a fan of limiting roster decisions. What if we get into talks with a team at the draft and the stars align for a perfect deal and they want Nick thrown in... you can't do that then. You can't trade the guy you just put the C on.

Comment 20 May 2015

Vacation = week golf trip with my guys where we did a Ryder Cup thing. BEST Vacation I've had.

Vacation with the lady = Belize private island. Isolation in paradise...

Comment 19 May 2015

I'd take a look at the trade market and the farm system and keep two of these guys and move the other two. Keep two of Cozart, Frazier, Bruce, Mesoraco. You just aren't going to win anything in the division/league or postseason with those four guys as your core group. As a group they all struggle to make big league swings. Reds are dead last with runners in scoring position. An embarrassing .196. Scoring position with two outs even worse .175. You just make it too easy on the other team when every other guy in your lineup struggles to just ground out to the right side, bunt or even put the ball in play to just get the guy from third home.

HATE the Cardinals but they always have guys who can hit the ball to the right side of the infield with a guy on third and less than two outs. When you have four guys who struggle to put the ball in play the right way it just makes putting together a lineup so difficult and puts even more pressure on guys like Votto and Phillips and Hamilton.

Comment 19 May 2015

Don't get the timing of it. I suppose after the embarrassment of losing Mike Reilly they needed some good pr???? Why on earth announce a captain before your roster is set? Team has the draft and a glut of players at certain positions they are going to have to move plus free agency coming up. They could easily move pieces around where we bring back a guy who deserves the C. That's not a knock on Nick but not buying he wasn't C material this past season and then suddenly is prior to the draft and about two seconds after the learned Mike Reilly wasn't going to sign. Would rather wait and see and if he's the best guy when the roster is set give him the C. We had so many problems at home and starting games thought for sure they'd make a move outside the room for an older guy to come in that would instantly be respected with the C on his shirt then one or two seasons from now you slap the C on Boone...

Comment 13 May 2015

Never been convinced we have S&C in bball. Conditioning sure.. but strength? You can make a lengthy list of kids like Thompson who came in skinny/not rock solid and left the same way. People laugh at me when I suggest this but would love to see a guy like Tate spend a month or so this offseason with Mickey Marotti. Tate isn't going to get any taller... time to bulk up....

Comment 13 May 2015

Use wordpress. Super easy. And I wouldn't pay too much for hosting. You only need to pay-up for hosting if you think you're going to get crushed with visitors at one time. Can do something like GoDaddy for a few bucks a month. Good luck!!!!

Comment 13 May 2015

Thad Matta is still the coach, right? Loving starts. I have a decade of starting lineups that tells me Thad doesn't sit upperclassmen. Especially with a guy like Loving who can handle the ball if needed with a young inexperienced back court. I don't think Loving being in the lineup makes for the best lineup just don't see Thad bringing him off the bench.

Comment 13 May 2015

Gibson should have just owned up to it. Looks bad saying " he didn't kick him". Check the video. You kicked him. Should have just said "he legged locked me and I lost my cool"... Lying about it sets up a greater possibility of a suspension. Not that it matters. Bulls bench is garbage. If the Cavs hadn't yo-yo'd around at the end of the half and beginning of the second half wouldn't have been close. They had a double digit lead and like 8 straight positions they tried to roll through Perkins, Moz and Thompson. LeBron should have just closed the door. Could have been a 20 pt lead early 3rd quarter easy.

Comment 11 May 2015

Don't think he's going anywhere but if he was questions 1 and 2 are pretty obvious to me. World class hospital and training facility. He wouldn't get that at most schools he might be considering. It would make the leaving 1000x worse if he used OSU to heal up and then skip town but if you remove all the emotional aspects of it from a health standpoint you'd heal up first then transfer imo that's the "smart" move.

Since he went down have been saying the dude comes back and as the season winds on and he grasps his new position and package of plays and hes going to be dynamite at something other than QB. Still think he's a QB until some point close to the season or even after it starts and Urban does a presser saying "it's just not an injury he could come back from.... but boy do we have a package of plays for him... you don't keep a guy like Braxton Miller off the field"

Go Bucks!!!

Comment 10 Apr 2015

Yup, perfect example. Thad already on the record about how is raw potential could turn into a first round pick. Thad mentioned Tyus Thomas as a comparison to Bell who redshirted at LSU and then the next year went to the draft. Swinging for the fences. I like Bells game/potential but still think you can offset that with a low ceiling big who day 1 can play and give you boards/blocks and a bucket here and there. Every team out there has a guy like Woodbury at Iowa. Nothing flashy. 5 pts 5 boards a game and PASSES the ball from the post. In four years McDonald and Williams had a COMBINED 43 assists. Woodbury had 30 assists just this year.

Comment 09 Apr 2015

Sure wish he'd mix in one 6'9- 6'10 guy with a limited ceiling. Plenty of bigs out there that end up at other colleges that we seem to not have an interest in because they are not McDonald's All Americans 4/5 star kids. Heck send someone to Africa. Watching the tournament it felt like we were one of a handful of teams that didn't have a kid from Africa that could protect the rim and grab a half dozen boards every game. Thad seems to love big projects hoping for the higher ceiling.

Comment 09 Apr 2015

Anyone know if the team/Docs are allowed to examine him prior to enrolling? Is it against NCAA rules? If it's not then I absolutely have a problem with this. Why on earth have the kid come here early without doing your due-diligence and examining the kid prior to enrolling? He's coming off two major injuries. It's not like it was a routine physical.

Just don't like this. I don't think Urban or OSU went into this with bad intentions but I can easily name half a dozen OSU players from the past decade who the docs said were done that were at least given a chance after said diagnosis. Heck Dr. Andrews said more often then not when someone has the surgery Braxton had they never throw at a high level again and we didn't dump Braxton. Only two team doctors ever thought Drew Brees would ever play again and we all know how that turned out. Just seems like it's bad for business to cut and run on this kid so early despite what the doctors are saying. It's a freaking numbers game. If we were a couple of players below 85 this kid gets a medical redshirt and he gets a second chance next year after a year of rehabbing at Ohio State. If he truly can't play next season you go the hardship route after giving the kid a chance.

Having said all that this isn't the college football I grew up with. It's a business now and this sort of stuff is the cost of doing business if you want to hoist trophies.

Comment 08 Apr 2015

It's not the difference between the class or the players... it's the coaches. Bates Diop would play in Duke. He doesn't at Ohio State. You HAVE to play defense under Thad to get a chance to show what you can do on offense. Coach K use to be that way as well but has changed with the times. Duke was 110th in scoring defense this year. Easiest way to score more points than the other team is to get 18 year olds who can shoot and let math/statistics help you on defense. Math tells us even average defense play still keeps the other team well below 50% shooting.

Plus, still you have to get contribution from your upperclass. Lost in all the Duke one and done talk was Junior Amile Jefferson with 7 boards, 2 assists, 1 steal and 3 blocks against Wisky.

Comment 07 Apr 2015

Agreed, but to be a relevant top 25 team these days you have to get something from your upper class. Too many people think having the number 6 class coming in is some fix all. We had the number 10 class last year and got a redshirt in Bell, a guy Thad didn't like to give minutes to in KBD and two guys in Tate and DAR that got overwhelmed ( understandably) at times against the better teams. You take DAR off that team next year with all the "what ifs and maybes" and to me it's Loving. We'll go how he goes.

Comment 07 Apr 2015

We'll still win 20 next year. The sisters of the poor schedule we had this year will just be replaced with the sisters of the poor really broke kids. We'll play a handful of real opponents and then they'll be a string of teams that even next years squad can handle by double digits. Fully expect next year to be a record for the number of teams Thad schedules outside the RPI 150.

Comment 07 Apr 2015

If Russell returns it changes everything. If he heads to the NBA Loving is the key to next season imo. If he bounces back and ends up in the 15pts a night range where he should be it changes everything. The key will be what Thad does if Loving doesn't bounce back. If Thad keeps giving him minutes and it's just not happening just don't see how we end up in the NCAA tourney with that recipe. Thad in the past has never really been a coach to just sit a kid for the benefit of the team. Maybe a half or even a game but can't recall Thad every sitting an upperclassmen for an extended stretch of games. If Loving doesn't bounce back you just need to roll the kids and let them take their lumps early and hope it comes together later in the season.

The Loving thing is tricky. The fact that he failed two tests makes me think he's not just a recreational user. Don't smoke myself but do know people that have used and quit and some people don't miss a beat once they stop while others never quite seem the same. Rooting for the kid to figure it out...

Comment 27 Mar 2015

I think we have him for one more season. If you watch any game film from like two years ago and then some from late this season he's just gotten really bad health wise with the back/foot. He's having such a hard time moving around. He's not doing in game interviews, skipping the bulk of the handshake line, trouble moving along the sideline and getting to the locker room and that's just the stuff we see.  At some point he's going to have to hang it up much sooner than expected.

As far as moving beyond...We're not getting Pitino, Calapari, Roy Williams or Coach K or even a guy like Mark Few. I'd imagine they would take a swing on one homerun hire and open up the checkbook for a guy like Bill Self ( not saying that's possible but of the "rock star" coaches out there he's one of the few guys you could see leaving his school for the right job/paycheck).

They'll probably reach out to both Sean and Archie Miller and Chris Mack. I'd also give Ron Hunter at Georgia State a look.. he grew up in Dayton..

Comment 26 Mar 2015

Couldn't care less about the Knicks and while I think the article is a joke would never count them out with the deep pockets and Phil Jackson. They've been playing okay here lately and are going to add in a top draft pick, Melo and free agents. East isn't deep so they'll be back in the playoffs next year.

Comment 24 Mar 2015

Interesting. Warinner on the field makes me think that Beck's co-oc title means he will actually call a batch of plays in games. If they're not the same guy ideally your OC and QB coach are sitting next to each other in the box because so much of everything you do in games is based on how your QB is playing and what the QB is relaying back to the box. Hard to imagine QB1 going to the sideline and putting the headset on to talk with Beck and then Warinner putting a headset on to talk to Beck about QB1 while still being able to pump up the o-line and gameplan in game.