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Comment 15 Jan 2017

When an offense becomes predictable its much easier to shut down.  Our offense became increasingly predictable last 2 seasons.  Play calling is a QBs best friend.  Tom Herman was great at it, Ed/Tim not so much.

Comment 12 Jan 2017

I don't think Tyjon has done anything worth criticizing but that sentiment definitely exists on here.  We trust 18 year old kids to go to war and make life or death decisions, but apparently on 11w being responsible for your actions at 18 is lunacy.  The worst is when a 'kid' will do something that clearly shows a lack of character and people will defend the 'kid' like he's a 5 year old who's incapable of knowing right from wrong.

Comment 12 Jan 2017

Jerry Rice - 4.71
Cris Carter - 4.63
Anquan Boldin - 4.71
Hines Ward - 4.55
Mike Thomas- 4.53
Brandon Marshall - 4.52
Dez Bryant - 4.52

Im not trying to say speed isnt a good thing for a WR, im just trying to show that a big bodied WR doesn't need to torch a corner on a go route to be really good.  The kid is 6'5 and seems to posses excellent body control and good to great route running skills for a high school kid.  A few years in our S&C program and he could be really good.  

Comment 12 Jan 2017

I know this sounds counter intuitive but speed is an overrated trait for a wide receiver.  Good, crisp route running and body control are much more important.  Look back at clips of Jerry Rice, he was never even close to the fastest player on the field.  Look at players in the NFL today like Larry Fitzgerald, not slow, but by no means a burner.  A big frame can go a long way.

Comment 10 Jan 2017

Football is a game of high variance not an exact science.  If you run this season 100 times Clemson wins it all maybe 10.  This season, for example, if the NC State kicker doesn't miss that super short FG they don't make the playoffs.  That being said having an elite QB like Watson can make up for a talent gap (to an extent obviously).   We like to think having superior talent means we should always beat a team with lesser talent (like Penn St) but the truth is theres still a ton of luck involved in football.