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Comment 25 Mar 2017

2-6 in the playoffs so far in the NBA, a GM who thinks he's given him everything to win this year and Stevens has had public rifts with the star player Isaiah Thomas. Not to mention plenty of really smart people think how he coaches translates better at the college level. Just going to 100% agree to disagree. They get swept in the first round and Ainge will absolutely wonder if Stevens is the right guy for the gig.

you really think if he goes 0-4 this year in the playoffs and starts his career 2-10 in the playoffs Ainge is going to be gung ho to bring him back?? Longshot sure.... but hardly a LMAO...   Ainge has been around long enough to know the regular season is meaningless and smart enough to know the East isn't exactly a deep conference. They lose in the conference finals no harm no foul... they get swept in the first round to the Pacers or Heat... watch out...

Comment 16 Mar 2017

Dream hire if Thad is let go after next season? More realistic option? — SFlaBuckeye13 & RunEddieRun1983

Brad Stevens is my pick for realistic dream hire. Celtics best player Isaiah Thomas and him have had some minor disagreements and GMs always side with players. Danny Ainge and Boston ownership will get REAL restless if Stevens can't make a deep playoff run this season. Stevens is from Indiana and coached at Butler ( NCAA tourney 5 of the 6 years he was there and made final two straight seasons) so he knows the region and recruiting trail. It's not Fickle to Urban but hard to imagine another hire we could actually make that would be as big..

As for improving the atmosphere at the Schott seems like the easy fix is to not sell tickets in the upper bowl. Why have the place half full with people scattered everywhere? Get more students in there and then sell lower bowl seats only.

Comment 15 Mar 2017

Too many mouths to feed. Urban spreads the ball around to the pass catchers because it's a great recruiting tool.

Comment 15 Mar 2017

Most of your fixes are asking Thad to "change" and that's been the problem. He hasn't changed as the game at the college level has changed over the past five+ years. There is no longer a premium on playing defense ( I blame AAU ball) and I just don't believe Thad will ever be an offense first coach. His entire career he's favored guys who can play defense over guys who can just score.

Just look at where four teams expected to contend for the national title this year rank in defense.... Duke 112, North Carolina 129, Kentucky 160 and Kansas 183..

Comment 14 Mar 2017

Can read just fine :) OP asked who was most vital to next years offense. IMO it's Prince. If there was a better option we would have seen it last year. The offensive line and the offense as a whole will go as far as the play we get from right tackle. Won't matter who the RB, WR, TE or QB is if Prince can't make the leap from what we saw last year to where he needs to be..

Comment 14 Mar 2017

I'm going with this guy. 


absolutely necessary:
synonyms: essential · necessary · all-important · of the utmost importance · of the essence · vital · must-have · crucial · key · needed · required · requisite · imperative · invaluable

Comment 14 Mar 2017

Not sure it's BS and not meant as a knock on Samuel. Not a big secret we don't teach a lot of what WRs are expected to do at the NFL level. Not Samuel's fault he didn't learn a lot of pro-level stuff but my point is the same. He would have to learn a lot of NFL WR stuff on the job...

And it's not just Devin Smith... Same thing has been said about Braxton, Jalin and even back to Philly Brown and Posey..... 

It's chicken and egg.. Is Zach Smith not teaching NFL WR techniques because he doesn't know how?? or are we not teaching those things because we don't have to... probably a little of both...

Comment 14 Mar 2017

Doubtful. Both those teams have high IQ QBs that can go through multiple reads pre-snap. Not about speed. About being on the exact same page as the WR. The knock on the Ohio State WRs here lately is they have to come in and learn the position at the NFL level ( with the exception of Michael Thomas). QBs late in their careers don't want players learning on the job.

Still think the best shot for Samuel is returning kicks for a team that can slowly work him in at WR.

Comment 12 Mar 2017

Yeah, he wanted/wants to be a 4 but the dude can't shoot and plays with his back to the basket. Exact opposite of Potter. Potter wants to face up to shoot. If we have him down there in the paint trying to post up like we did too much this season it's just not a good fit..

Comment 12 Mar 2017

Giddens was the guy Thad needed to keep. We may never know what happened to that class but if he hangs onto Giddens it allows Potter to play his natural position of stretch 4. We lose Loving, probably going to lose Thompson to the NBA, D=League or overseas and KBD still has a lot of work to do to get back on the court... Point being we are going to have a bunch of dudes playing out of their natural position next year.

Comment 11 Mar 2017

This still doesn't make any sense. He's not a kid going on 28. He's one bad play away in the pre-season or before his incentives kick in from making $6M the rest of his NFL career. That's before taxes and his agent fee. And NFL teams like the Skins are NOTORIOUS for sitting guys or the ball "magically" not finding guys late in the season to avoid incentive checks...

Both the Browns and TP are in spin mode today as Browns fans seem unhappy they didn't offer more and most people around the league not understanding why TP signed a year deal with like 25% of it in incentives... 

Freaking Alshon Jeffrey locked up a $14M deal with incentives and that's with him just coming off a year where he missed 4 games because of PEDs. 

Don't know if it's the agent or TP but one or both of those two should have gotten him a MUCH better deal from someone.... 

Comment 10 Mar 2017

Not going to fault the Browns. Got to be more to this story imo. You don't get a 1 year deal with a bunch of incentives after basically being a top 20 WR unless there is some sort of red flag or something NFL teams see as potential red flag. Just seems off the Browns were quick to move on from him and best he could do was an incentive based 1 year deal.... 

Wish TP the best and he can put up crazy stats in that Washington offense...

Comment 09 Mar 2017

I'm all for the NIT if Thad can look to next season. Have a real conversation with Thompson and if he's gone sit him and Loving and start these five guys.... 

Wesson, Potter, Jackson, Tate and Lyle..

Let Kam come off the bench and bring in Loving and Thompson as needed.... forgot the score... get Potter and Wesson as many minutes they can handle....

Winning a couple of garbage NIT games is meaningless.. getting Potter and Wesson starters minutes ( something they will both likely be next season still has value)..

Comment 09 Mar 2017

Respect your opinion but just agree to disagree. Coach Meyer had a walk through of how the team gets on/off the bus for away games. Thad Matta here lately has been routinely late to in-state players in the recruiting game. I don't think the two programs are even close. In fairness some of it is resources but just totally different imo on and off the field.

Again, I have said this on here many times. I don't think life works on what you did 5, 10 years ago in a performance based job. If I sell cars for a living and sell 1 car this month and tell my boss it's all good because I sold 10 cars a month 5 years ago he'd laugh at me.

Overall Thad has taken the program to heights not really seen since the 60s ( although the first 3 years of the Ayers era were pretty legit) but the program has hit the wall. Most likely at this point next year Thad will have a five year window in the B10 where he's basically .500.  We are 39-33 the last 4 years. We go 7-11 in the B10 next year and it's 46-44 in a 5 year period... that's just not nearly good enough..

If guys the quality of Oden or Conley were walking through the door Thad could turn this around in a heartbeat but those guys aren't in the pipeline... Don't see how this just doesn't get worse next season.

Comment 08 Mar 2017

"It blows my mind that sports is at this level. It’s amazing how something like that can become a focal point. But it is what it is and you just keep rolling with it.”

As i've said on here many times Thad seems stuck in how things worked 5-10 years ago. The fact that he doesn't seem to think it's big deal that Gene needed to make a statement just sort of boggles my mind. It's 2017..not 2003. You can argue wether he made the right statement today but Gene 100000000000% needed to make a statement..

I get a lot of people don't think will ever be a basketball and a football school but it's just so frustrating. The attention to every little detail that Coach Meyer does is a blueprint that any basketball coach should and could follow and that is literally happening right next door to Thad and this team who continue to struggle with all the little details every game.. I'd bet money if you put the football coaches in charge of free throw shooting we'd get better.... 

Comment 08 Mar 2017

Hope I'm wrong. Just not seeing it. You swap Loving for Wesson tonight and the outcome is worse. Maybe it's different next year but right now it's a talent downgrade. Loving turned it over just as much as everyone else towards the end of the season. Last three games Tate has 14 turnovers... JUST BAD. I just don't see Wesson being 2nd on the team in blocks, 3rd in rebounding, 4th in assists and 2nd in scoring.  I'm CLEARLY not saying Loving is good just saying it's going to be a downgrade more often then not when you swap a senior for an unproven player..

I'm not penciling KBD in for anything until we get an update on him. Basketball at every level has plenty of dudes who never came back from stress fracture surgery on their leg. Wish the kid the best but that injury can be brutal on basketball players...

Comment 08 Mar 2017

Did he show up tonight? nope ( did anyone?).. Was he as ever good as advertised? Nope

But the dude is still a senior wing player to be replaced by???  Think about it.... our SF next year will be???

Bell, Potter, Funderburke and the Wesson Brothers = play inside.

Beverly, jackson, williams and lyle are guards...

That leaves Tate on the wing at SF??? yikes..... as sub-par as Loving has been it's going to be worse next year at SF....

and this is if these dudes don't transfer or decide not to show up ( beverly or wesson)..