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I was born at THE OSU med center, then moved to AZ around the age of 5, but never wavered from my true fandom. Grew up with the Bucks as my college team and Cardinals as my pro team. Finally moved back here and come up every Saturday for game day. Go Bucks!


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Comment 21 Jun 2017

But why would he go play for a depleted roster against GS 8 times a year (GS and LAL and LAC are in the same division)? Then have to go through them again in the postseason. LeBron isn't going anywhere.

Comment 20 Jun 2017

Zbo may actually be a David West kind of guy that is looking for a ring. He could easily come in off the bench and give 10-15 against a weak post D  team like the Warriors.

Comment 20 Jun 2017

I think Ainge is too smart for that. For them to get him, they have so send some of the Nets picks, which have great value, but are not guaranteed to be anything, whereas Love is a tangible figure that can be the focal point of a team. So they would have to surrender multiple picks/players, but they don't have anything that would match Love's guaranteed value.

Comment 20 Jun 2017

Lebron is not going to LA.... if he can't beat the Warriors with the Cavs, why the shit would he go play in their Division??? Both LA teams play the Warriors 8 games each season with shitty rosters, why would he do that? Tarnishing his legacy is not something Lebron has ever been about and he isn't likely to start now.

Comment 20 Jun 2017


I cannot believe the flack that Love has gotten this year. He struggled shooting the 3, but everyone did, but he also got offensive rebounds like an animal and got critical fouls called on whomever GS put on him. He is a mismatch for them as well, but we do a better job of going away from the mismatch. GS outcoached us, plain and simple. They switched to get favorable mismatches, like Durant posting up Kyrie, then exploited them for points. Whereas the Cavs would get Steph on Love and Lebron would tell him to clear out.... Like WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING??? Love is not the problem with this team. His D is average, but it wasn't the reason they lost. Shump and JR made some of the dumbest fouls I have ever seen, and no one could hit an open 3.

Where I disagree with you is that PG or Jimmy Butler would make a huge difference. Both of them can guard Durant, leaving Lebron to play rover (which is when he is at his best) while on Iggy/Draymond. It allows us to not play RJ for extended minutes, which means another player they actually have to defend. What I would rather do is get Butler, probably for Love, but I'd offer Tristan, Shump, Frye, JR, RJ and whatever else that isn't Love. Now, that probably won't happen, so Love is what it will be.

Comment 19 Jun 2017

That's the thing, no team will/can. If he says I'm going to LA in the offseason, LA won't trade for him; why give up assets when you can get him for free? No one else is going to give up anything significant for a 1 year rental. Plus, if he really is interested in Cleveland, then he will tell his 'people' to spread the rumor to interested teams that he has absolutely no intention of resigning.

I'd bet the Cavs sent some future 1sts, and a Shump, JR and TT and get a 3rd team involved.

Comment 16 Jun 2017

How is it that we were sitting here 2 years ago talking about the great 2016 class, and how much talent there was there, then we watch 2017 just be ridiculous, stating that it was the best per rating class ever. Again, absolutely maddening that that happened. Currently, we are on track to break that 2017 record, and possibly top Bama (finally) in the rankings with a monster 2018 class. And now we look at 2019 and it may again be better???? What the hell man, I can only handle so much awesomeness.

Comment 16 Jun 2017

I for one am very excited about what Holtmann is going to bring. I think this year is going to surprise a lot of people. With the talent that is already here there is only one reason that we shouldn't be a tournament team; depth. If we can keep a good rotation of the players that play, which Matta sometimes only played 6-7, then we should be fine. Holtmann can work these players and make them play to their potential. I really can see us in the tourney this year. The B1G is down, only Sparty will be elite, so there is a good chance to pick up more easy wins. We have a relatively easy draw in the ACC challenge against Clemson. And will get a few extra games due to the PK80 invitational. Long story short, 19-21 wins is not inconceivable, and neither is the tournament if we can pull out a few good wins.

Comment 16 Jun 2017

That, and the SF position is very deep in Ohio in 2018/19. That Mitchell kid in 2019 looks real legit there as well. Don't forget about Bazley, though many don't want him offered, I am okay with it because he wasn't wrong and kids say dumb shit all the time.

Comment 15 Jun 2017

Very true...

We also just landed a phenomenal class at DB, so there is no reason not to take the 'shots' on guys like Campbell and Cook. Banks is a stud, and if he can comeback from his injury is going to be a very solid CB for us. Campbell, imo, is the CB I want most. I think he is slightly underrated because of playing with Surtain. He is a 6'3, long corner, with great fluidity. He reminds me of Okudah, in that he will have great camp/combine numbers and is the fluid athlete to match. Griffith would be a great addition, but why not swing for the fences in a class that the need is not as great in?

Comment 12 Jun 2017

So I completely agree with your thoughts on trust, but if Lyle wanted to comeback I would let him, but stress to him that it is not going to be the same, and that he has to earn the trust of the staff. It would, a) send a message that Holtmann is a player's coach and is willing to give a second chance, b) it would also let Holtmann really push the hell out of Lyle and others, showing them all that it doesn't matter who you are, you will work to play, and lastly, it would give us much needed help in a position of need. If Lyle can comeback and Holtmann can push him, who knows, maybe he can find a future in the game, he has the talent, just needs the push.

Comment 09 Jun 2017

True with 2005, but the 2006-07 team was a product of one great class. BBall can change very quickly, both for good and bad, pending the class. Plus, we actually havea few top 100 players on this team that have thus far been under-developed. So with some good coaching, Tate, KBD, and Kam may turn their careers around. Shit KBD was top 30 on most sites. If Holtmann can get these guys to buy in... and go to the gym, we could be a tournament team this year.

Comment 09 Jun 2017

Read my response to your original pissy post.

He's a fundamentally good coach. His teams regularly are able to battle with teams much more talented. I don't feel like going into Xs and Os with you, as I safely assume you know nothing about basketball other than 'Putting more scores up than them', but there is a lot that goes into coaching. He Will develop players better than Thad. He has a current class ranked higher than Kansas, Purdue, Indiana, and Notre Dame, among many others, but it shows he can recruit with the national teams (KU), and beat out the local teams.

Secondly, he's young energetic, and a good cultural fit here. His teams play very tough and are willing to out work their opponents, something we haven't had here in a while. His inbounds plays against UNC last year were great. They literally lost to the Champions by  a few points with way less talent, that should speak volumes.

Lastly, go away and stop bitching. You're annoying. Plain and simple. This is a joyous day for OSU, as we got a great young coach signed for a cheap long-term deal. Plus, WE DIDNT HIRE MC-D.

Comment 09 Jun 2017

1. Not that easy to make the tournament, in fact actually the NCAA tournament is the smallest of all postseasons by %. Off the 360+ eligible teams only 68 make it, so roughly 20%, compared to the NFL or NBA where 50% make it.

2. Bro calm the fuck down. Who did you want OSU to hire? Lebron or Billy Donovan? Yea, those would be great, but they weren't going to happen. This guys is young, has some great experience and has been successful at a smaller school with lesser facilities and resources.

I'm looking forward to the turnaround he brings to this program and I'll be sure to remember you when I post about the awesome season we just had in April (in fact, with good coaching this is a tournament team, the talent is there, just needs to be coached up)

Comment 09 Jun 2017

Holtmann fit the bill I was looking for; an up and comer that could be here for a long time. Getting a guy like him could really turn us into a powerhouse program, much like Thad did before the health decline. Had Thad's surgery not been botched he probably coaches another 10 years, which is truly the sad part of it all. Holtmann is a great coach, a very good recruiter with Bulter, so let's see what he can do with a bigger school and better national reach.

Comment 09 Jun 2017

AGree on Tuberville, always thought he was overrated, but I like the Holtmann vs Thad comparison. I have been saying form day 1 I wanted an up and comer, that's how Duke became Duke, they trusted a then young Coach K to come in and run the program, and he made them a Blue Blood. Not saying Holtmann is going to do that, but what if he does? Personally I want either him or Woj from Marquette, both are young and could really be the next great coaches if given the resources.

Comment 08 Jun 2017

And how many Final 4s have they been to since 2000, when most recruits were born? Yea.... 1 and it was 2001! So they can get the the elite 8, great, do something though! We have way more final 4s than them (11-4). So are we debating History or recent relevance? Because I've got you there with either....

This is not unreal, this is just a fact. You actually sound like a classic Oregon fan, 'We are a national powerhouse, we've been in all these big bowls lately.' So have you won any of them, 'No, but we got close.' Okay, so we got there too and won. 'Yea but we have some history. 'Okay, but ours is better.... Perception not matching reality... smh

The sad part is I went to U of A, and I had to listen to all my friends tell me about the greatness of that program, when in reality it really isn't that much better than ours. In fact they have had more tournament busts that us.

Comment 08 Jun 2017

I was the first one that said he should've stepped down in April, citing health reasons, and gotten the appropriate send off. BUT, he didn't. He then chased away another 2 players, 3 if you count TT. So, no, I don't think that this is too harsh. He did incredible things here, but at the same time the program has been a dumpster fire for 4 years now, not 2. And we are not basing his firing off 2 missed tournaments, so stop saying that. It is based off dogshit recruiting-say what you will about negative recruiting or any other BS excuse, but he was either 2) unable to spot the kids that were going to be problems, or b) unable to mold the players he did bring in into great ones... either way that's on him and no one else. It is also based on on-the-court performance, which again has been in decline for 4 years now. We have had the most inept offense in the NCAA since DeShaun left and there was no sign of growth there, again, that's on coaching.

I could go on, but again, I love Thad for all he did, but he should've looked at his health and the outlook of the program in April and stepped down. No one would've blamed him, we would have Archie, and he would've had a hero's farewell.

Comment 08 Jun 2017

How is there an entitlement problem? We saw success, so we know it is not impossible to believe that we are a top 10 program (if Matta had left in 2010-12, this would be a top available job and we could've had our pick of ANYONE). But look at what has transpired over the past 4 years. Declining results on the court and lack of any player development were becoming a real coaching issue. Off the court... I mean holy shit, you cannot sit there and tell me that Thad had control or was doing a good job of managing this program. AN ENTIRE FUCKING RECRUITING CLASS TRANSFERRED OR QUIT! Imagine if Urban's entire 2016 class left... we would probably fire him as well.

I admit they should've done it in April and gone after Archie, but after that point we essentially lost 3 more players, Lyle, TT, and Bell, and got called out by a recruit for being a shitty program. That doesn't really bode well for anyone's job.

Comment 08 Jun 2017

Amen, "Blue Bloods" don't win the title every year. It's amazing how many other teams, with great coaches can get there and do work. Getting a coach that can land the top Ohio Players, develop them (huge emphasis here, even more so than recruiting), and provide the Xs and Os during a game is going to be incredibly successful. OSU is not a program that should be in the top 3 in the B10 every year and a 1-5 seed in the tourney. Those are not hard things to replicate with average recruiting and good player development.

Comment 07 Jun 2017

I could live with Frank Martin. He's proven to win and can develop players. I also like Steve Wojciechowski. He has proven to be able to recruit and Marquette has looked a lot better since his arrival.

Comment 07 Jun 2017

Agree on Arizona. I went there and it's funny how they view themselves, yet we have had more final 4s, elite 8s, sweet 16s and tournament appearances. The only thing they have is a more recent championship.

That's actually where I come to my issue with Sean Miller as a coach. Great recruiter, but what has he done in the tournament with all his talent? He hasn't even been to a final 4.

Comment 07 Jun 2017

That was my biggest criticism of Matta, how are guys like Buford, DeShaun and Ross going there and testing higher than anyone else? That means they weren't pushed enough here. I want the next guy to add muscle to players that are going to be here. It's amazing how stronger players, that spend time in the gym, tend to be more passionate and willing to work hard late in games...