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Comment 06 Mar 2014

I saw NFL network is going to have the pro day on tv w/ Mayock reporting. Anyone know what time it is going to be on?

Comment 26 Feb 2014

It would have been a little easier to stomach having our young 5 stars on the bench if we weren't putting out literally the worst defense I have ever seen at Ohio State 

Comment 12 Dec 2013

The back 7 this year was the worst I've ever seen play for the Buckeyes, and the truly alarming thing, I don't really see how it's going to be better next year.

Comment 04 Dec 2013

Carlos Hyde watching the Sparty defense on tape: *clears throat, starts talking like The Joker* "Wait till they get a load of me." 

Comment 26 Nov 2013

At a school like _ichigan you don't (or at least you shouldn't) get to have rebuilding years in years 3 and 4 of your tenure. The thing should be up and rolling downhill by that point.

Comment 20 Nov 2013

Braxton and Shazier are both gone imo. Shazier should go and Braxton should stay, but I'd bet they both go.


Next year is going to be rough trying to replace Brax, Hyde, Hall, Philly and 80% of the line. 

Comment 25 Sep 2013

I really like these. I'm a big fan of alternate uniforms. As long as they keep da leavez on da helmetz I'd be fine if they wore a different uniform every game. The players enjoy it and I think the different looks are cool.

Comment 27 Aug 2013

That USC run at the 2 minute mark was blocked about as well as a running play can be blocked