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Comment 10 Feb 2014

Those are the one!  I also realize that i put this in the wrong forum, sorry 

Comment 10 Feb 2014

Thanks Curt, seeing the write ups follow to the new digs is a major relief for me.  I always like to see the posts.  The team hit a bit of a rough patch; do you think they are getting stronger and do you think they will be in shape to make a push in the NCAA?

Comment 02 Feb 2014

Coach Fickell is all Buckeye, but if the entire defensive staff (focus on Fickell) doesn't right this ship i think there will be a significant shake up.  At the beginning of last year I thought that Coach Meyer was setting Luke up to get snagged for a HC position, but it did not turn out that way.

I am not a fire Fickell guy, but winning is no accident.  You are either part of the solution or you are part of the "former club".   

Comment 10 Jan 2014

i was going to say the same thing.  Coaches and players come and go, TOSU remains! (I still wish Coach Vrabel was sticking around)

Comment 04 Jan 2014

I had to step back, I did not even log onto 11 Warriors for a while just so I could have an break from it.  I am disappointed that the Buckeyes lost.  However, in no sense am I disappointed in them.  The young men went out there and did what they could.  Earlier in this year I thought that this was our"chance".  That if we were going to make a run it would have to be this year.  As it sits right now I would say that is BS.  I truly think that this team will be stronger and more aggressive next year.  We (they) were not the best team in the country this year, but we are still The OHIO State Buckeys and I would not have it any other way.  Proud of the team, the TBDBandITL, and the University.  Thanks to the seniors!

Comment 01 Jan 2014

dude is going to make a ton of cash due in large part to last year and that one hit.  It will be interesting to see where he is drafted, I hope its not to the (pro) team I root for, but the 3 stooges will most likely trade up to get him.

Comment 31 Dec 2013

this is a good team full of great guys who are a blast to cheer for, i just think there are too many flaws on the scoring side.  but hey, we have the whole angry coach thing nailed down with Coach Matta, maybe the underdog role is what they need?

Comment 26 Dec 2013

if you are a history buff check out lady from Brittania named Boudica.  She gave the Romans fits for a while.

Comment 12 Nov 2013

just because it is inferred does not mean it is implied

we are assuming the best for one person and assuming the worst out of another with very little reason.  

Comment 27 Oct 2013

while Hyde and Braxton are the head liners, i'm not sure I agree with this^.  Hall is very good, and the rest of the list is very capable.

Comment 27 Oct 2013

I bet Coach Meyer takes advantage of the extra practices to start working on the line.  If this year proves anything, it proves the value of the O-Line