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Comment 13 Aug 2014

As a four year member of TBDBITL from 1997-2000 I can say that I was extremely disappointed with the reaction of those here at 11W in regards to the firing of Jon Waters.  The #Glarosreport was taken as gospel, but is nothing but mistruths, misrepresentations, and flat out lies.  Making it even worse is the fact that OSU considers itself one of the top research universities in the country.  To draw conclusions based on such a small sample size and then change (or not even include) what was found during the "investigation" is irresponsible and reeks of a witch hunt.

In regards to Midnight Ramp:  I can assure you that the score board was on, stadium lighting was on, and there was a police presence both on the field and at the top of the ramp in the Rotunda.

I am happy to see 11W continuing to follow this story.  For those who support the band, THANK YOU!!  #westandwithjonwaters #ourhonordefend

Comment 25 Nov 2013

As a former member of TBDBITL, I can say the tradition of playing with the football is awesome.  I still remember Antoine Winfield carrying my quads while marching Script Ohio.  I wish camera phones and digital cameras were around back then so I could have a pic of the event.