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Comment 22 Aug 2015

I dropped the DV.  Jack put together his opinion, included facts and some support for his opinion.  An opinion that while it favors one Buckeye it does not trash the other players.  Give Jack a break and contribute. 

Comment 21 Aug 2015

I know that I am breaking the rules but my vote is Kosta 

Comment 21 Aug 2015

Zeke with two hands... a more complete competitor.  "Is this real life?"

Comment 13 Aug 2015

Even though I know things like this happen, this is one of the things I hate about this game I love.  It's a shame when players get hurt, worse than Mark May and "super fans"  get well soon 

Comment 01 Aug 2015

The suspensions are unfortunate and obviously you would never want this to happen.  The loss of talent will be a negative but the team keeps talking about next man up.  The culture that has been built at tOSU is E+R=O. I think this will mostly put their focus on the Lazer sharp setting.  I have been of the opinion that VT would be a tough game, but now I just think they are going to get dominated.  I don't have a score prediction, but tOSU will be in control from whistle to whistle. 

Comment 25 Jul 2015

"Leipsic, Ohio's Gavin Cupp camped at Ohio State and it did not sit well with the staff at Michigan State, where he's been committed. In fact, there's rumors that the Spartans have, or at the very least will, cut ties with him because of it."

I have no problem understanding why those schools try to keep their croots wrapped up but I much prefer the way tOSU coaches go about business.  These young guys have a lot lot on their shoulders and the schools who try to control them with fear just come across as desperate.  Stay classy Big10, there will be players left when Coach Urban is done.