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Comment 27 Jul 2015
ESPN doesn't update the rankings, just whose in the class, they "unveil" their new rankings every few weeks. It's all about clicks and views for them.
Comment 30 Jun 2015

1. Pryor, just to see him get a chance to develop under coaches that actually know what they're doing, and/or to see someone utilize all of his skills

2. Cam Heyward, just to see how opposing defenses would even try to scheme against 3 great pass rushers.

Lastly, if we could use anyone from the past I'd have to go with Orlando Pace, who is arguably the first of the modern left tackles. I think many of us forget just how incredible he was in both college and the pros. Eze would run for 3k behind our line plus him

Comment 15 May 2015

I agree with you that I don't want the UK system of one and dones, but, and this is the unfortunate reality of the current NBA, I also would like to see more Buckeyes thrive in the NBA. Guys who play for 3/4 years in college rarely make it, or are drafted in the 2nd round and sent overseas. While they are more fun to get behind and root for; see David Lighty, Diebler, etc, none of them are really excelling and making a name for themselves in the NBA. When I argue with someone that OSU is working it's way up to an elite college bball level, its hard when the best player to come out of there is Mike Conley, or "well if Lebron had gone to college...". I mean look right now we have a total of 4 players in the whole league.

I guess the point is that One and Dones are the guys that get drafted early and talked about, and we all know that in the eyes of these HS kids, college is just a 1 year place to help them go pro. Prior to Russell we missed out on a few 5 stars because Thad hadnt had too much success putting a player in the NBA recently. Ill take 1 of those kind of guys any year over a team with no NBA talent. I dont know about you but I love watching the NBA/NFL drafts and seeing OSU guys go early.

Comment 14 May 2015

This is one that I have been nervous about too, he could be an outstanding LT. He has the length and raw athleticism that a coach like Warinner could easily mold into the next great OSU tackle. I really hope Meyer & co dont let him slip away due to numbers

Comment 17 Oct 2011

This has to be the funniest thread I have ever read, sadly its cuz its completely true. The next coach needs to not only fire bollman but let columbus tar and feather him then run him out of town