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Comment 24 Oct 2015

There's absolutely a large market of people that would gladly do this, I'm one of them.

I cut the cord, pay my $20/mo SlingTV subscription to get access to ESPN/ESPN2. I would gladly pay $15/month straight to BTN to get streaming access to football games. Hell, BTN could charge me $5/game to watch and I'd do it. 

I just hope they get on this wagon sooner rather than later.

Comment 07 Oct 2015

Then this is going to blow your mind...


Comment 05 Oct 2015

Okay, well Florida State 2014 didn't have Urban Meyer as the head coach, so I figured a better comparison for these purposes is the last team he coached in this position: his 2009 Florida Gator team

Comment 02 Oct 2015

Can I ask why, if these are the confirmed black unis that the collar is incorrect for 2015 (The National Championship Leaves have been replaced by BUCKEYES this year), and additionally, these were posted on that cheap, Chinese knock-off jersey a while ago...if these were the jerseys, why weren't they confirmed then:


Comment 02 Oct 2015

Calling it a fake.

First, there's no Nike or B1G logo? Spare me the excuses for why it isn't on there, those would absolutely be on the jerseys as soon as they came off the line.

Two, the back collar. We no longer have the Buckeye leaves signifying our number of national titles, it now just says "Buckeyes":

I refuse to believe that any picture of jerseys are the ACTUAL ones until revealed by the school/Nike

Comment 27 Sep 2015

Every Monday, "challenges" take place, where the two alternates for each row (each row has 12 regulars and 2 alternates) challenge a regular member for their spot. If the alternate wins the challenge, the regular member becomes the alternate for the week and must challenge the next week to get their spot back.

The challenges are basically scaled-down versions of tryouts. Each member competes directly against each other "on the line" (doing drills that the squad leaders ask you to do), as well as marching and playing in block band. Then the squad leaders determine who wins the challenge.

Definitely fights complacency and keeps you at your best

Comment 25 Sep 2015

I think Torrance was recruited very lightly as a QB. His real position is going to be receiver.

Also, you're forgetting Joe Burrow. Burrow is very much a pro-style QB.

Comment 25 Sep 2015

I just don't believe that's how Urban makes decisions. I think his first goal at Ohio State, and anywhere he's been, is to win football games. 

I've heard a lot of "theories" this week, that Urban is doing it to get Cardale in the NFL, that Urban is doing it because if he benches CJ, he'll become a "cancer" to the team, etc.

When really, it probably boils down to Urban Meyer thinking Cardale Jones gives this team the best opportunity to win games.

Comment 24 Sep 2015

The difference being I think Bauserman was actually trying to hit a receiver.

Comment 24 Sep 2015

There is definitely a vocal group of persons (I would say they are the minority, but still vocal) of people that are actively bashing Cardale in their support of Barrett.

Similarly, I've seen, albeit fewer, CJ "fans" that still bring up Barrett's performance against VT last year as a reason to support Cardale.

Comment 24 Sep 2015

I actually saw a post on another message board that said, definitively, "We will not repeat as champions with Cardale at quarterback".

I don't really have a horse in this battle, because I think both of these QBs are excellent and we're in fine hands with either* (provided they actually get to take all the reps, and don't have to look over their shoulder every series).

But I can say, for the people who support Cardale, there's a definite short memory being displayed by the camp that seems to be "anti"-CJ. I watched someone yesterday cherry pick turnovers/TDs from the Bama, Oregon, Hawaii, and NIU games, without giving him credit for Wisconsin (because, in this person's view, Wisconsin's defense was "terrible") or VT.

So while, yes, it doesn't add up that a B1G QB of the Year/Team Captain/Etc = backup, it can similarly be said about Big Ten Championship MVP, Sugar Bowl Champion QB, National Championship QB, Guy who was getting some pretty good draft grades = backup.

Comment 22 Sep 2015

I had a friend that attended BYU and self-reported extramarital relations with her fiance.

She was placed on honor code probation.

Comment 16 Sep 2015

I'll take it directly from Corch:

“We're just finishing a 38-0 game; go enjoy it...I'm going to go see my family, have a hell of a time tonight, and make sure our players come in bright eyed, ready to rock and roll tomorrow and get a little better.”

Comment 07 Sep 2015

Eh, VT fans don't have much room to talk. They averaged 4-6,000 fans under capacity last year. After losing to ECU and Georgia Tech, their game vs Western Michigan was the lowest attended home game in like 15 years, only to be topped a month later for the game vs. Boston College

Comment 12 Jun 2015
As much as I know it gets the crowd excited, every time I play the full version of Le Regiment I die a little inside. Also, my first game marching in the band (2003 vs BG) I was so nervous I didn't play a note. More recently, I actually had an inkling of fear we might lose to Cincinnati and I would start questioning if Urban still had "it"
Comment 12 May 2015

To be frank, it's because we haven't seen him turn in performances as a QB against the likes of MSU, Wisconsin, and Oregon the way JT and Cardale did.

I think people forget the 8 for 21, 101 yard performance in the B1GCG and going 6 for 15 for 133 yards the week before that against Michigan.

Braxton is typically the best athlete on the field. I think he's the third best QB.

Comment 07 May 2015

If TSUN is basically banking on "we'll have guys lined up right", I think Urban Meyer will take that "advantage" any day. It's one thing to say you have the numbers on your side of the ball, it's another thing for an LB to get off a tackle's block and make a stop.

Comment 07 May 2015

TSUN has to have the most impressive September Trophy Case in the country.

Comment 04 May 2015

And I think your approach tends to set a very, very low bar for our expectations of men.

Here's the primary difference: you see agreeing to go back to the guy's room as implied consent, that what happens after is the fault of the victim for doing it. I'm saying that no matter what the girl does, even if she ::gasp:: goes back to the guy's room (which, the person in this particular assault did because that's where the bathroom was located), if she says no, that means no. 

And the primary difference between me and the alleged rapist in this case, is that when she says she doesn't want to have sex, I don't force her to have sex, no matter what her actions were leading up to it.

Your solution is not prevention. It's defense/risk reduction. Prevention means finding ways to not have men raping women in the first place. That's prevention.