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Comment 7 hours ago

I'm just reading one of these features for the first time, so forgive me if this has been covered Matt, but why aren't there points awarded for the Lombardi/Bednarik/Ray Guy type awards but there are points for the Heisman?

Also, that's not the only wood Hawk has laid on a Quinn.

Comment 24 hours ago

I think the whole board has been calling for this for a long time now!

Congrats, boys!

Comment 23 Aug 2015

VT plans are hectic: I close on my new house 8/31, head to Chicago for work 9/3, stay the weekend in Chicago for a good friend's wedding, then get back to Denver the night of 9/6. Work on the house all day 9/7 before showering and heading to a Buckeye alumni bar because watching big games with Buckeyes is the only way to do it. 

We're hosting a housewarming/birthday party centered around the Penn State game. 

Comment 19 Aug 2015

One thing that's not widely advertised: one needs to take this every day, making the monthly cost $400 for one extra satisfying occasion. Plus, it works to actually change brain chemistry (vs the temporary impact of Cialis or Viagra). As my wife said, "No thanks."

Comment 12 Aug 2015

I tried to buy online just after 10 AM ET but was relegated to "waiting in line" while others checked out by 10:03. The window stayed open for a little over an hour before I got the "sorry, sold out" notification.

I never thought I could be so frustrated by a pair of shoes.

Comment 04 Jun 2015

I loved Lauren Hill's story and would've been happy to see her life recognized, but I'm not mad at recognition of Caitlyn Jenner, either. Both are deserving in different ways for different types of courage. The insensitive comments on here are proof enough of the courage it took for Jenner to share her story and live her life openly.

The one unsettling thing to me is the timing of the ESPYs announcement - it happened within hours of the Vanity Fair cover release. It reeks of a larger PR machine.

Comment 30 Apr 2015

Stew is a lot like your friend; head drum major, led Jack Nicklaus onto the field for his i-dot, won Most Inspirational Bandperson, and recently sold his drum major memorabilia to raise money to offset his mother's medical bills after she survived cancer.

I'm not saying he didn't do it. If he did, I hope he gets everything he has coming to him. It's just hard to imagine this is all true. 

Comment 30 Apr 2015

I do know Stew from my years in band and this is a huge shock. We're not close now, but back then he was an amazing ambassador for OSU. He gave you the gut feeling of "there's a great guy and future leader." Scrolling Facebook this morning, the TBDBITL reaction is largely shock. Last guy you'd expect to see in the news for this. 

Comment 01 Apr 2015

I love Mike Stewart (Stewie!!!) and Chris Hoch, but no one with prior connections to TBDBITL will be seriously considered for the head job, IMO. Drake and others are trying to create more control and distance themselves from that regime. As long as they keep Hoch in charge of charting I believe the traditions of excellence on the field will be preserved with this new direction. The culture, while not perfect, is something I think future members will miss out on. At least I get to say, "back in my day..." now. 

I just hate that Jon and the band had to go through this. TBDBITL, the institution, will be okay, though. 

Comment 19 Mar 2015

Great thread - thanks for starting it!

I had been obese for about 10 years (ever since undergrad) heading into 2014 and decided to do something about it. Colorado University has a great program with a terrible name called "My New Weigh" - it's like Weight Watchers, Slim Fast, and The Biggest Loser smashed together. You eat high protein meal replacements, fruits, veggies, and lots of water. You couldn't join the program without getting a physical and blood work. Each week, we were required to go to class - weigh ins, consults with a nutritionist, and education on the basics (and then some) of exercise and nutrition. The whole idea was to break down every single bad habit, deprogram your preconceived notions, and build you back up again. It was awesome - exactly what I needed because I was tired of fads and empty promises.

Anyway, I lost 47 pounds in 20 weeks, 20% of my body weight, and have kept it off for 7 months with relative ease. I've changed behaviors, but I still enjoy life, food, and friends. I recently started working toward losing another 15-20. I want to firmly, permanently get out of the obese range FOR GOOD.

Here were the things that helped me most, for anyone looking for tips:

  1. Learn your weaknesses with health and then make a plan to counteract them. If you use food to reward yourself, come up with a non-food reward system (a massage costs just as much as that fancy dinner). My fault was not being honest about how much I ate. I'd eat 10 ounces of chicken thinking it was 4 ounces and then wonder why I couldn't lose any weight. I weigh and measure just about everything I make at home to keep myself in check.
  2. Have an accountability mechanism. Mine was weigh-ins and classes, plus the course fees that went with them. I'd be throwing money away if I didn't go to classes and follow the plan. You could have a gym or grocery buddy to keep you on track, for example.
  3. This may not be for everyone, but tracking calories in vs calories out was key for me. My biggest tool for this is my FitBit and the FitBit app. I log my food, see how many calories I burned, and make sure that I don't eat pizza or wings on a day when I just sat on my ass and didn't earn it.
  4. Both nutrition and exercise matter when trying to get in shape. Real results will come faster if you're good about both of these things simultaneously. That said, many trainers have told me that nutrition matters more than the activity (some have told me it's 70:30 importance between food:exercise).
  5. In general: Move more. Eat real food. Not too much. Mostly plants. (Thanks, Michael Pollan)
Comment 16 Mar 2015

I think the issue several people have - myself included, as a successful, classy woman with multiple tattoos - is that your tone was fairly judgmental (assuming a woman with tattoos is classless, for example). It didn't sound like you actually wanted to understand anything.

Comment 23 Feb 2015

I haven't seen anyone else mention this one: I work in brand management. It's a branch of marketing that extends past advertising and into launching/managing products you buy at the grocery store. I've worked in baby care, feminine care, fast food, and now coffee. Coffee > Fem Care.