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Comment 18 hours ago

The "fix" is not overthinking who Cardale Jones is as a QB right now today. Herman went into building an offense around Cardale knowing Cardale was basically a one read QB so much of everything we did the final three games of the season was simplified. Overwhelming majority of his throws last year and this year are to guys he's locked in on from the snap. The difference year to year is Herman did a great job of calling plays that got the guy Cardale was locked in on open. Beck and Warinner seem to be overthinking things and calling plays thinking something like "he's been in the system so we can open up the playbook". He's not going to suddenly start throwing guys open. He's not going to suddenly start doing the read/option thing at the high volume of getting it right like Braxton and JT did. Didn't do it last year and hasn't done it so far this season so just "dumb" things down. See what the defense is giving you and call plays that get the guy Cardale is going to target open. It's obvious Cardale isn't comfortable. Look at the number of times the play clock runs down as Cardale is trying to process the play before the snap.

Comment 21 hours ago

Still think it boils down to three things. WRs aren't very good ( as a group), Cardale is basically a one read QB and it's easy for us to forget that Cardale hasn't even played half a season so he's still learning so much on the job. It's not the coaches fault if Cardale continues to either not see or have a bad internal clock. At least 4 times today he went to send the guy in motion with 3 or less seconds left on the clock. Just poor clock management and probably a half dozen times this year Boren has snapped the ball just as the play-clock gets below 1 and we keep getting these wide snaps because of it.

Biggest difference in the offense this yr vs last year was Herman had a great feel for which "one read" would be open. Herman consistently called plays that had guys wide open. Too often this year ( especially in the red zone) Cardale drops back and that one read isn't open so he forces it or takes off running.

Comment 29 Sep 2015

This sort of thinking is so frustrating. Do I really need to dig up the dozens of quotes over the season where Urban talks about how we have to get better at Wide Receiver and specifically find someone to compliment Thomas? Blocking, routes, pass catching... all of it. We have a bunch of running backs and quarterbacks that we are playing as hybrid backs. It's not the same thing. It's like saying a kid who plays guard can switch to tackle just because he's a big lineman. I'm not talking about pop-passes and handoffs to Hybrid backs. I'm talking about WRs running routes, blocking and catching passes. And yes I think we'll need a second guy to step-up if we want to make another deep run in the playoffs this year. Got to have WRs on both sides of the field to balance defenses.

Urban : "Ohio State's wide receivers haven't performed up to standard and getting the receivers up to par has been an emphasis in practice this week."

Urban : “They have not performed well,” Meyer said. “Mike Thomas has played pretty well, but we’ve gotta play much better. "

11W : "Ohio State’s wide receivers have been a bit underwhelming thus far."

Comment 29 Sep 2015

Sure hope KJ Hill gets some playing time for two reasons. Going to need a second WR late in the year. Thomas has WR1 locked down and we have plenty of HB/WR hybrids. Also, we're getting knocked by other coaches who are telling WRs OSU doesn't play freshman and sophomores at the WR position.

Comment 28 Sep 2015

Underthrown balls are 50/50 balls. Sure Cardale needs to lay those out in front of the receiver but 4 games in we haven't won one 50/50 ball in the air.

Never going to happen but man I would love to see a list of every play we ran on Saturday and next to it who called the play.

And if I remember correctly Urban burned a time-out on the foolish challenge ( we didn't even recover the ball so still not sure why he challenged the call.).. A timeout that could have been used at the end of the half instead of the 10 second run-off for the intentional grounding.

Comment 26 Sep 2015

I play and hope it doesn't go away :) and as others have pointed out little chance of that. WAY too many companies with billion dollar pockets invested ( Disney, NBC and all major sports are partners). 

The problems with online poker were numerous. Transparency probably the biggest problem. Number of people who played didn't help and then not nearly enough people making money ( the few people that won and the sites taking the juice). Was doomed to fail...

Comment 25 Sep 2015

I don;t think it's nitpicking. Corey Smith hasn't been great and was suspended and in the doghouse and Jeff Greene has been MIA to this point yet the kids can't jump the two seniors on the depth chart? We're either teaching the position wrong or bringing in guys with a really slow learning curve or a combination of both...

Comment 25 Sep 2015

This situation is about a one-year recruiting gap and tenure. Receivers especially take time to develop

So does Ohio State handle the WR position different then other schools? I can name 50+ guys over the past four classes that have made significant contributions day 1 at WR to their school. Why does OSU need three years to get kids contributing at the same level? What are we doing different at WR?

Comment 25 Sep 2015

Couple of weeks ago Meyer said Gibson was "full speed" and since then he just keeps saying "he's behind because of the August ankle injury". Starting to think Gibson and his ankle is just coach-speak for redshirt. Bucks are getting hammered on the recruiting trail with other schools telling kids freshman don't play. Ankle problem allows them to at least allude to that being the reason he isn't seeing the field. Will be surprised if he sees the field this year and will be surprised if Urban and Co. say anything other than "the ankle kept him off the field"...

Comment 23 Sep 2015

The blueprint is there. Time for Ed Warinner to get out of his own way and just dial up what Herman did to end the season. If Jones is THE GUY then they need to toss out all the stuff that works better with JT in the game and go back to feeding Zeke and stretching the field instead of the mix and match offense trying to fit one gameplan to different QB skillsets.

Go Bucks!

Comment 23 Sep 2015

When you recruit a bunch of QBs/RBs out of high school and move them to hybrid WR there are going to be a lot of growing pains. Far too many people think running down the field as fast as you can means you can play WR. These guys for the most part are struggling to get open, poor blocking, running bad routes ( watch the games and any time you see two guys end up five yards within each other at least one of them is running the wrong route) and with the exception of Thomas have yet to see a WR "high point" the ball.

Until we win the recruiting wars for one of these 5 star "that's my ball" WR types don't see how it fixes itself.

Until we get someone competent to line up on the other side of the field from Thomas teams will just continue to put their best corner on Thomas and help with a safety. As we get in the red zone it get easier to hit Thomas because teams have been using the out of bounds line as the "safety" help and he's seeing more one on one.

Comment 22 Sep 2015

By picking one QB the team is finally able to move past the whole kids of divorced parents thing and no longer asked to pick sides. JT starts and Urban asks Coach Warinner to just dial up the blueprint from early last season and the team rolls. 49-0.

Comment 21 Sep 2015

In this case quantity doesn't equal quality. We have one WR in Thomas and a half dozen hybrid backs running five yard pass routes so just about every time Zeke touches the ball there's one DB chasing Thomas and the other 10 guys near the line of scrimmage. His 53 touches the past two weeks are plays running between the tackles with 7 or 8 guys in the box. We've just become way too predictable. Braxton at HB = not passing. Baugh in the game = running play. Wilson and Samuel split wide = reversing field on toss play. Second and long = running play.

Comment 21 Sep 2015

Is the offensive line not performing consistently caused by switching quarterbacks? Meyer: "No."

Don't buy this. Based on last years two different blueprints they should be running a different offense when each guy is in. Both QBs have a different skill-set and we leaned heavily on JT as a runner when he was in last year and then switched to Elliott has the primary runner once we switched to CJ at QB. Yo-yo'ing schemes qb to qb series to series would be hard on any o-line...... not to mention by not naming one guy the starter you've forced the whole team to be kids of "divorced parents"...

Comment 20 Sep 2015

He can recruit..... he just can't reel in the top end guys because he's the coach. Coaching and recruiting two different things. He's done really well closing some kids just not at WR.

Comment 20 Sep 2015

Still think they need to move Zach Smith to some sort of super recruiting position special teams coach only and bring in someone who knows and can teach the WR position at a high level. Think about our WRs right now without Michael Thomas... it's a mess. Zach has had 4 years and to this point he's had success with one guy. We're forced to throw in so many hybrid guys because the WRs aren't developing and we can't recruit the position ( pure WRs). Think of the top 10 guys over the last 4 years that we offered and couldn't get to sign with Ohio State. It's the only position we strike out at over and over. Heck when a guy like Mike Mayock says "once he learns the position Devin Smith has a chance to be a special player in the NFL" it makes you wonder what's going on..

Zach's a great guy and Earle's Grandkid but just seems like an area of weakness...

Comment 20 Sep 2015

Not a fan of booing in general but the bulk of the booing ( there wasn't a lot of it) was directed towards a 50+ year old man.. Ed Warinner. Fans aren't booing Elliott when they try to run him East/West and he gets stuffed for no gain...they're booing the guy who called the play..

Comment 20 Sep 2015

Warinner's "problem" is he's trying to put his own imprint on the game. Herman/Meyer laid out two working gameplans for two different QBs. Through three games Warinner seems to be trying to create his own offense. The blueprints are there. Why mess with what works? He's trying to plug and play two QBs into his offense when we have a year of tape from last year showing us that what worked for Barrett didn't work for Jones and vice versa. Either do what we did at the beginning of last year with JT or do what we did to the end the season with Jones at QB. Those aren't the same offenses/gameplans and yet Warinner is trying to combine them. You just end up with everyone out of sorts and outside of their comfort zones.

And I'll disagree on Herman being an equal to Warinner. This offense would be humming right now if Herman was still the coach. Maybe Warinner figures it out but through three games it's not even close. Too many people keep saying "well it took Herman some time last year as well"'' It didn't. It took the players time to be trusted enough for Meyer and Herman to open up the offense. Herman re-invented his playbook after JT went down and still kept everything rolling...

If Warinner continues to try and mix and match plays and force the "we need to get Braxton the ball" type stuff we'll continue to struggle. The best OCs in history find a weakness of a defense and attack that weakness over and over and over... do you see that with Warinner? I truly believe he's called 100 different plays through three games... it's a mess....

Comment 19 Sep 2015

One thing for us fans to bellyache and moan but when I hear Joey Galloway and Robert Smith ( both of whom I know have inside info) say "Urban needs to look at his coaching staff and especially the playcalling".. it leads me to believe there's a problem.

When I saw Urban bust into the offense huddle on the sideline mid coaching moment from Warinner it was obvious those two guys aren;t on the same page...

Should be an interesting week.....

Comment 19 Sep 2015

Plenty of guys could stretch the field but that's not what Warinner is doing. He's attempting to "stretch the field" by dumping it short and letting playmakers take it the distance. Defenses are just double teaming Thomas and putting all 11 guys within 8 yards  of the line of scrimmage and saying "you aren't throwing it long" so they load the box. Until Warinner stops all the east west stuff it's just going to get harder and harder to move the ball as the talent gets better and faster.