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Comment 24 Oct 2012

I was watching for one of our best plays.  The counter with Brax as runner.  I don't remember seeing it at all.  I guess that plays into your contention that the coaches are saving up Braxton's runs.  Seems to me that play has a very high success rate.

Comment 27 Sep 2012

I would think the responsibilities of S are a lot different from CB.  Would Grant be able to make that switch mid-season?

Comment 19 Oct 2010

I have a hard time calling 2006 Tressel's best squad.  Especially with UM getting exposed in the bowl game as well.

That defense was not nearly as special as several other units.  It was also relatively weak at OT but then that's typical unfortunately.  Best offense though, I could agree with that.

Someone else mentioned 2005.  That is a great contender.  That team was always good for a mental lapse or two a game - most especially fumbled punts - but in talent that might be it.