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Comment 30 Aug 2014

I just can't see how JT having a decent/good year and then sitting out next year. I know its an IF at this point but with the schedule we should still win 9 games minimum, if not more and JT will grow with every game hopefully.   After a year of experience He is just going to go from starter to Backup?  I just Dont see it.  It would be one thing if this was another position  but there can only be 1 QB.  Look at Kenny G  if we found a way to play 2 qbs last year would have shown it.  

I personally think Braxton will see this and Go to the NFL.  I would love to have him back but JT has already used his redshirt and I cant see him staying with the team if they take away his starting spot.  

Comment 12 Apr 2014

agreed.  sitting in NY on this beautiful day without cable trying to watch my buckeyes 

Comment 27 Mar 2014

As a Temple alum I have seen Lee for 3 seasons.  He may not statistically turn the ball over a lot but the scouting report is spot on about his hands they are dreadful.  He has good rebounding stats but they could have been so much better.  It felt like he was constantly missing easy loose balls and either knocking them out of bounds or directly to the opponent under the basket for an easy dunk.  Temple this year, due to poor recruiting and injuries, had very limited players and even had to resort to giving serious minutes to walk-on who in reality should have never gotten off the bench.  Therefore, Lee had to play a ton of minutes and also played horrendous defense because he had to make sure he stayed in the game.  

Lee has potential  for sure but I would not say he is polished.  I wish him well but he seemed disinterested this year.  Hopefully, wherever he end up he gets a look at by the pros.  That said Temple had a horrendous season but did manage to beat a top 25 team this year (SMU) with Lee out with injuries.    THs might be the best situation for all parties

Comment 14 Jan 2014

Braxton is the Key obviously but the coaches need to do a better job of helping him succeed.  I know the offense set records this year but it seems that the last 3-4 games it was run/quickscreen, run, throw the ball deep. We definitely need to work on our intermediate passing game

Comment 25 Feb 2013

The other problem with drafting on potential is that nfl contracts are worth so much money.  It is not always the case but the higher draft pick will also get the benefit of the doubt over the seventh rounder.  Some guys are just pure football players but might never get that chance because they ran a slow 40 or dont have ideal height, were taken later in the draft because they were seen as a tweener and find themselves stuck behind a combine warrior bust because the front office is conceding that they messed up on a high draft pick

Comment 29 Jan 2013

This article almost convinces me that we dont need any one on signing day.  Just take the players that really want to be buckeyes.  IT seems like a wash and typically those players enjoy the game a little to much. However, that being said of course I want wilson, Clark, Timmons, bell, and Hunt 

Comment 05 Jan 2013

always has always will.  At least they actually have a very good recruiting class this year.  Most years they are raving all about ND 3 star recruits

Comment 25 Dec 2012

HAHA... Alex your great with all your recruiting news but taking a look at that look ahead to the 2012 class just goes to show how far away signing day is for next years class.  I'm not criticizing at all please keep up your recruiting updates coming as i love reading any insight you have but when you combine 17yo kids coaching staffs and Urban Meyer you never know what your really going to get.  I know many people want to offer Barker before we loose him but we were not even discussing J.T Barrett at this point last year.  Mitch Trubisky either for anyone in that camp.  Trust Urban to do what he does best

Comment 18 Dec 2012

Every other west to east

Div. 1                                  Div 2

1.NEB                                  1.Minn

2.Iowa                                 2.Wisc

3. Illinois                               3.NW

4. Purdue                            4.Mich St

5. Indiana                            5.Mich

6. OSU                                6.PSU

7. MD                                 7.Rutgers


Cross over games 









Comment 17 May 2012

D-line depth depth is rediculous.  I mean if we just look at your third team -

Moore played a good amount of snaps for us last year.  With how bad Vrabel and the defensive coaches wanted Carter, along with his size, he will play for us this year and the with how raw he is and the flashes that he has shown he will only improve.  Hale came in early last year and impressed in spring ball and now has a year in Urbans weight room program.  Finally, Farris/ Hayes are not scrubs they are both young and came in with good size, athletisism, and 4 stars. I think that any MAC, MW, Sunbelt, WAC, Conf USA would take those five as starters in a heartbeat.  Im sure a few ACC and Big East teams wouldnt mind them either

Comment 23 Apr 2012

@PBR_POUNDER is the greatest twitter name I could have imagined for a College marketing intern.  I dont know who came up with it but I think its the reason I love this site.  If Andrew  chose it and you still let him work for you, I think thats incredible and shows you guys dont take yourselves to serious but at the same time are dedicated to provideing the best coverage possible.  If you chose it for him, then that is just downright hilarious