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Comment 24 Jan 2012

I stopped watching ESecPN unless there is a game I absolutely want to see on it. No sportscenter, no GameDay, no BS analyst stuff, no extra BBall/football games, etc. If everyone stopped watching then ratings go down and hits it in the pocketbook.  Extra bonus is I get to spend more time reading up on articles and gametime stuff here.

Dump SI & ESPN the Magazine. Donating my SI subsciption renewal money to Respect the Basement instead. 

Plus don't go to SI or ESPin websites when they post inflammatory buckeye stuff, when you go read it and comment, they get pagehits for advertising money.  They purposefully post stuff to get us fired up because know will drive up traffic.


Comment 21 Dec 2011

I think can have 9 AC so these left.  got any candidates?

OLine coach:

-Pat Perles, KC Chiefs son of George Perles

-Joe Gilbert, Illini, used to coach Toledo & Houston

-Lecharles Bentley OLINE academy


-Bruce's grandson? Robiskie's dad?

-Stan Hixon, Bills WR coach?

Special teams

-think Meyer might coach here?


Comment 05 Nov 2011

Contact  BTN page said it was WOW in Columbus doing it.  I'm WOW customer so whoever working there having a bad day or must be intoxicated, incompentent or that inattentive.

Comment 02 Nov 2011

I've been to every B1G stadium but new Minnesota & Nebraska as well as NC & bowl games. We come in Fridays in RV, stay the entire weekend, and get out and about to look around campuses.

Last year's Iowa people were about the nicest I met anywhere (and the pre-game flyover was awesome). Only one jerk during the game and even the Iowa people were annoyed by him and told him to get a grip. Illini this year were also pretty good people.

Hands down the worst fans we have met on our away game trips were the Penn State 2005 night game.  Pretty much everyone under the age of 50 were jerks the whole weekend and we did not feel safe enough to see their campus. It just ranged from idiots picking fights in stands, large groups of PSU students starting fights in parking lot with small groups, throwing mud at RV, and just acting like general d-bags all around. It pretty much was sad, because the game atmosphere itself was electric and the place was rocking for the whiteout. that part was as impressive at it gets in college football.

Wisky wasn't as bad as PSU.  It was year their band got suspended and while we were going around campus they were no where near as bad as their reputation.

That being said, we have our own reputation for arrogance and probably bring out the worst in others. at home games and when interacting with the other fan base on the road, I probably overcompensate for some obnoxious OSU fans and go out of my way to be polite and friendly.

Comment 31 Oct 2011

either UAB is backing out since play Ole Miss and SoCarolina the 2 weeks prior or UCF meant 2013 as have a hole in that years schedule.

Comment 30 Oct 2011

need more OL recruits!

Comment 30 Oct 2011
I think Herbstreit is good at his job and I rooted for him on his way up. Proud of a local boy done good and all that. Gave him passes on a lot of BS as knew he couldn't be a homer to excel in his profession and frankly respected his knowledge of game. Before you knew he was trying to show his objectivity and shore up his credibility, but he went out of his way to hit OSU when he didn't have to (dropping in his poll after they beat Arkansas, really). Also, remember how he sat silent in the booth during Alamo bowl and didn't stop any of the crap they were saying with something remotely objective? He crossed the journalistic line with Twitter war with Pryor and the "relentless fans" comment make him persona non grata with me (he later realized that caused him bad PR and tried to back track). When is he ever going to acknowledge SEC oversigning as he has become its biggest cheerleader? Mr. Frosted Tips is like so many nouveau riche- went bigtime and became a bigtime phony. He forgot where he came from and sold his soul to ESPiN. I'm done with him and stopped watching GameDay. If they ever come back, I wearing an ESPiN shirt to the set and holding up oversigining.com poster.
Comment 30 Oct 2011

Yes, it had gotten that bad:

7.5 pt underdog AT HOME

Last time Bucks played at home, they were booed for an offensive offense.

Program contunually trashed and rehashed by Mark May, ESeCPN, SI, most major outlets who are silent on Suitgate, Oregon recruiting service payments for recruits, one game suspensions at Miami after the Yahoo piece.

NCAA suspensions, added suspensions, and weekly when's the other shoe gonna drop? 

Collapse at Nebraska.

Topped off with Wisky beating both #1 Football & BBALL the year before.

It was an emoitional release after all the negativity of the last 6 months. Besides, that was a wild finish.

Comment 30 Oct 2011

How many other programs send as many players to the NFL, have players make coaching their profession, and get their degree to even qualify?  I know pie in sky for all of them and Troy Smith was just because he's not doing much and seems like what everyone is compared to him that we bring in-don't even know if he is good coaching material. I'd settle for one like Bentley as until recently our line has been soft. 

Tupa was a reach but I picked him for the Gruden comment and that he went home after a 19 year NFL career.  Brecksville High is a long way from D1A.

My point is I want Luke afforded the opportunity to put together an offensive staff that can develop talent faster as my blood pressure can't take so many of the sputtering offensive outputs. I don't know if I'll ever accept Urban even if win an NC.

Plus remember Ohio seems to have been the home of many big time coaches.

Comment 30 Oct 2011

Shazier was killin folk!

Comment 30 Oct 2011

Get behind the true Buckeye Luke and forget about Urban legend. I'll take the guy that stood with us in adversity and doesn't quit.  He is growing into job each and every week. Let him get his own staff and see him blossom.  Watch former players and Buckeye Nation rally around him as recruiting locks down Ohio again.

Mix in some new Buckeye blood with the staff:

LeCharles Bentley for OL coach? (See PD article about him and Boone).


Tom Tupa  OC or QB coach?


Troy Smith QB coach? (just a lark here, but can't hurt recruiting with a Heisman and he seemed like was a leader).

Urban had over 35 guys arrested in his tenure at Florida. Remeber when used to b* at cooper for that and how HErbie says we shouldn't recruit "guys like that".

Dan Mullen & Tim Tebow were just as big a part of success as Urban was with Zooks recruits.

Comment 30 Oct 2011

Carmen Ohio at the end with entire field covered was amazing!  I hope Tressel sees this since he started this tradition.

Comment 30 Oct 2011

End of Penn Satte game was a bit pathetic.  Illinois got paternoized with some non-reviews of close Illini plays, a quick PSU snap before trapped interception,  a phatom pass interference on 4th down.  Got to think trying to get JoePa 409 before PSU hits the meat of its schedule with hopes he will now retire? 

Comment 30 Oct 2011

For sure, I think the way game played out showed Bielema not that great of coach after all. For last several seasons he has shown to be a bully to weaker opponents, but stymied when someone stand toe to toe physically with them  (see TCU). Last week and this week he had the deer in the headlights look in my opinion.

Plus, I think they should have adjusted and went to pass game.  Last 4 minutes showed we had trouble defending it and Wilson can run.  I think got in his head when were denying Wisky its identity of running the ball and they over focused on the run.

We out-wisconsined wisconsin.  We were the running, physically dominant team.  Psyched them out a bit. 


Comment 30 Oct 2011

I still don't get the fascination with Urban the quitter.  Besides was it really all Urban or do you think Dan Mullen was key to his success?

I'd rather keep Luke with some new offense blood. Maybe LeCharles Bentley for OL coach after reading this?


I saw the interview with Herbie by Clay Hall - it seems Herbie pushing Urban's Ohio qualifications.  Makes me want Urban less thinking that frosted tips campaigning behind the scenes for him.

Comment 26 Oct 2011

It would be awesome if Buckeye Nation could show them what a great home game atmosphere it can be and make the Shoe a tough place to be.

Be noisy. Try sounding like 105K plus fans.

People between the 30s, get to your seats before kickoff each half. If so hard, sell/give away your tickets to fans who will be able to do this AND actually cheer before anything happens. 

Do not boo your own team, it isn't classy, hurts recruiting and the confidence young team that is full of freshman & sophmores in the 2 deep suffers.

Fickell is a Buckeye, born and bred, and will always be a Buckeye so get behind him.  And show some freaking support, enough with the critical screaming you nattering nabobs of negativism.

Stay for the whole game.  If you expect the team to play hard and give no quarter for 60 minutes, why can't you show the same commitment and make your presence felt the whole game?

Comment 20 Oct 2011

I'll stay loyal to Fickell with an OC over Urban anyday. He doesn't have health issues and hasn't tried to quit twice. Plus how many Florida players were arrested on Urban's watch? 

The only interesting option, Gruden, just signed a 5 yr TV deal.

Dantanio isn't coming- he has had heart attack, has built a program where they would be happy not to boo @ 9-3, and he is older guy anyway.  He can take 20 guys not offerred or can't qualify at OSU, plus bleed mich of talent.  Keep him there to weaken Hoke.

Patterson not likely to leave Texas, but I do like style of play. Peterson seems to like Boise St.  Not sure if he even wants to leave. Can either recruit Ohio, Penn, Illinois, mich, Florida, Georgia, etc like existing staff has done?

Wisky Offensive coordiantor Chryst? He turned down 1 Mil @ Texas to be OC there. And if we are going coordinator route, why do we screw over the Buckeye who just stepped in the breach?

If dead set against Luke, then what about Dan Mullen @ Miss? He was at BG, Utah, & Florida during Meyer's heydey, has recruited Midwest and the South and hasn't burned out or quit yet. 

Jeff Fisher?

Still, an OC might be easier than a HC with all new staff.  Get behind Fickell and watch him grow.


Comment 19 Oct 2011

Illlnois was the adage, keep running it unti l they stop it.  as long as Bucks were getting respectable yardage and had the lead, they were not going to take risks unless needed too. I was there, it was windy, but had Illinois come back to tighten the score, then I believe would have tried a few things.  As it was, the defense was keeping them out of scoring position, the game was a field position battle, and the situation didn't warrant it so they didn't burn any plays just for the sake of "balance".  As I saw it, Miller only had 3 incompletions and a touchdown plus we won on boom's 114 yd performance.  

This week I imagine will be devoted to improving the passing offense and to emphasizing defensive positioning and staying disciplined within the scheme.