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Comment 8 hours ago

Picked in rounds 6 and 7 imo. Still a longshot for anyone taken late or via free agency but teams are less likely to give up early on a guy they actually drafted. Draft picks are important and even more-so when they are part of a bigger deal. Bigger deal draft picks like this year. The Titans got a bunch of picks from the Rams to get the first spot. One of those picks was Kalan Reed taken in the 7th round. They'll hang onto him as long as possible because if they just cut him it reduces the value of the big trade. Much easier to pay a free agent a $4K bonus and then cut him. Plenty of 6th and 7th round guys end up on practices squads and make around $90K.

Tend to think the picking your own team via free agency is overrated. These guys get to pick from a couple of offers and most of them are so down/distraught after not getting drafted they sign with the first team that calls. 20 year old kids went from thinking they might be millionaires to not getting drafted and then agreeing to a $4k singing bonus with a shot at the roster or scout team. They jump on it!!!

Comment 30 Apr 2016

If he was willing to do the work Marshall's draft stock could have gone up a LOT. He's getting dinged for poor route running, freelancing routes at times and "hiding" in a scheme. All of those things he could have worked on and improved on if he came back. You're basically drafting him as a punt returner. Next year "could" have been drafting him as a WR and a punt returner. When you get your draft grade and everyone is telling you to go back.... you typically go back. Guys like Zeke, Bosa had nothing they could improve on. Marshall is a long way from being ready as WR.

Comment 30 Apr 2016

LB position not plug and play at the NFL level. MUCH better fit with San Diego than he would have been with the Browns.

JJ Watt was a walk-on at Wisconsin... that worked out pretty well :)

Comment 29 Apr 2016

I mentioned this the other day but kids thinking they are bulletproof with twitter.facebook and instagram I just kept wrap my head around. One thing to do those sort of things but who on earth doesn't delete the stuff??? You just don't know if a guy like Tunsil is stupid or just feels like he's too talented that talent will trump all the off the field stuff..crazy..

Craziest thing to me was the report that Arizona took robert nkemdiche and basically told him his friends and his brother can't make the trip to Arizona or be a part of his life..

Comment 28 Apr 2016

I'm so glad everything I did as a kid wasn't chronicled on facebook/twitter etc and it's a billion times worse with kids declaring for the NFL where everything they say is under the microscope. I'm sure those of you with kids can attest to this sort of bulletproof feeling kids have that everything they say and do won't matter so they can say and do what they want and let the world know all about every detail...

My point... the NFL draft for these kids is the BIGGEST thing work related they will ever do... How on earth does someone like Marshall utter these words at a job interview..

"I don't know if it would have been any different for me, but I know in the past, the players that I've talked to that wanted to leave and had the opportunity to leave but came back, it was miserable," Marshall said at the NFL Combine in February. "Not wanting to go to class, not doing the stuff that you have to do but you don't want to do because you think you already made it."

He's potentially throwing guys like Cardale under the bus saying that players that could have gone were miserable they didn't go... worse still there will be plenty of gm's and scouts that take this in some sort of... " so if this kid "makes" it and gets paid.... is he going to put in the work?"..

The NFL is a job and there's going to be a ton of stuff you DON'T WANT TO DO. Every piece of advice he got was to go back to school and improve his draft stock and yet he chose to leave because he didn't want to put in the work because he felt like he already made it.... think about that. I can't imagine a worse answer to a question...

Wish him nothing but the best but his best route in all of this may be free agency as it sounds like it might be a wake up call..

Comment 26 Apr 2016

Crazy day of bball injury news. Docs postgame press conference made it sound like Chris and Blake are done for the season and if you didn't see the Warriors GM he said 2 weeks before Steph can resume basketball related stuff and something along the lines of "don't shoot the messenger if that turns out to be longer"..  that's just bball related so he's got to be out for the next round at the very least. Crazy...

Comment 25 Apr 2016

Best fit for him. Some place he can sit for 2-3 years behind a legit QB1 and just soak it all up. Chargers, Packers or Steelers would be great fits imo. Dallas would be a terrible fit imo. Romo has been like peanut brittle. Cardale doesn't need to see the field anytime soon for his own benefit and development.

Saints would be another team. Brees is a world class guy/qb who has a few years left in a pass happy offense...

Comment 25 Apr 2016

I think every position but WR we do. It's the reason you see a lot of NFL experts say a guy like Michael Thomas could be a steal once he learns the position. OSU just tends to be very vanilla in what we do at WR. It's a catch 22. Coach Meyer's job isn't to get kids ready for the NFL so if vanilla works at WR to win games that's what you do... but you do risk losing a kid or two to a school like Clemson for example that basically runs pro WR stuff in college.

Comment 17 Apr 2016

We've had running backs with plenty of top end speed but it's been a long time since we had one as quick as Weber at hitting the hole imo. He may not have the top end speed of a guy like Zeke but Weber is as quick out of the gate as I can remember.

Still concerned with WR. I know we are banged up and the fall is a long way off but the backups looked much better as a group than the starters for the Scarlet team did. Dixon and Campbell with some of the same problems Braxton and Marshall had at times... freelancing routes. Saw at least 4 times when JT or coaches were in those guys ears about not running the right route. One led to an easy interception. Such a security blanket to have a guy like Michael Thomas who was just always where he was supposed to be. He's going to be missed big time until someone can step up.

Comment 06 Apr 2016

I had no problem with the game being on TBS. That's just part of the deal. To get all the games in the other rounds on TruTV, TNT and TBS CBS had to offer up the Championship game every other year.

Comment 04 Apr 2016

Reds struggling at hitter friendly Great American Ball Park against one of the worst pitchers in baseball...  :(

Comment 01 Apr 2016

This doesn't make any sense. OSU only dropped 3% year to year? Buckeyes had a drop in tickets per game of 2000 seats ( 14k+ last year to 12k+ this season)  which is almost a 15% decline in sales from the year before... not to mention to get to the 12k+ per game average the University had to slash prices via Groupon to move tickets late in the season. Fewer people showing up and paying less for it has to be more than 3%.

As some people have pointed out he has Texas A&M listed as in the B12 so how accurate is he with the rest of the stuff listed??

Don't let this dude pick your stock portfolio :)

Comment 31 Mar 2016

Late in the NBA season games tend to be a snore. Lots of guys resting and going through the motions. The TNT "game of the week" and Paul, Jordan and Reddick take the night off. Should pick-up when the playoffs start.

Comment 31 Mar 2016

Coaching staff does college basketball schedule ( Minus the stuff that's already set like B10 schedule and in-season tournaments). Thad has final say on the schedule. Different in football where Gene Smith is involved because there are so many moving pieces.